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That Level Again

That Level Again for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by IamTagir located at Kazan, Zhurnalistov st., 2, 109. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a good game and i enjoyed playing !!!! Even if the same level all the time it is awesome but i got bored after playing for a while
I really would like to play this but everytime I try to play it, it just crashes. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing the storage/cache, and still crashes. Hopefully this will be fixed.
Literally can't use the controls. I think using the keys instead of buttons of the screen is much easier to use, also it's actually impossible to jump over things with the buttons.
I love this game, but it keeps crashing!!! I'm not really sure if it's my beat up phone or the game itself, I always have this problem with the app. But I do love the game!! It's a fun puzzle to try and think through each time
It is such an amazing game! Very very clever! Good use of device abilities, such as airplane mode and device rotation! Amazing!
Crashes on launch, played this game a few months ago and it worked fine, now when i open it, it shows the homescreen for 1 sec and the app closes...
Very nice game this is. I cannot tell that its how much fun. When i am sad, only this game makes me happy. But sometimes when i see the videos to get some hint, it doesnot give me hint. I see the video many times and my wifi is also very good but i failed to get any hint. Plese do something about this.
Although it is theoretically (sorry if i spelt that wrong) the same level over and over again but the way to complete it is different for every level. I would 100% recommend playing it, there isnt much to say apart from that the graphics, gameplay, and controls are fantastic. It isnt really the slightest bit difficult but i havent played all the levels yet so it may get harder but i will have to wait and see.✨ I hope you all have a great day, bye✨ πŸ’—πŸ˜Š
Fun and difficult. Can be frustrating for stubborn people (ask me how I know) but also rewarding even after getting the hint (for the price of watching ad). Going to get the second game now :). Good job dev. Well worth the time and effort.
It is so fun! Its basicly one room. But everytime there's something that happens! Can't describe it so well.... This is awesome and addicting just play it!
Its a really fun Game I've completed the first one and the second on and I'm currently working on the third bit over all a well made game, easy controlls and easy to understand also is a good challenge
This game is amazing, definitely recommend!! The only thing I found wrong with the game is the small amount of levels..... There's only 96 levels and I finished all of them in less then 24 hours, but had a fantastic time doing them! Not to hard and not easy at all, great game!
As a game it's remarkable.. I had to skip 3 levels as I I couldn't control the man well .. the fact that there's no double jump drives me crazy , some levels are far from logic but very smart and unique.. I really liked the game ALOT! I hope it could improve more and more to be easier to navigate through.
At some point the game can be really annoying and triggering but if you really like finding innovative and creative ways to solve escape rooms then it's a good game.
Very unique and creative game. However, it's very short and I completed it in 5 hours. I'm so thankful for the hint button because most of the answers to the puzzles are so ridiculous that I would be stuck there forever unless someone gave me a hint. But overall, very nice game, definitely worth playing.
It seems like a game I would love but it crashes every time I open it. It crashes before I can even click levels and start playing the game.
Great fun good for racking you brain introduces a whole new level of tricks while still making you leave the game and hidden Easter eggs great game overall
Really fun,ads you can press out of immediately after every level, kind of difficult on some levels but mostly not that confusing,10/10 game
I love this app!!!, it was true when they said that you can get addicted to it because I played every single level and it's worth it in the because the last episode is the best. you should play it too 😏 trust me you won't regret it.
I read the reviews it sounded great but when the game won't even work It's not that great every time I try to open it is dosnt work the game stops responding I tried to delete and re download but it still didn't work its not my phone because everything else is working so I think the game is just bugged for me
This game is so good I love it it was really hard but I enjoy difficulty and I finished it in one day actually I love it and I hope there will be more levels
A MASTERPEICE of a game! I have already completed the game, and I must say its incredible, the levels are so creative and fun! Some are very tricky, and you may need to watch an add for a hint once in a while, but they don't really shove adds in your face while your playing! I recommend this game πŸ’―%
One of the best games I ever played. It's addictive, fun and humorous. Loved the flipped equation in level 89. Just one suggestion that you should keep a retry button for every level, so that we don't need to go all the way back to main menu and restart when we make too much of a mess with the dead bodies or if we just need a fresh start in that level. Awesome game πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ» Downloading Pt. 2 now. ❀️
This game is awesome!! I also clicked the the trailer on accident and i got shocked as a touhou fan because its using the Bad Apple remix which was very popular!
