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Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends Strategy Game

Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends Strategy Game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Riot Games, Inc located at 12333 W Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064 (424) 231-1111 . The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Currently addicted to these game on phone or computer. But a little downside to it is I think if you play it on the phone. If you are using a not so high rated for gaming phone then just stick with using computer. My phone is pretty much new but it feels like it is about to crash every time I these or any other normal games. Goodluck and Have Fun..
The game itself is fine. Just having issues displaying the items and combinations when I press on them. They don't stay up and disappear before I can read anything.
No way to report blatant hackers. There is no possible way to get 3 force of natures and enough gold and items to 3* a full team when you are in last place. Don't spend your money on this game if they just allow cheaters to run rampant.
Don't bother playing if youre not gonna play mages, veigar and Ahri have been oppressive for so long, either there's a sheer unwillingness to balance the game or just a lack awareness...
Little legends are adorable AF, the gameplay is so satisfying, graphics are amazing. Controls aren't quite like PC, but it's mobile so that can be expected. No issues with crashing or anything like that. It can be discouraging to get bad rolls, but the wins MORE than make up for that, it's so satisfying to have a comp pop TF off. Love you Mort...
Can we have the tickbox for "show unowned" for all customisation options, like desktop version? Annoying to scroll endlessly through all the stuff that I don't own to be able to get where I want.
everything is great , only a few problem with little legends got no sound after update and the little legends chest from reward gone unopened . also pls add more setting for graphic and fps counter etc . good work riot !! ps : please release Singapore server asappp πŸ₯Ί
I give it 3 Cuz I LOVE this mode for real I love it more than the original but for real guys it's not finished yet I can't see my hero's action and detail.. Sadly this game unfinished and still need a lot of Work, so I hope you guys make attention for this game, it will be Awesome.
Game is fun, but 99% of the matches after i lose or win and leave the match it says ive been disconnected and the app forces me to reload into the match before i can leave again to the main menu. It doesnt matter if i wait a minute after i die, it doesn't matter if i get first place and the match is completely over, it doesn't matter what i do the app always forces me to reload in the match before leaving again. Had this bug since the game first came out, and every updae has only made it worse.
This game is just the best. I play it all day!!! I hate that the store is the reason you end up in last place sometimes no matter how much you reroll but other than that..perfection!!!
5 for how fun the game is..I play it on my laptop and it runs great. 2 for performance on my phone, would not be able to play ranked as moving unit and grabbing items is too glitchy. Edit: turns out I just needed a better phone. Game works great
I'm so tired of the horrible RNG. The amount of tryhards that only build the exact same 'strongest' builds. The massive amount of fake foreign numbered accounts. It makes the game almost unplayable and gets worse every update. I wish I could give negative stars since Riot literally has never cared about balance.
Follow Twitch.tv/Poronekton for gameplay tips. Absolutley wonderful I have been been playing LOL(League of legends) for 10 years now and when TFT(Team Fight Tactics) came out it was a breath of fresh air for the league community. Easy to pick up and fun to learn!
Love league and riot in general , quality development of a cross between pc and mobile players. Me and my husband play often.
My main issue is the fact that there are bugs, and a slow response to support tickets. Recently the game has become almost useless to play ranked because points will not add to your ranking. A random ban kicked me out more than a week after last playing this game on mobile has led to me not being able to play at all due to "inappropriate chat usage" despite chat not being available to mobile users. It claims it is a permanent ban even though it would be my first offense if chat was available.
game itself is great. I frequently have troubles with the sound, which is partially missing (like combating units not making any noise or background music being gone)
The game stopped opening for me. I updated it, cleared cache, restarted the phone, but whenever I try to sign into my acc the app crashes. Used to enjoy the game..
This latest patch just shows how unblaanced the characters are and how low level players can still roll for high tier champions when you are way above them. Power ups are all hit and miss and if u don't roll the characters you need, you're pretty much screwed. That's 90% of the time when you play. U can keep rerolling and hope u get the guys u need, but most of the time, you're stuck with a terrible comp and just end up losing. Don't waste $ to get the avatars and level backgrounds. Not worth it
It's been a while since I've been able to find a game I enjoy playing AND am willing to spend a tiny bit of money on for the battle pass. I really enjoy being able to think about what items I'm making and what champions I need in order to build a good team, and not be nervous and constantly alert like in shooter games, etc. I also like being able to play ranked while still being a casual player. Of course graphics and more are much better on PC though. Hoping for more mobile/iPad upgrades soon!
