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That level again 2

That level again 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by IamTagir located at Kazan, Zhurnalistov st., 2, 109. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awful game. Level 13 literally makes you pay 2.00$ just to pass the game. Devs are scumbags for doing something like that. Also most the reviews on this app are fake.
The game is really fun and makes you think outside the box. Im currently stuck on the "License agreement" level because the jump button hitbox is too large to double tap the door to open it.
What can I say except thanks for making this amazing game . Unlike all those peace of sh*tty games like escape the rooms and some other stuff this game gave me the best belly laughs πŸ˜‚ , the only game I thought was capable of this was henry stickman games but you proved me wrong. Here have a making a great game medal πŸ₯‡.
The levels are really clever and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I will say, in both games there was an issue with multi-touch working collaboratively when you switch the controls from the traditional arrows that makes it so you can't jump at an angle. Either way, I'm very excited for the next iteration.
If you think level 13 requires you to pay money, you clearly don't know what you're doing (even leaving a 1-star review!). After four years of finishing this game, I return to replay it. And, once again, still one of the best mobile games. No intrusive ads, and actually has creative & entertaining gameplay beneficial to your brain, unlike every other game these days where developers only care about money and themselves. Sequel is a big step up from previous game, too; much more interesting!
If TLA 1 brings me sense of nostalgia, TLA 2 brings me sense of evolution. I love this game more than first part, maybe because they added new overdifficult levels to TLA 1. I still count second one as something perfect! Thanksssss!
ok. i just downloaded the game and got to level 13 and couldn't figure out how to skip it. everyone said that you can skip it but i don't think you can... but it's ok. the few levels that I've played was really fun and i do recommend "that level again 1" cuz it really is very fun and i wish i could play this one further. 😊
Level 30 is very frustrating. I read through the whole thing, but when I double tapped the door, I could only jump. I tried so many times, but I eventually had to skip. Also if you get a hint and reopen it you have to rewatch a video. Otherwise I like the game.
Amazing game....must play..... don't think much just download it....and its very appropriate for every age...πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜
Alot of repetition and literally absurd ways of clearing levels so that we'd have to rely on hints by watching adds.
Really glad this game wasnt a disappointing sequel to a unique, fun game. However I cant give 5 stars because the game has issues like with controls. I could press NEXT TO the up, left or right buttons and the character would still move. This means I cant do puzzles where I hv to press on the door or area near the controls because the controls get activated instead. Also some puzzles were random? I dont think I could have figured it out w/o a hint. And for lvl 71 (& others) the hint was wrong.
Great mechanics each time. But one small note, after so many levels the hint button stops asking but it's very small
I finished the story today! its a great game whit over 70 levels! i like that the character finds love (and gets out of daas house)at end! i recomend thaas
Never had so much fun love how u gotta try to figure out how to do the level and the ways to complete them are amazing
This was a great experience, with many fun, challenging levels that require you to think outside of the box and sometimes get rid of the box completely. I rate this 20/10!
Awesome game but you cant pass level 13 without paying other than that great dont get me wrong tho i understand that people have to be paid somehow
I love this game. The first one was also awesomeness. It's simple but complex doesn't that make sense I guess no but so doesn't this game. It's just purely awesome.
Love this game. It is intersting and imaginative. My only complaint is that sometimes the levels are impossible without watching and ad or walkthrough. By the way, you don't have to pay in level 13, just go to the menu, click the donate button and exit out and go back to level 13. And also the guest is you from the previous level.
Okay so... The game is wonderful. That's not even a question. But I want to say something to anyone who criticized that you have to pay to proceed. Making a game isn't cheap. It takes a lot of time and a lot of money. And the first game is ENTIRELY free. (I don't know about the other games, but still) Those guys made several games you can play basically for free, at least some levels. For. Free. So shut up and just pay if you want to play more. Creators need to eat to...
It's was all great till level 13 but after that it sucks it will ask you to donate money to unlock the next level and it's around $168 which is not worth it
at level 26 the one named "not a bug" i found a litarale bug when i finally found out i pause at mid air i died but still kept the key even though i died there but exept for that its a really really good game wish i could go any higher than 5 stars if i can go higher i would rate it 8 stars
The part 1 of this game is the best logic game I ever played. That is why I installed part 2 right after completing part 1. This second part included sime extra dimensions in the puzzles, made it even better.
