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Teon: Sword & Magic

Teon: Sword & Magic for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Lakoo located at workshop 8s, valiant industrial center 2-12 au pui wan street fotan hong kong. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Roamed around town for a bit, found you need to subscribe ($10 a month) to access all areas. Shortly after that a spider came a long and repeatedly killed me in town (I couldn't kill it and no one around to help). Relogged and the spider still there in the middle of town hunting me down and killing me. Uninstalled after that...
Well, I created a character, royal, and when I entered the game I got killed instantly by some skeleton and all I could do was to tap "town respawn" or "exit game" because I got killed 5 times in a row.
honestly the best mmorpg out there. but lacks updates which killed the community, barely anyone logs on. new players join and they quit a couple of days due to no help because the lack of vets. I just cancel my subscription because I just dont see any updates coming soon. the asian server gets all the good updates and get screwed. amazing game but you failed the north American server. to pay 10 dollars a month for a dead game I rather pay that for osrs.
everything is a bit too slow. I'm on board with hard grinds and nothing easy but the movement speed is horrid. i love the stats being freely placed. gives a d&d feel but it's so hard to stay awake while running around
There are many great reviews and some bad ones for Teon so I decided to give it a try myself. However, the app asks for permission to edit your social media activity in order to play and that is just a terrifying thought. Thank you for offering a free game but maybe one day I'll try again if you leave my identity alone.
Lineage the Bloodpledge clone. Logged in and after a couple minutes I realized this game is a Lineage 1 clone. I love that because I played lin1 from beta till it shut down, a little over 10 years. I'm sad to see this game isn't really updating anymore though. Lineage is built to play over many years, not days. this recipe is for more hardcore players. its not the p2w crud that is everywhere now. Look up Lineage 1 faqs etc to get a lot of insight for Teon. Teon isnt exactly Lineage but its 90%
Literally downloaded a short while ago. Fully installed. Line is good. Been stuck on the loading page since game opened...is this supposed to be normal?
Super awesome mmorpg ! a little disclaimer though this game is not for kids i love rpgs that takes hours of play and weeks to months of grind and through hard work and determination you get a since of a real acomplishment as with anything else in the real world i got tired of other mobile rpgs that baby you and what seems to be a never ending battle of tutorials and consistantly being pampered every step of the way TEON is a solid choice for adults that enjoy hardcore rpgs ! ty devs
This game reminds me so much of Ultima Online and Diablo. I love it so far! Wish I would have discovered this game a year ago!
Definately an RPG for adults. Reminiscent of Elder Scrolls with no party system. Takes time to get used to the slower gameplay, but a nice change from the faster paced hack 'n slashers. The subscription is a bit high if you don't use U.S currency, and 3 days to delete a character is a bit much imo. Not a deal breaker, but can be frustrating waiting for a slot to open if you created a character you don't like. Otherwise, a true masterpiece.
The fans of Diablo & oldschool roleplay hack & slash may love this brutally realistically view on less heroic characters. It has many admirable moments, but the lack of waypoint finding & zero auto-combat do burden it a bit. For those who can invest weeks to level & grind their character up to something noteworthy: Yeah! (And certain animals have more loot than monsters and villains, an old LOL remembered!). "One day my wizard/warrior/ranger will be as rich, as one of those wolves striding thru the generic forest..." The skills or spells are weird, and plenty are useful for the game. Maybe I am at a disadvantage due not taking psychiatric meds which slow down that much. "Those lightning quick dopeheads these days... No worries, generation PROZAC is allowed to drive cars & operate machines."
I can tell the Devs love diablo 2 so they tried to make it even slooooower so that it feels like it's challenging when in reality I fell asleep twice trying to play it. I wouldn't mind the windows 95 era graphics if there were interesting features in the game, not just stolen ideas from d&d
I'd give 5 stars if they show some armor progression visually, and had atleast some basic character customization.
Enjoyable game, wouldve been a runaway hit in the 1980s wouldve been top 40 in the 1990s however; we are living in 2018. A bit slow paced, but still a great game.
Doesn't work. Took a long time to load, then longer to install. I made my character then it crashed. Crashes every time I try to open. Looks like others have had similar issues. Dang I wanted to play.
1hr 7m deep in extracting files.... no thanks... looked cool, loved the description.. too bad it aint finishing the extraction.