I've play this on the computer and it runs amazingly. Not too good on my phone however, but the game is still cute and frustrating in the addicting kind of way. If I wasn't such a sore loser when I lose bc of my bad luck, this game would make me so happy. This is all about luck, so even with a good team, you can die randomly bc of one character. So, if you have good luck, give it a go. Or don't, I don't care.
Everytime I see a picture or gameplay of TFT I immediately want to play it. It's a great game and for people who get off on RNG, it's really satisfying to get everything you want in the perfect order sometimes.
Still waiting for SEA server I would like to top up and upgrade but Im from PH and the server is Japan. It would be great to spend money if this is open as well to SEA. Ive been waiting for a long time for sea version but untill now it hasnt implemented. Not to mention even in PC i dont like garena, i want Riot Sea account.
First two games on Android got 2nd and first on ranked plat elo. So interface and everything must be intuitive for a retard like me to be able to find shop before round 3 and everything. I'm playing on decent phone so game was smooth. Xiaomi K20 pro First game got 2dmg from second minions cos I couldn't find shop And had Vayne vs 3 minions XD.
Downloaded and installed today 11/12/2020 and cant launch game upon signing in i get a pop up saying " cant access the game in my region at the moment, please change region to continue" and without an option to do so game locks me out. Will change review rating once im actually able to play this...
Worked for a few weeks now can't log on, it doesn't detect my network even though I'm connected to WiFi
The item placement hitboxes on a lot of the new units feel off. Trying to quickly switch to a new comp and not being able to easily put the items onto the new units is incredibly frustrating.
Game is fine. Probably better in app than on PC, but it doesn't scale to my tablet screen properly. Leadrboard not lined up. Champ slots on left and right corner are basically under the buy xp and refresh buttons, making it hard to play. I'm using a Samsung galaxy tab so it's not like it's an uncommon model. Crazy that riot can't get apps to work properly even after a bunch of updates.
Honestly I don't understand the appeal of this game, teamfight tactics is pretty much a try hard meta game. You can go from winning every game in your matches to losing every one with one out of 8 opponents getting 1 thing they need. The level of luck in this game is nuts. You have no idea what pieces you will get or what ones u will luckily upgrade. So if you want to waste 40 min of your time losing/winning/losing. Download this game. Because league can't sell more skins and make more money.
A very hard game to master. Enjoyable but would like gold scaling I.E beating 3rd place gives 6gold 2nd 8 gold 1st 10 gold but only if you are ranking below them. That wouldmame it easier for people whk are just getting involved woth the game
I play LoL a lot and I enjoy tft which is why I got it on my phone so I could play anytime without having to be on my pc. But sometimes the mobile version glitches and won't let me into the game. I have to close the app and reopen it to fix the problem. This happened earlier and I closed the app but I couldn't open it again. It kept crashing no matter what I tried. I'm pretty disappointed because I really enjoy tft but this problem won't let me play.
Please optimize the game, sometimes i need to click button like play twice. And kindly add chat ingame so we can communicate while playing, Overall it's a nice game and i love it
It is fine on cell phones, but I want in on my android tablet. It is a great tablet for gaming but you guys don't have tft for it. Please help. Would be a 5 if I could play it on my preferred device.
Game has improved love how you added the best champs I am waiting to see where you will put samira as a champ only problem with this game on mobile is you cant drag your finger you have to tap other than that perfect riot keep it up cant wait for wild rift!!!
Very fun game though there is a problem that occasionally happens in which the shop and buy exp button disappears and interacting with their usual location does nothing.
Your newest update has made the game literally unplayable on tablet. The sell and level up buttons now take up an entire space each. Can not touch any characters in those 2 spaces
The game itself is fine. Great to play on the PC. The app needs work. Its difficult to see your total income. The top bar sometimes hides the health of enemy champions on the far field. You only get to see your numeric health value in between rounds. And Ive had one or two instances where the game malfunctions and I have to restart mid game. Overall the app runs well, and compares to the PC version.