A really REALLY good game imo! Its simple to control, yet some of the puzzles can be challenging. I love it so much! Sure, its a bit short, but hey, I enjoyed the entire experience, which is more than I can say for most games. I highly recommened trying it, plus, very few ads unless you need a hint so bonus points there. 5 star all day my dude.
Very fun game, i love it but i can't get through lvl 32 so i give it 3 stars. The reason i can't get through is because it requires me to take a photo, but my camera is broken.
It's a great game with a clever sense of humor. If I had any complaints, it would be that some of the titles of the levels are a bit vague.
Never rated a game before but I just had to for this. Best game I've played in so long, already downloading the second and third. Doesn't have any annoying ads like every other game on mobile. Super original and has such good twists and puzzles, highly recommend!
The gameplay is decent but the advice it gives misleads you until you click the hint and watch an advert, one said "save your soul" so I clicked the hint and it told me to write Morse code, they need to change the text because it misguides you into clicking the hint.
Well it's so hard in the. Game I don't even know how it is but I enjoy the game I know how that because am just watching YouTube how to end the that level again
Game is unplayable. Downloaded it and it crashed everytime I opened it. Tried to turn off my phone and turn it on again but still didn't work. Seeing similar issues from other people in the reviews so this probably needs to be fixed asap.
I really loved this game. It was entertaining and kept me busy so I was never bored. I'm so excited to download the second one.
Yeah it's pretty good, can get frustrating at times but that's kinda the point. Loses a star for the aggressive ads.
Very nice game! I completed all the levels. Really hard. Love the fact that you can get a hint by watching an ad. Or I'd be stuck! Really looking forward to try the other 3. Thank you devs, for making the best puzzle game!πŸ˜‹
Amazing. The levels are smart and witty. Some even made me laugh. Great game and a real brain trainer
This game is honestly so amazing, props to the developers! You're set with different taska to do to escape the same map! so amazing how you've fit so much (80 different tasks) in the same map!! this game works so well, and i love how you can easily get hints! im so impressed with this game, definitely plan to play the other 3, hope you continue to develop games, all i can say is WOW.
Very clever. This game is very clever. It has some of the most meta puzzles I have ever seen, good job in this one!
It's the game you need if you like brain-teasing games. I've played all of its parts and expect for more. It's very enjoyable. Good for killing time and the best part is that you won't be experiencing ad after ad unlike the other so called "games". Donate to the devlopers for more games. This game is really worth donating to. I loved it.
AWESOME GAME!! I gave it a try because of all the reviews, and if you reading another positive review like this, have a go! So many good reviews!! Including this!! I REALLY love the game and everything about it!! I have not written reviews for games for almost a year or two, but this game nudged me to write it!! Even if I do, I NEVER give 5 stars so easily!! This is completely worth it!! Telling you!! Fantastic work!! Keep it up!!!!!! πŸ˜„
Nice little game, some very interesting levels. I would like it even more if the hints were actual hints; they now provide the full solution.
It's a really amazing app. I barely downloaded it and Level 64 is what made me come rate it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it was too funny at that level. *Hint* haha I recommend it to everyone. Yes there are ads but only if you want a hint. And if there are random ads you can back out of them. πŸ‘πŸ‘ It's good all in all, It's probably one of my favorite games to play.
Not the best artistically and things can be improved, but it's still not bad. I just couldn't get past 5 levels without uninstalling it. Keep up the good work.
Was really fun, if you get stuck you can watch and ad to give you a hit.. And some levels really make you think πŸ˜„... And I'm on my way to play TLA 2 and That level again 3, cuz this game was really nice so that's why I rate it a 5 cuz I love games that make you think and this really made me think, some levels was really hard but I got through it without a hint
I can say i liked the idea of this game, i mean, staying in the same room but with different ways to go through the door, isn't that unique? And also i loved both of the simple arts and the music, of course its worth 5 stars! The only thing that i didn't like is the levels where you have to use your mobile to control the character, it was annoying for me
This is a really fun and unique puzzle game. They take a simple idea and make it really fun. Usually with good puzzle games, you need to think outside the box. With this one, you need to think a little further outside than normal. Great game. Really fin. Recommend a try.
A little bit to much ads but it's really fun especially with the level where you have to lick the screen
Only a few levels in the game, but I like it. It has the sort of sketchy, slightly cute, monochrome style that really works for the platform game that it is. It's also easy on the eyes; I don't have to stare at oversaturated colors that makes my eyes bleed in dim light. An added bonus is the fact that you can save it on your SD card. Brilliant!
