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Tentacle Wars ™

Tentacle Wars ™ for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG located at Romanstr. 7-9 80639 Munich. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is very different from the other cell expansion type game(s). The music is great and the look is very cool. You have to be quicker in some zones to get 3 stars.
I love it. But some of the levels are over-exgaratingly hard. Like one in which you only have absorb cells and the enemy and bombard you at range with tendrils and there's nothing you can do. Otherwise, a brilliant game.
Docking a star for making me rate to unlock features, but this is a great game. If you ever played the original games on flash, that's what the first two organisms are. Then they add an absorbtion mechanic which isn't as fun, but the random levels are endless and I've never gotten bored of them. It's simple satisfaction. And the ads are pretty unintrustive.
Great game, guys! I just started playing and I'm already enjoying the challenging nature of the early stages. Big ups to your level designers!
Reason why I rate it four: 1. I need like a mode that you can build a level but you need to complete all of the levels 2. Really short I beated it in 50 days, add more levels/chapter 3. Add game modes 4. Add a new type of virus/cell,A.I. Friendly cell
The idea of the game is great Its a very relaxing game I actually like it Easy and doesn't get me angry great job for the creator But its sad that it only had 4 organisms, because 1 organism = 1 star that is why i gave it 4 stars but not 5 Hope this game gets an uptade soon because I like it. Thanks for the creators.
One of the best games ever. Wish they had more levels, I did so many random levels. Very fun and strategic
It's fun bit I hate the pulsar mechanic and there's no way to just play the old flash style tentacle wars and it drives me crazy.
The game is great for little breaks, and challenges the mind, esspecially on later levels. I highly recomend for anyone who enjoys problem solving games that are immersive, creative, and aren't a Candy Crush knockoff.
The gamd is great fun, the idea is awesome, but it gets very difficult very fast, the last level of the first zone took me ages to complete and the second zone is just too hard for the second set of levels
Really good game... Completed most levels in a couple or hours... But last level of the first phase is way too hard lol been stuck on it for days... took the whole fun out of it... cant move forward from there... uninstalling it
The port from the old flash game is almost perfect, and the things that make it more difficult are welcome, but the new game mechanics in world 3 change everything about the game to a point I no longer enjoyed
Pretty fun but i rate it 4 stars because the game gets too hard even it is just 1 level higer but overall its great
I finished the game within a week (around an hour or 2 a day). I enjoyed it very much and I'm glad that I discovered this game. The game requires absolute strategies to beat hard levels. It also requires some quick finger dexterity if you want to beat the AI and earn 3 stars for each levels (these are pretty much late-game stuff and suitable for the players that are rather referred as "Try Hards". Anyways, the game was fun. Great game designs also.
This game is great the gameplay is enjoyable music is calm visuals look good very welldone if you're into games like this then i recommend it On that note there is bad news. the game's timer is very fast witch means in order to get three stars per level you have to play it out in a certain way and that sucks it means you're not doing your own thing but rather it feels like you have to play it the way they want no freedom also syringe booster sucks too so bad if you use it instant one star boo :(
Okay this game is a little fun actually it's really fun I got to this really good level is kind of hard but I did it anyway show how to play it's pretty easy to do on the phone show how to play it's pretty easy to do on the move I don't
I had already played this game before but thought it was time for a rematch. Original game with clever mechanics. Nice brain teaser.
Could've been a great game. unfortunately, it became quite clear after several minutes of play that the developers are just after your cash. of course, all dev's are, but this game makes it almost a requirement just to be able to advance through the next level after just the first few. on top of that, items can only be used once, meaning you need to spend even more. There's also very minimal freebies. 1 day of play = 2 free items from ads = 2 cleared stages if used wisely. Not worth the download
great game! one of my all time favorite flash games too. Controls can be frustrating at times especially when the AI gets super aggressive on multiple fronts. Still a fantastic experience nontheless.
Early on, you encounter levels where it is way too hard to get a three star score. Such a difficulty spike should NOT happen so soon in a gimmick game like this. And yes, using a power up will INSTANTLY drop your score down to one star. Not cool.
I think the idea behind the game is great. What I don't like however is the ads that can be longer be skipped not muted like before. Wanna pop up an ad every level go ahead. But don't force me to watch and listen to it. I have a right to click out of it. Or mute it or listen to 5 seconds of it. I should not be forced to watch and listen to an ad.
