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Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Firefly Games Inc. located at 11835 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 950 E, Los Angeles, CA 90064. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
An exceptionally good game, i am quite a fan of Terminator and to play a game where the machines are your enemy? nice turn around from zombies and hostile factions, although some have heroes in it i secretly wouldn't mind some heroes on this game too, the research is standard too and the addition of the tower defence mini-game is unique to this, looking forward to the future improvements this game will have! -Slyzer (Ingame name)
Hello. I found two problems. One, is that my wifi 2.4ghz is set as default and not at 5ghz by my internet provider. So my wifi jumps between channels 1, 6, and 11. In which I will try to reset the router. Two. In the USA, the players don't log off when finish playing. So, their wifi search causes problems for everyone else. Thank you for your support.
Thus far (only a few days played) it is a great game, though a reskin of myriad building, training, warring games. I enjoy it a lot and so far have not felt the absolute need to spend in order to play and actually get somewhere, though they definitely push the packs and it would probably help in the long run. How much, I don't know. It is a fun game, easy to get into and much better than the other Terminator game from Plarium.
I played a game similar almost 10 years ago this is very close to it I forget what the other game was but I'm glad that they created this I have a blast playing it you can rise up and become a great player without spending a damn dime.
Great Game so far, obviously needs more events (Kill events, RSS events, Raise Power events) Add something that allows us to win prizes, Like a Roulette Wheel etc.. Alot of games have these! Also, I see you have ground troops, what about flying troops? Helicopters, Jets, Bombers! Also, add a defense wall that we can upgrade, and add a building that we can build defence traps!
It's a standard timed upgrade base/army/alliance type game, with some clever Terminator twists. Good balance between paid and earned stuff, I've bought some small stuff but didn't *need* to and the latest update has added some really nice features - alliance war games, the addition of Grace as an officer and of a female Captain avatar are all small but thoughtful additions that do a lot to sell me on the theme, and the facelifts on some ingame buildings were great. Bodes well I think.
I started playing the game. And then I saw the dreaded VIP system. There are more and more games not using it and are cashing in with much more money from players not needing the VIP but instead just packs for fun. I advise players to look into Last Shelter for an example of success. OG Blazing Cowgirls and so forth. No VIP system but plenty of cash spent in game. 2 Stars
EDIT * Captain Zer0Hal0 A couple of months on the game is dying. Many people have quit due to being zeroed by P2W players with no chance of fighting back or being bored. What started off (previous review) as a fun game is repetitive with the same events over and over. I'm base level 17, it is near on impossible to progress without spending to get millions of RSS which would take weeks to gather at the risk of losing it from attack. The devs promise to fix bugs and update but nothing is done.
I lost 1 million strength which took months to gain in a couple of minutes. No change of defence,no change of retailation. This game is absolute pay to win garbage. I do not recommend anyone play this game. If I could give it a zero I would.
Captain DreadEater, So far the game is not bad, seems to run smooth and graphics could be smoother and less blocky. Timers feel really long at start. So i feel you will lose alot players at start because it is like almost 2hrs for something to get to level 2. When level 1 was like 7mins. Alliance helps could be more helpful and take more time off for longer buildings research and equipment. Stamina regin is way slow. 600 seconds for 1 stamina is little long for my taste. Maybe 300seconds.
Captain name is bedz. The used experience is brilliant. Great map layout and with resourse tiles and terminators all around you. Rewards from participating in the on going events help with your growth. All over brilliant ideas. Keep it up guys. The grafix improvment with the last up date aswell as adding grace and carl. Keep up the great work guys
It's a free game but as always with these games the person with the biggest credit card wins, even if u manage to get up to high level you will get bullied by the higher level players. If you set up a alliance with other players other alliances will destroy your allaince territory putting you back to square one. All the top allaince are arrogant and won't think twice about ruining your game play. The games a nightmare if u don't pay to win
Captain Glitch (ID 231698) Lvl 9 base and fun so far. Fairly cut and paste for most of the garm, but with plenty of extras thrown in. Definitely more fun to play with a good guild. It could use a few more tutorials for advanced parts, like your own personal terminator (wohoo!) but I think in time, this could be one heck of a game!
Been playing a little over a month now and I'm loving the game. It's not pay to play as I've spent 40 dollars to this point and have gotten pretty far. That's not to say spending doesn't get you there faster but the packs are at a great price and not wallet burning. Overall very good game.
This game is awsome there is so much to do compared to other alliance based games the tutorial is really helpful for beginners and even if you are a veteran of these games you will find it way better than the rest Keep the updates coming to make it even better than it is but that will be hard as its already there by a long way
Alliance teleport and territory teleport are extremely expensive. Troops could improved upon, 6 types of infantry, 2 types of light vehicles (motorcycle and quads), No air support. Friend or Foe is very tricky, a alliance can be marked in your alliance as friendly and to them your marked as neutral or hostel, so they can attack you but you can attack back, other than those 3 problems it's a good game. And I rarely say that about any game.
Players are ass holes. They attack you all the time and they are high level people. They don't play fair and won't give u a chance to grow. These people spend money on the game so they climb levels quickly. Once they climb max level they kill everyone and its boring, especially lower level guys. They don't attack levels like them because it would be a challenge for them. What they do is kill everyone who they know they can defeat( lower levels). Level 30's destroying level 20 all the way down.
Like the other guy said, "who doesn't like another Terminator game? The game is going pretty good....nothing too exciting just yet as it is still early in the release and servers have yet to populate with players. I do see the potential for it to get better and better...i mean it is Christmas and what more of a perfect time to release another Terminator game then Now! 'Psst..Developers! Christmas Events?' Happy Gaming! I'll be back.. Saskquatch306 (TDF I.D.)
