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TerraGenesis - Space Settlers

TerraGenesis - Space Settlers for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Tilting Point located at 521 5th Avenue New York, NY 10175. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a really cool, fairly-realistic sci-fi game that has a lot of different game modes to make for a pretty casual game that does require much maintenance, or a complex game with lots of variables and a need for checking in frequently. You can see the hard work these people have put in and I truly enjoy the game. I'm never one for a game that requires me to wait for things like "construction" or something, but this game is truly an exception. The wait times are always reasonable
I like this game. Except, it is very slow. It's also flooded with ads. No way to make real progress without wasting time watching ads for other games. I will not give more than 2 stars for that reason.
great game, best part about it is that the developers aren't constantly harassing you for money with micro transactions and all that bs. theres the option to spend money but its not forced on you and you can progress through the game without doing so if your broke like me. that is what separates mediocre games from great ones such as this. Terragenesis is a total gem of a game.
You may only have 3 free planets (not including earth, which I hear is free if you succeed at one of the free planets), but I've been playing for a couple weeks now and am still very entertained by it. There are so many game play options that it doesn't even matter if there are only a few planets. It's easy to understand, the Q&A's are very informative, and in all it's just a high quality game play. I love how it's NOT a money hungry game❀❀
If you like Surviving Mars you will find this refreshing. The game is buggy, but tech support is responsive. The LTE's seem to be pay to win, which is sad, because they have the storyline. I would have quit, but I already played 500 hrs of the only other terraforming game I know. To be fair, this game is trying to do a lot on a mobile platform. The planetary views are gorgeous and the way water fills in by elevation is an improvement over Surviving Mars. Join the Facebook group to get tips.
Fun game, though build and upgrade times are pretty long. Makes it difficult to play when first starting up if you don't want to pay.
Little problem here, But it's not that big of a deal and it's not affecting my gameplay. OK back to the problem. I want to take picture of my planet [moon] but it said I have to grant the camera permission, (which you don't have in the settings) That's it, but either way. Still love the game! I hope that sooner or later.. We will actually see our cities and we can explore it.
Euphoric experience of the not to far future... This game really sets the path to what is a necessary mission that must be completed in the near future. The game play really puts into perspective the breakthroughs in science we have accomplished and the slow going process to tarra forming an entire planet. But it makes me believe that it can be done!
Dude, 6.5 days just for the temp to become habitable after doing the math? This game is not even fun. I love the premise but I'm not gonna play a game where you do two clicks for 30 mins then wait days on end just to see the results. Beyond boring and frustrating. Research too long. Facilities expensive. Very little actual game play.
At first the game was hard as hell and I admit I was a bit overwhelmed. However, after flooding Mars on my 1st try I started over on Beginner level. WOW. What a world of difference! 3 successful terraforms later, I'm loving this game. It is imperative to read everything on their fandom page! Love the music, graphics...just about everything. I have found the planet events too difficult at this point. The goals are too much given the limited time-frame. But overall, an awesome game.
A co-worker told me about this game and after showing me the graphics and a little of the mechanics I downloaded it immediately. It seems a bit complicated at 1st but quickly becomes very intuitive. The graphics are very good and it's fun watching the planets change as you develop your cities. Also one of the most reasonably priced game stores I've seen. 99 cents can buy you weeks of extra play if you try each faction out on the new planets. Top recommendation in idle games.
Quite an extensive branch of research and development. Easy to understand interface. Perhaps a guide on how to differentiate between high and low grounds and mountain ranges when using satellite view would be good too.
I love this game! I usually get bored with games quite quickly, but this one continues to hold my interest. One of the best things about it is that all ads are by choice, and not compulsory. There is a lot of strategy involved in terraforming your world, and keeping all of the environmental and habitation factors in balance with the ecology you are working for. The slow visual transformation of the planets is really cool. And this game is good for your ego, I mean, who doesn't like to play God?
Fun and engaging. Overall, a phenomenal game. Need to have a button to make inhabitants move to other cities (you can only build more domes and disable/enable, but can't move people out of a city--so they die anyway. Very frustrating). Also need more site selections. It is EXTREMELY limited and aggravating that you have a whole planet to build on, in theory, but in the game it limits you to one area.
edit: after trying some more and researching online, i was able to figure out how to play. i really enjoy how beautiful the game is, the simplicity of the design and dark colors, and how it is a slow, thoughtful play. Ads are optional and not forced on you, which is refreshing. its not all flashy and over the top. its really a wonderful app, but they could provide some more detailed FAQs/tutorials.