It's good and all but there is this bug that drives insane It's sound glitch that doesn't stop It's the sound it makes whenever you can level up a champion even there isn't anything Please fix this
I would really like something to play for, like missions, money to gather for buying better chances for heroes (small chances like +0.2% for a 5 coin hero, which imo won t unbalance the game) or achievements which would award skins or other stuff(a certain amount of damage in a round or with a certain hero). Also I would like to play for something constructive to get better chances or more items to start the game with, not only for skins.πŸ’ͺ
Unable to login in Riot Account. When press an icon to login, my screen turns white and game freezes. I tried to wait, but nothing happened. I have OnePlus 8 Pro 16GB RAM, OS Android 11, Build Oxygen OS 11.02.2.IN11AA, Model IN2020. Please, help me to log in, I want to play it on my phone...
Shut game down. There are that many exploiters in this game that I find 1 in each game you need to add a report system so the hackers and exploiters will get banned and make the gaming experience more fun also make the chosen units around what team comp you are running I spent 80 gold just rerolling for a chosen syvanna so I could do an op team comp but I get things like warlords sharpshooter and everything that isn't going to help me.Until they fix this wouldn't recommend installing this game.
Horrible game which is expected from a terrible brand (riot games). Its difficult to chose items in the carousel. Shouldn't have to lose a game because of something that should be so easy.
Just as good as the pc, however the health bars are not visible if a fight is being carried out along the top squares. Small bugfix req'd
This game is not bad honestly, fun to kill time and bunch of different traits to play with BUT the RNG of this game is TERRIBLE. I say this because it happened about 1/2 of the games I played. So I rolled for like 40 coins to find a shen, but it jist doesn't appear and I checked other players as well and no one uses it so shouldn't the chances of him appearing high? Everytime all I needed was that one champion but it just never came and ruined my whole game so please try to improve the rates
A pretty good game once you understand the basics and with the new game modes that are coming later this year it's gonna get boring way later.
Not only is the game bad. after checking it out sometime after its just a lagfiesta it's not funny to see half of the players being connected after first draft
After the recent update, Lunar Beasts, the game is unplayable on mobile. I attempted to, but the entirety of the time, the audio is breaking, the game lags, and even attempted to crash around 3 times until finally breaking and closing itself. It is unplayable.
Season 8 was fine , but since season 9 , season 10 , quality of the game dropped low . As for 2020 , 2021 still dropping
I actually have a problem, I can't get in the game, btw i was able to play the game but after an ingame update it started to show me "you aren't connected to the internet" when i am actually connected to the internet
There a bug that I notice where you can not equip a skin map or legend. To fix this, I have to go and update league of legend on my laptop.
Add a feature to view players profiles please, it'd be nice to see peoples Hours, 1st place finishes, Top 3s, Etc kinda like an achievement wall. Add a pve mode to earn cosmetics for free or just make it easier to earn Cosmetics for free in general. Prices for Cosmetics and Bundles are definitely High for what they are.
3.5 stars. Great game but please fix audio issues! It's not just me, two other people I know (with different devices) consistently have some form of audio issue from game to game. It really takes away from the game experience. I've tried all the usual fixes (cache cleared , uninstalled, log out /in) and nothing works. Also please figure out a way to change settings once a game is started. This way when my audio inevitably starts messing up, I can at least turn it off.
Edit: Love this game so much cant fer enough of it. Play it all the time! If I had to say anything I'd say that I wish this game was a bit more balanced with the synergies for this patch. Only like 3-4 synergies are actually used the other ones dont work well or are vastly weaker than the top ones. I'd also love to see like some kind of events or special game modes added. Other than that I enjoy the game so very much. Super excited to see the future sets and improvements.
I have a Galaxy Fold 2. The aspect ratio on this device is very poor. I would like the developers to update the game to properly support this device.
I found this game from a youtuber a while ago and I loved it. I recently downloaded it on mobile and it's really good. But I do have one little issue, when you go against bots mid- late game they are overpowered. I usually run elderwood, mage, brawler comp and it's one of the best comps. But even with that I still have a hard time beating the bots. If the developers can just nerf them just a tiny bit that would be great. I do hope that a developer sees this review and at least considers it. :)
Fun game but the fact you compete against people on a pc is a little unfair as its not the easiest game to move Champs fast on the phone, you tend to fat finger alot of the time.
