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TENS! for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Kwalee Ltd located at Kwalee Ltd Ricardo / Midlands Technical Centre Southam Road Radford Semele Leamington Spa CV31 1FQ . The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun and challenging and addictive addicted love it love it every time I play. I am obsessed with this game love it ! I'm still playing every day. Love it. I play daily and also play on my phone love it
Free version is a scam unplayable without excessive ad's. Seems decent would buy a paid version will not update free to no ads so underhanded.
The game is entertaining, but there are too many ads. Rotate a block? Ad. Undo a move? Ad. Start the next level? Ad. Leave the game? Ad. For every 5 seconds of game play, you get a 30 second ad. I'm used to free games coming with an obsessive amount of advertisement, but this is too over the top. You can't enjoy the game because of it, which sucks because the game WOULD be fun if you could actually, reasonably, play it.
Too many ads. To rotate the dice you must first watch an ad. In order to undo your last move, you must watch an ad. I downloaded it and rotated 2 dice and uninstalled it quickly. You spend most of your time watching ads. The people who rated this game above 2 stars are disillusioned. If you want a great game to make a certain number (like this game without the endless ads) I highly recommend Make 7! Its fabulous. I thought this game would be similar, and it quite is, it just kills you with ads. Not worth the time. Don't Download. Just get Make 7! And no I dont work for Make 7.
I don't think I've ever complained about ads in a game. I mean, I'm pretty understanding about it in general because I appreciate free apps, so I figure ads are a fair tradeoff for the devs. But this. Sigh. This was just ridiculous. They take advantage of every annoying ad feature you can imagine. Ads every single time you do anything in the game; not skippable in any fashion; AND the best part - they want $2.49 to turn them off... What's that you say? You'd never seen anyone charge more than $.99? I know! I also had never seen that before! I guess we're both wiser now. Witness greed at its finest, people. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
I love this game on PC but it is totally unplayable on Mobile. The ability to rotate the piece (a central game mechanic) is locked behind an ad wall. This also makes the game online only because you can't play the ads to rotate anymore. Terrible practice and an awful experience.
Ads ads ads. You literally cannot get through a single game without 30 seconds ads popping up every few minutes. Lame, it's a fun, simple game otherwise.
My new favorite game! Way better than a handful of other brain games I've played. They got repetitive but in this game the levels are all different and increase in difficulty. It's been a fun challenge during this quarantine.
Beautiful graphics, smooth UI, challenging enough to be fun but not too much to require an uninstallation, ads aren't annoying, no bugs that I've come across in the gameplay and I don't think there's anything we can complain about in this super fun game! Good job, developers!💜
Great game, TOO MANY ADs. This is ridiculous. I love the game but I shouldn't have to pay $4 to get rid of the ads. No thanks and delete.
Way to many ads! If you want to rotate a shape (which you have to do if you want to get a half decent score) you have to watch a 30 second ad. To watch an ad for even half the shapes is ridiculous! Even if you try it as more of a challenge to not rotate the shapes, you still have to watch an ad every 5 minutes to continue playing. There's an option of course to go ad free but even if you pay, you're still only ad free for 24, 48, or 72 hours depending on how much you pay!!
To the people whinging about the adds. Suck it up princess. The adds are reasonable, for you to "get" , what the game is about. My main beef is it seemed pointless. I kept playing endlessly, with no new challenge. You need to set goals and rewards. I would have payed to remove the adds but i had no online cash. I also needed to feel it was worth removing the adds. I was feeling bored. I like the game, but bordom was why i dont pay to remove the adds.
The idea of the game & the game itself is fantastic & i enjoyed it.......until i had to watch an ad for 30 seconds just to rotate 1 piece & you have 3 slots so thats 1:30 of ads to watch to rotate a piece & thats just for that turn as they reset on the next turn. You can pay to remove the ads which are only temporary so whats that point & just feels like a quick money grab. Such a shame as this could easily be a 5+ star rating if it wasnt for the fact the devs were so greedy.
