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That Level Again 4

That Level Again 4 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by IamTagir located at Kazan, Zhurnalistov st., 2, 109. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There's still bug when i play it, and it's the: true ending; when i push the red button on domino, it doesn't move anyway. strange ending; when i fall from empty room and go to the stage 1 again, the frame doesn't move. So, please fix it. I'll back rate 5 this game if it's fixed
Fun little puzzle game and great time killer. All the puzzles have a satisfying solution and is just overall a good game.
I have loved this series so far. But I'm facing some problems with this game. I just can't cross the level in which you have to put the balls in the dot. It's very much annoying. Also I can't even skip it. Whenever I press the hint option it just shows 'sorry try later' even when I have my wifi on. I even watched videos of it but still can't complete it. Please look into this matter. At least fix the hint option so I can skip it. I don't want to delete this just because I was stuck in a level.
This was the worst one, it just doesnt even seem like the same series. It tries way too hard but it's just trash.
Its was sick just a little issue dont fix it for me but in the game when your at the border part where it traps you it says I have borders everuwhere
One of the best mobile games I've ever played ..most difficult and entertaining at the same time ..like to see more of this work on future ..
There is no way to go to the 2 stage. The game stuck on the first level and I have no idea how to move on. There is actually almost same issue with the That level Again 3 . So far the most interesting game is the first version. All others kinda step by step lost the idea of the game.
A nice end to the saga, it goes far beyond of what the past games went. There's only one problem with one puzzle on my device, anyway the rest of the game is nice.
It is a great game, mostly. It has some issues with screen sizes where some important things where cut off. This actually made the one section impossible for me to get through with out skipping. I only found out what the problem was when I played on a different device. If this is fixed than it would be a five star
Best puzzle game ever!!!!..i've played 1,2 and 3 long ago..been waiting for more and still want more so i hope u continue with the awesome work
Excellent! Really fun and challenging. Very engaging and witty too! Loved the coding/bugs/assembly references all over! The only pitty is that it has an end 😜
best game ever launched in play store, despite a few glitches it is an awesome game that has no limit in thinking out of the box.
Hey so the game is fun and all, but I'm facing a very annoying bug. In stage 2, in the "my test game" level, the pink door just doesn't show up. I know we're supposed to blow the door and leave, but in my case, there is no door there in the first place. I've tried replaying the game, erasing it and starting again, uninstalling and reinstalling, but it won't go. Please fix this. Thank you
It starts out fun but then you get to the level where you put four balls on four dots and then it's just frustrating and you can't skip it the hint just tells you to spin your phone on a table so I hope you leveled your table out not to mention that the outcome is kind of random because I got each ball into different sides, leveled out my phone on a table, and spun it just to have every ball end up going to the same side
I am not able to cross that one part in stage 2 bacause the game doesn't fit my screen . What more do I expect . Fix if you can fix this .
This GAME IS AWESOME AND SO FUN. There is like puzzles you have to figure out. And, they are very clever. And, if you really need help you can watch a hint. You need to watch an add. But, don't worry it is just about 30 seconds or so! Have a good day! :D
great game. also to the game creator, I found a bug. at the very end, I got to the button with the dominoes by clicking "hint" and then "skip." however, doing it this way doesn't make the button work properly. I tried to make it work a lot and got frustrated. then I googled it and found out there's a proper way to get the 1st ending lol. just fyi, I still loved it and hope you make another
Game is really really enjoying and challenging and i love the background music so much. I hope the next tla game will be released soon.
I'm giving this 5 stars cuz it's flippen awesome, really made me think through a few level even had to use a few hits, and this game is pretty long and was really nice cuz it just kept going and going and in such strange ways, so I really enjoyed this game, I finished TLA 1, 2, 3 and now completed this one, I must say I really did enjoy playing these games, I love brain teasers like these and my hats off to the people who created these, was honestly so much fun!!! Thank you
Game is nice ...but its screen resolution is not ok......in many levels i cant see the full screen......like email(level) part... please make it for compatible for all screen resolution..my device is infinix Hot8..l played all Tla Game.. expect this Tla4
I've played all these games to the end and im in love with every single one The game idea is really clever and funny I hope there will be more in the future
This is a copy but slower version of game 1 from what I see. Congrats.... and looks like once you reach level 6 thats about it you just go back to 5 or 4, good job...
Sorry to say but this series is getting worse. It should stop at TLA 3. I was hoping for TLA 4 but this disappointed me. Some level is just insanely difficult, and the control is very hard. Especially the put balls in holes, it is just impossible even with the hint I respect the working of making this game but it is going downhill.
