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Test Driver: Offroad Driving Simulator

Test Driver: Offroad Driving Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by F-Game Studio located at Россия, г.Пермь, ул.Мира, 28. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Considering the amount of this style of game on the play store this isn't up to the standard of some, played for 30 mins and kept on getting sent flying going over obstacles
When you win a car you have to watch an add for it, there is an add between every map, when I restart for the first time, it sayed"looks complicated? How a bbn out a skip" or something like that and I probably have to watch an add to skip, unbelievable.
I like the game but I do not like being kicked out the game after every level and have to reload the game it's like this every 5 to 10 minutes I'm getting kicked out I got to reload the game again could you please fix this
Good game however minor flaws extremely triggering like watch and add to skip level so i watch a add to skip level after the first add another then another by the time im done watching the adds ive exited out of the game cause to many freaking adds
Another game that just as bogus as the other one come on people make the games more interesting not boring
Good game but purchased the starter pack for £0.99 to get rid of the ads and I'm still seeing the same amount of ads as before. I got the other upgrades and a receipt but... don't advertise something if its not true
Good game but the control scheme keeps resetting every time I start a level. Strangely they were rendered in the soccer mode.
Absolute pathetic excuse for a game!! Got to level 15 and my vehicle was maxed out on ALL upgrades and it STILL couldn't climb a hill!! Deleted straight away, foind better games that are very similar
As a living room that has gained sentience, I can say without doubt that this game was not made with sentient living rooms in mind. Otherwise this game is quite ok.
No locked diffs, the big multi axle trucks suck which is opposite of real world versions and hardly off-road since its man-made obstacles, will stick to offroad outlaws and paying for adverts you'll still see adverts
Quite a decent game. Looks good. Nice physics. However when watching an ad to upgrade something it doesn't always register so you've sat through yet another 30 second ad for nothing.....
GLITCH/BUG - watched ad to open box after round and after ad it showed the results screen with no option to continue or go back to menu. Literally had to close game.
The physics are a little off Graphics and gameplay can better Don't get alot of money so it's hard to upgrade your vehicle
Paid for no ads, still ads, including no upgrade option but ads. Turns out there is a deceptive disable all ads second purchase you have to make...
Works well.. kind of dull and could use some better graphics and more responsive suspension. The main issue is a glitch where it won't allow you to move on after watching a video to claim a car.... just sits there with the earnings screen up.
Kinda entertaining, but works way to slow. And every time I restart a level, the steering mode changes back to button steering. Stick to making weapons of mass destruction and leave video game development alone.
"NO ADS" now I still get the ad showing to get next upgrade , that IS NOT WHAT I PAYED FOR , CHECK YOUR EMAIL.cheating tactics is what the mobile gaming industry is doing now.you pay for no ads and they disable push ads but they also now have a separate ad category because they still have to push ads on us called reward ad. Just dont even bother with this game,GO PLAY PROJECT OFFROAD, PAY ONCE NEVER AGAIN AMD ITS BETTER THIS GAME GETS A -10 STAR THATS HOW BAD IT IS
Gameplay is quite good but not upto the mark, controls are badly positioned, handling is a bit messy. Overall not so bad game.
Trashy it keeps pushing me on those skinny things you wheels fit on and wheel size gets tall instead of wider so you need specific vehicles with an inch of width more just to make it and somone is a dodge guy because the ram with 2 upgrades has more power than any other vehicle with the same amount of upgrades
Ads after every lvl. Ads for extra gold, even if you pass on the ad for extra gold you still get an ad. Super laggy. Not enjoyable, uninstalling
Fun game need more work but good idea. $1000 siver coins for completing missions is lame it should give when u get higher lvls and the upgrades are not real expensive wich is good but beacuse siver coins are slow to earn its hard to buy upgrades. It shoudnt be $1000 siver for evry lvl it kinda takes the fun out of the game. Last thing is when i play playground when hit a box it throws me in the air an spins me around like im in a tordado so thats broken. I like the game. Nice idea
The game was running well until I bought it! Now it crashes every other course.. is this what I paid for?
When trying to drive you could turn the camera angle of the car in a 360 degree motion but it won't let me do that anymore. It is pissing me off because I can't see what's in front of me. Fix it because I want to play this game but with that bug I can't play this anymore.
It's very interesting. Very clean interface and the controls are decent. The steering wheel works fine. But only thing that is annoying is the amount of ads in the game. Sure the ads are there to improve on the vehicles suspension and other things but they're 30 sec ads and there's a lot of them just to improve the vehicle you have. A bit annoying to be honest. Otherwise the game is not bad. Just a bit annoying to constantly watch 30 sec ads just improve your vehicle better.