Should separate mobile from PC users. This is a great game, but the mobile version is ripe with various hacks that allow those with the means to assemble overpowered teams and items. If you play mobile honestly, pc players have a huge advantage, as speed is key and positioning becomes much more difficult. So in the higher ranks, you wind up with dishonest mobile players, vs regular pc players. I dont know why Riot has chosen to force these together for xplatform ranked play.
The game is fun but matchmaking is horrible. There is no way to play AI and I got matched in a way where 7th place was the best I was able to get. Much too steep learning curve.
I've been trying to fix this app since it launched, it will not work properly on my motorola one.ive already made a support ticket and no response for months, why won't this company help their customers? I spend a ton of money on your games already... I just wanna play on my phone..
Worst performance of an app I encountered in a year. The login takes around 1 minute on a Galaxy s20. Now that a patch is available its still at 0% for half an hour. Looks like I will have to play it on PC only.
Graphics are bad. Champion quotes are often muted. No actual setting in the game. Touch lags which cant be fixed by relaunching the game. Fix your game riot
Either p2w or its the game glitches because no matter how much good combination you make you won't get the same champ at end at least you will stuck at 1 bronze and item drops and gold characters are good with people who pays but not for newbies or try harder. I won a game 3rd today and when it ended it shows am 4th where there was no 4rth member left in the game.πŸ˜’ If riot is planning on p2w please dlt it.
App runs very nicely. Game quickly turns into garbage. 1 or 2 good teams, everyone Googles the best composition so there's no need for experimenting or doing something different. Just run the best team with the best items and win over and over. Dying to the same 1 character army over and over gets very old. If you aren't willing to constantly check online for the best team comps and item choices, don't bother.
I was playing this game on a PC pretty frequently. Being able to play against PC players while not having to boot up my laptop is huge plus. No problems so far.
The game and updates are all great . But one thing makes me sad I can't add my friend who is in the same region, it just says summoner doesn't exist.
Cannot accept ticket to go to the room. Although I have already accepted, i showed that I declined to accept and moved me to the lobby. Another issue was that I and my friend play in the same room, he had the matching popup but I didn't.
Game runs beautifully on my 8T+, lots of fun and a great game, especially for being free to play. Haven't had any issues on my phone with performance/ausio/visual. Lots of characters and frequently updated. I do wish they could balance things a bit better, definitely still have to play what's good more often than what's fun(if playing ranked). However I toss that to the wind and play whatever tf I want in normals. A great game. toss care to the wind. play for the battles not the win.
There is a problem with getting any accounts to log in. It says they all already have one and won't log in. I try a new everything again and again. No luck. I have screen shot of what it says. I will change my review once you assist me in this matter. I want to play. Can you help me? Please.
Needs to polish some things, like letting you change the game's language, watch your match history, being able to open chat and fix little bugs (HUD flickers sometimes for example).
love the game, and love that its on mobile so i can still play while my pc is having problems with the client. however, is there any way you could make it use up less battery? i have my phone plugged in and it still goes through 20% battery life in 4 games. even optional settings like a "power saving mode" would help a ton!
Pretty good. Audio sometimes glitches out either halfway through the first game or the beginning of the second.
This is a great game. But if ur NOT a 'League of Legends'(1 of world's most famous MOBA PC games) player it would take u some extra time to figure out what this is about and what those champs can do.And unlike those money grabbing scammers, this game is absolutely free. only thing u can buy is cosmics which will ABSOLUTELY NOT help you win the game. All it takes is PURE STRATEGY. have it a go and have fun.
Fun game to play if you put the time and effort to know good synergies. To get good at the game, you have to be flexible. I'm sad that the app has been updated and says my device is no longer compatible. I'll be playing less often since I cant access my computer as often. Otherwise, great game.
Fun game but really buggy. Randomly through out the game you can't click on anything so you have to completely close the game and re-open it. If you're playing ranked it really stinks. Had it happen 4 times in one game.
I love play the game most of the time. The most frustrating thing is that sometimes the game will refuse to let me move my character. The second most frustrating thing is that sometimes the game will randomly sell my character when I just want to place them on a different hex on the board. Also, you need to look at the rerolling algorithm. It just seems super ridiculous that after a bunch of roles and the only person in the room going for a certain champ that I cannot find it after 100 rolls.
It's good but frustrating. The board doesn't fit right into the screen. This causes the areas you sell to be over your storage area and on the playing field as well. I have accidently sold guys just moving them around. Overall it just doesnt fit on a tablet screen.