I've been really getting absorbed in TerraGenesis. Theres a tutorial to help learn game controls. Sure there are ads but they are not automatic like some games, they are 100% optional. Every decision you make affects the outcome of your world in one way or another. Graphics and ability to watch your world as it changes is really nice. The first cloud, the first water and the first green is a nice feeling.
great game to play over the course of days at a time, its very creative and there aren't any intrusive ads. The game does have ads, however you can choose to decline them if you wish. 4 stars because while there is a tutorial, I find that it lacks a few details concerning the research section. Overall satisfied though.
It is a very good game. It is a good way to learn about how to make a planet habitable for life and the present condition of every planet in our solar system. I gave it 4 star because it is little bit boring game. If i able to see my cities in every planet it would more interesting and i would give it 5 stars so please make this game more interesting
Love the Idea of terraforming with visual results. The only issue is the massive amount of time. But it's worth the efforts to witness the gradual growth and happenings from satellite view.
fun to watch the planets transform. third time I've installed this game. I don't stay on more than a few minutes at a time. there's no reason to after you've watched all the ads for the boosts. you want to get offline fast before something bad happens. always a fire ruining your buildings. easier to win while offline. maybe let people explore the planet looking for elements while they wait for upgrades. and make it more realistic. ie Mars should naturally cool down due to distance from the sun
Incredibly dynamic game with fantastic graphics and a great deal of science. I wish there was more to do but I know that would only make the game larger. If it were on PC, we could probably get more into the minutea of daily life. I'd definitely pay for that, but it's just too complex for mobile. Love it! My husband and I both play and compare notes.
Interesting game, horrible execution. It takes way too long to build up credits, forcing you to pay out of pocket to make any progress in the game. Once you do get things stable you will wake up to your whole planet dead. The developers have failed to toe the line between challenging enough to be interesting and pay to play.
Good concept but terrible and crappy UI design, so old school, it's like the early days of android. I'm expecting it to be more sleek, intuitive and modern UX since it talks about future of the humanity. I hope the developer innovate on it. PLEASE! I will change my rating into five stars if you improve design
Great if you are into a steady paced game that takes some thinking , a bit slow starting at first, thats is expected with these type of games but once you get a handle on it and the mechanics it makes an interesting game. Also the advertisements(not pop up ones you choose to view)/transmissions bonuses are some of the best I've seen in mobile games for the fact they stack the boosts you get off them and pop up often enough for you to really push your output. Overall great game well done guys.
The game could be very very excellent, but the problem is that the game is very glitchy. The biggest issue is that your dialogue boxes don't have an exit button ("x" or "<") anywhere. So, for example, if I accidentally click on the "boreholes" button on the research tab, and I don't want to research it just yet because I want to spend money researching water, I have no option but to select "confirm" research on boreholes and waste my money on doing something I don't want to do. Please fix this.
I play it on android and pc and I absolutely love it. Its just enough of a challenge, being able to have saves across multiple planets means there's plenty for me to do. The ONLY thing I wish was different is that there were more chances for free genesis points on pc, otherwise its a perfect game for me!
This game has no sense. There are current expenses but nowhere is written how new building will impact budget. Only cost of construction is written. Also it's impossible to check what is our income and where it comes from. In the game is only one goal. Wait wait and wait. Doesn't matter what you do you have to build everything and just wait very long time to achieve it. Boring
Gameplay is simple, took a couple minutes to learn. Challenge with obstacles. Love graphic updates for reality reflecting evolution. Hope more graphic detail in future. Very good game for one who love things about universe/planet and kind of this.
Its great game if you play it for a while, you get to know mechanics and what you need to focus on. Ads actually help you get bonuses for revenue, and they dont pop forcefully on you. My only wish for this game would be maybe more visuals, like actual picture of a city or outpost(Maybe possibility to see how city grows, and changes), but thats just cosmetics. Other than that, love it. Devs keep up good work, and thank you.
This is one of the most realistic and entertaining games. You can essentially play it as an idle game letting the planet grow and progress. There is no real rush to check up on the game and you can essentially design the planet in ways that you want. Want an industrial and booming planet? Then go for the more industrious route. Want a conservative and very life abundant planet? Go for the conservative route. Overall very fun and cool.
I'm loving this game yet maybe in the future u guys could make us visually see our buildings and upgrades. Like when building habitats if we could actually be in it and see our progress i really think that would be a cool thing to add.