Horible game, especially the Derby, when the AI gets you trapped, you are trapped forever. I doesn't back up or let you free, I do not recommend this for anyone.
Gameplay is fine but my phone turns into a mini heater when playing. On top of constant ads and having to purchase 2 out of the 3 game modes killed it for me.
Everything in this game is just broken, you're much better off getting the original game that this one ripped off called project offroad
I'd give it zero stars but can't. Can't get it to load so I can't try it. So it gets the lowest rating I can give
What the #*%! So instead of ads for boosts, this game just plays them on a Jumbotron on the side of the track, Oh and on the same Jumbotron in the lobby. Its endless and overwhelming. Uninstall
Too many bugs daily won't work and cant pass 31 without getting yeeted across the stratosphere fix you game I cant believe people would pay for add ons.
Good game, hindered by the fact that there's an ad everytime you pass the finish line and during the "Last car standing" style tournament game, just as I won, I got an unskippable 30 second ad for another game.
Absolute piece of trash pay 2 win game. The graphics are clunky, your steering settings aren't saved between rounds and even when you choose not to view ads for higher rewards it still gives ads. Greedy developers who made this game, stay far away.
Super cool and cheap game. Already unlocked every vehicle for 5 bucks. Only thing I could say is Maybe give us more mud
Ads constantly. I can't even tell if I like the game because of all the ads. I even got stuck in the chicken game ad and had to play it out. No timer.
The game is nice and graphics are too, but when an ad popped up it offered me two cars, gold and silver plus no more ads for .99 cents, I thought it was a great deal and bought it but I did not receive the cars and the ads were still working. So in light of those factors I gave two stars for the two first things I mentioned but I removed 3 stars for not receiving my purchase. If you get this and decide to make a purchase keep my experience in mind.
I paid for the no ads and all trucks and they have no power to get over hills. I upped all the power and still can't even make it over the smallest hills. Not worth the money.
Ads every 15 to 25 seconds.. Ads in order to continue, it's surprising that they didn't put Ads to be able to watch the other Ads. Test Driver: offroad driving... more like "Ads tester: Ads edition"
This game is good for the most part. Except for a recent camera angle bug makimg the game nearly impossible to play. The camera angle is directly above the car so i cant see any obstacles or traps. If this could be fixed it would be greatly appreciated. -Kaleb 9/16/2020
Pretty neat game mister game developers, and the best part, the game is actually how it is described. 👍👍😁😁💯💯
I love the game... when it works. The actual gameplay is great, but the menus dont always cooperate. I have loaded the game a couple times for it to tell me I had 600,000 of both gold and silver coins when I don't. The steering functions do not all work for me. Only the button type. Today I loaded the game and everything is in Russian and none of the menu buttons work. I can't do anything. I uninstalled and reinstalled and no change. Fix the bugs, add more levels and this is a 5 star game!
Hace downloaded game before. Went to re download and it has the words in Arabic and won't let me play the game or even load the previous things I've unlocked. 👎👎👎for a 4th time. Downloaded the game again and is still in an eastern language when you hit play, no cars ive unlocked previously are there and there is 50k in the games account as if someone purchased it. It does go away of you hit restore purchases but I still can't play the game and don't have any of my vehicles.
So cool game but ads for rewards not a good idea will ruin ur game make no forced ads make it so you can watch ads for money but still make it possible to earn enough money with out paying also add cosmetics
Fun game but needs some fixing. the steering and and gas button doesn't work all that well. I have to push the buttons a few times and sometimes when I'm holding the gas button the vehicles will stop and it seems like upgrading the vehicles didn't do anything. You'd think upgrading the vehicles would make them fast and more powerful but they seem to be the same as when I first downloaded them.
The Game is very fun but I only give it a 4 star due to the fact that the paint car function does not work I have spent 15000 in game credit to paint my vehicles but the vehicles color does not change. As soon as the creators fix this I will rate it 5 star
its a good game, sound needs fixed but so far it works great, no annoying crashes it runs smooth. Good job guys.
Fun game but doesn't save the upgrades to your vehicle. Was looking at my other vehicles and the color on one, then the game removed all of my upgrades
Can't even make it past the choose game mode screen.... Even after paying to unlock all cars. Have tried at least ten times with no luck. Now it's a day later and continued trying with no luck.
Its ads its always ads that leave well built games like this broken. This is the game that made me and hopefully others to stop playing these games that are just a giant ad.