It is the best logic puzzle game I have ever played, and I play such games a lot. This is a very unique, one of a kind game. The visuals are minimalistic, yet very attractive. Good music as well. But the part is the tasks you need to do to complete different levels.
I couldn't even open the game. I would click it, it would open to the play screen, then a second later go back to my phone screen. That happened every time.
I really enjoy who tricky and different it is. I love the funny humor and the cute little dance that the character does on the main screen saying thankyou for 10k downloads. It really makes you think outside the box and I love how it has a scary halloween horror movie theme to it but in reality it's just a cute little game.
Great. Just one thing. On the last level (the jigsaw puzzle) the pieces dont really go together. It's mirrored, a little bit. I dont know if that's supposed to be like that, just thought I'd point that out. Overall, great game!
This game is just AWESOME!!! The graphics are good and gameplay is very smooth. There are a lot of levels, very unique & enjoyable. For me this is one of the best games I've ever played.
This game is incredible. It looked sorta cool at the start and then got awesome. This game is so advanced and mind boggling, ive made it to level 64 already and it is super addicting. You really have to think outside the box in this game, its awesome. This deserves 6 stars. Props to the coders and developers. πŸ€™
When I saw game ratings then I think what is bigger in this game but still I download this game and start playing and really it blows my mind , its just amzing ,super ,impressive and epic mind game ever I played many games like escape the room and 100 doors but this one was soooooooooo gooooooood............ Thanks for this ...... (^o^)
I love this game. Its so good and exactly like its description. Same thing but each level is unique Not too many ads Would gladly recomend to anyone
Its good but a copied concept. Some levels aren't even puzzles theyre more or less closer to a prank. But still a good game to play and to take with you and play offline, when you got no internet for some reason.
It's really good. I got stuck on a level and rage quit, but that kinda sounds like a me problem. The game is very fun, and creative. Thanks for the good time.
It's a great game! The only downside in my opinion was that I wish there weren't ads at the end of levels, of course though, there aren't ads at the end of every level.
This game is amazing,it really makes you think outside the box. My favourite level so far was probably 69 because I licked my device so many times and then when I swiped my finger to clean the spit it was like did you really lick the device or did you just swipe your finger? Love this game. Recommend it P.S. the whole game isn't gross like that one in case you don't like stuff like that
Fun and simple game. Loved it to bits. Level 96 was really sad. But still loved it down to the bottom of my heart
I've been playing it to pass time it's quite fun. I personally like the creepy factor of games so the art style is right up my ally
Idk the game is good but very bugged it's very difficult to move and a lot of the time it just randomly makes me stop causing me to die or having to try many times to beat a level just because I can't get to the place I'm supposed to. Also one time it asked me to watch an ad to get a hint when I didn't touch anything but that's not too much of a problem
I think this game is really challenging and fun for those that like to exercise their brain. Absolutely amazing idea, and always makes me laugh at the absurd ways to complete the level!
Fun and intuitive game! Just when you think you know the answer your wrong! It takes a regular easy to solve puzzle and adds multiple layers of logic and its just fun! I highly recommend
I think this game was really fun and creative even though right now i am currently only on level 64 . I love the different levels and how the game made you use the menu and you're device πŸ‘Œ. I have not really found flaws as i still need to explore the game more . Wow there was so many downloads on the game- i loved the small and colourful message πŸ‘
pretty good but the ads are 30 seconds almost every time. it was really annoying. other than that it was pretty challenging and good. going to download the second one now
It's just amazing. I love it equally frustrating as entertainment and hats off to the devs. Love the work dude.
Awesome game. Gave me some time to practice my common knowledge. Too bad I kept pressing hint after regular frustrating occasions. I finally managed to complete the game without any skips.
This game is wonderful.. i really love the puzzle in this game... But some times the puzzle is a bit frustrating, so i use hints when a level is too hard to pass... Big thumbs up to the creator of this game πŸ‘... Nice job
I love this game and can you add that tunnel ending because I want that button thing in tla2 were you press donate and it will say remove ads button and you added a secret in level 87 if you memorize where the second room is if you click the enter button you fall down into a hole and when you go right you will get a secret ending to skip 9 levels
This game is really fun and has lots of cool puzzles sometimes you really have to think out of the box to pas all 96 levels
its good but sometimes it stumps me to the point where the hints dont help so i skip lol Its a great game my suggestion is maybe you can make part 5 where the girl comes back! but dead....as a ghost.. so you can do the thing like in tla 2 or 3?? Gosh darnit i forgot but yeah and maybe it can help through opsticals! Like impossible ones.
