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The Box of Secrets - 3D Escape

The Box of Secrets - 3D Escape for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by FreePDA located at per.Volkova 1,247710 Kalinkovichi,Belarus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wish it was a longer game but good game so far an for those trying to write the k start in the right upper corner an make a k with out taking ur finger off the cube as u draw the k out
Nice puzzle escape game. 3D controls and visuals are nice looking and well rendered, but sluggish to use in a couple of places. Hint system is pretty good but seems to have only one hint per level. Most levels it made sense after I saw the hint, but on the NSEW puzzle I don't know how anyone could complete the level without the hint. Good for escape puzzlers but be patient with a small amount of glitchiness. The puzzles are pretty clever. Not repetitive.
Fun puzzle game i like the way it made me enjoy this game it's very new and kinda challenging I liked it more especially the escape rooms part really fun.
About 5 or 6 good challenging puzzles, but that's where the game ends unless you want to pay for the extended version.
Interesting, challenging and well made. Got stuck in a few spots and needed a hint to get through, but solutions were clever and logical.
Fixed it immediately! Thank you! This game is really cool and I appreciate developers who care and want there game working enough to respond quickly!
Violates privacy based on ads, but does not offer a paid, ad-free version as an alternative? Wants access to photos and location. Forced to exit if you don't agree. Well I don't agree, so I exited and uninstalled. Developers should be ashamed of themselves. Yeah, no thanks. Don't recommend, one star. This has scam written all over it.
Lenovo Tab3 10 This is the 1st of this type of game I've tried. Graphics are OK, fairly smooth but not much movement. There is quite a lot of random screen dabbing. It will waste some time, but this type of game isn't for me. 8 out of 10.
I love the idea of 3d puzzle boxes. But i think they are to short. would be cool to see each puzzle box be like a real one. Like what Chris Ramsey does on youtube. Where you could spend a couple hours trying to rub a pencil with a magnet attached all over the box to find something a hidden ball bearing or drawer, button, etc. Theres an app i saw with 3d puzzle box doors that was cool. Itd b cool if the boxes were more intricate like that. Also clues shud give an answer eventually if really stuck
If you love puzzle boxes, you MUST play this! Lots of clever puzzles and great controls. Top- notch game. I just wish there were more. I finished in two days of casual play.
Impossible controls. Cant even move an item from your inventory without it affecting the main game screen too. Got frustrated and gave up after the controls in only the first 2 levels drove me too insane. Great potential and graphics but controls make it impossible to logically do anything. Disappointing.
I liked this game until I got to the cube where you have to write the letters. No matter how many times I try, I am unable to get the "K" to show up.
Great game love it! But how do you open the box in level 6 i have used the hint and says to enter the 4 digit number from the front of the box but wont let me do anything except look around the box wont focus on anything and wont let me use the engraving tool on anything? Please help!!!!
No way to zoom back out without fighting the super jank controls I can't tell if it softlocked on level 2 or if the controls are just so bad I can't zoom out after double tapping congrats I played the game for a insane 2 minutes at most
Did your first puzzle controls not easy to use as you have to tap several times to zoom in when you go for a hint you have to go and get two adds to get a hint even whe I new the answer it wouldn't open till I got the hint thank God the hints are free look for my update if I keep the game fix the bugs
Looks like it would be a lot of fun but was super glitchy on my phone. The double tap hint wouldn't go away and wouldn't zoom in. Maybe I'll download another day and try again.
Absolutely amazing game. Just wish there were more puzzles to do. The puzzels were fun and enjoyable. Hope in the future you can add more.
Worked great for first 4 levels, then kicks me out EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to play game when I try to opens the level I'm on. I have wifi so this shouldn't happen. I have a strong internet connection. Otherwise, I like the game a lot. If the devs fix the game, I'll happily change my review. Because, what's the point of a great game if you can't play it? I really want to play this game!
Great Game!!! It was a great game with excellent 3d play. Fun and pretty challenging levels. I like the way you carry items in your inventory from level to level.
Absolutely satisfying. You can see that there was a lot of interest in making this app what it is today... My hats off to the developers... I completed the game in a week and I look forward to to tye new upcoming levels
I like the game, I like the idea of it as well. However, it is too straight forward. If you want to play a challenging puzzle, I reccomend tooking at "The Room" series.
Great game, although 2 lvls were impossible without clues, never came across that before and I design puzzle games 😂😂👍
Could be a great game but controls are very sluggish/clunky. And the cube puzzle will not accept "K" no matter what.