Pretty good some levels are too hard. Level 80 the last level is too easy. I would give it 5 ⭐ if they were harder or easier.
Definitely a unique puzzle game And wish more into ItAnd maybe another one because it's game is fantastical and maybe a story Mode or explanation about the ending of this and how it connects to the first that level again. Highly recommend this game and hope for more in the future.
I give it 5 stars because of the gameplay, of the graphics and of the controls and because I really love puzzle games. Games like that are pretty fun for me. For humans how think you need to pay to pass level 13: You don't need to pay 9,90 RON to pass level 13. To pass level 13 you need to turn off the WiFi or Mobile data's, go to menu, press button "donate", go back to level 13 and you will found the door open. A short comment, I know, but this is all I wanted to say.
Very entertaining and fun. Please download to experience for yourself, great sequel to the first game.
The devs ask you to pay to complete a level and for half of the game there is is no context on what to do would not recommend all 5 star reviews are fake
This is fun if one is looking to spend sometime thinking out-of-the-box, of course, with using the game's hints over 80 short levels. Caution: Players with necessity for closure could lead to spending way too much time here.
Half the levels are incredibly simple, the other half are ridiculously complex. Even after looking up the solutions I find myself cursing at the screen.
Fun and not a lot of ads. And not a pay to win! I didn't know this was possible in this day and age. Honestly, when a corporation has barely any ads, you got me for life. All these other mobile games give me ads every 30 seconds. I get that you need to make money, but think about it logically. Who tf is going to play a game where you have more ads than content? Many people actually haha.
It's a pretty fun game and all but it continuously takes me to the home screen of my phone and it gets frustrating and I can't tap the door instead it will make me jump and it gets me very frustrated because I can not continue on to the next level please have this fixed
This game has really nice graphics, not that they are particularly DETAILED, but they fit the mood very well. Also, the music is very well done and also fits the mood. Overall, 10/10
In some levels the objective was completely irrelevant. I liked the game but not as much as the 1st. I do recommend it tho.
Very good It's very good cause theres hardly any ads and the levels are very well made and smart (Also there are some spelling mistakes but that's ok)
Ok well this is an excellent πŸ‘Œ game its fun pretty unique and challenging but there's one problem some of the levels tell me to "tap on the door" I try to but the hit box of the jump button won't let me i hope that explains enough and that you fix the problem bye!
Awesome experience, I thoroughly enjoyed this game and its mind boggling puzzles. I can't wait to play the other riddles!!
I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH!!! YOU SHOULD PLAY THE OTHER GAMES OF YOU HAVENT. I remember playing these games in primary school. They were so amazing, I love the creator so much. Its so creative.
You shouldnt have to pay to get past a level in a game that said it was FREE! Please change this and I might re install this game. Thank You!!!
It's a very good game. Great for killing time. And please donate to the developer for more games. I'm telling you, it's worth it. The game is just so good... And the puzzles are very tricky and interesting. Worth a try.
The game itself was amazingly fun, but some stages required using the keyboard (which can be accessed by a button). I'm fine with using a keyboard but it would just glitch me out of the level back to the menu, I don't know if this only happened for me but it is kinda frustrating.
I have to vote be use I think one of the level solutions is this. But generally it is a perfect game I end up with "that level again1" and it was perfect thinking out of the box!
This is one of the best puzzle platformer games Ive tried, it deserves a 5 stars, the developer really did a great job pulling this off.
amazing experience,i cant wait for the 3 to come out,(if someday happen) i see that i lot of people got confused in lvl 13,you dont need to donate,you just need to touch the button,i dont know if you can pin a review but thet will help a lot of people that get angry bcs they think they need to pay
I love this game and there is a glitch in level 67 if you push the rectangle in the middle of the door then exit the second room then come back you will go inside the rectangle if you jump you will still be in the rectangle and if you click the jump button repeated with the rectangle and you can go to the roof in the second room
I really like this game it's the first game I ever left a rating on, I played the first game and this one and I just really loved puzzle games and this series is probably the best I've played so far.
I always love these kinds of games, the controls are a little hard, but not to bad. Nothing else I,want to say.