It's a great game but I do wish you didn't have to spend money to get other planets here is something you should add if you complete the the terestrial planets you unlock jupiter's moons or something else like the dwarf planets I just don't want to spend money I'm saving for a computer you don't have to do what I say this is just something that might improve your game thanks
I have had a great time playing this game. I've terra-formed 4 planets so far on the beginner settings and just started my 5th planet on some advanced settings. Great game that you can play casually or can invest as much time as you want. The ads aren't overly intrusive as you can dismiss them or watch them for some decent rewards. Well done devs.
Pretty cool, takes a minute to figure out. Be nice if you added little suggestions as you move through the game to guide you in the right direction rather than just the tutorial. It would be cool to see the cities a little closer since we spend so much time on them. It would also be nice to see what the citizens looked. Like these "TV stars". Rather than just watching numbers go up. Just like a pic would do so we can see what the culture LOOKS like rather than just reading it. Landscape pics too
Interesting game concept, but is hard to stay interested. It takes a extremely long time for things to develop, you can get all these governors but no place to assign them. All you do is read reports and respond accordingly. If there was more of a guide to assist in how to create something out of nothing that you can not see, that might help. Wonderful image of the planets and Space plane.
A lot more addictive then i expected. Its actually a fun game. Couple glitches like if im away from the game for more than a couple hours without pausing all my corals die. Even when they were at like 120% with conservstion. Also bad placement of the transmissions button. Also thing the soletta sattelite shohld be able to control like o2, pressure, and water too. Like sky farm seems pointless. Surveyor isnt very helpful either.
Gameplay is good. But I'm giving 1 star because of the ridiculous and suspicious amount of data this game uses. In the one month or so that I've played this game. It has used up over 50GB of wifi/mobile data. This is unacceptable for a game that works 100% offline. What kind of data is it using? Is it downloading malware on my phone? Using it to mine bitcoin? Uploading my personal data? I don't know but its worrisome.
Great idle game! Science-based, complex and has variety! Last time i played they didnt have all the other fancy planets. Great updates over the years. Only negatives are the ad rewards... you get 1 hour of benefits after watching an ad... can it please be 2 hours? Or if its GP you just get 1 to 3!... Id suggest 1 to 5. The ads are so long and so boring I feel like the rewards for them are lacking.
it would be a much better game if the free version had quicker build times and multiple construction spots. because of not knowing what u get with the purchase I haven't done so because the free version is lacking. but the game has a lot of potential.
Enjoying the game. I like the gameplay, the random events, and the overall concept. A few things I wish were different and make this 4 rather than 5 stars: 1. interface doesn't always respond. Can take multiple taps to complete an action. 2. Battery hog when playing actively 3. Planetary temp stays put too easily. I understand it's done to simplify things for the user, but Mars is cold and Mercury is hot, and would require constant cooling or heating to remain habitable.
All of a sudden all my cities are dead. I figure "that's ok. I have plenty of money to build a new one", so I attempt to build a new city. It took twice the credits, left me with next to nothing, and no city built. Also, not very instructive on how to maintain a planet, as you go. A quick tutorial is good for a game that doesn't change as you progress. This is not one of those games. Fix your app.
I really enjoy this game but the back button doesn't work when I go to place a new city or mining location on the map. Once I click on a spot to check out it's elevation, the window pop up to name and create it, I cannot go back to try a different spot if the elevation is to low which means I'm forced to place it in that spot where the city will eventually become flooded and destroyed. Please fix this.
Great game play, ads are optional and give in game currency which is great. Payed items of course are available but absolutely not necessary to win. Planatary graphics could be a bit better but they are decent.
At first I thought this game was gonna be a micro transaction heavy game but after about 1 week playing I found there is no need for them at all. I really believe this game is amazing and I'm gonna happily buy some packs for this game to experience more of this great game when I get paid. This game can be paused which in a massive bonus as real life gets in the way sometimes and the pause feature is free as well. This review was gonna be more and indepth but I ran out of space :(
Very enjoyable to play. Much better than other free games I've tried. Actual thought, strategy, and effort is needed to do well.
TerraGenesis is one of a kind. It may not look like much from just a few screenshots, but it has some solid challenge to it. The hard mode is a bit brutal, though, so beware there. I wish there was a mode between normal and hard, as normal is getting a little dry. The performance of the UI is getting better with updates, but it still takes a long time to switch games.
