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Terraria for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by 505 Games Srl located at 5145 Douglas Fir Rd Calabasas, CA 91302. The game is suitable for Teen (Blood and Gore, Cartoon Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
for all you haters out there, you dont have any intelligence with games. Phone or Tablet games are not as good as computer games (Mostly play PC games, phone for life things). And this is just a demo. You can buy the full version with 5 dollars on mobile. But as someone with over 3.2k hours on Terraria, these hate comments are straight up lies. Like sure mobile is confusing for starters and a worse than PC but it's still good. I highly recommend the PC version. I reached the 500 letter limit. :c
don't know about the port itself but the touch controls are complete garbage, took forever just to slap on a door for a house and mining feels like it has to be dead-on where you want it to go unless you have a stylus. I don't even want to talk about building on here.Even though this version is the demo, I wish there was a zero star rating because of how much potential was wasted on this "port"
if your gonna comment something positive put it on the full game. you are misleading people into believing this is the full game by commenting on this version. it is only a trial. the creators should have called this a trial before you download it.
i would keep on getting good items like the terrablade i would go offline for about 3 hours then comeback and my character had just disappeared, i would love this game if my good characters wouldnt constantly keep getting deleted. so my honest opinion is that you should always back up your character to cloud everytime you get something new in the game
How could anyone not give this game a five star rating I purchased the deluxe edition on my PS4 and it's probably the best thing I've ever played and just to let you know this is not the full version but still it is... THEE best mobile game in history keep up the very most fabulous work highly recomend it to anyone who hesitates to install it five star***** that was not a swear by the way (:
Not much point to the game when the controls are so clumsy. The tutorial window covers half the screen so you can't see what you're doing, and then no matter what you push to have character do, it just starts placing or destroying whatever is nearby. Fix the controls and maybe I'll try again.
i am actually very mad. i haven.t played this game for a month and this happened again. i wanted to make sure my account was still there but then i go in characters...... my character was not there i was signed into my google and it was stil, not there. all my progess was on my google account. i had so much progess so now i am UNINSTALLING THIS GAME THEN DOWNLOADING IT BUT IF ITS NOT THERE I AM NEVER GOING TO PLAY THIS GAME EVER AGAIN I AM TIRED OF ALWAYS HAVING TO RESTART THIS GAME im serious...
I paid for this mobile game about 3 years ago and guess what. I dont have ownership of the game anymore. I'm still using the same account and I forced to pay 4.99 to get the full version SMH!!
WHAT?!?! NO SAVE FUTURE?!?! 0 STARTS!!!! pls fix it! ''This is the full version of Terraria, built from the ground up... If you loved it on PC or consoles, you’ll love it here.” - Slide To Play'' SERIOUSLY??!?! LIER!!!! anyway i love it on PC and consoles but.............NOT ON TABLETS!!!!!!!!! trial version for me.....Thanks but fix the bug. (Am i being rude?)
while the normal game is really fun this is just the demo and should not be posted on the store as it just hosts the tutorial and does not actually let you play the game. the least you could do is at least let them play on a small word so that they can actually get a good feel for this game. do not download this demo as it will be useless and pointless.
1/010 One of the best games I've ever played! Truly amazing. I'm absolutely addicted to this game. There's so much content and massive updates! The devs did a great Jon. Would definitely recommend buying! 😊
deletes your world after a couple hours of not opening the game, I would love to enjoy this game like I did in the past on PC but mobile doesn't seem to work well at all, All my worlds and characters randomly get deleted, can't even resume my game because it's just gone, junk, very dissatisfied
i had the paid version on my ipad, it doesnt say anywhere on this version that its just a demo. i thaught that it might be free on android but nope. i guess they didnt put it in the description that its a demo so they would get more downloads.
Good idea, terrible implementation. Enemies are just ANNOYING and spawn way too frequently. Don't bother trying to build anything-- You'll just be fighting a bunch of low-level enemies relentlessly, esp at night. Difficulty eventually becomes unreasonable. Pointless limitations like having to wait after using healing items to use another. Games should be fun, not irritating.