I absolutely love the game. But may you please increase the walk speed a little bit. Traveling takes forever and its annoying when ur trying to get one point to another and its taking minutes. also you move faster when going side to side. pls fix that
Great game, feels like lineage 1 or Diablo. By the way it's hard) In training you can take 10 lvl you'll need it) cuz NPC give you weapons and armor and speed buff, you can by it in game money or cast Mage Elf or Royal) Dunno what ppl said about no weapon and spawn and death ^^' yup i love lineage 1-2 so it fun if you like it :3
Hardcore games are hardcore for their difficulty, not flat out bland Gameplay. I have no incentive to grind, walk, or even fight. This is all boring. Your death screen (which I had to force, because apparently it took 7 people) was even trash, giving me the quit game button like you knew I was about to uninstall this garbage and end the misery that is this wannabe adult game. The only thing hardcore about this game, is its resilience and persistence to believe it is worth anything to play...
Reminds me of Ultima Online. Absolutely love this game and have become addicted to old style mmorpg's again.
couldn't get past the terms and conditions. couldn't even scroll. rated three stars because it looks cool. I've got a Moto g7 from boost.
All content are good for me except the payment to access all area. Level 25 mage atm I just tried it for a day.
Good game. Loses 2 stars because of the low quality graphics and the way your character walk is just slow.
The PK system makes the game almost unique in the android devices wich is explendid!!! but having to pay to acces other areas??!! that makes this a Must-Unistal-Game. =`[
Seems like an interesting game but requires sub to access all areas. I would prefer a single payment option or a way to earn it in the game. Also the char crestion says CON is mp regen but in-game FAQ says it is WIS. So I wasted 20+ levels. Many helpful features missing - heals should autotarget player when enemy is selected, item sorting, etc.
This is the best ARPG on android. very similar to lineage1.. i love this game. I suggest give it free for the subscription in this game. Free oaths for everyone. No fees pls... developer thank you
Annoying can't even get the game to load unless I keep switching from wifi to mobile data while on mobile data network says it's unable to connect to the internet net I checked my mobile data multiple times and it's turned on. Once I get on the server/start screen it won't do anything at all it's frozen and won't let me chose any options I have closed and reopened the game several times.so far it has been a waste of time to install
Crashes at the start. All I did was create a character and click Start. Game just crashes after that.
I cannot get past the eula. when i start the game i can't scroll down, or read the eula, and i cannot press the agree button. can't even try playing the game, cmon guys.... Device: Samsung galaxy s10+
Worst game ever. You can't even figure out what to do because as soon as they spawn you you get killed by an enemy. You don't have any weapons or armor so fighting back is useless. Don't bother downloading this app it's a worthless waste of time
New Server out now! Come and play. Many new features and free to play is now possible. I suggest you bring a couple bucks to get you started tho. It takes a while time to get into, but once you are there you never wanna delete it again.
Hardcore games are hardcore for their difficulty, not flat out bland Gameplay. I have no incentive to grind, walk, or even fight. This is all boring. Your death screen (which I had to force, because apparently it took 7 people) was even trash, giving me the quit game button like you knew I was about to uninstall this garbage and end the misery that is this wannabe adult game. The only thing hardcore about this game, is its resilience and persistence to believe it is worth anything to play.
I didn't understand the game , tried to attack enemies but made no harm on them , imposible to buy new weapons , they only.give you 10 coins and everything is like 250 + , the character looks like is running but reaaaally slow
The game stinks big time. It is totally ran by bot users that grind to max level (while they sleep, which is not a game feature) then kill players continuously. If you have people pay for a game monthly you should have a GM. Or take the pk feature and revamp it. If a person is in peace mode they should not be able to be attacked, Unless they are chaotic .I would have gave the game 5 stars for everything else. But I can't play the game and have fun if I get PKed every time I get on.
Looks to have a lot of content and dialogue but I just did not care for the slow pacing or the combat. I also had frequent problems with arrows and potions using up multiples when I only used one.
Best game i had played in a while...the gameplay is all about surviving while exploring and grinding...need to follow some pro tips/tutorial before starting if lazy to explore on your own...
this is the first game i ever score and this is the first game i ever spend money for it. i dont know how to describe but hard maga reader that love rpg manga like : The game or ... will love this game. i dont think i ever going to drop this game. thank you for creating this lovely game and sorry for bad english
I played the game for a few weeks before uninstalling. I had to watch YouTube videos to play the game. Now, I know this isn't a brand new game or anything, but to have to be forced to watch a "how to video" is a little silly. The game is painfully slow, and is in dire need of optimization. Too many great titles to waste to s of hours on this one..
Hahahha the description has it right. Terrible game. I literally thought someone had hacked their description panel and wrote that. Who would admit low drop rate????????!?!?!?! Ha lames deleting so boring n slow