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Addams Family: Mystery Mansion

Addams Family: Mystery Mansion for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PIXOWL INC. located at PIXOWL INC. 350 Townsend Street #836 CA 94107, SAN FRANCISCO. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the Addams Family, and this game, if you enjoy crafting and decorating, is great. The only reason I haven't given four or five stars is because of the events. At first they were good, but as time had gone on it's been my experience that getting all of the gifts (even the F2P ones) is almost impossible without spending money on the game.
Love this game. Play it a few times in the day. What does frustrate me is the HOURS it takes to wait for 1 lives. I have been stuck at this 1 level lives and it is so difficult to move on to next level(days) because it's only 1 live and 1 play a day. Really frustrating. Hope this will change a bit in the future. The rest of the game is great.
The game is good, but I wish they would reduce crafting times and give you more cards than just 1 in the spooky boxes. It takes forever to get just one whole set!!
Amazingly Great game! If the cost was less, I would've purchased more. But unfortunately the price is too high. Also when we have too much stock would've like to have the option to sell . But I still give 5 stars cause it honestly a great game. You will all enjoy πŸ˜‰
About to delete this. Don't want to play anymore. I went on my game this morning and everything I had bought and completed was gone like I never did any of it. All my dolls, plant chow, shrimps were all gone because I completed everything and got money for it all yet I go on and its all gone and no money. Ballroom, library and Pit I opened weren't open.. All the furniture and curtains etc I bought were gone and I had the same amount of money I had after I had bought it all yet wheres all mystuff
There is so much I want to love about this game but too frustrated I work for hours on tasks only to find them gone as if I hadn't done anything. It eats my rubies as it glitches (I'm stuck on something that needs 250 rubies which I could spend some ridiculous amount of money on). I liked the game enough to consider throwing a little money the way of the developers but I feel forced to pay to get through tasks. I'm deleting and looking for something else.
I have already left a five star review and will add to that now! I had made a purchase and did not receive access to the event that I had purchased. So I contacted customer support and they were on top of it! They got back to me super fast. Within the hour and they were super helpful! Thanks customer care!!!
Addams Family mystery mansion is awesome game. I find that if you are willing to just wait and build everything up you don't need to spend that much money would and have recommend this game. The one thing I would change is when you get an item and use it right away you would still get credit for it like making a horseshoe and used it right away to make the hat but not showing that I made it for the to do list
It's pretty fun, the incredibly small inventory sucks. The event has been tough but I started in the middle of it, I hate how you only get 1 life per 24 hours
New years firecrackers are disappearing! 😑 And a certain ad always freezes and NEVER finishes its 30+ second run causing me to lose rewards! 😑 More and more frustrating as time goes on.
Love it. Really good time waster and keeps me coming back. Only thing that annoyed me was when I got to the extended conservatory its wanting 250 rubies to expand and to buy a piece of furniture for a futher 75... bit steep and they aren't easy to accumulate in that volume. Otherwise love the game, play it every day 😊
The game has glitched. The words have been black out through out the whole game. I don't want to delete and start over. There is no update.
**EDIT** WORKING PROPERLY PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED!! THANKS I love this game. If it would work right I'd give it 5 stars, so sad that I had to give 1 star. Everything worked great up until level 8 when i unlocked Lurch. Now as soon as I launch the app it freezes and force closes itself. Ive put a little money into it and now I cant play. Super upsetting. Ive contacted support and all they suggested was either bad wifi or not enough memory on my phone for the game to work properly. (Not the issue)
Edit: I love this game. Only thing I'd change is available for watching ads to get rubies! I was stuck on level 4 and they messaged back quickly and the next day they updated and gave me an extra level! They were very quick! That makes me so happy that the team is so efficent and wanting to fix the game!! For what i have played, its a super fun game! Im excited to keep playing!
I've already maxed out the levels and the game is getting boring. Long task times, match 3 games only available during events, and lots of options to spend money on the app. Boo. Love the characters and scenes, but really wish they'd expand. Lots of grayed out portions of the mansion still not available.