I still don't see any difference between this game and other strategy mobile game. Game is boring because there are many gameplay like this in apps store just only story that is difference but lack of game creativity. The story also not interesting. So I don't suggest to play this game. The result ending may like me. Uninstall the game!!!
Came from another game of this type. It gives no pay players more opportunities to level than the other game with the alliance gift system. It still allows pay to play people to dominate servers. They are able to kill off a server in a matter of weeks with non pay players quiting in short order. Might want to think of doing separate servers for the two. The one will support the other. I find it annoying that you can't delete the scavenge from it's own page. You have to go back to the main mail
IGN: Beren Would like to thank Camel for responding to me about the bug issue. I suggest some kind of in game mail compensation for those who had issues buying packs. While other players have been able to purchase packs this severly cripples those with this bug to keep competitive. This is a really bad bug to have in a game early off in development. Cutting down sales will only slow down updates to the game. Also your player base effected by this issue should be reimbursed.
the game takes forever to load and the screen goes black. My device is awesome thank you very much. And competely compatible with games worth their salt. Every time someone complains about a fault the generic response is the person's device. Heres a clue fix your bugs or dont launch the app.
Normally dont play games like this. I downloaded thinking it was a tower defense game only....its so much more. I'm still trying to learn it all, and placed in the 200s for the server event. Not bad for a rookie. It doesnt seem to be pay to win, as I feel I'm winning. Was invited to the group I'm in because they said I grow fast and play hard. Lol. Anyway I recommend this game, and suggest u pay attention to real AI and automation. We r closer to the end then you think. Lol
The game is Dead. For several months now no update, no server merge, nothing. So if you will play think twice. Developers do not even know what will happen to the game if you mail them.
With the new updates it's great but wanting to move to a different server and can't hope y'all can give us customer support and let us choose what zone we want to move to without a base cap limit I'm stuck on server 1and I spent money on monthlys so making a new account is put of the question
Intro is best,but what is a terminator?terminator is not a strategy film, OK,you create this game just sit back&wach,but lag, & I never like strategy just upgrade and watch,nothing playable, now try a fps or third person shooting game this will be worth for you dev,you have the future in hands,thanks
The game is becoming better and better. The last update added a bunch of new updates and events happen more often now. They also feel a bit more rewarding. The surprise was they are machine related, so I feel like the devs took into account my last feedback. If you have second thoughts, just stop and try the game, you will have fun, it's a good strategy. This needs some more bug fixing atm, I just submitted one and another thing I would like to see is some balancing done to the kill/wounded rat
Good game, its enjoyable to play but it would benefit from more of a mix up in events, the new year even has been running the last month where it should have eneded weeks ago, orher than that like i said its a good easy game to play not overly focused on pay to win so someone one who doesnt pay can still progress.
Wanted to give 5 but my avatar was removed for no reason... wasn't even offensive than I collect my daily to repurchase my avatar again which I was not successful at. Than I log back in and my thorium is almost gone??? I would like to update my comment. The error was on my behalf, I would also like to thank the dev's for there timely handle the situation. Awesome game you guys, still upgrading, still farming, still pillaging 😁. Looking forward to future updates. Peace 5⭐
I hate this game...It loads for too much time.This game is a total ass.As I saw in the comments that was totally true.This game sucks.And I guess the developers don't care about this game anymore...
It's pretty good, although the game does hold your hand a little too much at the start, once you have the hang of upgrading buildings, the best thing to do for your base is to move it close to an area where resources are nearby, you won't have to travel far then and upgrading stuff becomes quite easy, all in all a good game that doesn't force purchases down your throat every 2 minutes!!!
Used to be a 5 now I can't place anything less than 1. No updates in forever. Nothing new. games incomplete. I want my money back. I am not paying for something incomplete
Good game. The only thing I wish was that building faster. Also I noticed that there are not an A-10 or Blackhawk in the game. It's a good time killer. Just need to improve the time to build. Also you should put governance to prevent farming of less rank players. IE less than 4 ranks below - cant farm them. Blank138
I would give this game 6 stars if i could. Well thought out game. They did a great job. The developers could have done no better to start. I'm sure that there's not much that they'll have to change. I love the game play so far. I won't be changing the Stars. It deserves to be a five star game. Love it keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what's next.
the game is great but my account not connected with my email try contact with customer service and email etc no body help no reply anything
Typical base build game. You cant make sufficient resources. Have to spend cash after a point to keep growing. Extra builder for cash. The game centers around you having limited capacity to do anything unless you use speedups and spend cash. The tower defense part is fun but only a few attacks per level. gear as in typical base build requires hunting monsters for drops. You can also slowly make low gear. bring your wallet.... All set in a terminator theme. BlackIC
It's a good game but the are no new updates and there is nothing to do much it's very boring and have to do same things on and on with no new content or passion. In the beginning it's good but I think developers have also lost interest in this game!!!
Really great game overall. I wish things didn't cost so much, to buy not a lot of resources it is a few dollars. Other games I have played the exchange rate was better. I would increase the amount of goods you get for using real money, otherwise I am not sure it is worth spending any money in game. I only say that, as it is a good game and I would be more than happy spending a few bucks - but I don't feel like currently I would get anything that would be all that helpful. Sector 1: Rams
Good game, shame the developers haven't updated it or brought in any new content for months! pull your finger out developers and it could be a truly great game.