I like it but I don't really like how some of the levels are kinda impossible without the injection thing.
Very entertaining game, it's easy to understand but challenging on the good way. Sad it doesn't have multiplayer mode, still recommended.
Great fun little game with good animations. Its kinda short and the ads last at most 5 seconds before you can exit them. This came out before the infestation of microtransactions and ad filled junk games that are now the only things you can find right now.
Been trying to get the unstoppable achievement for a while now. Thought maybe after 700 wins through random levels that maybe I may have had issues getting 7 wins in a row. So I decided to be experimental and pay when ever I'm in trouble to get through a level. Won 20 levels in a row and still no achievement..... no sence of the game if I the achievements are glitched ffs...
there was few games I've played like this kind of games, at least I found this game. PvP would be cool! oh! and more importantly ability 's that we can have so it can make the game a little easier :3 Maybe we can play as a immune system inside a human? That would be cool! x3 I hope that more players can play this game. Good luck!
One of the best mobile games to date. A real classic. The only problem is that Midway through the game, it introduces moving cells and that ruins the game for me
Great game but I've only got organism iv left to unlock and it doesn't say how many stars left till I unlock it or even how I unlock it but I'm assuming I have to get stars to unlock it (again I just don't know how much)
People say it forces you to pay to win due to difficulty spike. They need to get good. I didn't pay for anything and got 3 stars on every level. Took me a LOT of effort. But it's totally possible. Really love this game. Very challenging, fun, simple controls, strong AI.
Great game. The only thing keeping it from getting the 5th star is that my phone keeps saying it won't run right because it was designed for an older version of Android
I love hard games and this hard. I would love to test my strategies, but it is impossible because the game requires extremely sensitive imputs. You must drag, cut, attack, and defend constantly and very quickly. 50% of the time the game doesnt understand what I want to do and doesnt do anything. I always end up losing because the game wont recognize my imputs. hard to win when I cant move and the ai reacts faster because if it.
Good fun! Hard to calculate the distance between some cells due to the connections but overall really good :)
Game crashes every time an ad pops up, which is frequently. After a while the game crashes on the title screen and only works again if you reinstall. Install if you want to lose your progress frequently and replay the same levels over and over again while getting annoying ads.
Game was fun. 5 stars even. But they have now put in ads that block me from getting in game. No way of closing them at all. Until it's fixed. 1 star.
Amazing strategy game and endless random levels of fun at the end. Only a single 5 sec ad at game open, then no ads. This game is not for beginners, it is hard if you cannot strategize. All the bad reviews are from weak gamers apparently.
Great app, the difficulty steadily progresses up and gives some really fun and challenging levels, to the people who think it is too hard you need patience or another easier game if it's too hard, dont write a bad review just because YOU cant do it
frustaring. unstalled. understand im extermly pateint first level was fun. but second level the enemy gets so fast that i cant keep up. victory ended up bejng sheer dumb luck at one point i did same level 50 times. and no im dead serious. and still lost. the purple enimes is like facing an enemy knows ur gonna do before u even do.
The game itself is fun, but the ads that pop up randomly between levels, or even right after loading the game ruin it for me. At the very least, you should have an option to pay a few bucks to disable them. Will probably uninstall it soon.
The game is really fun with the way combat and capturing works as well as the graphics, but the only thing that is missing is that knock your socks off thing that makes a five star game a five star game. If there was a website or something where fans of the game could vote on stuff, I think that would be an exellent way of supporting the community.
Quite difficult game. I think it took 3 hours to finish without vaccines, even forgot to check how it works. The only minus you need to be very fast on some levels, you know how to win, but spend 7+ attempts
the graphics are pretty good but the controllers are trash all the gameplay it's complete it's great and all of that trashy controls know that needs to go you need to add some sort of button where you can move around because he had tentacles can move around and actually add more tentaclestentacle wars it's a it's the great game but you need to add some sort of like a background character because it's so like if you're a microbe and it's a pretty good game
This is great. After the "story" levels you can just play random levels. It isn't progressive. If you get stuck on a level, you can just exit to menu and try a different one, so you're never truly stuck.
I have played this game for 3 years! I love it so much! 😭 I'd even give 5 stars if it weren't for the unavailability of the Multiplayer Mode in Androids! 😭💔 I had only known this just now. I've always kept wondering why this awesome game has no Multiplayer Mode. Please add the Multiplayer Mode in Androids, please. 😟 Please, I beg of you. 😢💔🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
This game is extremely fun and very challenging. Definitely recommend if you love strategy and thinking games. I still haven't mastered every level with three star scores, yet.