I loved it so much its tricky and such a good game and there is no ads that appears in the middle of the game as the other apps
Great game but after a certain point it won't stay open. It keeps crashing after only around 3-10 seconds. I really like the game but as of right now it's unplayable
Im IMPRESSED!! its so simple but fun and original and CREATIVE. And its only the same level over and over. I would give it 6 stars, I wish the creator is billionaire
The game is awesome and the creativity is nice but there is only one thing that I want you guys to change... Useless help. Sometimes I would watch a video for a hint and something like this pops up: "why do you need my help" or "good luck by yourself!"
Even though this game is very frustrating, it is very funny, fun, and crazy. I didn't think it would be fun, just the same level over, and over, and over. It is really more than I expected.
Hey, I don't know if you have noticed it or not...or it's just a feature, but everything I press the hint button while offline, it says "try 'letter'", isn't it supposed to be "try later"?
Trust me.... I hate this game from the bottom of my heart... Actually, I am Pro player....but here, feeling like a Noob.... I mean, gad to get the hint in most of the levels... Please make more games like this!! Great Job DevTeam !!
Well after reading reviews and thinking to myself "Gosh, you know what I love? Puzzle games! And this looks like a nice change. Something that still involves puzzles but has something unique about it. " I was wrong. I enjoyed the levels where I had to jump and run and figure out how to navigate no gravity or being upside down, however, going into the menus to open the door is asinine. That is all.
Very fun puzzle escape game. I absolutely love how sarcastic the clues are πŸ˜‚ definitely recommend this game and hope the creator comes out with more levels or another game πŸ‘
Very fun puzzle game. I didn't like the controls at first, but some of the puzzles play with that aspect in very fun (and sometimes annoying) ways.
it's a lot of fun, some of them are a bit hard but you'll figure it out or watch a video to skip, I love this game and reccoment it
Entertaining game, though some of the levels are confusing. Thats okay though because hints only cost a 20 second ad.
I LOVEE THIS GAME i love puzzles and i love the design of this game its really cute and a little erie at the ssme time i think you should install this game especially if you like solving puzzles the reason i rated was level 64 haha but really this is a good game install it now. 😐
Love this game! It incorporated your own device in the game to open the door. There is not enough words to describe how amazing this game was. The style of the game is fantastic and the gameplay really makes you think. I was left wanting more after it was finished. 10/10 would recommend ❀️
This game is amazing! Its very fun and it keeps my brain working. I think the only problem is that there is too many ads and some of the levels are just impossible to figure so I usually use the hints
it was a gun experience. it kept me occupied when bored. the fact that it's the same level over and over again but different ways to complete each of the levels amazes me, I was not bored of the game at any point. I would really recommend it just to even challenge ur brain.
I'm seeing all of these wonderful reviews but I can't even keep the app open, it'll open and less than 5 sec later it shuts off and is crashing or unable to run (google pixel 4a 5g), idk why this happening or what end it's messing up on :/
At first the game was very fun, but eventually certain levels were to hard. The only way I could continue was ro skip the level after watching an add. (Speaking of adds, I like how one plays after you go through a few levels instead of one, and having to watch one before getting the tip makes sense.) Some of the things in the game go way to fast, so you can't get past them. I love the idea of using the same level with different creative ways to pass it but certain things make it really hard.
I absolutely love this game. Would 100% recommend it. I have come here after beating all the levels, and honestly this game is amazing. Reasons for 5 stars: The graphics are amazing: 1 star. It's hard, but not too hard: 2 stars. It's clever, and you need that in a logic game: 3 stars. Amazing experience: 4 stars. One of the few mobile games that are good: 5 stars. I mean it. Thank you for this game.
The game isn't bad, and I don't mind the ads too much. The problem is it is a blatant ripoff of that old flash game "This is the Only Level." I immediately recognized that even the layout is nearly identical and was just shocked that this game has such a high rating.
This is a very fun game, and I like how the developer actually talked to the person who was playing it. All the levels are very interesting.
This is the mobile equivalent to those puzzle-solving flash games from the old Internet days that always bamboozle you, it's so reminiscent of that time, with the eerie notebook sketch-like style and the creativity that went into making the levels. Such a good indie experience, I'm such a sucker for these kinds of games and aesthetics, and the ads aren't intrusive at all!
