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Terminator Genisys: Future War

Terminator Genisys: Future War for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Plarium LLC located at Plarium LLC 075 Creekside Drive, Suite 100 Portage, MI 49024 United States. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Fear) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A decent game i prefered the fps shooter from a few years ago im not a fan of the base building games but overall not bad
There is no match for this terminator game i love it 😍. There is one prob that I wanted to tell u. I wanted to change to skynet and I changed but then I miss clicked and again changed to resistance and now I'm not able to change again☹.So plz tell me what to do. Well,I wanna suggest something. Why not to add a feature from which u r able to see the enemy base when u attack and see how the troops doing, who is dying and stuff and add 1 troop ! I suggest REV-9 in skynet and teleporter troops in R
i actually fell love with the older version of this game but unfortunately i lost the tablet i once played the game on n i dont like this version of the game now too me its boring n then the cards well last time played this game i couldnt put the tablet down n wouldnt play or do anythin else but play T.G. as i played it i found it easy enough to play as the older version but tho not everybody plays rpgs n mmos n rts games as before tho i found no problems at all tho theres one boss i couldntkill
Fantastic game, fused with the motivation of the movies and show, on our way to being freedom fighters👼
The game is fun and perfect for any terminator fan the fact that you can pick a one of the two factions is awesome! But there is some things that might need changing, For example the clans. The clan system is good really good but it allows the two different factions to join the same clan which kind of defeats the purpose of the factions, maybe instead of having clans once you pick your faction be it skynet or ressistice the other faction should be the enemy so then there's no mix of the two.
I used to play Terminator alot. We had a very successful clan, until Plarium stopped updating the game. Now alot of players are maxed out and just sit around in the competitions, and will only train troops for points. There hasn't been an update for game play for this game for such a long time, people including myself are abandoning it. It's a shame too because I really enjoyed the game, but don't like going nowhere, which is where this game is going.
I enjoyed the game and put a decent amount of time and effort in but the developer has completely abandoned the game at this point. No new content in over a year. Stability fixes and performance improvements are nonexistent. Stay far far away, or try it as a free to play. If you like it, give one of their other titles a try. All their games are pretty much the same thing with a different skin, which is what makes the lack of new content even more baffling and annoying.
Don't waste your time or money.... The game was good and I enjoyed it. However it is simply a money grab. All the devs care about is the money and the other games they develop. They promise an update is coming and it never shows. The game is boring. Nothing new added in almost a year. Needs new clan base lvls, shorter building and research times, new base lvls and expansion, new troop lvls...and more.
This game is amazing but I'm not really into it but you can dominate REAL peples Base around the world you can choose a terminater or a human and there's no ADDS yeh you heard me no adds its amazing and you can build your city you should GET IT
what the games advertising fails to advertise is that they have seized any future updates. so if you are up for a gane that will never change from where it currently is then this is your game. its a shame that the previous times we had asked if the game was getting updated we were told to keep an eye out.. only to find out that we were lied to.. well done plarium -__- *update* the page you provided tells people nothing about ceasing updates to the game. talked with them previously
It was fun I just hated how you had to turn your screen at a certain angle otherwise you'd be looking at it weirdly and how it's one of those games that you have to like wait for everything to like actually you know build and stuff but that ain't mean it ain't good game
Slow start, but I'm hoping the developers would increase more simple options for recruiting soldiers! Other than that, the game is cool!
So far a very good game. Great work from plarium once again. Always been a fan. Suggestion, try making speed ups more accessible
First of all I did not get paid to put a five star ratting. Second i really wish i could put a 4 and a half because for two reasons 1 because this is basically a grinding game and also once you get your headquarters to like level 10 thire is no point in using the free building... thing seccond i'd really like to be able to pay to get to chose a faction again. PLEASE ADD THIS!! Edit: thanks for replaying to my comment, but how do i get it without paying real life money? ❤
I like technology and I like this game, it expands my mind in technology. I would like to say that we want to send items and components to our allies. This is a excellent game also advanced.
I was thinking more of a team battle mode. You unlock characters the further you proceed into the game. A Battle mode you can see the resistance fight skynet. Or if you choose skynet you can see them battle the resistance. Overall I think th game is fun. Keep up the good work
It's a really good game and I put in a lot of time and effort to it. But I have a few questions. When will the next update come? Is it true that it can take months to complete upgrades? And if so, did the developers do anything to decrease the amount of time needed for upgrades to be done?
This game caters to what this industry calls "whales". There are players who drop several hundred dollars into this game, and will always dominate players who do not. This type of business model is known as "pay to win" and warrants an automatic 1 star rating, from me. Pay to win games are not ethical in any way. New players have been warned...