Pretty fun game they ask me to rate and SO far its very good ill edit after if anythings wrong but so far very fun game Edit just finished the game and it was very fun im glad i came back to this game to beat it lol after you finish the story mode theres endless levels so you can replay def would recommend to anyone 5/5 oh yeah and i dont think i saw an ad if i did i forgot
Game is good but there's no way to avoid ads, can't even pay to disable them. Also you're required to review the game in order to unlock levels, which is a good way to guarantee you don't get a good review.
Graphics are good, all levels are beatable without using powerups, not too many ads, good amounts of variation in the cell types without becoming annoying. Once you beat all the levels you can keep playing because there are randomized levels. Would be nice if there were sometimes barriers in the random levels. The only issue I have is that it's sometimes hard to tell what type of cell is which, and it's sometimes hard to use the spawning cells.
Ramping up the difficulty so early in the game. Levels that are virtually impossible. Why don't you developers care? So much could have been done. Judging from other comments nothing is being done to fix balancing.
Its a very nice game and it makes your IQ a bit higher but the reason i give it 4 stars is because that i dont like how you need to pay actual real life money for the needles and it seems unfair to me id rather get coins and gather them to buy the needles so every round you beat you get coins than and some point you can buy more needles and thats my opinion
Awesome game ! well the first few levels are awesome then it gets to the point where it's impossible to win unless you got some items that need to be bought with real money, aka pay to win. A shame the devs resort to this kind of tactics to force you to buy their stuff
Its a pretty good strategy came overall, though some times when dealing with the purple species it can be hard, but thats what makes it better, having an opponent that seems stronger than you, and they finally beating them in the end through pure will power and determination.
Pretty fun but I wish there was a friend button where you can invite your friends and play it together
Loved the game on PC, love it now, would be 5 stars but it informed me I might have compatibility problems.
I very enjoy the "cell battle" type games, Idk if this is the original Flash's creator or not, and I'm not all the way through it (1 reason why it's not 5 stars) and it has the whole "mobile game" interruptions ("rate now!" and ads) but they're not a huge interruption.
I've completed the whole game using one vaccine, and ads are skippable, so this is a truly free game. There's a genre of mobile strategy game that's kinda tired, the "march troops between houses" genre. This game is clearly inspired by that genre but takes it in such a weird new direction and i love it. There's a lot of depth that you miss at first. The eating cells are fine but I don't think they were done particularly well: their UI is messier and the puzzles feel duller. Still amazing.
I love this game but every time I load the game or complete a level there is a 90 percent chance I will have to close the game because the ads cant be closed
better as it goes. looked a bit hum drum at first but I'm a few levels was complex and challenging. ***EDIT: I installed the game on a second tablet and the AI's pay much more quickly.
graphics are a 10 and so are the mechanics. but it got hard quick. and i locked up at the end of blue menace
Really good game, quite fast reacting ai, sometimes slow connections are best, sometimes you have to fast cut aggressively. Very well balanced and for a game of this type graphic art is incredible
This is a fun game. It has a good balance of action and puzzle solving. It also gets fairly challenging on the later levels.
Honestly, it's pretty fun and addictave! Wish they added new color cells to play as though! Almost as if, you got to play as a virus instead of an antibody
Please update the game. It is so fun that there are many other versions of this game appearing. However, I love this origin version (at least for me, it is the first game I played of this kind) the most.
Game is amazing but... Just add walls in random levels and increase cell capacity further then 200 It will get awesome and interesting
It's very good since its like a agme using mind and eyes you really need super fast to see the next but the issue is sometimee I really cant use the cell like those that can attack the other wnd friendly cells i just cant use them so that i can finish early please fix that.
Interesting concept but the levels are made so that you MUST use vaccine because there is no other way to win the level, in ANY shape and form, trying over and over, with different strategies, nothing will work until you pop the vaccine. Cash grab. Edit: Definitely a cash grab. It has been an hour trying to pass a level against purple cells. NOT A CHANCE. Literally impossible. They force you to pay for vaccines to progress.