The games fun since I played console and pc , the controls might be a little crappy but the game overall is fun of course if you have the full version but i played the demo and full version and the demo is a decent one and if you complain that it doesn't save , it's a demo, if you want to play the full game then buy the full game.
Wow. I downloaded this to play Terraria for old times sake, since it was free. I have to buy the full game?!?!? I'm on a fixed income, so I'll give that a hard pass. Also, I got killed almost immediately because enemies came in groups. Flying and ground. I got corned. Installed it 5 minutes ago and already uninstalling it.
Great game, ported from pc so there are downsides such as less items, but still really fun to play. If you experience some issue with the control, the problem may lie in you phone, I have multiple budget smartphone which aren't very powerful, but everything runs smoothly, except for the map that take quiet a while to open. Overall, great game (also recommended to get the game on Steam)
Absolutely love this game. Please don't relate it to minecraft because of the blocks, it's 2 complete different games. But honestly it's so fun, can play with friends too, but only by using same wifi. So many different things to do, lots of exploring. Can make your ien 2d style houses, unlimited amount of thibgs to design. Collect and make all kinds of different things and put them in your house and anywhere in the world. Hope this is a good enough review haha. Enjoy!
I am very fond of this game, and it was the one game I grew up on and made friends with. (that was on PC tho) tbh, it's 100x better on PC, you can mod it aswell. it's (currently) $10 on steam, so its definately affordable. Even so, I would pay $100 for it. (when I bought Terraria it was $30) The game can be difficult, or easy depending on what difficulty you choose. There are servers, and tons of bosses to defeat. Plus you can play with friends! It's an elaborate game and I HIGHLY recommend it!!
I used to play this game with my ex wife. we had it on multiple consoles. I forgot about this gem! I havent played it in over 2 years. I saw it on the Playstore today and had to add it to my library! I can't wait to hop back on it! I love Terraria!
for everyone complaining, this game is free, a demo, a tutorial. if you want more, buy more. buy the full version instead of being a cheapskate and complaining. you know minecraft lite? it doesn't save progress either. BECAUSE IT'S A DEMO. please stop complaining just because this isn't a replica of pc, or because it has "too little".
This is not the full game, but it's still fun to play around in this little trial. It would've been better if it was just a one hour limit version of regular Terraria. This is my favourite game, and when I can, I will buy the full game and I will take down the bosses and explore the Corruption and AAAAAAA. I'm so happy that this is a real game and it will always be my favourite one. Amazing job Re-Logic, keep up the great work!! 🥰👏❤️
the best game to play while you are on a car trip or just at home chilling. There is so many things to get in the game, the hardest thing for me to get was the vampire knives my friend Joined my world and after weeks of me trying to get it by myself, we got it in a little under 30 minutes. terraria is a great collaboration game and one of my favorite games.
Glad this is being passed onto another developer. (thank f*****g god,) this trial is absolutely disgustingly brain-cell rottingly terrible. Go get the PC version off steam, it's much better and fully updated to the latest version, and is a personal recommendation of mine, but this absolute pile of lazily duct-tape'd together s**t is not worth playing in any way, shape, form, or right whatsoever. More power to the new dev's. I'm glad this shoddily built mistake can finally be forgotten.
One of the best mobile games in my opinion. the reality of the game being kindof over after you beat the golem hits you like a brick wall unless you're a completionist who wants to do all the little things. Cant wait for a moon lord update! :)
probably the best game ive ever played. best part is that every time i get back into it i get this huge nostalgic feeling and im just generally happy to play the game. you dont even need multiplayer to have fun because theres hours and hours of quests and tasks and goals and theres all sorts of things to do. like right now I am collecting every mask and trophy from every boss. One thing though, I recommend the pc or console versions as they have way more and way better content like moon lord
I love this game, let me explain. Graphics are simple and beautiful Gameplay is brilliant, the game has alot of weapons, armour, blocks. You can do a range of things including massive custom buildings. Controls are eh level but I guess they are effective.