Great simulation game; only 3 minor changes I would suggest: 1) add a time-stop button for people with a real world life too. 2) Treat it as a technological advance when a prodigy builds an X; allows other units of that type to be built to that level.. 3) If possible; separate population-based and bonus CP so as to allow only the pop. pts to be spent on independance; while the others may be purchased (viaGP or $), they can only be used on the four pillars of civilization (econ, politics, etc.)
Iniitially iwas really excited. Then after some time in the game I've found out that this is simply a pay to play game, an expensive one in that... You should at least make possible for accessing other systems/worlds by playing let's say on "hard" on certain level/stage. Like the plague inc you know, there's nothing you can't access except optional campaigns and story. You should also do like that! If not folks would feel bad after knowing they only have access to rockies of solar system :/
The science behind the gameplay is very well researched. I love the fact that the developer even included the ethicality of terraforming a planet, and made political factions around it. The only thing I would love to see in an update is more info and visuals on the cities you found and build, but the game is already perfect. I'm recommending this game to my friends.
When it comes to free to play space strategy you can't get much better it seems. You can choose honestly any way to play and still have a chance to win. Having ads is a hassle in most games but honestly, with this, they make watching ads very useful and helpful. With the help of ad boosts you can play without spending money.
Good concepts, but speeding up time should affect research and building...it doesn't. It only simulates expected negatives and positives for the planet's values. Everything else seems well thought out, especially random events.
Overall this is an enjoyable simulator. A warning notice about environmental imbalances would be helpful. I for one don't have unlimited time to watch my world. So, accidentally wiping out my world kind of sucks. Also, a way to buy Genesis Points with earned revenue would welcomed. I look forward to seeing any fine tuning controls at the early stages. Thanks.
I m having little problem with the game as if a cooling plant is on it decreases 4heat per minute but when I see the stats that global cooling is increasing water by 24 so I had to build four geocisterns(srry if spelling is wrong).i want that if it is decreasing 4 heat then global cooling also should increase 4 water per minut otherwise the game is perfect
I've only been playing a week, but I am so obsessed with this game! It's so much fun and it's so interesting. I am actually learning while also having fun! There are a lot of ads, but it's entirely optional to watch them and the rewards you get for doing so are surprisingly worth it. The game can also be a tiny bit laggy while it's loading but aside from that, the graphics are pretty good and the visuals are beautiful! Love this game! Totally recommend it! :D
Good game. Could use some more complexity as planets progress. I would also like to see the range of habitable; so on the sliders, there shouldd be some lines or indicators for the exact range that qualifies for people. Now the colors are too blurred and vague. Would like to see a prompt to switch govenors before missing a saving opportunity. I don't think I realized I had to use the govenor boost until after my first planet. Auto pause could also be a setting after a certain inactive time.
really over the top. graphics are so awesome that I keep expecting some one invading or something and with that kind of effort applied to the graphics and mechanics (did I mention it is beautiful and functions very well because it is and it does) there would only need be a fraction of the effort put towards random events, cause-effect events, research and build trees, some kind of logic/randomization for mineral distribution etc. you know give it smooth edges in a sense. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I really enjoy this game. Don't have to pay to play. It takes a bit to get the hang of the mechanics of it and it moves slowly. But I'm so bored of the mindless clicking away games. This gives me a bit of a challenge. One thing I will say is to make sure you pause your game when you leave the game. Things don't stop happening when you leave, and you will come back to a flooded or boiling planet. I've already colonized Mars and I'm on to Mercury!
Locks on ads. Content ok. Controls work like a grade C high school project . Graphics , story and art saved the game. Mining Graphics are a mess. Planet Algorithms good enough for a game. I enjoy the complexity.
I took a chance and this game turned out to be really great! Surprisingly great soundtrack, pretty intuitive design, and doesn't require spending money as long as you can be patient! I was able to successfully terraform my first planet within 3 days without spending any money, and it was super satisfying! Then it turned out that there are even more complex ways to play with more political and scientific aspects. Pick realistic/known planets or moons, or generate a random world.. pretty awesome!
TerraGenesis is a solidly-built and fun game. This game is meant to be played slowly. It acknowledges its scientific inaccuracies, focuses on an experience, and leaves a feeling of a job well done once you complete whatever challenge you set. It has a fair monetization system. It does not push you to use premium currency and offers it frequently in fair amounts through achievements and ads. I recommend this game highly if you are a patient player with any interest in our spacefaring future.
I love how the game walks you through the first steps and gives a stats window to keep track of your terraforming process. I also enjoy that you can see subtle and drastic changes to the planet as you terraform. Also I love that you don't need to spend any $$$ to get GP points.