The game doesn't seem to work at all install, Uninstall nothing make it to the main menu hit start then app closes. I was really looking forward to playing, this gave me old school salad finger vibes I hope it gets fixed soon and I can change my rating
Very nice and simple game to unveil creativity of users. I like and appreciate the developers for investing their time and thought put into this wonderful game.
I finished this game and it is soo good. The only problem i can think of is the adds. There are too many adds and repetetive ones. But everything else is amazing
This game is so hard,it makes you actually think and if its youre first time playing you should watch a tutorial or spam hints
Unique little game, Has well over 50 little puzzles. It's so addicting that I actually sat here for maybe 3 hours and finished all of them. You can use a hint to help you figure it out, which I did a few times. Overall, the game is quite well made and very entertaining. It has ads, but one of the best parts of this game is that the ads aren't annoyingly frequent like you see in other free games. I got one ad around every 5 levels. Absolutely worth a download.
Good game if you want to finish a specific level you have to rate the game itself so you're forced to write the game what you have to do is go on Play Store and don't even have to rate it you just have to just press the rate button
Unique game! The developer is very creative and has a sense of humor. I didn't understand what to do at first so I needed hints, but once you get the hang of it, it is very enjoyable.
I love it😍it was so fun now I get to download the 2 game and if you don't think you want to install then it is gonna be recreated so I think you should install and have something to do while you wait for time to pass.you can even play without Wi-Fi so you don't have to worry if you don't get Wi-Fi like me when we are on the road.10/10 love it!!!
Gloriously frustrating; beautifully, pointlessly, irritatingly repetitive, and different every time! Can't put it down! (Only niggle: I had to skip a few levels when the hint doesn't help and my exhaustive efforts failed to find the trick to get past. It rankles me that I'm unable to conquer some levels, but that's maybe 5 of 100 so far.)
One of the most creative games I've ever played! Clever, challenging and funny. I don't give out 5 stars very often but this game is great. I only had to use the hints a couple of times. Give yourself time even if you don't understand at first. And one hint... You need to use your whole device to play.
Really fun game,downloaded it to get some idea of how to make a game based on only one level, definitely found many interesting ones.Glad that I played it once in my life.
GREAT GAME. No more needs to be said( ok im saying more, on level 96, watch an ad for a hint, then skip and go left)
The game worked super great! You only have to watch an ad once for a hint and you can either use the hint or just skip the level. Doesn't run slow like some games and it is genuinely fun and addicting.
Fun and offline! The reason it's four stars is because there are some that don't make sense with the title for the level. How can I know how to get out without a hint?
Im on lvl 64 right now, this game is amazing!! I went to main menu and seen that button and i pushed it and im happy you have 10kk people playing this game! :)
Really good game. The graphics are amazing as well as the art style. The levels are all different and interesting and fun to work out. And a extra bonus for unlimited hints.
I absolutely love this game. It uses all sorts of dynamics, the clues are not dead giveaways, but are not too jard either. Game is totally addicting! By far my favourite puzzle game in a long time!
really fun and the perfect balance of challenging and doable. very creative solutions, graphics are simple but not bland and it's clear the effort was put towards actual gameplay rather than looks and special effects! imagery is easy on the eyes works well not glitchy or buggy at all controls respond exactly how they should. :-)
Love this game. The levels are unique and interesting. Only problem is the levels are little too short. Finished the game in just one day. My suggestion is, try adding more to the levels. Otherwise it's a very creative game. love to see more levels in the next update.
I just finished the game. I have never played any mobile game that's as good as this one. I was so sad to finish, I literally just walked and jumped in the level even tho the door was open, because I didn't wanna leave. I even don't know what's the name of the creator, but I want to thank you for this masterpiece.
The game is orginal and in a way is the same but different everytime and I love it. The graphics are good and the puzzles are great, This is a good game for one of your first
"That level again" absolutely just one level again and again but different find it out by installing the game it fun and brain teasing. I like it very much.
It's so amazing!!! I have so much fun playing! However, I gave it four stars because it keeps on crashing before I can even start the game. If there is any way possible, please fox this! Then I will give 5 stars! (No pressure!)
Oh my God. That. Is. The. Best. Game. Ever. Like I won the game anr oh my God it's cool I like the button 3x click on the menu dance anyway you should install it
I had to make this for a while from a level The game nice with a lot of twist, i had to use the hints everytime since i kinda stupid (but sometimes not). I had to say this is a good game for you if you want something... difficult but kinda easy, the game can be that one for you :D
I have never gone out of my way to rate an app before, today i have, because this is down right my favorite mobile game of all time, so much fun and keeps you interested, who ever made this game got a good personality and it has rubbed off on the game.
