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Test Chamber

Test Chamber for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Shark Jump located at Room 406, Level 4 33 Pirie Street, Adelaide South Australia, 5000. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Right I've got 10 quid says you got inspiration for this game from portal, portal 2 and portal 2 multiplayer and with the name "test chamber" good game tho I do like it but....... can you tell me one fact about cake?
Short lived, not much of a replay factor. Would have been helpful if the npc gave advice on new equipment/obstacles like the ratchet level.
Hi, stuck on level 7. Needs hints to get 5* on all aspects of the game. But a challenging game, nonetheless. I'm impressed !! PS : the "buy" link doesn't work.
The simplest answers are hidden within the mind-bending mechanics of the game. You might last several minutes trying to come up with a way out but you simply can't see it, until a spark shines in your head and you can finally get out...that's when you feel silly while seeing how easy it was all the time.
This game has great puzzles (except that 'ratchet' really confused me about how the blocks interact with each other as I hadn't noticed the belt) and a great background tune to go with it. The philosophy explicitly addressed in-game is interesting, but...nothing comes of it! The ending was very unsatisfying.
Took me a minute and with a little help YouTube finally got the hang of it there should be a tutorial on what what color blocks do what you like on the Wreck-It level 08 you were able to move the green red one with the green one on a certain morning with that I didn't know and of course you know it would help if there was a tutorial on the
Fantastic game concept and visuals, but the ending really fell short for me. Keeping me enticed from the free version, I bought the full version for the complex puzzles and intriguing dialogue. At the end of the game though that is it, it's just over, nothing more to tie things up.
The only thing I dont like about this app is the fact that you only get 10 lvls to play for free, everything else was great and the puzzles were challenging
I am in so much addicted to this game. I'm just waiting for other modes. Also please make this song downloadable. Please please please.
Really good puzzle game. It's really hard to find a puzzle game with this kind of difficulty. I only wish that the online features would work.
I'm sad because theres only 31 levels and it took me one day to beat. The puzzles were very challenging. I'd love to see puzzles with more mechanics like this.
I like the concept, it's fun, challenging and I would love to play more. However forcing people to pay after 11 levels is a real shoddy move. Bad show guys.
The concept of this game is gold. Along with unique character designs and an infinite army of the little box people. i found this game to be rather enjoyable. However, the game is quite short, even if you pay extra. With only 10 levels for free, the remaining 18 must be paid for, which i admit, puts a sour taste in my mouth. Its a puzzle game, and its quite complex, so if you are into that, this is a game for you!
It's a highly polished, challenging, intriguingly construed puzzle game, but after 10 levels of setting up the story and world there is a sudden pay wall blocking access to the rest of the levels. If it were called a demo or something I would have expected this, but to market it as a full game and then cut people off after just getting into it is misleading. Also the achievements cannot be earned without paying. That's irksome.
Sokoban fans will love this beautiful game. A well balanced, not so easy,not frustrating one. Brains needed. Just 10 free levels. And just 18 extra paid levels.
Positives first, I loved the puzzles. Challenging as they were, this is one of very few games I completed without a walkthrough. The gameplay mechanics are also really inventive, and fun. On the negative though, the end was kind of a slap to the face. Absolutely no reward for your efforts, no conclusion at all. It seems unfinished, and probably would have been better off with no story at all. I can't recommend it.
I love the easy swipe controls, the cute graphs, the bold storyline, I just think the ending is a bit sad... at first it was positive but the game is truly dark and mysterious.
Impossible once I got to level 4 I couldn't do it and neither could my family if your really smart tho you should get it
Fantastic game that you need to think outside the box Waiting for 2 years for the "make / construct" feature to became available
I absolutely love this game. Its cute and challenging. Problem is i beat all the free levels in about 45 minutes. Maybe have ads to earn money so that someone like me who has no money can play it more
After completing the first 10 extremely hard levels, it comes to a point where you will have to buy the rest of the content. note-ONLY DOWNLOAD IF YOU ARE VERY SMART. all together though it was pretty fun while it lasted.
Note : This review is based off the demo. This has a different perspective on the definition of endless. You would think the ability of walking in a loop is considered going on eternity. But these square characters you meet go on about leaving into the infinity. And this is what I personally feel is point, the story behind the game. A big amount of questions appear the moment you talk to the characters stuck with you. I will let you find the dialogue and come up with a story based on the clues. However, I'd like to state my opinion about the characters representation. I believe it is the personification from three viewpoints. The girl is meant to be optimism, almost to the point of denying the possibility that there not might be a happy ending. The boy is meant to be pessimism, proclaiming the infinity is an illusion, made only to give faith. And the dark character is meant to be realism, that the end is not existent, until you the player, buys the game. This might explain why this character is in level ten, the end of the demo. I'd like to note that my viewpoints do not effect the review, only the ability to interpret the meaning behind this game. That said, I will move onto the environment, which is too good at its job. The music is bleak, which fits a hopeless ambiance this game gives. This is from the endless loop all the characters go through, knowing that you'll only see the same thing and a void of dark emptiness beneath you. Sorry for this sad description, but I want to emphasize that I personally felt this game can get depressing. Shifting tone, let's go into the control and the gameplay. Now what makes this puzzle mechanic unique is a big emphasis on the endless looping. So this allows you to move forward and back, needed for the future obstacles that can both help or block your way. The controls are oddly enough, not in a fixed position. I personally think it is more of a nuisance to constantly move your hand for every direction than have a little control pad in the corner. However, because of layouts from certain stages, I understand if one wanted to move their hands as to not obscure their vision. So in the end, really interesting game, at least as far as the demo is concerned.
How did you make an infinite amount of characters in an infinite amount of space without having infinite megabytes to download the game and the game crashing
I was having an enjoyable time with this game until a button popped up that I accidentally clicked and bought more stuff for this I didn't need. Argh.
A very polished, challenging and satisfying game. 10/10 gameplay, however the overall ending and story could have had a bit more to it and both the Silver medals, and bronze medals achievements glitched for me. With only minor flaws the game is definitely worth the money.
Really fun, but the free one is easy, got all golds and 4 green in less than 15 minutes. What could really make it great though, is a build your own level and online races.