The Game WAS good. I've spent countless hours collecting rare governor's, money and GP I was on my second planet and one day it was just all gone. The whole game rest at zero. I've contacted support only to not receive any help at all. That was a week ago and I still receive nothing. I feel like it reset my game because I was getting too far. If its not the case then do your job and support your customers! Otherwise this game is getting reported as a scam.
The science is so interesting and makes terraforming seem achieveable even with our current technology. I especially love how the planet visibly looks different based on what yoi do to the planet. You can see the outline of an atmosphere starting to form and the water levels starting to rise. Additionally I love how much choice you have in what you do in the game, even if it doesnt help you get closer to winning. You can flood Mars with so much water it becomes a water world. Super fun game.
I was really into it at first, but now a few days in it's so boring. I go in a couple times a day, adjust what needs to be adjusted and that's it. Once your levels are balanced and all your research is done there isn't anything to do. My credits are skyrocketing but I've got nothing to spend them on lol
This is a fun terraforming game. I like that for some worlds, the goal is to leave the planet in it's more natural state and have the people live inside habitats, domes, etc. I did find it challenging to figure out the wider game play at first, as I was focused on the current goal. Clicking on the stats lets you see the main goals for the main items in advance. For any new players, look at the main goal for water before building structures, then the elevation view, or risk losing them.
The game is like all the other sims out there. You have to build up your civilization piece by piece. The difference here is you have levels to advance through. The down side is the beginning of each sim level gets old as you repeat basically the same advancements. I have not been required to make a purchase to continue which is nice... and I also have not completed the game. So things are still open to change. Regular app updates and sweet graphics make it a 5 for me. Everyone should try this.
Actually, I already played this game years ago when this app was still on its early phase. When I saw that it upgrades, I redownloaded it. :) One great negative factor I saw is that it has no "back" button when checking for the elevations for outposts. I really have to close the app and re-open it again and it's reaaally an irritating and inconvenient manner of gaming. Before, I remember it has back button cause I could choose the highest elevation of the area. Why it was gone?
Very enjoyable game. All about gameplay. Happily played the free part and didn't think much would be added by other planets. Recently paid for the trappist expansion (mainly as I wished to reward the developer for my enjoyment of the free component) and very pleased I did. It certainly adds another dimension to the game. Recommended.
Always lag, this broken my phone system until hanks phone screen, slow gameplay, please fix it. But this game is cool, I never see the science fiction game like this before. Detailed terraforming and science also similar with real life.
Great game, lots of fun, and what you'd think terraforming would be like. But the "Incoming Transmissions" (ad videos for bonuses) come every 20-30 seconds! It's totally ridiculous.
Awesome music in this game! Gameplay is smooth and attractive. It's enjoyable and entertaining. Ads are optional as well and provide bonuses if you watch. Great game to spend time on.
It's so good to find a game that doesn't demand a subscription to unlock new features, just $30 to unlock a massive bundle of environments. Rewarding developers straight. Real cool. Game play is intuitive, UX is great, UI is nice and minimalist. Much thought and care has been put into this, beautiful and engaging.
Great graphics, fun gameplay. I've only played in beginner and normal mode so far, but I'm really enjoying the game. It's compelling enough to keep you interested without requiring you to spend all your time on it. The pause feature is great for when you get too busy to play. And I love that the ads are optional and unobtrusive. If you play smart and strategize, you don't have to pay in order to win (though you have that option too).
I have fell in love with this game! Its not just fun to play, but also requires a bit of strategy as well as logic and reasoning! It is quite engaging and what is so unique is that you don't have to spend money to get excellent level of game play! You can earn boosts as well as game currency by accepting communication messages (ads) or....the best part...deny the communication if you don't need the offer! No forced ads! Just fun gameplay! Highly recommend!
Finally, a great game that is not pay to play. I love the concept for this game. It really makes you think about what you're upgrading and how it will affect the world you are trying to build. There are in app purchases if you want to speed things along, or add additional worlds to build on, but they are not necessary. The ads are not forced. Watch them if you choose to and be rewarded, or never watch one at all.These developers really understand what players want and I highly recommend this game
Solid resource management game. love the pace and the tension of needing to pay attention to how the world changes to your influence. A great exercise in balancing scale gameplay. I took a star off because the incoming communication thing is a bit invasive and frequent. It kind of takes me out of the focus of the game.
great game! Though the cloud server doesn't work properly. I had lost my game due to a cloud server error - being promted with an event has finished message and then a brand new game would start, losing all my progress. A few moments later the cloud server error message would say re-download old games or upload new. I click download old game files and the event has finished message comes up with a brand new game starting over as a weird vicious cycle. I really do enjoy playing the game though.