Game is great but it's a completely unbalanced experience, half of the builds completely useless. Very narrow meta, no place for joy. Annoying rng mechanics that seem to always disfavour you. Don't waste your time and especially money on this poor game.
Rings and Fire rings around 3-in-raw round winners are displaced, higher and bigger than icons, on Android 7.0, screen 8,4" (Huawei mediapad m3). Btw, i love this game, thank you so much πŸ’›
Riot has a very hard time balancing their auto battler. Once they learn how to create more consistent balancing across classes and origins that allow more than one or two to shine at a time, it'll be the best auto battler out. But until then it's an incredibly frustrating and un-rewarding game dependant on whether you can be the lucky person to roll the perfect most op build of that patch.
Overall great game to pass time , but the game play itself sucks When I get a special chosen let's say Sharpshooter that will be the only sharpshooter I get , no matter how many times I reroll .And almost in every game I get player who play Mages with Lulu and Veigar who you know one shots 2 Champs every 2 seconds and lulu who helps him survive and ults him every 2 seconds, which is pretty frustrating . I understand its pure luck but cmon , atleast make it so It gives players a chance .
Had to knock my review down to a one star. No matter how many games I play I can't seem to win. Even after beating all the odds when my team had 6 3 stars and very good items, I still lost to someone who had 7 two stars and 1 one star with meh items. Seems pretty unfair to lose that somehow
The sound isn't working properly, half of the attack moves or spells are silent and sometimes one sound continues for way too long.
Very fun, love that it's on mobile! Chill game mode that I can do on downtime during work & doesn't hinder other players if I have to AFK suddenly.
Usually great! But since the most recent update I cant see any of the champs or minions. I can see dmg happening but otherwise there all invisible, making the game impossable to play :( I hope they fox this soon
Solid game just like on PC. Just is a little harder to select things as its on mobile but still all round solid.
Game glitchy during ranked froze up before I can select any characters and the round was over before I could purchase the character no point to play ranked.
Great game, hopefully the game will be available for tablet soon. However I want to point out something, if you are playing ranked be aware that the PC player has a huge advantage over you. This game is only available on cell phones and NOT tablets so the mobile is deceiving. PC player vs cell phone player is like digging a hole with a spoon or a shovel. I've lost games grabbing the wrong champ on the carousel or selling the wrong champ bcz the icons are so small.
This app is pathetic, I can't even login... it says that there are signin issues and to view it click on the link, then once you have clicked on the link it shows that no issues are currently being experienced... so annoying
Decent autochess clone but the UI on mobile is a serious downgrade from desktop and puts you at a legitimate competitive disadvantage.
Love tft but this app has so many glitches. First I can hit play a billion times and it won't que up or anything. Secondly half the time you open the app it comes in with the top bar missing completely. Lastly befor I had the play glitch, sometimes when I que up it would just randomly kick me out for no reason. And befor you ask yes I've restarted my phone, yes I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, and yes I messed with the setting and permissions. No fixes to any of these problems.
It's a very clever game. You will need patience and will have to look up tutorial videos to get better but it's so worth it.
So fun. I've been playing since this came out on mobile around March 2020 and I rarely go a day without playing. The constant updates and different tactics to choose from are something that I have never experienced in a game and because of that is my favorite mobile game. The only thing that I have to complain about is once the season pass is bought, there isn't enough unlockables until the next update but hopefully that will change as the game progresses.
While the game is fun at first, the more you play, the more you realise meta knowledge is nothing compared to luck, which makes the game's ranking system a little stupid.
It's just ok. Most people have played auto chess or similar games by now. I play this one occasionally.
Updated review: the game client continues to improve, connection issues are much improved, and it continues to be a great game. Updated from 2 to 3 to now 4 stars. The game still needs work, but it's getting there.
This game used to be good. You could climb with anything. Now it's just 8 people fighting over 3 units out of the entire roster. If you're lucky enough to get them early you get ahead and are punished for it, and if you don't get them early, by the time you can get them, there's none left to get. Meanwhile, the other pieces are such absolute trash that you stand no chance of winning whether you do good early or eco and save This game went from being skill based to dumb luck. Another riot fail
Great game love it. only thing that I don't like is that once it logged me out, but that was only once. So other than that WHOO!