I really like the game it is fun to play when u are bored but when I had to play vertical I could not see the pink door because it was not on my screen so I could not finish the game :( please fix this
One of the BEST series of app games' fourth part. I like how the first section is similar to TLA 1, but I also love the other levels! The spinoffs and other things you go to are awesome, and I love how it is the prequel to TLA 2/3(?)! As I've said, hands down one of the best games to grace phones.
I don't like this sequel because they make you pay for the ending. And the journey till the end was too short as compared to other parts of TLA. 😐
I like this game series, even like a fan. But I have a issue. I use a long 6.5 inch phone. So the vertical sides of the game gets cropped to fit in screen. I am stuck in 'My test game' because I can't even see the pink wall or destroy it. I have no idea how can I continue. PLEASE UPDATE THIS.
Anyway the game is so good but the prob is that many players including me get stucked in (put the ball in all dots) level we even cant get a hint when our wifi is oh its shows try later and even we cant skip that level.Please fix this i dont want to uninstall this game i have all 4 parts and i completed all of them without 4 cause i m stucked here
This game is good but i couldnt get past one of the levels because the screen didnt go that far so i couldnt blow the door can you fix that please
I absolutely loved the game!! I've been a huge fan of the TLA series all the way from 1 till 4!!! Everybody just MUST play this beautiful game that plays with your senses and mind and the aesthetics and music is beautiful!! The entire development team has done a FANTASTIC JOB!! We developers aren't thanked enough for this kida stuff and I just wanna thank you for making such a beautiful game!!!
Very nice puzzle game. I have played every game of the series and this one is best. Waiting for TLA 5..... :-)
Well, after playing TLA 3 i thought like "Now game doesn't follow its' name at all. Bad, very bad". And now this... THIS GAME IS BEST ON TLA SERIES. It still follow name somehow, though it lost its' dark atmosphere... But i don't care! Everything is unique, smooth and enjoyable! All endings are amazingly though-out and i love it! GAME IS JUST PERFECT!!!!
The puzzles can be hard to figure out and require out-of-box thinking. If that's up your alley, you'll like it. I imagine that if I enjoyed puzzles more and had more experience with them, this game would be a blast to me. But i'm not experienced with puzzle games, so I didn't enjoy it much.
Fun Game and doesn't require internet connection (except if you need to watch ads for hints). There are some bugs here and there like for example (spoiler) when you are looking for the star at the text "wall wall wall" part I was not able to see it on my screen and had to jump until my character "flew" up. BUT after (I thought) I had finished playing it I realized that you could collect those star cams - and that there are 3 endings and some easter eggs! Loved it! Was delighted to pay for it.
The game is cool and all but some levels don't fit properly into the screen of my phone, thus making them unsolvable. An example is in stage 2 where I need to destroy the red door to move on, the red door isn't there so I had to skip the level.
One of the best puzzle/arcade/action game I ever played. The creator has such a brilliant yet simple style through each levels. I totally recommend playing this!! Waiting for "that level again 5", I hope that it's on the way! :)
Okay, this entire That Level Again series is AMAZING. A lot of thinking outside the box! Shine Guy says this series is getting worse, but honestly this is getting better.
Quite honestly one of the best puzzle games I have ever played and the ending made me cry, if your on the fence about this game, you absolutely need to play it (just make sure to play the other 3 first).
PLZ MAKE 5TH ONE I LOVE THESE THE STORY AND LEVELS ARE AMAZING I beat the 1st 2nd and 3rd ones (All endings) I even paid for the sad ending. You make the best story games.
It was a really good game, i enjoy the puzzles and the tricks, it took me a while but it was worth it.
The game is really awesome and just like the other 3 but I'm not able to continue due to an issue with the phone I'm using I can't complete the "tap boom" level because my phone screen is too thin I guess I will have to complete it on another device but I would love for this issue to be fixed on the Samsung Galaxy A21
This game is really really awesome. I've played all 4, and really enjoyed them. I love the whole use of the phone.
I was finally able to complete the game because of the skip option, I'd like to thank you for that. I don't regret waiting for the update, it was surely worth it. This game takes patience, but also kills boredom. You need to think a way you wouldn't think. The game is easy, but you need to think simply instead of trying to find a hard solution since the easiest way is always the right one. I played all of the games and I'm happy I did, I had a nice time with them.
It is very good and fun but one problem is the fact that it is so so hard to beat so its really good still and so are the other 3 tla games
I think this game was very different from the first 2, but I loved it. I love how it has different endings and how puzzling this game is. Wonderful app.
Really good! If you've got the wrong phone you can't do tap boom but tbh I'm just glad you can skip it.