Challenging but not impossible. Lots of fun, but like any game has a "skid" point- especially during development of planets on more extreme ends of a given scale. Still, NO NEED TO BUY IN GAME CURRENCY. Thats very refreshing! The planet packs cost money no matter what, but I'd say the all access pass is well worth the product. Well done, TerraGenesis team.
Interesting Game. I am really enjoying the gameplay of this. Easy enough to pick up during some downtime and get things squared away. Yet immersive enough to play for several minutes at a time.
Sound is very good, although can sometimes be quite loud, but it's not really an issue, game mechanics are pretty easy to understand, UI is also easily readable, only problem I've had is I've just got a new phone, downloaded the game, and can't seem to figure out how to transfer my save file, if I figure it out I will update this, but the gameplay is decent, takes a while though to get anywhere but its definitely worth the effort, 8/10 I'd give this game πŸ‘
I like the fact the terraform tech is not fantasy, but more science fiction, and the various factions make it interesting. It's harder than it looks, and while there is no war elements, it's an engaging game. Yes, there are many ads, but you don't mind much, and they are integrated (incoming transmission) and not intrusive. Well done Devs.
Great fun so far, it's challenging but love that you can choose to watch ads for extra help or not. Finding the game to be most interesting. Takes time to develop your colony, so patience needed.
The game is very fun and intriguing. I love all of the facts and side stories with the different factions. My only drawback is that the fame lags on my phone and often crashes if I'm playing too long. Other than that, super fun game.
Fun game, trying to balance everything makes it a very interesting management Style game. Takes a bit to get it used to but that's part of the journey.
TerraGenesis is a fantastic idle game that allows you breathe life into barren worlds by setting up a small colony on planets/moons then researching and building facilities to change the worlds habitablity. This takes the form of changing atmospheric pressure, water level, global temp, o2 level and once all conditions are met, plant growth in readiness for human life. Highly recommend this game but cannot be completed past our solar system without buying, shame it's not all progress unlocked.
Love the game..love the whole idea of the game..but they dont always do what they say, they erase some of your progress when your away, and twice now, ive purchased a planet and a planet bundle and got nothing they took my money but no planets please fix this andni will give five stars..but for now 2.
One of the coolest simulation games I've ever played. Terraforming planets, based on science, but with all kinds of cool, unexpected events and culture developments that add a ton of color. Great fun and educational too.
I didn't understand why my world was destroyed, I didn't get to take place in the event, and I lost out on my legendary rolls. Apparently they work offline, but once you time to make sure most money in the game. I thought it was just the game being offline, but it has out of legendary governors now that I still do not have. I also have enough GP to roll another set, but after the new update not only are my rolls gone, but the epics are .. not enough characters to give a full review
I'm really enjoying the premise of this game! Building cities on other planets, having a bit of a morality system, controlling the population. I'm loving this! I do think it needs more "side quests" because I've already done a few of them twice. I also suggest more difficult decisions to make. Also maybe a feature that lets you look at your cities and outposts and citizens in real-time (working, conversing, eating etc.)
Lost a star since it didn't warn you of possible world ending event, 6h to deflect a meteor when you haven't researched the space center in population yet, theres no way i could have saved this game. Trying again but if it happens again before i can build the prerequired stuff, i'm just gonna ignore permanently the expert mode Ok, is there a way to stop terrorist attack, just lost 3 hydrogen processor and 1 bio done in the last 2 hour, fun fact that it take 2 hour to build 1 of these
In a game where everything is time locked, having random events that reset your progress is frustrating. This, accompanied with the difficulty of managing multiple cities' and all their building upgrades makes for a more annoying than fun playthrough. The basis is good and I think there's a great game hidden here, but far too much wrong with it at the moment to keep me playing.
I'm really enjoying this game so far but I'm getting the time traveler event too frequently and it is making progression very difficult. I'd like an option to turn it off. I'd also like to see possibly some form of a combat system (nothing too complicated, as I don't want it changing the core mechanics of the game too much) and the ability to influence individual regions of the world. Other than that, I think this has to be one of the best free mobile games I have ever played.
2021-01-05 edit... knocking stars off.. can't play anymore do to loading issue. Losing GPs due to the loading issue. 2020-12-01. Good game play. Enjoy terraforming the planets and moons. About half the challenges are worth trying, the other half...don't even start them as they can't be completed without spending 100s of Genesis Points (the noncoins one earns occasionally).