So fun, creepy and kooky! Also, helps me to get inspiration for house decor! Love it! Game play is super smooth too!!
Meh. Totally shouldn't have to pay for SO many things. Should be more ways to earn things and people. Gets so aggravating bc I wanna play and don't wanna pay for everything to get anywhere. Seriously about to delete it. Also the tasks to do for the family are the same things over and over.
I used to love this game but it is being spoiled by the constant seasonal events. They get in the way of the normal game play & there is no option to not participate. During an event, a lot of the tasks reward you with 'event points' rather than the points you need to level up. The events are far too long, & there is usually only a few hours between the end of one & the start of the next. They are also poorly timed, the new years event started well into January! Let me just enjoy the game!
I absolutely love this game and i have made purchases. However levels 36, 37, and now 38 in the halloween special match game i have continuously passed, used my special tools on, also spent my gems and i will pass it, but then it doesn't show up. Instead it resets and makes me replay the exact same level. Please fix this.
Great game but it's unfair that we have to pay to get further in the events and regular game so you can receive more and better items than for people who can't afford it. And it's even harder to progress in the game cause we can't make enough money or rubies wish it was easier!
Well I tried it. I had hoped to keep playing it but nothing I do makes experience and my only available quest is 3 levels above where I'm currently at, so I'm stuck, game over.
Love this game. Just wish it was easier to get red gems it takes FOREVER to unlock a room.☹ wish it was easier to get gems I'd give it 5 star if this wasn't the case Love playing it I am on it every day. PLEASE can you make getting gems easier
This happened the second time. I had 235 rubies and when I opened the app again my rubies were gone! There are just 130 rubies left. Why does this keep happening to me 😭
The events keep me from being able just play the game. I dont want to play the events, there should be an option to not get involved. I just want to unlock the rooms.
Still boring. Game uses the "Family Guy" dynamic of "click character", "character does slow task (higher levels SLOWER TASKS)", "get item". Game asset art is okay, includes character from recent CGI movies. Other than that it is appallingly slow gameplay plus dollhouse decoration theme. Not worth download.
Scam. You are FORCED TO BUY 250 GEMS or watch 250 ads (1 gem for each ad) before you can advance past level 9. 250 ADS!! This game is not fun enough to pay real money for. Repetitive and shallow.
In app purchase failures. SO ridiculous the prices you charge and then we do not even receive what we purchased.
The reason I gave it the one is because I was on level 22 and could not switch it to another tablet. So when my tablet crashed I had to start all over again and that is the one thing I spend money on is my games and I spent a lot of money on this game. But I do love the game.
Hey, I rarely give ratings/reviews of any game I play. Not good, not bad either, it does it's job and passes the time. One resent problem I have though is that I can't get in. I wait for 40% befor it gives me an error, something about my internet conection. I checked it out and everything was fine so it must be the game itself. I don't know what to do so I was hoping you guys can fix it, cool?πŸ˜‰
Fun game, worth getting the unlimited lives for the event. Don't know if skins are worth the effort, but I love the Addams themes.
Progression is slow and the in-game minigame match 3 is hard to accomplish set goals. Plus everytime there is an event, there is less gold to harvest because prizes are set to event.
A few times when pressing skip it will take your gems and say oops looks like you need x amount of gems! I had them you took them which is why I can't skip! Events are very expensive really anoid that I started playing during and event! It would be better if you can at least level up to level 5 or more before you start playing events! Was playing alot on the event game but then it just disappeared πŸ˜’ The game is over priced not sure if its because there is an event on as not played without!
Love this game. However, only gave 4 stars because getting rubies to open rooms takes FOREVER! Rubies are hard to get. Makes it frustrating. Going up levels but not enough rubies to open any rooms so leveling up is anti climatic.
I have been paying this game for about a month now and I really enjoy it. I honestly get lost in it while playing. My only downfall is inventory, I always run out of space LOL. Thank you for making an enjoyable game and thank you for not having adds makes game play more enjoyable.
Good game but little creative leeway. You are just doing as told. Looks like transaction is necessary as you progress which is a minus.