I really love this game and I hope there's more. It's weird but fun at the same time with a lot of unexpected ways to solve things and those ways will make you go "why didn't I think of that" or "you can do that?!" It's really funny when you start figuring those things out and there's more to what meets the eye. It's think our of the box style which I really love how the gameplay is put into this. However, I think you cna fix the controls and all a bit as it gets a little difficult sometimes.
This is a really fun series, it's so creative and it really became engaging the moment I completed the second level in the first one.
It's an amazing game I love it. The thing that bothers me is that there are some ads, not many thought. I've played the other ones and I loved them, and they didn't ask for anything. This one asked for recording and to go though my files which is kinda weird. But overall it's amazing.
This one was easily up there with my favorites in the series! It forces the player to think outside the box for every level, which lead to an very entertaining, albeit challenging experience! I look forward to seeing more of your work!
I really like this series but I'm only giving 4 stars because with certain devices you can't complete the game because on the test game level my screens resolution is too small so maybe add screen border settings
I love the game, though I have a bug, I'm at the point where you have to shine the flashlight or put your device in a dark place. I shined the flashlight multiple times and put it under my covers, but it doesn't work. I'm using Xiaomi redmi note 8, maybe it's my phones fault but I don't know, I hope I can get some help because I'd love to see the end, this game is truly wonderful!
I love it im just confused and stuck I can't really pass the last one it just keeps making me start over when it says it the blink of an eye!I am very confused but I love the game
It lost the sense of that level again and just became frustrating I personally couldn't figure out the majority of what to do without hints and even had to refer to a walk through video. I now officially hate this game even though tla 1 was actually really fun... The controls are also really dodgy and I kept getting stuck at place and it kept glitching would not reccommend.
BEST PUZZLE GAME EVER but... Some puzzels are kinda impossible and the hint button doesn't work. It just says "sorry, try later" and it's annoying
I looooveeeee this serie so much. The thinking out of the box, the animations, the music, the story. Respect. I haven't played TLA 4 yet but reading the reviews it's really good but has a lot of story, and it ofc depends on the person is you like it. Also I heard there are some bugs, but he had make 3 amazing games and well if a few things don't work why would we get all upset about it I am so happy with these games and recommend 10/10
First iterations made sense. Here it's basically impossible to follow the clues, because there aren't any
Although this game that level again is pretty good, I have played all three other parts as well but this part 4 is pretty illogical and that putting all the balls in the hole is almost impossible I don't know why there is definitely some bug in that part.
Hilarious and maddening as always. Never tire of the Tim Burton/Jhonen Vasquez aesthetic mixed with clever ways of thinking about how to interact with a game. It's a good mix of the traditional puzzler that was the first two games while incorporating some of the narrative of the third.
I'd think of this as a rather rage game and an impossible one as stage 2 I can't seem to put all the ball on the dots. The hints and walk through videos don't help at all
I don't have a gyro in my device so I can't complete the ball level, and I can't even skip it because whenever I click on the hint button it says sorry try later
Wonderful game, made me wait a lott, but worth it... I'm lπŸ‘€king forward for tla5 now... Pls put a LOT of Easter eggs in itπŸ₯š!!
Game itself is good, but pls make an option to skip levels. That part where you have to tilt to move and evade the spikes is too difficult for the average player
the aesthetic of this game series is just unparalleled and unmatched by any other game. The fourth one (this) in the series further makes this game even more unique with so much material, you probably will never see the last of the game. Excited for what Tagir does next!
I love the hole series, but this on is the best part. How the player breaks out the game itself and explores the overworld... amazing!
Incredible, in my opinion the best one they have made yet. The puzzles are much more complex and I had to use the hints a few times on this one πŸ˜… but the story is great and especially the jokes. 4/5 gamers would recommend πŸ‘Œ altho the reason 4 stars not 5 is just because nearly every other level I got an add without using a hint and personally I think I'm using the hints enough for that to be paying for the ad revenue πŸ˜‚ not sure if its my phone or the app but ads were nearly non stop. πŸ‘
Genuinely one of the best games out there. It kept me hooked and wanted me to look for more. If there is one thing ive learned from the TLA series is that there is always a way. The game gave me chills throughout the story. It was awesome and im looking forward to more, hopefully. This is one of the first game ive rated as it was the only one that is worth it. If you play this game, think outside. Dont use too many hints as it isnt fun and excited if you constantly use hints.