I LOVE THIS GAME BEST MOBILE GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED!!! my cousin has been playing it for about 4 years and still addicted to it then he told me about it and now I AM ADDICTED can't stop playing BUT... I would like more updates for the game because it doesn't get much at all last update about 3 years ago? maybe? don't know? but I did hear that iPhone got an update but not android so makes me upset really upset but hopefully comes to android to which it probably will since that's how things work
For everyone thats saying "it doesn't save" or "this is just the tutorial and you can't play the full game" Well that's because this is a demo go to game that has saves (example : Minecraft) when you exit the world it won't save.. Why? BECAUSE IT'S A DEMO go buy the full game or even on steam. And also you can finish the whole game just during the tutorial.. It's possible. Just so you know this game is the 18th best ever selling games on steam with 21M copies, and that's saying something.
have had this game for years and its so easy to get lost for hours playing and forget the time lol. highly recommended but you shouldn't be afraid to search for crafting and world advice online, otherwise you could miss out on a ton of content!! Happy exploring!
played it on console and mobile, beat every boss on mobile and defeated the Moon Lord on console (this is a very great and addictive game, I can't tell you how much fun I've had playing this game, the soundtrack is absolutely to die for, and I really enjoy the seasonal events in this game) 5 stars.
So much fun but there's a bug: I lost ALL of my Cloud Save progress. What happened? I also experience a crash when I use cloud saves. One more bug: Every once in a while, the only button that responds is the pause button and when I re-enter the world, my character is stuck in mid-air and can't be controlled. I can fix this bug by using the pause button to exit to the main menu and re-open the app and re-loading the world with the same character.
A mobile port... with downsides. Terraria is an indie game developed by a small studio which has increasingly grown. Please know before buying, YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE FULL EXPERIENCE. THIS IS AN AMAZING PORT, BUT IS NOT UP TO DATE WHATSOEVER. The PC version has an update named 1.3, which is much more expansive, but dont like this deter you, this is a great game on mobile too. It's an amazing game, but if you have a computer, look it up on steam. Truly great game.
So...just hanging on that little island is fun and stuff, but when i close the crafting menu, the thing that tells me to buy the full game pops up and its almost impossible to close. that really ruins everything. i only made this one star so my review might be seen by the dev.
Its pretty good my favorite game but theres this one bug when i load in itll say goblin army approaching from the west but then ill be spawned all the way in the sky but every block is deleted it happened to me once maybe twice (im not sure) and i want to know how and why it happens.
THIS IS AMAZING!!! I Love this game and it gives me energy that makes me so excited! Also I love how your so updated to are date, which makes it fun🤗! Talk about the best ever made game with dig, fight, explore, and building! This is like the future game, I appreciate you guys working so so so hard to make this game and update this game to make better! HOW COULD I NOT GIVE THIS A FIVE STAR!✨✨✨✨✨ Be proud for the makers of this game, and also the people who helped make this,THIS IS THE BEST GAME!
Hazza, a game of quality - delicious finally another good game - Ive played this game sence i was 7 and I still have my old account I love the game its very fun and exciting at the same time
This game is personally better than minecraft, the only thing that makes Minecraft better is 3D, infinite world, and creative mode. But the content in this game is fanominal! For some reason, the bosses on Mobile seem harder than the other versions, I can easily be killed by Golem and have the Shroomite armor on. There might be a mistake in the numbers on defense or how much damage bosses can do, or I'm just seeing things...
This game is great and has been well adapted to mobile platform from the PC version. Controls take a bit of getting used too but after that it's all good. I would give this game 5 star but dragging and moving items in the inventory takes ages as the drag selection is buggy. I will try and hold to drag an item multiple times but the game doesn't register so lots of wasted time. Once fixed will give 5 star happily!
An RPG/Indie game developed by 505 Games and ReLogic that can only be described to the average person as 2D Minecraft ( NOT TO BE MISTAKEN FOR A RIPOFF). The game itself is very fun once you actually get into it. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new. P.S. I somehow got it on my Samsung S9 for free, however I cannot change the size of the hotbar.