I would give 5 stars, but I take away 1 for the long wait times for tasks and take away another star for the greediness of the developers. The St. Patrick event is fun, but after losing all lives...the lives do not regenerate over time...they have to be bought with real money. I'm deleting this game, because I do not pay money to greedy game developers.
Latest update had caused the game to crash constantly for me (as soon as I click a character to receive an item). I tried reinstalling and it has wiped my progress entirely. (Game is also prone to hard crashes after watching an ad) Generally the game is decent (you'd have to be crazy to actually spend money on it), it's a generic mobile 'do tasks/place items' game. The writing for the family is largely awful and the game can be painfully slow. I'd have given it a 3/5 if it wasn't so glitchy.
Frustrated with the constant events, there's barely a break in-between to simply just play the game, in turn making it harder to earn coins let alone regular XP to level up. I would love to have an option to opt out of events. Otherwise I am fine with the game, it's a good to pick up when bored.
The game is great when the events aren't going on. Played this game for reunion, nostalgia , and now the Halloween event. Each had bugs or a glitch, but overall it seems to have improved now. Changing my rating, but customer support wasn't terribly helpful for me, when calling attention to the bugs/glitches.
I have always liked this game, didn't play for a while after I had to get a new phone. Apparently some players have Auntie Sloom and Socrates, when I asked customer service at what level these characters would be available, they just said the special characters are available during special events so....... hopefully someday I'll be able to play this game to full enjoyment capacity.
I have purchased the starter pack and it is not showing up. Otherwise so far I am enjoying the game. I know you want more info, I will see what I can do. I feel it takes to long for things to finish in order to fill request and make other items. I really enjoy playing and will continue until I get to where it is just to frustrating.
It is going good so far but for ppl who can't afford to buy the gems or money it's really hard to move forward honestly I think they should help us out with that
Pay to play... Ridiculous! At first it was fun and then the game becomes repetitive when you can't spend real money on gems...
Nice graphics, easy game to learn and good to pass the time with. I had an issue with my game, reached out to the app creators via email and they quickly responded and helped me out. Best service I've received in a while from an app creator! Thank you 😊
I just got a new phone, and apparently you can't just login to your old account, you have to play... so many damn levels... before you can login to your account. And since there is an event, I have to deal with that annoyance now too. Why can't I just login right away? Wth. People switch phones all the time and this is the biggest annoyance. I have spent money on this game and I am about to walk away from it forever because of this.
Not my kind of "game." Cute graphics, like Addams but the " play " seems pointless and boring. You just assign a task to a character and wait. Nothing interesting at all about it unless you enjoy watching grass grow. No puzzles, no nothing really. Well they will reach for your wallet right out the gate but most do.
The matching game is the worst cash grab I have seen. Get a bunch of lives st the start and when they are done you wait 24 hours or so for ONE more life!! They make the levels quite difficult quickly too so I can see myself deleting this game soon.
I have a experience the glitch in the graphic. The game graphic is distorted and all I see is weird square shape. The game started at first very addictive until the glitch happens. No matters how many time I tried to refresh it doesnt work. Will change it to 5 stars once the problem is fixed
I absolutely love this game. However, I am extremely upset right now as I have spent money on the Family Packs and for some reason the game has now kicked me back a level. All my purchases have been undone, costumes are gone, gems are all gone, everything I have done is gone. 🀬😑
I have been playing this game since Feb 2020. They keep adding pay to play features as months go by. I buy the monthly golden pass to participate in monthly stuff, and it is at the point where the monthly pass barely gets any of the monthly features. In order to play the game to its fullest you have to pay 40$ a month (at least) and the features cascade so you can't unlock and pay for one thing without paying for the two before it. I am no longer interested due to continual price increases.
This game is good 😎 but has a bit problems 1) we can't earn rubies 2) if we do a purchase it will take a lot of money so i give it 4 stars
It keeps saying, can't Access the Internet right now, over and over again. I Love the Adam's Family plus the pictures and the right up about it makes it sound like a great game, as I Love these types of Games. I am not sure if I want to keep it in Hope's that this issue will get fixed.