Very addictive. The goal, obviously, is to transform Mars into an habital planet for humans and animals. So you have to build different structures to increase or decrease things like oxygen, water, atmospheric pressure, ect. Let these things get too low or too high and your planet is greatly suffer. The game play is mostly text based. Over time you can see the plants surface change from red and barren to lush and green.
I like the game. I would give five stars but that it freezes and I have to force stop the app to get it running again. Update on my review. I did give 4 stars but downgraded to 3 stars. Reason: I really like this game but it continually freezes, I have to force stop the game literally every 2 minutes and clear the cache. I want to give 5 stars and will if the devs fix the issue. It's a fantastic game otherwise.
It's a nice idle game, fun to watch the planet change and it can be done quickly if you okay your button presses right. Initially I loved the game because it had a lot to offer and there were a lot of science mechanics involved. But after a few days I realized there was nothing happening with this game, no interesting or active gameplay from the game. Game has a cool backbone but it's essentially just a big ad and all potentially active gameplay moments are replaced with "watch video get money"
It would be a lot better without getting interrupted every couple of minutes with some type of ad it makes turn the game off even though I'd like to play more but it gets aggravating as hell
The issue I had is that there is no feature that allows us to disable modules after a certain amount of time or when levels of a certain stat has been met. The push notifications should have their own list and separated by upgrades, build, events, and requirements met. I keep having to redo over and over again and now I just find it repetitively annoying. It's a good game, just needs better UX.
So close to being a great management sim but its near impossible to make meaningful progress unless you pay money. You spend a whole day saving credits to upgrade a facility to get a minimal increase in production to have a random event just downgrade the facility on you. Wiping out any progress you made in the last 24 hours. If they fix the balance and get away from microtransactions this could be a really fun game. Might even pay money for it if it gets fixed. Until then, uninstalling.
Really enjoying this game, its fun and entertaining as well as educational.. a must play for science and space lovers.. keep a watchful eye on the stats, it will greatly help you to strategize your priorities.. great job develpoment team! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Update: the recent update just bugged the hell out of my account.. weather became erratic and the whole game became laggy.. just lost 6 of my cities and all my mines.. very frustrating..
This is a very interesting time management game, where you terraform a planet to make it livable. There are repercussions for having too much of a resource on your planet (i.e. too much oxygen isn't good), and there are a lot of things to keep track of. That said, there is one downfall in this game. When you are out of money, you don't have hardly anything to do. Everything you do requires money, so make sure you get a lot of it.
It's a really amazing game. The community and the devs are active. I wish I had discovered it sooner tho! Everyone is very helpful. The LTEs are engaging and really challenging too. I don't even mind having to watch ads for boosting in this type of game. I left the game installed for many months until the pandemic has led me back to playing it. It's an effective time-killer! I look forward to future updates and will save up for the all-access pass. ++The touch and ui can be better.
Great little game. Seems overly simple at first but then it gets nice and complicated... If you choose it to be. Play at your own pace. The popups for advertisements were pretty aggressive at first and then stopped. The new governor system seems a bit unnecessary.
Interesting premise but GP too expensive with a terrible reward system. Game easy enough unless you choose biospheres in which case expect regular ecological collapses! Then poor notification performance means your world can die unnoticed... Yes, can pause, but that stops *everything*. Need a middle ground maybe? Also since everything takes a considerable time you need GP to progress... Then Rewards refuse to pay out after weeks of effort! So fix the rewards system or expect deletion. Shame :(
i love this game, Its pretty well realistic when it comes to terraforming planets and i love how the planets change and whatcthey start to lool like with the environmental impacts done, would be nice to actually manually create the citys, like a city build simulator with figferent buildings and factories and ships and domes and mines and habs and also comand centers of variety. id live to see that sometime.
Very enjoyable. Getting the perfect balance is a challenge which makes it more fun. Wish people could pause special events like you can with Mars. Special events almost require 24 hour attention to succeed without spending a lot of money. Dont mind spending a little but not what would be required to succeed special events. Would be 5 star if not for this one downfall, spend lots of money or fail the special events like Venus. Thank you for a great, thought inducing app.
I've never been into mobile games. But I love this and I've played it longer than I have any other mobile game. However, I have to lower my review to four stars for one very specific reason: the mining. If you are searching for a deposit over any planet, it is painfully obvious that the scanner detects less and less as you hold it over a possible deposit of any mineral. C'mon guys.