It was soo cool and the ending satisfyed me but not the music of the end.the music which was playing while playing the game was satisfieng.it is a very big brain game
This game is great and really fun but the only downside is that when you watch an ad for the hint and then exit the hint and click it again it makes you watch another ad but other than that this game is great i hope to see more
I like the series of games. can you make more? preferably with the map of the first one. I just like puzzle games now I guess also the end left me speechless. I haven't played all the games yet so can you make one where we can play as the person at the end? it looked like she/he was crying. also whoever said that I'm glad to help, you skip by tapping the lightbulb in the top left corner watch the ad and click skip level, it's on the bottom right. and yes I completed it. I have a headache now ;-;
Perfect game!!! The only problem was that it took me a long time to find the keyboard (by the way it's the rectangular box on the top of the screen)
I love this app completed the first on second and fourth also I found a bug On the upside down level I'll tell u how to do it shall I first turn what your playing This game on upsidown then back like you have to next die on anything first u go underground if u die again you disappear plz fix that bug
80 levels in the game, it's free up til level 13 which is a literal $2 paywall. don't bother unless you really LOVE out of the box answers to puzzles. otherwise it's a waste of time
I honestly love this series, its probably one of the best games on mobile, and it seems like something that would be on steam. The only problem is that some of the puzzles aren't very creative, and some are almost impossible to figure out unless you have the iq of a mind flayer whos gotten a little too fond of the taste of human grey matter. Thank you for this
Its a really cool and clever game but unfortunately i cant get past level 13 because it makes you pay to pass.
Gg .I definitely got stumped in more than a few but good game. Brain teaser. Nice for when I'm offline
This game is soooo hard. But it is still fun. I LOVED the physics and puzzles in it. IT LITERALLY took me 2 HOURS TO COMPLETE IT. It was very fun.
-All four of these games are frustrating, annoying, not fun, and hard=( -my sister I love all four games and it is sooo fun, my sister hates it. I wish there were more games of TLA. Love ya!
I love you how you can fly in level 30 just spam the jump button and you can fly I think it's so funny 🀣 And I love the game!haters you don't have to pay $2 just press the donation and once you get out and get back into the level it the door automatically opens okay okay just install it again and just do whatever I say follow what I say go to the donation and press on the donation button then exit out and then go back into level 13 and then boom you're free! So good luck haters πŸ˜‰
Very good game. I thought the first game had several clues that were a little too obscure, or some that actually didn't make sense. But this second one, while just as challenging, is much more well done. All levels can be figured out without a hint, but are still very challenging and clever, in the cl ues given in the rooms of each level always make sense, even if it doesn't seem like they do at first.
it js just as good as the first one but in this one it was more hard which was.a good thing but sometimes the answers were to complex that you cant possibly just think of them. in a lot of levels we NEEDED a hint. it would have been better if there were mor hints hidden on the page.
While playing, it feels like game is controlling us, not we are controlling it. Amazing piece of game!
It's nice but I hate how u have to pay to win or to get to the next level whatever and the ads to get a hint are so long. Maybe fix these and maybe in the future It'll be better
It's a great series game the last level on the first app is so emotional that I teared. This app is fun and it makes me delighted. Thank you for developing such a game. Bless ya'll.
Great game, dont get me wrong. One of the few mobile games that ive actually sat down and played through all the way. But some of the ways to solve these levels can be ... Way too complex so to speak ? For example, some of the game requires to mess with your phones features to pass and a few require you to do random actions at the home menu. Although these puzzles were in fact smart and awe inspiring, theres almost little to no chance youd get these levels with out using a hint.
Many levels are incredibly stupid, the answer is impossible to figure out. You either have to guess randomly, or look up a walkthrough.
Good game but it has a bug that doesn't let you tap the door because the jump button it's too big and it makes you jump everytime you try it.
This game is fun, like the first one. The additions are unique. I would say it's another TLA, not a better TLA, but would still recommend it after you play the first one.
This game is amazing you should get it literally is the best game in the world sometimes it is hard but it's awesome
The first game was amazing and so is the second one! I love how it stretches your brain to think of answers you wouldn't normally think of. Also, please don't rate this game based off of level 13, you don't pay to move on, you just click the donate button them close it out. This game is only for out of the box thinkers, if you're not like us then you'll get frustrated really easily and you'll hate the game. Otherwise, you'll really love this game! I'm really looking forward to playing the rest!!