Fun and relatively mindless game. But it was made exclusively for money, and you can tell. Integral parts of the game run ads. Every time you want to spin a tile. Ad. If you beat a story level. Ad. Redo? Ad. Would be fun if there was a way to mute but awful game otherwise. I'll take this down if they patch it so if you see this dont bother.
I am not able to rotate the dice like the game says I should be able to!!!!!!???? Will you PLEASE FIX IT ???!!! ONCE AGAIN THERE AREN'T ADS AVAILABLE TO WATCH SO THAT THE DICE CAN BE ROTATED!!! ITS NOT MY DEVICE, ITS THE GAME. WHY DON'T YOU FIX THIS??!! As of 10/25/20 - THE SAME PROBLEM - I DON'T HAVE THE OPTION OF ROTATING THE DICE!!
Love this game! Any chance of buying unlimited rotation? I have it on my phone and it makes the game go faster And more exciting!!!!!
Only download this game if you prefer to watching ads instead of actually playing the game. The ads prevent you from closing the ad until it's finished, and it's an unfortunate sign of greedy arrogance. Avoid this ap, there are far better versions of this game by other developers on the Play Store... give your time and attention to developers that better deserve your attention... developers that won't take advantage of your patronage.
Eileen Pham 05/25/2019 Tens! is an awesome game. I really love and enjoyed playing Tens. Once you started playing Tens, you cannot out it down. It's so addicting. I would recommend this game to anyone believe me when I've said it's so addicting you will not wanna stop playing it. Try playing it and you'll see what I mean. Thank you Tens!!!
Unfortunately I had to delete the game. The Overkill with the ads ruined the game for me. I don't mind having in game ads but interrupting my game every couple minutes doesn't keep your focus. Then to force you to watch then so you can perform basic moves like rotating is way too much. Not only do they drain my battery faster but they cause the game to not be very relaxing. Too bad it could have been a fun game. I probably would have purchased the ad removal however I don't like how this feels more about the developers making a quick buck then the product (game).
This is a 5-star game with a 4-star penalty for locking a core game mechanic behind an ad wall. If you're interested, go buy the game on Steam (it's about $10 USD). Personally, I'm incredibly unwilling to reward such a consumer-unfriendly design choice, but I guess if it's stupid and it works, it's not stupid, right?
The gameplay is great but there are SO many ads...and they can be extremely racy. This game's content may be E for everyone, but the advertising most certainly is NOT. Please fix this problem. Kids don't need to be seeing these!!
Great game! Very easy to progress through the levels. Paying to remove the ads is a must, as well as buying the option to rotate the dice at will. Recommended.
Ads ruin everything. Used to play this game a lot when rotating a piece was free. Loaded it up recently and now I have to waste 30 seconds or more to be able to rotate a piece the first time? ON EVERY PIECE!? Uninstalled immediately. A shame really, it's a decent time waster...or it WAS a decent one. To whoever thought it was a good idea to place everything behind an ad: pro tip, it wasn't.
Total fun!! Makes you think, keeps your mind working. No matter what I always come back to Tens! Thank you, devs!
I hate as soon as I give a review on a game it starts doing all kinds of weird stuff. I never had problems with ads continuously popping up while I'm playing the game until after I did a review. The only time I will get an ad was after I will finish the game. I had given this game five stars but I have changed it to 1 because I feel like it was deliberate!!!!
The dice come in purposely bad combos. If you watch a 30 second ad to rotate the dice, it fits perfectly and will clear the board, but you can't just watch ads the whole time. I also ended up with a combination in the middle of the board that was mathematically impossible to clear, and then the game was ruined. Awful game!
It's a really clever game. Ads are insanely intrusive, but there is a link to remove them on the main screen.
Very addicting and satisfying. One bug is that I play with sound off, but it randomly enables sounds.