This game is awesome! It takes a long time to get going, but once you have a steady stream of money, you can slowly terraform entire planets over a few days! It's fun, and just about the only thing I play on my phone
Nice game. Fairly complex, takes a while to figure things out. Not being able to redo the tutorial is a bit problematic. Lots of options, the tutorial covers most if not all, but it is difficult to remember everything. Being able to redo would be nice. Like how everything is connected, you need to balance how you terraform. Some repetitive actions, more variety would improve game play. Advertising is buried in game play, you can choose to watch ads and receive rewards or just disregard them.
I've always had an interest in what our other planets would look like terraformed. This game makes that possible. The graphics and game play are top notch. I've also learned so much about what it takes to terraform, even the harshest of environments. I highly recommend this game for any science or space enthusiasts.
One of my favorite games. I can't describe how much I enjoy this game in just 500 letters. There are no ads unless you choose to watch one and if you do you get some prizes. The game is easy and fun to play. Any other game would have ads after making a city or something. Even the premium currency is easy to get so you can play even if you can't spend money and isn't even that necessary. You can tell how much love the devs have for the game and players. Deserves more than 5 stars.
A lot of bugs, the layout is horrendous, you have to wait hours to achieve anything, you can't interact with the things you build (only build them bigger), and the tutorial doesn't explain a damn thing. Really really cool concept but it doesn't even feel like a game. It feels like tedious work just to figure out how to "play". If they focused on the social stuff more and simplify the growing aspect I will try it again, but I would have rated zero stars if possible. Don't waste your time.
The game started out fun, balancing resources and improvements. It eventually reached a point where I had hundreds of billions of credits, and over 20 cities with 100+ million people each. Upgrading literally hundreds of buildings one by one becomes a massive chore to get a population growth needed to win the game. However, right as I achieved perfect paradise, my game bugged and reset all terraforming, killing everyone. Lost all interest after that. Maybe an "Upgrade All" would make it better.
Incredible and unique gaming experience. You can tell a lot of love and care went into this game with stuff like dynamic graphics and research. More science than fiction without sacrificing any fun. The immense pride you feel as Mars turns green and blue is rare in games. Food chains are rewarding but I look forward to it getting fleshed out more. Highly recommend to everyone but especially young aspiring astronauts and astrophysicist or casual space show lovers like me. Does crash a bit tho.
This game changes everything! I never expected to be so deeply engaged! Not gonna lie, I was actually skeptical about its quality, but after playing it for the past few days, I'm in love! I absolutely recommend it! JC wrote this, and it's not one of those fake reviews you see on some apps. Fa shizzle, my dizzle ahahahah
Way too over-monetized with very little actual gameplay. Tried their partner program where I played another game to get currency in this one, but once I finished, there was no way to return to that "partner" screen in TG. It was on the GP page in the store, but now it's missing. So they don't even honor their commitments, they shirk and hide from them with shady tactics. That's fine, I preferred the other game anyway, so I'll go play that now!
Nice, strategic game; can get quite challenging. Pros: - decent ways of getting money from players. - stimulates problem solving abilities. Cons: - it could use more graphics (eg. buildings, cities, terrain details, etc.). - resources are spread randomly when you create an outpost (there aren't specific areas on the global map where you can find a resource).
Just getting into the game, but so far it's really fun. Not extremely play time intensive, but strategic and entertaining, with some unpredictability thrown in with events. The base game's content looks like it'll take you far without purchases, but the purchases also look to add a lot of content. I think this one will keep me coming back for more.
I did really like the game and have played it off and on for years, despite the lag issues, until I guess I encountered some kind of bug. I used the in-game fast forward feature to go ahead 1 hour and after my ad the entire planet was destroyed. All the water was gone and the temperature was at 0, when both were supposed to stay in paradise levels after the ad. There was no event that I can find in logs telling me why this happened. All of my species died and most of my population was decimated. After all the time I spent building the world and watching it grow, making it a paradise (I had finally gotten the full 20 for Biomass just today), and being just a couple Culture points away from winning, this is absolutely devastating. And while I'll probably keep playing out of stubbornness, I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. Small Edit: After some experimentation, it seems that if you have the Soletta unlocked but disabled and you fast forward it will cause your temperature to go down to 0. Which is a massive flaw.
This is definitely a 5/5 game but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because I can't actually play it well, seeing as that I only get around 10fps max making it really really slow. However, seeing my friends play it and how cool it looks in videos makes it seem worth the slowness. Great game nevertheless.