A good game with too few levels, there is an infinite ever-changing level "generator", but it still gets repetitive over time
I liked it, it's a spin on strategy and planning, you need to make split second decisions to either savd your cell or sacrifice to reclaim later. Loved it, awesome mechanics 👍
Fun and challenging with a gameplay concept I have not seen before. Controls are mildly unintuitive at first, but they are excellent after a few rounds. The primary downside is the ads; there does not appear to be a premium version to eliminate them, and you have to actually install the app from an ad to get additional gameplay boosts (vaccinations). I would prefer to pay a couple of dollars for a no-ad version and purchase boosts as needed (or at least not have to download unwanted apps).
Really addictive game and despite the late trend of having to watch ads to do pretty much anything in all the free apps, you only get occasional ads here than can be skipped after a few seconds. I wish more games were like this...
Enjoyable, the AI can be challenging at times forcing you to strategise accordingly, the only thing I would suggest is a few more bundles of levels as I got through the main chapters in about a total of two hours
Overall decent game. As others have said it gets a bit too hard quickly, but with a little luck and some good strategies most levels can be beaten without using special items. a few, however, seem to require them. This would be more acceptable to me if it didnt happen in the 2nd set, but was closer to the end. There are also fewer levels than I would like. Pull back on the difficulty jump a little, add some levels, and I'd probably give this 5 stars.
This game is absolutely fantastic. I just wish there was an update for newer model phones due to the app crashing. But all In all, this game is absolutely worth your time in playing. it gets progressively harder and harder everytime you unlock a new stage, so be prepared. Absolutely a great game. A special thanks to the creators of this game, made my life a lot easier.
i liked it, good plot, the random levels are something to do after you beat the game plz make more levels but if your working on something big i respect that.
Could have been really great. The idea and implementation are great. But it's not a fair game. I strongly believe there is no way to finish it unless you pay for the syringes. You start with only 5 of them free for the whole game. You can not even revert back to a previous state of the game before you used them!
For this type of mobile game it's pretty average. The biggest complaint that I have would be that the levels get extremely hard very fast. Some of the levels in order to complete them you have to get the enemy to make just the right moves to win, which is ridiculous.
cool game sometimes its hard but you can still defeat at the end this is really awesome to play and fun i hope they have a new update soon more tentacles plzz 5 stars cause its epic and lost my all vacinnes but its okay i tried to beat some levels without them and its more challanging and thats what i want it becomes harder and get harder as well some times so annoying the little purple things but its so EPIC if reading this heyy dont just sit there and look at this rates install the app now
This masquerades as a strategy but after the first couple of levels it becomes much to frantic to be considered strategy. The difficulty curve is all over the place and the winner is almost always decided within 5 seconds of starting a level. The play is further unbalanced by an AI that can make moves far faster than a human and react perfectly to threats in multiple locations at the same instant. There is a good idea buried in this game and trying to get out.
It's way too hard. The AI is always overpowered so it is almost impossible to get through some levels. Some levels are extremely ridiculous with the player disadvantage. Edit: I just discovered that the green injections have to be purchased with cash. That's why the game is near impossible. Another game ruined by greedy devs. If you want money make the game cost $1.99 or something but don't make me waste my time with something completely unfair and near impossible if not completely impossible.
Great game, smooth difficulty curve, starts off really easy, with some levels in 4th organism really challenging. Still haven't 3-starred some of them. Can't wait to play random levels. Ads aren't frequent or intrusive. Substracted one star for the mechanic of absorption cells, not a fan of them. Edit: I saw some people complaining that levels are too hard. I beat 3 star most of them without using a single vaccine (paid boost) so it's really not that bad.
VERY time consuming. Love the graphics. I just want it to be more popular because of how good the game is. It must require smart plays; it has to be very logical what you do.
This is actually cool game the only problem is that I don't know how to get more of the vaccines it's been along time when I unstable it so it would be a cool updated.
Great game, but unclosable ads keep popping up. They come back when I close and re-open the game, so they require a reinstall of the game to get rid of, which resets my progress to zero. Completely game breaking.
Very fun game, until you beat it. It seems like there's only a few random levels & some of them (at least seem to be) are impossible. But a fun game tho. Can be very rage inducing as some of the levels (especially the absorbtion ones) are super hard.
Great game. The a.i. is fair and doesn't overpower you. it is an extremely fun concept. The only reasons for 4 instead of 5 stars: up on start up, every time, I have to wait for the app to force close itself and restart, then it works fine. Also, some of the controls get slightly glitchy in later stages when you absorb cells and not just use tentacles.