The quality of the app is excellent. The game is boring though. The seasons are too long and if you don't play the meta you shouldn't play at all. 3/5 because of the high quality of the app (very well made BRAAAVO) and to be honest the game is fun for a while...
The game still no option to lower the graphic, it is really lagging, sometime can't tell what happen during the fight. The game couldn't let you type to chat. It's been so long and the game still don't get any better
TFT is every fun autochess game with a lot of builds and options to try to win. There's no paw unlike some mobile auto battlers either! I only dinged it down to 4 because the mobile client is still buggy on tablets and missing functionity for almost a year now. Very barebones.
1.Connection is bad at times (lagging). Really upsetting when you want to pick a champion and it lags and you pick some other guy who you have no use of... 2. While I understand RIOT is trying to replicate the computer game on mobile - it is still way too long for a mobile game! Especially if you are doing well, and even more when everyone are doing well... 3. I would like to see chests and keys unlocked from the mobile game that you can use in your Lol account for skins/champions Uninstalling
Really impressed with the implementation of a PC game into the mobile platform. Some improvements could be made to the UI/controls to bring it closer to the PC experience ce - would be great if we could sell units while on the carousel like you could on PC, or being able to turn chat on/off for example. I have only encountered the ranked/normal bug once so far but can see how this is frustrating.
Edit 2021: the stuttering has been dramatically reduced. Even on bad connection it's still playable. Very enjoyable. 2020: Ui is decent. I would play this if I don't have PC. But having played PC I want to cry everytime I play on phone. It's a fun game and is some fun on mobile but that constant stuttering makes it frustrating to no end. I will always re-download and hope it works out well regularly.
I really do love this game. BUT, it is still big on the luck factor. You don't know if you are gonna get screwed by the store, or a group of homies playing together or people spamming "best comp" ... plus it has glitches now.
Just bring back 60fps, yesterday i have been able to play at 60 and now next day, after few MB update, went back to disgusting 30fps gameplay
Really fun im a huge fan but I think the game would be better if the algorithm for card availability would chill out a bit. Some of my best games are ruined by being tapped out of a few certain champs and having them stay at lvl. 1. The same goes for level 3s, I've had to hold onto a champ thats just about to go lvl. 3 for 12 rounds and then I died, and noone else was looking for that champ or had any on their bench. Hmmmmmmm. Those are my only complaints. Base the game more on dice throws.
Great game! But there is sometimes a bug that will close the app every 1st round so I need to reconnect every game, that's my only problem I can play smoothly after that! Thanks
I just downloaded this game to play with my siblings who use computers and I cant cross platform with them even though we have same update. I downloaded this game for 1 reason and I cant even do that. 1* rating until fixed.
Completely unbalanced. This is the worst thing Riot has created. Either you steamroll from the beginning or you slowly suffer.
The game is good and fun, however, when the game patches, the loading bar would stay at 0% despite having a good net speed. Please fix this, thank you!!
Its a bit slower, but you can adapt to it. Extremely similar to TFT on pc or Mac. Very fun highly recommended!
When 3 players remain one fights a bot, that forces the player in first place to lose HP, its unwinnable - lowering your health to about your opponents. Im okay with losers getting better rng, but you lost me at punishing me for keeping 100% of my HP, rather than trying to get low life rng. I lost 3 rounds , 1 vs Ai, 2 vs 2nd. 2 rounds from 100 hp, 1 round vs a bot. Thats not fun or remotely close to fair. 2/5
This is an amazing game with complex game mechanics and amazing gameplay it takes time to learn but is very rewarding when you understand it
The game is nice. But i got a chosen champion and after that no other champion with the chosen trait appears in the shop. Had to change the whole team mid game. Whats the point of getting a chosen if i cant build my team around it? Leaving 3 stars for that. The interface is nice and clean, animation effects are beatiful and characters are built nicely. Overall its an awesome game.
This game is just so good and gets better every iteration. Solid team behind it and the mobile interface is surprisingly clean and easy to use for the amount of functionality it offers. You can def see they put the time in on the UI/UX side. Really good game. I love it. :)
Fun game, a little learning curve but once you figured it out you have a lot of freedom and choices and try different teams out
This game has never been balanced in its entire existence. Riot is constantly tweaking things but they seem totally unaware of the worst balance issues at all times. Want to win? You have to play one of 3 or 4 EXACT combinations of characters, AND have the luck to get all the items you need, AND hope that nobody else is trying to do the same thing... except of course they are, because there are only a few viable team compositions and why would you play something that's going to lose every time? This is for casual players only - avoid ranked entirely.