The Idea is great and the first few levels were fun. But when the game starts to be vertical the sides are cut off and I can't read the complete text. This means I can't continue past the "my test game screen" because apparently the door that is supposed to be there is at the edge and I can't see it. Would have loved to finish the game :(
I love the game, kept you guessing with witty solutions to the outlandish problems. This game enhances the features of the other ones (e.g use a hint or take the play button) but maintained enough continuity to give an appealing sense of nostalgia. Ads were only shown when one needed a hint or to skip the level. Every game in the series adds more detail and lore, keeping you guessing like you do with their extraordinary puzzles. However, you have to be smart enough to avoid the wrath of the ads!
Words can't describe the beauty of this game ❀️gameplay is amezing. Stages are easy yet challenging i thought game ended at one point but there is lot more and ending of this game always make me appreciate developers and the minds who created these stages cannot find any flaw best game on play store πŸ‘πŸ» please add launch next level soon
Overall its a good game but I've run into the level where you slice the door away,my game had no door yet still didn't let me through. If you fixed this bug it would be great and I'd be happy to give 5 stars 🌟
I give it 4 stars because there was no ads to use as hint. But it's all level are interesting and mindblowing. I completed all the story of TLA. And I waited for TLA5.
I've been a fan of this series since the time of That Level Again 1, and this has been an amazing puzzle game that was one of my favourites. This is the first time I'm writing a review for these games for one reason: 'SOME BALLS LEVEL'. I literally can't pass it, even when I follow the hint, I just can't get the balls into the dots! Please make this level have a skip button, I really want to play on when I can't just because 4 balls wouldn't do exactly what they should!
I loved yhe series and the idea behind it, but the level where I have to put my device on a surface and spin it? Not all surfaces are flat and not all devices/cases and spin well enough to complete this puzzle. Sorry to say, but this has to be the worst TLA out of the series.
Lovely game. Could have been lovelier if it fit my phone screen perfectly. Because some parts do not show on my screen it is difficult to pass those levels. Please fix your resolution.
A messed up game that has an amazing plot. A woman is stuck in an endless loop of the same level and she has to complete all of it to get freedom... but the people that trapped her had no intentions to let her go. Download it its good
Best game ever. Only one problem, fix the more energy level. Only gets completed with a hint and then skip level.
One of my favourite series. Some things are just too absurd to figure without hints, thus the 4 stars
I love the game and I decided to install it on my new phone, but it doesn't fit the screen properly, leaving me unable to progress through some levels, please update it and make sure it would be compatible with newer phone models
Its really a good game. I played it from part one and I rated all of them 5 stars. Everyone should try this game. Its enjoyable, its entertaining, its educational game.
The games is just fine. Except when you use a hint one time and you come back for it later and it makes you watch the ad again.
This series peaked and is distinctly going down hill. Previous installments hit that sweet spot between challenge and frustrating, this one falls flatly in the annoying category. It's also the buggiest installment and had lots of screen glitches (anyone else get the ultra zoom out view?). To top it off you get blasted with 30sec unskippable ads. Don't waste your time with hints or being frustrated and just watch a walkthrough as you play. But sad to say you are better off just not playing it.
The stage 1 after level 6 is so messed up,u want to play this game for fun,not to play tilt the phone like temple run
A good game but the spin the phone to make the ball place at all corners is not happening again no adds can be seen to skip it
I like the game pretty much but there is a major issue in the balls game because ads aren't working and soo since (only few phone can be kept at 0Β°) I can't complete after it and I am stuck soo kindly repair this issue (I suggest make a secret skip in the balls thing)
I like this came but for some odd reason can I not get pass stage 2 where you have to get all the balls in the halls where you have to spin your phone but my phone don't work with this at all and I see there is alot of poeple complaining about this issue, I really hope you can sort this out or add an option to skip this part after you have selected hint....
It seems like they have lost their plot. This game was all about making the user play the same level multiple times with slight difference which needed good thinking power to pass. But this version is just not the old TLA.
Clever Game. Some puzzles are difficult but enjoyed the experience of playing it. I Hope for more games like this
A truly wonderful and confounding experience of a puzzle game. My girlfriend and I had a really great time playing through the story (all four TLA games, actually). Thank you.
Why's it named "that level again"? It's all different and hard, lost my patience, especially these annoying movement sensor stages. Liked the ones like TLA 1 and 2.
If you love puzzle games the that game again series is for you i love them and i donate on every game to make sure they can keep going and make new content there games are awsome
When the answer was to go backwards, it was MIND BLOWING. I never expected the games to improve this fast, but they did. Keep it up!
Good game, but by going above the pause menu in the accelomater part, dropping back down, entering the :) room, and pausing, softlocks.
This is a best game for experiencing new things and when we playing this forget about others activities and only just focused on it.
I can't move the character after the acceleration thing is activated! I want to rate this 5 stars but I can't because I CANT MOVE THE CHARACTER. Please help, this is so annoying, and I really want to play this game