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The Avengers - destroyers

The Avengers - destroyers for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Overmobile located at Novosibirsk, Russia 3/1 Ul.Musy Dzhalilya. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence, Fear) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
love the game. It is a game with a lot of waiting but I dont mind checking on my character a few times a day. It's challenging but still fun and it is fully playable without buying gold.
Played this for years. It's right up my ally. I don't like that just anyone, even noobs become moderators. The best thing is at least the service people will respond to an Issue even if it's not resolved straight away
The app i was prepared to play a great game i prefer the one price buy the game you start weak and have to wait time after battling ,,micro transaction games are not for me the game is now useless unless you can afford to mortage the house to play this game ,,ive alread spend like 2000 grand on games i buy all day ,,i will not support the consistent buy to progress unless you wanna wait days to play thats my opinion im only one person ,no need to reply to this im not looking back at anything devloped here
You need to invest a lot of time in this game if you want to build your stats. This game definitely gives very huge advantage to players who spends real money fot it but overall, it's interesting and fun to play. I just hope they give more gold rewards for tasks and killing boss next update.
Extremly fun but downside is low proggresion and kinda p2w but you can still play the game with this affecting you too much
fix on colosseum whenever i go to 2009 cause i want to rank down to complete my task but the stupid colosseum gives more stupid points that i dont want it to please fix it so i will give 5 stars in it
It's okay. I've bought gold three times i guess 2/3 ain't bad on getting my gold. It's a little complicated to figure it out. Actually being successful means you have to pay2win. Otherwise it's just you dying to everything. Failing every timed guild quest. It an okay time killer like reading a newspaper or confessions page, but eventually gets old.
Not a good game game nothing to do except to say that go and fight and in every fight I've been told that I won and sooooo confusing the reason Y I uninstalled it was cuz there was sooooooo deep and so many options to go in so thats y I also got lost and it doesn't even shows any fight. boring It's up to u but I do not recommend you to have this.😑 edit: fine. its juz not the right game for me
Worst game I ever played,if it says attack why can't you really attack and what game needs a email address or password, worst and stupid game ever if I could give it 0 zero stars trust me I would
Decent game with nice feautures, played for 2 days before a moderator who I can only assume hasn't read the rules or doesn't speak english banned me for spam when all I did as a new player was say hello and ask people where they were from to start a conversation. Cost of gold is ridiculous and the gap for a new player to get to an average level is years unless prepared to spend thousands. The kind of game which is pointless to start unless you did on day 1 because you will never compete.
If you are going to make a new game, don't just copy an older one (godlands), give it a different inferior interface, take half the art from the old game and make terrible new art, and pretend you made something worth a second look.
To be honest dude. I love it. Progressive isn't too bad. I don't know why people are complaining about gold. I can make 200 in 10 hours. This is a time consuming game. I really like that too. I love the retro feel too it. I'm not very far yet I just defeated the orc chief. But I will be playing this for years to come. Keep up the good work Devs!!!
I really like it but i dont like having to wait just to play...pve shouldn't be on a timer. You should want people to play your game more so we can be addicted and have fun, a timer makes me stop playing...then i forgot i even have the game lol. Its cool just saiyan.
I have played this game for about 4 years now. I always enjoyed it. Even tho it is very expensive. I have spent thousands of real dollars buying gold only during sales and spending it only on deals. I am only about half way to max level. Many more thousands to go.. You will NEVER get far for free. It only seems that you can early on. Recently. Books have been introduced. These give stats over your natural max cap. The way these are being gained creates imbalances among players. I quit.
This game is awesomely good it kills time a lot and it is not boring to play like that guy told we have to wait too much time to fight. and if you make a way to get more gold it's good. I M not telling because I want .its hard to collect a lot of gold. pls hear me out
This game makes me entertained and it is very interesting also the Colosseum have a chance to make my time in it. I would like to give five stars but the tournament of clans, clan wars, siege of towers,etc. are done all at the night time of my country so I can't join it.
If the developers need to improve the game they first need to remove ... Rude Supports who favors players that doesn't help newbies but still appoints them as mods... Supports of this game doesn't reply to tickets properly... Developers of this game should fire "I support and omsupport" from the company... because they are not fit for the job.... All they do is help players from top clans...and they ignores tickets from...low stats heroes... The mods elected in this game misuses their power..