Lots of smurfs can't play normaly never drops your champion to upgrade. Imposible to play when in first 2 fight you already fight 2lvl stronger opponents with upgraded chapions and items while you have 4 low chapions an 1 item. And get destroyed against upgraded 6 champs plus items very nice! Dont bother to play this you will get disappointed really quckly.
A strategy game with RNG to keep the game fresh. It's a matter of skill and luck. Whats available, whats good, and how much can you risk? Thats this game, it's frustrating when you lose, and hilarious when you win. Knowing when to swap and when to stick is what will make your games go from last to first.
The game is enjoyable and a easy way to pass time. It does have a hard learning curve. You just have to watch videos to understand. Over all good game!
Game doesnt start even if t starts on PC. It keeps me waiting on loading screen and i have lost lots of LP because of this situation.
Love this game on desktop and mobile. The difference: placement of gameplay/options, not easily seeing which items merged make what, and the screen is super small (obviously). Only complaint is I can't use my Riot points but I understand why - mobile is a completely different currency. Otherwise. I enjoy this game and have invited many of my friends to join me.
The audio cuts in and out, faulty inputs and selections not going through unable to select items to look at what they turn into. And I have been unable to level up my character. Because of button presses not going through. I've literally lost three games in a row because of faulty inputs. This mobile version is terrible, play on PC.
I was looking forward to testing this on mobile but upon opening I realised how Janky it is, the screen does not respond properly, I can't accept matches sometimes and I get BOOTED. Such a MAJOR FLAW. UPDATE: Finally got the interface to work, an it took over 20 minutes to just get into a match after multiple dodgers, sadly only to end up in the loading screen frozen with lvl 1 bots! ABSOLUTELY TRASH USABILTY - DO YOUR HEURISTICS ANALYSIS BETTER!
Riots Team fight Tactics is in my very biased opinion my most favorite battlechess game. Good graphics, great gameplay and all the favorite characters you love from League of Legends of course. Casual and fun to play, I can recommend this to anyone.
Amazing game 10/10 from me very enjoyable and well built nostalgic feel due to the use of the original characters from normal league of legends overall a very good experience
Sound effects are gone after the first always having to restart the app gets annyoing. Also the game is spamming the chosen sound nonstop which is more annoying.
Set 4.5 is garbage but I can't stop playing it. Need to nerf slow roll asap cause people 3* a level 1 unit and sit there for the rest of the game doing nothing then come top 4.
Fun game, lots of updates, wish they switch the characters around more. Overall great game. In fact the best I ever played....OMGoodness I cant get enough. Help m....
does not patch on my samsung chromebook, so basically unplayable. will change review when this is addressed edit - i think the problem is that the app is just very unresponsive, so the above still stands
Grafix is too bad like worsts 3d...rank mode is not working...plz fix this ....it could be a great game after maintenance
Amazing game. Addicting. Well made. Endless hours of fun. No pay to win in-game purchases and no ads!πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ Just an all around great strategy game πŸ‘πŸΌanybody claiming this game is about luck doesnt know how to play the game. On the surface level it seems like pure RNG. On a deeper level it has RNG to force strategy like "pivoting" when you don't get items or units you need for a build. Im plat 4 so its not like I've got it all figured out but I do have a good grasp on what should be played.
This game is impossible to learn on mobile without a wiki open on another device. I cant see what alliances a champ on the carossel has. I cant keep track of what items can combine. there's no in-game resource for learning about the items or alliances. Theres no hints in the shop to tell you how many of a champion you already have. Game constantly detects my taps as drags when trying to view item info.
Stuck on patching 0.0% Have to start the game 10 times in a row and one of those times I will actually enter the game. After I'm in it works swiftly, but if I can't get in it doesn't matter now does it?
On Android it doesn't work (Samsung note 10) for some time now. It was all good before some newest patch. Now it shows failed servers connect error and doesn't login.
I'm occasionally experiencing black screen from this recent update 11.7. Fix this please!!! All and all great game and please update the chatting board so we can msg with our other friends from Lol or Wildrift
From time to time, it stops reading my touch in the middle of ranked games. So annoying to lose the games like this.