I love this game its the best terminator game for mobile the only problem I see right now is the time it takes for building to get done im a high level so building take weeks to get done and I don't mind waiting days but I have to wait 5 to 6 weeks to get a building done other than that you can play this game for hours! :)
Hate this game - pay to win. It just makes you spend money, if you don't you will not reach a decent level in million years no matter the strategy you apply. Ans there's no skill to learn here other than pay big bucks to keep it in the high ranks.
Wow I'm glad you are still supporting the game in 2021 and in exchange you get a top review now I love this game better than dark fate which is a slightly newer one than this.I'm happy I get to choose a faction and I'm going with the bad guys for a change and I love the artwork of the units lots of detail even when their moving across the map but I would add a suggestion for the future label the buildings so their easy to find other than that it's a top notch game.
this is a very good game. would get 5 stars but it's been abandoned by the developer. not many people play anymore and those that do are super strong and some prey on smaller bases. but the developer is more than happy to take your money for purchases.
This game can be pretty enjoyable. You just have to play your cards right and have patience then you would be fine. There are a few things I have my beef with. -Lack of a trading system (please I wanna scam players for gist of it) -The fact that spending a modarate amount of money can give players a sharp edge aganist others who dont -From what I heard, you have a large time clock when upgarding a high level building/research
It's a good game the only problem is the ridiculous construction times. Once you reach like base level 20 it can take well over a month 2 complete a project.
Horrible. Plarium support staff really do not care. You ask them for help or questions (not for free stuff mind you. Just help) and they blow you off if they get back to you at all. Game is a joke. Mildly fun to play but the customer service experience (yes customer, I'm the fool who put real money into this) is the worst I've ever had. It's kinda crazy that the people behind the game are the ones who ruin it. So unhelpful.
2 stars because graphics are incredible, my problems with this game is u can't upgrade multiple buildings, training troop upgrades take hours, u can't train troops from multiple buildings, u can't add other leaders to slots, once leaders & profile pics are bought you have to buy them again after changing leader, you'd have to pay for name change, (TP) Technology Point Capacity is at 1 despite having hundreds of troops when capturing data centers WHICH IS DUMB & MAKES FARMING TP A TEDIOUS GRIND.
I like the game it has potential to be really good but I've left the game for a while then came back and for some reason I can't restore my original progress and I'm not going to restart the game from scratch. Maybe if this is fixed then I'll come back to it. another thing is that this game never adds any new contant and has been basicly abandoned by the developers and many of the players don't seem to be all that active at least from my experience.
let me just say that if you don't have a good connection the server keeps getting lost it will upload but then it has to update and that is really stupid that it has to update just to log in
Strategy Game. Graphics look cool and it's a bit complicated for a beginner. Wanted an arcade game. Uninstalled. ==========Annexure: The Game is great! Shows hardwork of developers. Was looking for an FPS Shooting game.
Thought could see the battle and also do like deploying units on enemy base but its fake. I think it is the best game in the world. Resources, bot or player opponents even buildings of the alliance to get benefit. Its graphics is good. Just only add to enable player to see the fight and also deploy. Its too easy. But will be better.
Honestly wished they went with this timeline instead of Dark Fate. Love the game btw. Wish you could build off of it. Make a pc rts maybe.
Hey devs. I like your game but I wish there was a way to reset my base to start a new. Is resetting a base isn't something you can do could you try and find a way to delete user data to also be used as a way to reset. And can the faction swap item either be easier to get for removed altogether so that I can swap faction to faction to see what every building looks like for both sides, because I love the look for both sides and wished there was an easier way to see them.
It is a good game. We need a update that includes where any rank member can dismiss there leader that has been offline for more than 1 week or so so then the clan can keep growing better. I am in a clan at the moment that the leader has not been online for 4 weeks and 3 days and there is no rank 4's to use the Item Catalog for the rest of the clan. Please do something about it.
It is one of the best game I have ever played. It's graphics is very good. All we have to do is to gain patience and play it wisely. I like it's functions. I love this game. Thank you.
Like for example when you go and attack another base, it be cool to see them on the battlefield n your troops sieging the base. Seeing the resistance or terminaters fighting one another either sieging or defending the base, Helicopters/tanks/troops running across the battlefield. Of course when you do go n attack another base it should be a option if u want to see the battle or not. when u go get resources u see them on the field mining/searching/scouting. If not it's cool I'll keep supportin^
Worst Game ever. Don't spend a dime. Don't do you any good but the developers. You are still limited even if you are level 26 on your Base. Skill points hard to get and everything takes freaking months to create but they count the time in weeks. 300 weeks for this, 400 weeks for that. 1,000 weeks for whatever. It's a freaking nightmare. I spent almost $1,000 for nothing just cause I wanted to be a Clan's chief and wanted to help my members. But they killed my men with ease, regardless.😡😡👎👎👎
I'm absolutely blown away by this. I love these kinds of games so keep that in mind when reading this review. I really didn't expect anything from a Terminator mobile game but they really went above and beyond with this. The art is gorgeous, the 3d models for the units are really cool, the unit descriptions are amazing (and really well done on a technical level), and the options for leaders and the gameplay mechanics are solid as anything. I really recommend giving it a try even if you aren't a fan of Terminator.