Was the most fun phone game ive had in a while. Gets you to really learn the ais and equip yourself with finger flexibility. Itd be nice if you could earn the green injections infinitly in game. Also i was dissapointed by the fact that there wernt more levels or things to unlock. Please add more mechanics and levels cos this games got such great potential
Cool game. Pretty well balanced and fun pick up and play. Compared to most "free" games this one doesnt actually require you to spend money to enjoy!
Listen up -People who say "ThE gAmE is ToO hArD & that you need vaccines to win, are just whining chumps. I have every level 3 stared except for 6 of them rn *without using a single vaccine*. You just need practice, skill, timing/speed, a wee bit of rng, & a working brain. -Amazin graphics -Lable the last zone as "Hard so that people can't complain without looking dumb. Its hard cause its labeled hard. -Old game with potential but dev abandoned -Multplayer & new mechanic would make it amazing!
AWESOME GAME!! This game really does test your problem solving capabilities in a fun way. It gets challenging on some levels especially if you are trying to aim for 3 stars on all levels (which you should, it's amazing) 10/10 game.
This is not a pay to win, i have played it multiple times because the copycat versions just are not on par. It is difficult but every level can be completed without purchases. Definitely recommend this game
The game is a basic puzzle thing and interesting but it's not to much to go on, it's a little short if you jus keep playing I mean I have to write the review to play random extra levels. Ig there's not a lot to complain about but not bad to play😗
It is very good! Not many ads, but the only reason I put 4 stars is because some of the levels, I can't even unlock!
I love this game but some of the levels are really hard you should and a skip button you would get three skips. Per pack
whatever you do do not try this game. They have changed the game to make it so that it's physically impossible to get three stars and even if you get three stars It Is by pure luck. You can spend the hours because they change the way time works with the Enemy. I assure you you will never get three stars on 90% of the levels you are try. Avoid this game at all costs
idk what the most recent 2 reviewers (Jake on 06/01 & some random on 05/23) are on about. I installed a few days ago & have 3 starred about 70% of levels through the 4th set of levels, which I just got to. Very contrary to their opinions, I think the game does a tremendous job of teaching mechanics, spoon feeding you easy levels once or twice to ensure you get the hang of the mechanic, then ramping up difficulty so the game always remains a fun challenge. No p2w or obtrusive ads, great work.
Not sure if this is the devs trying to get you to spend money, but some levels are impossible to win. Not in the sense that it's a fun challenge, but that it is impossible to win some levels without spending money. Game isn't really free after all.
I love this gem of a game from before the erra of endless adds in order to play games on the phone. There are some adds but it is a totaly reasonable amount unlike the cash grab apps that are promoted on the app store. Play it is fun despite its age.
Excellent gameplay and graphics. Smart puzzles. I took away the last star purely for personal reasons: it is , some of the levels, a little too difficult for me , only because I like to play all my games at the easiest setting possible.
Pretty fun! The ads are skippable by hitting back so they're not too offensive. The people complaining about the game aren't trying hard enough I guess? Like, some levels are definitely challenging, but none are impossible, and figuring out how to crack them is fun. It's part strategy, part find-the-solution puzzle. Sometimes the "absorb" type cells aren't super responsive when you need to tap them quickly, but other than that controls and game play are both smooth.
i love thiss.game it gives my brain challenge you know, i didnt use any of my vaccine ,its easy its very hard but it is possible. i enjoy ge so much i need more levelss pleaseee.
I recommend this for strategic thinking. I have completed over 900 random levels. theres a technique to win this game and every level as well. I think those who said that this game is rigged aren't trying hard enough. because I only used 1 vaccine and I won the game, and that vaccine was accidental as well.
Quite annoying to see that peoples stupidity and inability to complete the game has led to them leaving nonsensical negative reviews. The game is not rigged and nor is it impossible. It's very difficult at times and the challenge is what made it fun for me. I completed it with a few of the free syringes left over. I'm not sure where the fun would come from if every level was easy? If you're looking for a challenging puzzle game then this is great.
Great fun! Unlike most games, there aren't too many adds and is a great strategy mind stretcher. It's also possible to complete levels without purchasing anything! Thanks for this amazing game!