Before downloading it it looked fun. Once I downloaded it and loaded it up it's just been stuck on the screen with a tree on it. I can't move, click on or do anything. Would've been a good game if I could actually play it
Frequently crashes As much as I love this game, I don't enjoy the many times it decides to crash or requires to be restarted in the middle of something!
Fun killing a little time during the pandemic then you realize just how monotonous and redundant the game is and it becomes boring very quickly. Can not access certain goals unless you buy tons of tokens, a.k.a. pay-to-play. And they are not cheap. I am honestly surprised it kept my attention for as long as it did. Again, just something to waste time, but this particular game will let you down even in that arena.
Money trap, waiting game. I really dont see the appeal of games that make you wait unrealistically long periods to do stuff or use real money to speed things up. Like seriously, develop a game, not a scam. Wont play again. Wouldn't recommend.
Keeps saying can't connect, check your internet connection, I am playing on my phone, using wifi, and my phone signal, so what is the problem??? I spent 30.00 on this game yesterday, and if I can not play it, I want to be reimbursed
Disappointed, when you run out of hearts you need to wait a full day for one & when you match stuff in puzzles, if you're special move gets hit with another one- like rocket hits a bomb it won't activate the other. Even when I clear bushes, more come when I do. You can't match 4 like other matching games and it's time consuming. It's only like other matching games if you pay for everything. I love the Addams family but this game is honestly bad. It's basically pay to play unless you wait 3 days.
I an a new player and I can't begin the game, nothing is happening. It's just a screen with a few trees an a well.. no explanation or anything on what I'm supposed to do. Please help me out!:-) ty!
Would be five stars except when I bought the $4.99 Halloween Contest Pass, it took my money but never gave me the package. Update. Provided all the proof of purchase and have still not heard back from anyone. Very disappointed in lack of communication and getting my issue resolved.
LOVED the movie and LOVE this game! I'm so happy that a game was made! Keep adding more furniture. Please add Ichabod the walking tree. I had an interesting idea about the pit. You should make it into another area to explore. It'd be cool to find out what's down in the pit. I bought a $4.99 pack of 130 Rubies and a $1.99 pack of 50 Rubies yesterday and both times the game crashed and I never got either pack of gems. Anyway I can get a refund from the interrupted purchases?
The game I a good way to take some time out of the day. Some of the tasks can be repetitive, but, if you are an Addams family fan its fun. I do wish the characters were voiced (at least a bit). Wish Lurch would say "you rang" when u click on him! Only downside I can complain about is that I hit level 18 and need to make 3 armed sweaters......but I DONT HAVE the costume you need to make them and I have NEVER gotten a single one of the 10 cards needed for it so I am basically dead in the water!
I like the Addams family so I was excited to get this game but within a week after installing it it started to freeze and it would restart itself, when it was up and running again I will notice i didn't have anymore diamonds, after having 30+ i would end up with 0 or sometimes 5. Another thing is that you don't play! You just wait and wait and wait
Horrible. You can't hardly make money or stars, and the egg thing is beyond stupid because that's all they want instead of other items that you can actually make monies on.
Fun but can be repetitive. It takes 2 minutes up to 10 minutes for each character to "make or retrieve" an item. What to do in the meantime? Not much. You just make things from things for quests. That's it. There is a Match-3 game once in awhile to waste some time, but 5 lives replenish after 24 hours. Yes, a full day to wait to play a difficult level for a match-3 game if you lose 5x. The quests are cute and the dialogue is funny, but I feel like I do a whole lot of gathering and making stuff for very little profit. To get the bolts you need to add to storage or open rooms is given by chance after you MAY get the other items for Fester's Quests. I have done this many times, to not get the bolt and you need the bolt for unlocking rooms. Also, to get money, it takes a very long time to save up since you only get maybe $100 per quest sometimes or to grant a family member their "wish" while some needed objects from the store cost $3500! It's a lot of hurry up and wait. It gets tedious. Give better and more "rewards" that aren't so hard to get and the gameplay would feel more like you're actually making a difference.