I'd enjoy the game more if I connected before 2-1, and was able to put items on without them being blocked by the back button on my phone, because no one knows how to program hiding the back button that blocks fundimental gameplay, genius
After Patch 11.6, I can't play Tft with my sibling who is using a laptop. It says there is a patch difference issue, but we have the same patch, patch 11.6, and we even updated on the same day. There is something wrong with the app or the game. I only installed the app so i could play with my sibling. Until cross-platform works again, I'm giving this a 1 star.
False advertising. It's a 1.5 GB slot machine. It's flashy, but all you're doing is pulling a lever. Just be honest and make a slot machine app, Rito. I'd give it five stars if it wasn't advertised as a strategy game. You only win if the slot machine says you do. Which it doesn't often. The house always wins. This season, if you don't build Duelist, Brawler, or Divine, you lose. Fuuuuuuun
This app sucks it's been 10 days now i can't login Always giving me an error i cleared data even deleted and installed it again still the same well done riot u can't fix you client on pc seems the same for the app Edit: problem has been fixed after the new update but there are still some problems you need to fix rito!
The game has lot of potential however small icons and small characters makes it difficult and frustrating to play. Characters are not recognizable normally, I have to zoom in. For a mobile device it is not optimized very well. Feels like playing pc game on my phone.
"An error occured connecting to the servers. Please check your internet connection and try again." πŸ‘ŠπŸ» I don't have a connection problem.
The interface sucks on mobile. Play it on PC so you can actually see what's going on. It's a pretty fun slot machine but don't delude yourself into thinking winning has to do with anything other than the random number generator. If you're the competitive type, it's best not to play this as skill is irrelevant. It's more of a casual dice-roller against friends. You'll have rounds where you go fifty shops without seeing ONE copy of a character you're looking for, despite no one else using it.
In mid to late game, it feels like the game just chooses someone, and it says "here's the champs that no one else is buying," while everyone else gets the champs they want. I think, that after a while, the champs no one is buying, shoud have a lower chance of appearing in the shop.
This is prime example of Riot games spaghetti code 1. I started match on the smartfone from wifi 2. Got disconnected so I changed to mobile data 3. I get notification about patch 4. Now I lost the ranked game, because i cannot join back - I had to update TFT and patch made my phone uncompatible with match. Thanks
Again no update for the tablet. Enjoy accidentally selling Champs with ridiculously big sell box. I mean it was okay until a few patches ago. Wth
I came from PC. While it has minor issues with camera due to being converted to a mobile game, it is true to League of Legends and a great way to pass the time.
I love the character but not the game i been hard stuck silver 2 because everygame i win no point nothing even if i waited at the lobby after the game it still not showing how much i got the point but when i lose it immediately show me how much point i lost.
Lots of bugs. Game suddenly starts to zoom in and out and doesn't let you play. It has cost me 5 games already and games here are long( 30 mins) I do not recommend it to someone that expects to play a legit game
The game is good. but sometimes the game sound is gone and also it's takes to much time to load a matching.
Skip this game and thank me later for the amount of stress you will not have. Might as well play roulette because this game is no skill, all pure luck. Its LITERALLY the only game where you get punished for being in first, by making you choose last. WHY DO THEY DO THAT? Simple, because the players in first get dealt better cards. They were desperate to make a unique game, which they conquered. #fact
Balance teemo and cultists, teemo just needs one mana item, sharpshooter (2) and jeweled gauntlet and he melts any team comp, cultists (9) is just broken unless you have a Kalista in your own comp and that's difficult to do if someone takes them all. Other than that its fun.
The game itself ia good, however, is a port from pc and this implies that the game is not optimized for mobile controls and sometimes lacks a mobile UI experience
Its a 5 star game however I'm giving it one star until you can access the menu in game at the start of the game that's annoying and very much not fun times. Let me change volume and those kinds of things in game also I never got my fortune 6 payout so I'm goanna keep this 1 star beyond when the issue gets fixed because I'm sad.
Problem: "An error ocured connecting to the servers. Please check your internet connectionand try again". I already read the support guide and common questions but I still can't enter to the game with my phone. I have good WiFi and i uninstall and reinstall de app but nothing. What is happening? Can you resolve it?