Really fun strategy game that has a lot more depth to it once you realize all the different uses for the bridges between cells. Tons of fun, and a game I expect to play through completely. The only possible issue I can see is that the tutorial was a tad short, and explained basic mechanics, without expounding much on the different ways to use those mechanics, leading to a bit of confusion and frustration on some early levels, while you teach yourself some strategy. That might be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the player. Regardless, the game is fantastic.
It's nice but there is two things I want to change. 1. Add more vaccines. 2. Unlock all organisms. (except random levels) I didn't add a third change because I was fine when you get a vaccine your score changes to '333' which is 1 star.
Gimme random levels Also thr game is pretty good. It requires strategy and can get a but frusterating ngl. But overall i just want random levels.
Yea I gotta lower the score a bit. While it is a fun game. The later levels in Set 3 and 4 start you off with downright impossible odds where it honestly feels like your options are to rage quit or shell out money for Vaccines if you you already spent your initial 5 gimmes. I'm not saying make the game easy by any means but dial back on the BS levels in the future
generally fun, ads aren't a bother, loses a star for the absorption levels. I hate the absorption levels. there's no way to tell which cells are tentacles and which cells I have to tap 5 or 6 times in the hopes of letting me target something. they change it from a strategy to skill based action game.
It is an amazing game, with an amazing concept, cool thematic music, and downright addictive gameplay! I must admit I HATE the absorption function though, and that really drags down the mid-late game immensely, sadly.
I like the vaccines but I can control a cell that is green but use a vaccine to completely destroy a enemy cell and pls put no ads in it
The game is overall good for passing time without getting hooked on for hours. However i think the game should have challenging puzzles only but there are some levels with near inmpossible scenarios. i hope that doesnt keep happening forever.
some levels make no sense on how hard the level is nor the practical idea of it... sometimes the handicap is too great and loose a lot of time to progress to next levels... unless you submit a feedback... not ideal but good knowing that this is more of a time killer game than one where you can expand on....
very much rigged. the entire game is only fun for the first few levels. Around the first page. after that it becomes pretty much pay to play. How? well you have to use these syringes ehich you have to PAY for once they run out. It hits a point where you can try 20 different strategies and they wont work so your forced to use the syringes. Loved the game to bits until i realised what they were slowly doing. extremely disappointed.
The Gameplay Sound was very southing and calm. Some of the images are very well designed and last but not list, the gameplay. Its unique to say the least. But, as any mobile game, it has ads. Still this is a very good strategic game and I reccomend it.
everything about this game is awful, at first seemed really good. but then after you get onto the second set of levels the game becomes near impossible, it tells you how to play, then ignores everything and does stuff you're not even supposed to be able to do. bad game is an understatement. do NOT recommend.
awesome game, if a bit short. Ignore the people whining that its pay to play, I beat the whole game without a single syringe in about 2 hours. it's a strategy game, you wont do each level first try.
Old but gold. If you haven't heard of it, don't pass up on this. It'll definitely satiate the boredom at least for a while.
Who are these people that require power ups in the first world? Made it through the entire game without using a vaccine. My only complaint is the lack of levels--Im done already, and the absorb cells--sometimes unresponsive. Great game, hurry up and make more levels.
Okay so... This game is awesome so far. Pretty damn hard but if you like or even love challenges. If you do than this is the game for you. Not to many ads which is really good. Graphics are really good. Concept is awesome. Good amount of levels so far. Having a hard time trying to beat it. It's just that difficult. Nearing the end though. Kinda wishing there were more levels but I haven't gotten all the stars for everything yet so it does have good replay value. I recommend it across the board. Get this game folks!
Great game, even though I find it well neigh impossible to get through some levels. That's me not being very good at it rather than an issue with the game
Any game that demands ratings in order to play parts of it gets an automatic bottom rating from me. Even an old classic like Tentacle Wars. You want your rating so badly? You got it! 👎
This game was definitely fun when I first started playing. Now, the second I open the app it IMMEDIATELY throws me into an ad. And the levels are completely impossible to beat (how am I supposed to take on enemies that have double the power i do and immediately launch attacks at me???) It was fun for the first world and now I'm just frustrated with the game. If it wasn't so unbeatable I would give it 4 stars, and if it wasn't for the immediate ad upon opening it would get 5
It's fun but I lost interest with the part where you have to move the cells. The controls for it are terrible and it just leaves me irritated when the cells don't move the way I want.
I like this game... but I can't beat the 30 max power level it is impossible we have 30 max power and we are so far away to attack