It's so sad that I didn't get anything in the purchased I made. P240. 00 is for purchasing the Halloween's Golden Pass. But I couldn't get any 1 on that event. 😭 I like the game actually, but i couldn't imagine it'll went that way. I ask for Help and Support on your contact but there's no good response either, And now I can't refund it. What should I do? 😭
Getting error: can't connect to server. Also, Christmas event supposedly started but there is nothing on my game for the event the only difference is now there is snow at the mansion. *Edit* Error corrected. No further issues. Updated to five stars!
I love this game. Unfortunately because rubies are very slow in obtaining it just takes way to long for you to advance. Graphics are great, holiday events are great overall fun. It does freeze here and there. I will be deleting for now. Hope the Ruby waiting gets better.
This game is fun to play but does have some downsides. The bombs you tap on to get coins pop up in random places, sometimes too close to the tasks in certain rooms like the dining table or the stage, because they are so close when you tap them it brings up the prompt to start these tasks and you can't collect the bomb for the coins no matter what you try. Also the constant occasion updates get in the way of the main game, would be nice to have less, for a week or two, not a whole month!
Decent game, but it's impossible to earn coins and finish quests with these spamming and, in my opinion, useless events. Thanksgiving into Christmas into New Year is a bit excessive.
Love the game and being playing it everyday. But after buying a few packs I can't progress unless buy more. Pitty as the game is now boring as can't get anywhere. I've also lose 300 diamonds on accident pressing as the control is sensitive. Wish it gave a option as are you sure want to complete action before it takes diamonds
I would give this game 5 stars for interesting graphics and gameplay. However, the game quickly turned into waiting mode, where you do not do much but wait for things to complete. Sometimes it gets 3 hours or a day! Plus, limiting ads is bothering me. I want to advance in the game by watching ads and gaining stuff, but it limits every ad in every section. So you can only watch 1 ad in 10 minutes for 1 section. It gets annoying, but I would really like to enjoy the game without having to wait.
Update really messed the game up. Everything was great up until last night when the game updated. Now it keeps freezing and shutting down as soon as you click on something. So frustrating. I have been a loyal customer since the game first came out. I have spent money in the game. And we're in the middle of an event. I'm pretty frustrated and upset about this.
Fast moving - when events aren't in place - and so much to do. A lovely, grim and spellbinding look into the Addams family household.
Love playing the game great graphics, some of the rooms and unlocking the characters sometimes takes alot to achieve other than that I enjoy playing
Love this game and ive spent alot on gems and stuff.. Seasonal passes with each new holiday etc that has come out and never had an issue till now i bought another 130 gems for 5.33 and the game glitched and it took my money but didnt give me my gems so just watch your purchases
Total scam! Kept doing the objectives to just have them randomly dissappear and not count. Don't waste your time on this one!
Great game! Fun, absorbing and love the music! On another note-I was on level 6 mansion, and had purchased a few packages. Unfortunately, I had a hiccup with my tablet, and ended up resetting it. Needless to say, I had messed up big time doing that as I had lost all my progress when I reinstalled the game. I contacted support, and lo and behold, the Addams Family support team were able to restore my game back to its former glory!!! Big thank you to the team who worked above and beyond to help!
Having played awhile longer, I'm amending my review. While the game is cute, it's a giant time-suck, with no speedbumps to prevent players from spending the entire day in the mansion. Further, there are problems with the interface on some platforms which facilitate the unintentional loss of its premium in-game currency (rubies), a failure which the developers refuse to acknowledge nor, when having it demonstrated to them, attempt to rectify. It's not good business, and it's no fun as a consumer.
I really enjoy playing this. Its creepy in a fun way. The special events are difficult to finish unless you play a couple times a day, every day. I love earning new outfits for the characters and unlocking new rooms. You don't need to spend money to succeed but it does help a lot.