First one was a lot more fun. This one is just frustrating, leaving me using a hint (revealing the solution) on nearly every level, giving up at level 15 (try what 3 times?!). Gonna try for TLA3 and hope it reuses some of the creative design of TLA1 instead :)
Im a genius but all the other so called brain development game are just fodder to me but this game has actually given me a serious challenge. If you're not smart don't play because I am not good at thinking logically but because of this game, it has made me brain develop even more. Thank you developer of this game i wish you the best in you other games. Thank you
Like what the [email protected]#k. I stuck on a level then I tried to get a hint by watching a video and guess what I got a hint to go to menu and press "donate " are you kidding? I watched whole freaking video and what I got? An order to go to spend money.
I love this game, i think its super cute and funny and im really looking forward to more. It seems like theres an underlying story and i wanna know more.
In level 79.Shifts, try going above the world by bringing the ceiling down and the climbing on ot and taking it back up.
I really like this! I have the first game and enjoyed it so I was excited that there was a 2nd one. But this game oddly makes me happy πŸ˜•
I enjoyed playing that level again 1 and wanted to try out this one. However I got to level 13 and I dont think k that you should have to pay to continue playing the game, it scams you out of money to pass 1 level and it seems unreasonable to have in the game.
I love the game, just finished the whole game, ive been looking at the reviews i see that people are stuck with lvl13 even though they can just wall to the door after leavong the donate thong, fun game and really creative. Funny stuff.
Level 13 makes you pay money to pass. There is a 5 star review saying level 14 is very fun which makes me think fake 5 star reviews are posted seeing as this is the level right after a paywall.
It might be hard but challenging kind need iq its really based on the game and in real life youl see what i kean by real life
I like this game very much but i am stuck, can't move past level 68. Jump button not working during the weight loss , when the character becomes small. Happened with me only? Or an Issue. Please check.
I love it but it has a little too many adds but other than that it keeps me busy when I'm bored and I wont hesitate to play it over and over again.
Beautiful this game is one of if not the greatest eirry games I've ever played, this absolute master peice is so empty and I love it, it gives off this feeling of unfulfillment. Oh and dont even get me started on the soundtrack, I'd give it 6 stars if I could.
A pretty good game, i like how the devoloper found a new way to make it easier than the first part, i mean in part 1 you only had one room and a door but here the room is bigger and it has a door that leads you to a second room two! Thanks for making this game Tagir!
It's a fun game is better than the first one but for me level 36 every time when I do what I need to do to pass it. It says good start
This game was awesome!!! It was very challenging and creative. You can tell each puzzle had so much detail and thought put in to it. The best part is there are barley any ads!!! The game had me on my toes trying to figure out all the challenges. But the best part is you get to use different phone functions and multiple controls. Very impressive game, but I have to say I do feel bad for the little guy he looks depressed and scared, especially the sad music in the background 🀣. Loved graphics!!!
Let me tell you why you should play this game. The game has almost no ads at all and the character you play as is so silly and funny. The last level is short and easy and so is the first level like in all games. I recommend you play this game and that's all I have to say.😜
Fun game but you have to pay to get past level 13 would recommend if you were and adult which im not and have money but still its fun
This game is great, super fun to play and is a great boredom buster. There's so many unique ways to win, and that's why I've learned to love it.
I loved this game amd the first one but this one, on level 13 makes you pay 2 dollars to continue -_-
Not as good as 1 - overall the game is too easy, but some levels are simply impossible to clear without reading hints. Also the control is very annoying, you can't move left/right and jump at the same time.
It's a fantastic yet clever game however I don't want to pay money just to be generous in a game.. I'd rather pay for my bill then 'be generous'. Anyway, enough of the complaining I'll still give it five stars because I love games like this! πŸ‘πŸ»
Level 13 has a $2 paywall. If they wanted the money, they could've made it a 99Β’ app store game. Judging by the other reviews, the game has other scammy tricks for levels as well.