Fun, hard at times but the hints are always clear. Don't expect to win them all without hints, some levels have mechanics you wouldn't expect nor figure out.
Great game. Really fun and creative. Level 64 is really good lol. I finally finished the game and glad I did!
This is a really good and confusing game although it helps people put there Brain to the test and I hope others think the same!
I really love this game some time I get a little mad or angery because of the level and it is too hard but I eventually get it .And I have not have any problems with it so far so that is why I gave it 5 Stars! :)
Its an amazing game. It can get very challenging and you need to think outside the app. Dont get if u are not up forna challenge.
Fun game but I want more sprite with the character to make him smoother. But the game is really fun and hard. Download him.
It's challenging and intriguing, and all together fun! Me and my cousins enjoy switching back and forth for levels. I find the character design to be unique and cute. Also, the concept and gameplay is rather fun. Great game πŸ‘
It's best game for mind development and of course sometimes there's lots of headache while playing this game. But this game tells how you can counter attack against sudden and psychological situations. And aside from these, this is a wonderful and enjoyable game. Hatts off. Keep up the good work
One of the best games I have ever played, and the other games in the series are as good as they are, I highly recommend everyone, excellent non-repetitive puzzles and funny kkkkk. Excellent work by the developer kkkkkk
The game never loads. It starts to main screen and then force quits to homescreen. My phone then give me an error that a game is continually crashing. Will try the 2 and 3 version next. Game looks great though. (S20 FE)
i don't want to leave a bad review since i haven't been able to play the game yet :( the game keeps crashing on me, i open it then it closes it self :(
A fun little game! Simple concept, simple controls, but actually forced me to stop and puzzle things out.
Game is grat and interesting but level 8 where the buttons are switched you can't jump while running or move in the air and it is not possible to win
This game was crazy!!! I loved how it changed up each level and doing different things with the device.
This is so POG, and I love the sclecret ending at the end. For some reason the end made me all emotional, so I am happy for more games!
It is really fun, challenging and overall amazing. The hints are really helpful and the game really stretches your thinking.
This is actually one of the most greatest games I have ever played. I really really love this game. To the person who created this, you are really awesome and creativeπŸ‘ŒπŸ» I have never written a review like this. This game is soo special and fun. If I could rate this game 100 stars, I would rate it ✨100✨ stars. I really love it❀️❀️❀️. Keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ok so normally I get a game to play it, this game won't open for me, I get to the title screen then (1...2...3...) Boom back out to my home screen, I can't do anything and if someone has this issue then please tell me
This is a hard game but it is fun. There is not many ads and you get hints if a level is to hard. There is a second game if you finish the first one.
The only reason why I put a 2 star rating is because when I got to level 8 I seen that the controls was scambled but you can't use the "jump and move to the right control" at the same time thats why I rated it a 2 star.
This game is the most creative and challenging brain game out there in my opinion. All of the levels are so fun to play and some require awesome mechanics in your phone, and not in the game. 5/5 best game out there
I like it. I like how all the puzzles are different and really make you think about what you need to do. Some might be easy but it's still fun
the game was funny nice and the level little annoying but you give us hints so I give five star but badi there was a lot of AD
This game is amazing, not only does it have a compelling story arc but just brings a smile to my face every time I open the app, this heartwarming game is a puzzle platformer marster piece that has an unforgettable artstyle and a tale as beautiful as the moonlight on a clear and bright night. I love it and I was overcome with joy when I found out there was a sequel to it!
The idea of repeating the same level again, and again, and again... is good, but some requirements to pass level are very hard, like in level 86, "plain and simple 2" I find it almost impossible to pass. The difficulty of that level and maybe others should change.
I like how this game has so many tricks and also how it's so fun especially if you're a smart person lol ,not many adds which is really good and each level gets harder but funnier :D
I like how you need to think outside the box it's really challenging. the best part is the sensation of success I get after completing any level. the hardest one is level 45. I really like this game and I would like there to be a reset level button in the pause menu. because I make a lot of mistakes
Very clever ideas. Using almost always the same scenery but there are 96 ways to clear the level. It's sometimes way too frustrating, but it was worth to play. Go and give it a try. Good job, developers! I'm going to look for the sequel right away. Are there going to be more levels, still? I noticed you made an update on September. PD: Tricky Castle is a cheap copy of this series. It even makes a reference to them at the beginning.