Nice idea, but massive flaws.... 1 minute play on the first NPC and 2 hours for it to respawn..... 2 minutes play in the arena and you get promoted and then you face people with 4 times you atk, Def and hp... Basically you have to wait 3 minutes to watch yourself get killed in a few seconds.... What makes all this worse is you're supposed to get a reward EVERY time, but I got them 1 in 3 or 4.... I am gonna give it a bit as, although it's text based, I like the idea....
so, not sure where to start, the game in its entirety is merely the pre and post of combat from just about any rpg. this isnt a good thing. moreover it doesnt save your progress when you play.asks for registration but never asks you to register. probably why everybody has saving issues
This is probably the best game by Allmobile they did a great job by producing a game like this and remember to keep up ur good work
WTAF? No introduction, no tutorial... didn't exactly know what was going on apart from killing a few monsters...
This is not a good game. I am telling you we can't even fight in this game. There are not any good graphicsc and characteristics. It is my biggest mistake to download this game.
Can you add more ways to get gold because I already play this before but, first I enjoy it while I getting stronger it's starting to become more expensive until I need to wait few days to get gold I hope there will be a new update that will make this game more fun to play with but, over all I love it so great job. Edit: Can you add EPIC background sound to the game :)
I love this game. It takes up a lot of free time and i find myself making alarms for certian things to come back for more and make sure i can experience everything. My one gripe is with the buying of gold included into two of the daily tasks... The dailys are generally supposed to be there specifically for the folks who either arent financially right to buy or who plain just think buying gold is cheating. It takes up space in a good mechanic with a cheap trick. I get it, everything needs a revenue but leave it out as a REQUIREMENT for completing daily tasks.
I downloaded the app. Then I had to login. How can you log in if you haven't been registered? And how difficult can be to register? There is no any button for register.. Big fail. If they want to make it so hard to play, there is no reason to have it.
Please, this game needs a lot of work, its looking childish, the producers should upgrade it and add new things, both the graphics. Please do something about this. Thanks.
Pretty great game but WHY THE HELL DID MY ACCOUNTGET DELETED I ALREADY PUTTED THE RIGHT PASSWORD AND NAME CAREFULLY AND I CHECKED THE IM NOT A ROBOT BOX BUT IT KEEP SAYING Check a checkbox "I'm not a robot" and Incorrect username or password.please fix it so i can finally give a 5 star 😭😭😭😭
There is no guidance on what exactly your suppose to do. Everything requires gold to progress. The beginning progression Is very harsh unless your ready to pull out your credit card to BUY GOLD. Wasted about 2 hours before uninstalling.......
game is kinda cool, got into for a bit but got annoying waiting hours just to continue hunting. better off with energy regenerating then having to wait 2 hrs just to hunt twice. can't message anyone til ur lv 14 which wud prob take a week to achieve and everything else is locked until you meet requirements. no real direction or anything captivating. I like the classic old school browser feel to it but not fast enough for me thanks and good luck!
Nice work, in just a few time the game has really improve, but why I'll give it 4 star is because, when it comes to buying of gold, I tried using my ATM, card but I noticed ,the game works with only a master card and the bank I work with doesn't use a master card, so plz, let everyone buy gold from any bank they are using, please correct this and I'll rate the game five star
Love it!. Simple interface, but addictive and entertaining. I hope you add more easier ways to obtain gold.
Another pay to win game. Even 2 out of 8 daily tasks are to purchase gold. At some point (around a couple of weeks of gaming) you can't finish other "free" daily tasks because one of them also requires purchase of gold. They cunningly created this game that appeared as free to play, but pay to progress is inevitable.
Got in and won the first match against the wolf. Second wolf killed me and then I got put into a two hour timeout. If you don't want me to play then I won't. Uninstalled immediately upon seeing that wait timer to progress through the game.
a few seconds of gameplay every 2hrs if you can be bothered to even log in. Entirely pay 2 play. And it seems my reviews keep getting deleted so we probably have a butthurt dev as well that cant take criticism Edit for dev: yet they keep disappearing. Also, i did happen to notice the only time you seem to reply to reviews is to go on the defensive...........
I really enjoy the game. This style reminds me of some old browser games I used to play when I was younger. It might be a little bit boring in the beginning, because you have no idea what to do, and even you have an idea - there aren't many option. However, with the time everithing changes. I don't know about the other players, but I have problems with the notifications, so I don't receive reminders for the tournaments, which sucks....
first of all... You have to be level 14 to communicate with other players, this wouldn't be an issue if you didn't get locked out so dang early and have to wait 2 hours for the dark forest to reopen. Then you have the colosseum, which was cool at first, I won't my first match and got 10k silver, won several more after and didn't win a thing lol.. confusion set in... everything is too long of a wait and everything seems to spin around you either waiting or paying for gold to speed up the process..
I love this game so much....i will give 5 stars if possible....but there is one problem that makes it 1 star...the problem is in 2nd chapter(black hill) the task'buy 3 items in store' is not working.... i buyed 50 + items in stores but it showing ' progress 0 of 3 '....so plz plz plz fix it...i will give five stars