This is one the best games! Its challenging too of course but I managed to finished the game with a few hints :)
Honestly, just amazing. I generally lose interest and remove the games I download after a couple days but I've finished both the tls games and will likely play them again in the future. 10/10 πŸ‘Œ
honestly i wanna hug whoever created this game, normally i get bored pretty easily but I've played it over and over again and it's just as fun. it's not frustratingly hard, but not stupidly easy either. made me smile multiple times 10/10 would def recommend
Such an immersive little game! (Just like the first!) Haven't quite finished it however I can say it's definitely one of the best apps I've played in years! It seems alot of folks are stuck up on the "Pay-wall" (LVL 13). However, it seems they don't realize the level can be skipped. Total bummer that people are way too quick to judge. I had decided to donate just to help out the creator and team, even if it wasn't much. Can't wait to get back to playing! Thank you guys =D
I love this game but its impossible to get past level 66. It says to double jump but the guy doesn't double jump. I have watched multiple tutorials for this level and in every single one it shows the character being able to double jump.
Awesome! Great graphics and creative levels. Although it seems that a lot of people got tricked by the donate thing in level 13. You don't have to pay, just press donate, go back and the door is open. Fun game! I definitely recommend you to install it. :)
at first I gave it 5 stars but like level 30 is physically impossible for my phone?? I have to tap the door twice and it keep registering it as me tapping the jump button instead of the door even though I'm not touching the jump button and it's really frustrating. please fix this game I really enjoy it <3
To get pass level 13, you dont actually have to buy it, just simply press the button then after that, dont press buy just close the donation then go to level 13 again then the door will be open (i hope this works) also the game is great cause i like puzzle games :) and i dont suppose that no one tell us/me to help the situation that got stuck on level 13
I just wanna say this game is amazing, it's pretty to look at, gameplay is fun, kind of mysterious, I really wanna see indie games like this
I absolutely adore the doodle style and everything about your games. The music and visuals set a nice atmosphere for the mind thus making it enjoyable and relaxing to find the creative solutions.
I love the game ... I played the level 1 and this is level 2. .. I love both of them ... Good job guys
Love the first one, but having to pay to pass a level is a dick move honestly would've given it five if not for that
This game was imaginative & challenging. Each level made you think 'outside the box', often using phone functions or different control methods to beat each level... Absolutely loved it!
I loved this which is why I also downloaded and finished the first part but in this game, I can't go past the level in which the other room was spacious the third time. After going through many walkthroughs and the hunts, I have up and deleted it. Overall i enjoyed it but can someone, like, help me. I do wish to reinstall and finish this one too!?!?
Love it it's really good and I enjoyed how it kept trolling meπŸ˜‚ over all love it! And people keep saying "you need to pay for level 13, you need to pay for it" no u dont just tap it and it opens the door like .... u don't need to pay
Me again, and yes, I loved this one just as much. Its quite rare to have a game with a sequel be nearly as good as the og, but this game pulled it off wonderfully. New puzzles, new mechanics, and best of all, still few ads without hints. Im excited to try the third one now! Wish me luck! Oh yeah..... 5 stars all day my dude!
It was SUPER fun. I love it very much because you go around collecting keys and unlocking a door. And if you're on level 9 remember what you do for ten.well it may be one of the best games I've ever played.but I finished today. So it's kinda sad. Well If you dont have it I recommend it
The game in itself is great, but things like motion controls and volume controls aren't always usable. For example, on a train you wouldn't want to raise the volume to control that one level, or if you're in bed you can't really use the motion. Plus, level explanations are very stretched sometimes, forcing you to use the hints. But yeah, definitely try it out. There are so little ads for a nice little game like this, don't pass it
You don't need to actually buy "get past level 13". I clicked the buy button and instantly cancelled the order... Oh gosh, is this gonna get patched now that I said it :I
This game deserves all the stars there are, and more! It's painful that I rushed it much and it's already over within 3 hours. Beautiful concept. I played thousands of hours on various games, but nothing beats this so far. Scrap EA, Ubisoft, all the rest. If this guy develops a new game, I'm playing it!
Really fun, but my phone for whatever reason doesn't want to pull up keyboard. So now I have to skip all the ones that require the keyboard.
The game is amazing and creative. Something new. I liked it so much. And I don't have any complains. By the way, I just found out there is TLA 3 & TLA 4 and I immediately installed them and started playing. :3