I love the Addams family, and this game usually seems well done but I'm confused by the new matching game. Completing levels has popped up as one of my tasks during the Halloween 2020 event, but when I click on it, it just takes me to the event challenge section where?... It appears the only way to play is to pay $9.99 to open all the levels or 40 rubies to play a few rounds. Is that it? Pay to play, or you're unable to progress in the event? :-(
Fester's workshop doesn't work, already tried uninstalling it and clearing it's cache. Fix it... Can't complete a level for Fester without it....
The game is fun and all, but their horrrrrible customer support really makes the game less fun =/ English is clearly not their first language, so when you try to explain an issue, even if you provide screenshots, they do not understand what you are saying to even attempt to fix it. That being said, issues take months to get reaolved, IF they ever get resolved! Their Facebook team is just as incompetent... it's the most horrible support system/team I have ever encountered!
Loving this game so much, didn't like it to start with but can't get off it now, few ups and downs with the game but it will never stop me playing it :)
It was a cool concept at first, but the constant pay to play seasonal stuff got old fast. Storage is a mess and don't get me started with the match game.
PLEASE put a confirmation notification before spending any gems/rubies. Update: Thank you so much , now that I know that, this game is 5 stars!
Need more levels! I've already reached Max level. It's quite boring now! Edit.. 7/5/2021 when are more levels coming.. its been over 2 months since I've been at maximum level!!!
Event inventory should not be dumped into main inventory. And since it does nothing after the event, it should disappear with the event. Otherwise it's been great fun.
I really do enjoy this game. However there's now this serious glitch where half of the items in the house are visible. Some of the character that are locked are no longer showing and I cant see Wednesday. I love this game I would just like to see everything and everyone
Love the game, I have played for awhile, only dislike the rooms being bought by such a high diamond amounts, impossible to attain for some.
Upset here...i just paid for unlimited lives for 4 weeks and it just stopped my package. I only played it for a few hours and then it just disappeared. I've been playing Addams Family Game since it came out. Now i pay for the unlimited Thanksgiving lives and it disappeared😠😠😠😠...ANGRY PLAYER!!! Fix this issue, need immediate response please.
It would be nice if materials were a little easier to get. The Christmas tasks were hard because of how you had to achieve them.
I love this game! Would appreciate shorter wait times and tasks that aren't repetitive though. The graphics are amazing and my favourite part of the game is decorating their mansion!
Update: The game now works on BlueStacks emulator. The only reason that I'm giving it two stars is the wait for a life in the match 3.....24 hours for one life? I know that you are trying to make money by offering a $9.95 infinite life package....But, come on.....24 hours for one life....That long should be for all five lives.
Generally the game is great, but there are too many features requiring real-world payments to get the most out of it and definitively far too few gem rewards for play. I'm still waiting, trying to afford a room I accessed months ago, because with one slip of the finger I've wasted the few and precious gems I had managed to scrape together.
Fun and all but I get connection issues quite often so my progress isn't always saved meaning sometimes I lose progress I made over the last 8 hours which is really frustrating. I also don't like the fact that there's no double-check if you want to spend your gems on skipping a quest, it just gets spent even though you might've clicked it by accident.
I live the game but there is hardly any way to get experience to level up so I do not have the people or ways to craft for special events.
The game is fun for playing while you wait for other mobile games to complete or have nothing to do. I hate the fact that you can complete a task by accidently tapping the screen, and it removes all your diamonds. Fix that, it will put people off from continuing the game. Also instead of deleting stuff when your bag gets full how about rewarding us with one coin per item deleted? Keep the game fun..
I have been playing this game everyday now for a few months. Each month there's an event which adds so much fun and anxiety to reach the goals. Decide if you want to advance quicker in the game by purchasing character cards and bundle packs for the events, new levels and characters. It can get pricey if you do it all the time. Its so tempting to. I love this game! Based on a new movie I found out after playing. Watched on Halloween.❀
This game is awesome but you keep paying for things and you dont level up. Its been fours days and i cant get pass level 4. I want my money back.
Since my issues with the game have been fixed. Its a really fun game. Good way to kill time. The only thing I really don't like too much is how much money you have to spend to get certain items