Perfect Challenger. I loved every box puzzle. Wish it hadn't ended so soon. These puzzles were unlike any game I have played. I may have to buy The Box of Secrets 2. I give you 10 stars for this one if I could! :)
I downloaded the game and when I loaded it and went to the first puzzle I clicked the red button. The game was unresponsive for the most part but when it finally registered my tap and the box opened the screen froze. I thought it my be my phones fault so I completly closed and reopened the game. The same problem occurred. The camera movement was awful. I was hopeful for the game, but its unresponsivness and lack of playability forces me to give this a 1 star rating.
Very fun puzzle. Some were pretty tricky to figure out while others were right in front of you. I felt dumb after realizing how simple some were especially with the clue right in my face (the 0 1) for example. Great job on this! Please make more like this or add tons of levels! I LOVE puzzle boxes. 😉
Interesting concept... but controls need adjusting. What we really need, though, is a way to skip puzzles. I'm stuck on the stupid sliding puzzle because I'm terrible at that type! So I can't even do anything else!
Fun puzzle box game. 3d aspect is odd if you're not used to it but works well. Good difficulty puzzles. Very short however, only thing stopping me from 5/5
Too basic. Also, moving the screen around is very slow. And using something on the box is annoying because you have to look directly at the thing then click on it.
Box and Secret is great puzzle game. Its a real time killer. I love playing logical games and it was fun solving this game puzzles. It took me lots of of time to solve puzzel and open box. It will surely improve my logics.
First 11 boxes are Free, then you pay for extended version. First 11 were very easy to get through, well designed, however upon reading reviews of extended version, think I'll wait to purchase, till all bugs are worked out.
The controls are easy to use. Just circle around the box and double tap when you want to use an item on a speficic part of the puzzle box. Then click the round arrow button, and you'll go back to normal. My only problem with this game is that I believe level 3 is broken, because I used the key and it didn't work.
NOT GIVING UP PERSONAL INFO! You have to read and agree to terms that collect your data and give them to third party businesses. No thanks! You also have to agree to cookies
It's got a lot of potential but I found it glitchy and the controls were off. Got to the third box and I tried to lift a lid for 20 minutes before giving up
Hello, I'm on a puzzle that's square, has a scareb on one side on another side it kinda looks like a cross with a circle on top. I solved the puzzle where you move around to make a picture of a man standing up. Theirs a blue empty box on the bottom right corner. Solved the scareb puzzle. Stuck I believe on the last thing to do. Please help. Thanks.
I get on one of the boxes and it officially didn't work ok so then I looked it up on YouTube and it showed how to do it but I tried that and it didn't work in the first place so fix your game so I can actually enjoy your game
Thank you loved the game but cannot get the cube one putting the number in all diffrent way but cannot get it so deleat the game but thanks any way was fun playing it
I am sorry to say this.. totally worthless. Cant even get a key into a keyhole after repeating attempts. Dont waste ur time on this app/puzzle/game.
Addicting once you start solving the puzzles they just get more intricate well made game , I really want to see what new puzzles they come up with next.
It froze a few times to start with, but once it got going it is a good 3D puzzle game - a bit short so looking forward to number two.
Really good and hard puzzles that actually make you think. Please make more like it! Great game!!👍👍👍👍😁
This is a great game. I love doing puzzles and have been looking for something like this to play on my phone for ages. I would give it 5 stars but the only reason I'm not is because in my opinion there needs to be way more levels. I hope there is a number 2 out there or coming soon ?
This is really good!! It's a very unique and creative little jewel I found! Tricky and logical. Makes you think. I hope you make more similar style games. I really enjoy this. Nice graphics too!
Great game, nice graphics and good puzzles. I liked the way each cube leads on to the others by giving items to be used later on. Unfortunately there is just not enough of it. There's only 11 levels, the game feels unfinished. It's areal shame because those 11 levels were a pleasure to play.
Game stopped zooming in after a few lvl in ...the one where you enter the date 1856 but some how been bombarded with ads seems to work ok ..!! Games that ad bomb don't appeal to me I loose interest in game and delete .. concentrate on game play rather than ads ....
Quite a challenge! Very enjoyable i have competed all the levels enjoyed it thoroughly. I did have to use hints quite a few times but even then I still needed to think about what the clue meant. Nice little puzzle although wish there were more puzzles! Completed in an hour. I commend your use of adverts, one adver at the begining and then the only ads I watched were for the clues which I feel is fair. The ads didn't feel in your face and constant like other free game apps. Would 100% recommend