Why do you have a feature that collects coins and yet you cannot use them for purchase to revive the board when moves are gone? I get inundated with all those ads and at times I might select 1 to purchase a product. Is there some deception? If there were a `less than' star, I would use it.
I gave 3 stars because I like the game itself, its the ads that kill it. 30 second ads between games, during games. 30 second ads if you try un-do the last step, or try to start a now game. You can't escape the ad page for the full 30 sec, and you can't turn the volumn of the ad down. More ad time than game time.
It's a fun addictive game, but you are forced to watch numerous ads during regular gameplay. Even with continuous ads on screen during gameplay, you have to watch several lengthy ads throughout gameplay just to be able to play the game. It's unreasonable. UPDATE: totally worth paying for the ad free version if you love the game! The only disappointment is that I got a new phone and all progress was lost.
Very addictive!! Only drawback is the ads that pop up in the middle of my game temporary stopping it. Sorry, I'm not paying to not see them. I'll just have to deal with it until I can't. ❤️
Although I enjoy the challenge of this game, it didn't take long for me to become extremely agitated & disappointed! The only way to use the 3 power-ups is to watch a 30-sec ads for each one. So, I was more than happy to pay the $2.49, to remove ads for 24 hrs. But after making that purchase, those 30-sec ads were not removed! The ads that were removed, were much shorter ads that only pop up every so often. I wouldn't have paid to remove these because they are very much less intrusive!
I really like playing this game it's addictive, it's fun kind of makes my mind work, however way too many ads. Each time you rotate a piece, which is pretty regular, you have to watch an ad and then it freezes. Progress lost. I really enjoy it, but I can't play it, it takes too long with the ads. Do something about it.
Ads EVERYWHERE. Starting a game, every so many moves, and even turning a piece?! The game is impossible without turning and after a while you just get 4-6 pip dice so you're just left to the rng of 3 pieces. It would maybe be more doable with 4 pieces to place. I wouldn't mind paying $5.00 for ad free but the only options are measured by hours. Absolutely ridiculous.
Great game!! Love to play it. Very addicting but what ruins it are all the adds. You have to watch an add just to redo or rotate a block. Makes it not as fun as what it could be.
I liked this game at first, very fun and challenging. But they added a few new things with updates that I feel completely changed the game, it's not the same or as challenging as it used to be. I also had paid to remove ads and for some reason, the ads are back and I have to pay double the price I did than before to remove them again. Also, no way to sync progress online. Will be uninstalling.
Good presentation, but I can't support any game that requires a payment to disable ads for a limited time. If it was a one-time $5 purchase I would do it, but $2.50 for 24 hours is ridiculous. Plus they lock basic functions of the game behind ads. I wish I could recommend it.
Love the game, however, I'm only giving 1 star because, while I understand the need for ads, 4 while I am in the middle of a game is ridiculous.
Everything is locked behind video ads. Want to restart? ad. Want to undo? ad. Want to continue? ad. It's not like it's a small pop-up you can just ignore, no, it are 30 second unskippable ads. So then, how is the puzzle itself? Decent at best. It can be fun to make combos etc.. But it seems the updates made these literally impossible unless you use the "switch piece" button, which, of course, is LOCKED BEHIND A F***ING VIDEO AD.
game is fun, graphics are nice, animation also smooth BUT ads just too many, can you imagine every 2-3secs you play then you need to watch a 30secs ads until you can make next move.
This game makes me think!!! I like the challenge. What i dont like is the EXCESSIVE ads. Really. Do you need so many ads??
Could be really fun if they weren't only after money from ads. They give you nothing to start to help you out, and the only way to take advantage of powerups is to watch ads. Just really disappointing because I think the game is really promising, but I refuse to play something that clearly cares more about the money than the player. No way to even earn powerups as you play. Just got sick of having to watch and ad every time I even wanted to just rotate a single piece. Such a joke.