The Game Looked Awesome But When I Pressed What Team I Wanted To Be But Then It Instantly Error When I Pressed Again It Said Error Even though I was at FULL Bars It's Not Even My Phone Somebody Fix This.
It's Unique game and the prices are reasonable would you want to buy something you don't have to buy the most expensive thing to play this and they have reasonable stuff in here is the jerkoffs that keep attacking you in 5 and 10 minutes not the companies false
Two years ago I was a fan of this game then i realize this is a pay to win game. All my clanmates left same as my reason. Downloading this again to check if there is a change.
It is an alright game and I get strategy games like this are cool but I honestly though it wasn't as simple as I hoped it to be. I got lost the minute I started playing, I didn't know what is worth saving money for or how to attack. I didn't really know what I was doing and I ended up deleting it within the first few minutes. I miss the actual shooter Terminator games, bring those back. I thought those games were very entertaining and much simpler to use.
This is a great game and all the graphics are great and the gameplay is flawless but what the heck happened to the robocop version of this? Please reply
I like it so much but some repairs are gonna do in this game even i willplay mech arena from plarium but these games are now are much popular so the kids are playing these games so i hope some more games from you and do some repairs in these games I hope you do understand my problem thank you
This game is very addictive.. The graphic are on point and everything is smooth is just the online stuff
Started to play this again. It is better than most similar games once you work out all the advantages you can use. Like having a leader for base and one for war. Great game. Download it, join a clan. Great if your a fan of terminator
One of the best terminator games ever made obviously it's a strategy game that what makes it special, for me the graphics are good, the level of detail is excellent, no complaints at all. This game is excellent and will provide you lots of fun and challenges (build,protect your world,attack,etc), Really hats off to the whole team of Plarium LLC for making this masterpiece, And you, don't waste your time in reading this go and checkout this masterpiece by yourself, it cannot be described in words
I really love this concept of gameplay getting to choose your faction is fun and very enjoyable I also wanted to say say that your game has one of the best communities I've seen in a while the games is without a doubt a very unique and ive recommended it to freinds who would play
Maybe add a little of the terminators,hybrids,comics,video games too i really love the game I've been a huge terminator fan!
Best game the game needed for more ex- low cost prices on each product too much price dear game plz add daily login reward plz add feature to get coins etc plz add this overall best Wishes from me download this game best game ever made it to the strategy
While its not perfect or anything new its set in the Terminator Universe, and offers hours of fun gameplay with a tatical twist great graphics & sound quality that really emerse you in the gameplay. Ive played a lot of game similar to this but the appeal is obvious. I believe any fan of the Terminator franchise & RTS & Building games will enjoy this little gem. It's easy to pick up and start without being overly complicated or complex, actually its pretty self explanatory & helpful.
Well, so far as I enjoyed playing this game it's a very good time killer and the Machine side of things detailed to a certain extent. Things are easy to catch on. I just wish someone would make a game wherein you can play this theme against a real player (which this does only) or have the option of full RPG and a RTS without PvP. As of this writing my bubble is still up, but I'm able to build a massive force and it makes me wonder about the players near me with bubble? Overall good. So far.
Very fun Graphics are pretty good if you ask me The details for the machines areincredible I really love this game
Very bad game in terminator filim. I just hate it. Please don't make like this games in your life. Because it was not starting zero presentage only was there that is why deleted the game
Probably one of the better strategy games on Android. Especially better because it's Terminator. *I've updated my review to five stars and deleted some parts of my previous review.
Good enough. There could be a lot more to it- upgrading and training using less resources, having new battle areas, lowering costs more often. An updated version with the new Terminators would help.
I'm in love with everything about this game the character to the art word to the scenery all of it and I never get tired of it or board but it will be nice for some new updates and stuff in it but other than that I absolutely love this game
When I was used java phone 5years before it is one of my favourite game but now it is not comfortable with android and it is not easy to play because it not start itself when downloaded, it take too more upgrades and installations to play. Last time i waited for 4days for installation but till not completes itself at that time, Im getting irritated and uninstalled it
This the best games of terminator and the holding back from installation is that it might be a data game it might be using data to play and I don't want that so if it is a data game change it to a normal game so that people can enjoy for free
Its decent, I was hesitant since the movie was so bad but it has the feel of the classic war flash backs. The game always has recommendations to help build your base. A decent time killer, just wish there could be some fun mini games like reprogramming a T-800, maybe repairing them or changing their skin. Just little fun mini games like that could keep me entertained, because I feel like the game play now can easily get repetitive.