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Tawla Backgammon

Tawla Backgammon for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Amer Harb located at Amer Harb Lebanon, Beirut , Hamra POBox 113-5114. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
fair game, only sometimes doesn't go forward in automatic at the end of the game when you want a rematch and the opponent refuses. but it a very minor thing
As a new player I couldn't lose. After nearly 100 games, win percentage about 45%. Given the lack of skills in other players I'm shocked. I've never seen so many doubles or just right rolls forcing moves. Why roll the dice if I have a piece out and no where to enter? Idiotic. White pieces on white background=stupid just like the swishing sounds the slow moving pieces make. Unable to chat. Can't see how many chips opponent has. Can only bid 0, 25, 500 or 1000. No doubling. Pressing Done gets old.
This random thing is a joke. Server always takes side with one of the player. Go learn game programming orhire some pro to do it. Retarded. ..
I'm a master backgammon player and I know that the dice are impossible in this game. I lose tables I would normally had won effortlessly ,with opponents who manage to get the one door and win the game with series of double rolls. I mean when your opponent gets sixes, fours,fives and sixes in a row, that is cheating somehow.
نرجوا تطوير الطاوله مثلا 1- معرفة عدد الوجودين في كل قسم 2- اضافه قسم للعبه بالعمله النقدية 3- اضافه المرسله بين اللاعبيين تمنياتي لكم بتوفيق،،،،،
خیلی مزخرفه جفت زیاد میده مسخرشو در اورده بعضی موقع هم شروع بازی تاس نیست به اون سازنده بازی باید گفت: اخه احمق جون بدون تاس چطوری باید بازی کرد در ضمن باگ زیاد داره هی اقای سازنده این برنامه اپدیتش کن که بدجور ریدی
Your players are rude and nasty. You cannot play a fun game on your site. Your players go out of their way to insult you hit you and then insult you again. A blocking feature for the chat button would help. I uninstalled your game. As for random dice ha that is a crock as well.
i have gain the game against my oppenent but after i put my 15 stone in the whole suppose am win but my game still nt and he continue then it end by am loser and he is wenner and it more than 5 times that happen
Worst bg game ever . Full of glitches and cheaters . One game i finished my rocks and didnt win and my opponent kept playing until he finished his rocks and won. Yuck very trashy game
The algorithm that controlsthe dice is rigged. It will always give your opponent exactly what they need to screw you. It makes game play infuriating so i am uninstalling. Find another app to use. You will hate this one if you like fair games
Aggressive Adds cut your game and open your browser in the middle of game!! I immediately uninstalled it
I recomend everybody to download it and make it global, ive downloaded all backgammons and its the BEST among them,Every thing is perfect, the only problem is lucky dices, please decrease the chance of lucky dices in order to make it more realistic in the next update. Love you guys
I don't know what the heck that was, but I was just playing a game and I put the 15 pieces in, yet the other player WAS ABLE TO CONTINUE PLAYING and then it said that I lost the match!!
Tawla is a great game. Needs update. the ranking stopped at 20 , where before used to go to 50. Need to make it to 100. I don't mind the adds, I understand. As for the chat, please add some funny ones. I can email you if you want some more ideas. Great game.
One problem is the short timer. Sometimes a game takes longer when there is a lot of hitting back and forth. Even when winning I lose if the timer runs out and I think that is unfair. And I am not a slow player. I just mounted a brilliant come back as was on the verge of an amazing victory...but this game took it away from me. :-(
For the last 2 days when I try to load the game it says "connecting" but never does, it just sits there until I eventually close the app. I haven't been able to open at all and my friends can't either! Please fix!! This was a great app til now.
Every time I have an exposed chip, my opponent rolls exactly what's needed to kill my chip. When I say "every time," I mean every time.
عدم الوصول للمنافس بالرغم من الدخول للعبه ولايوجد عطل في الشبكه
DANGER - 00000 🌟 beware of these nasty thieves. Totally corrupt app. Most profiles are fake created by these cheats and programmed to win from any position and will steal your money if you are stupid enough to pay. Even a new player will know straight away from the sequence of ridiculous throws that the "Random" fake profiles get. Who gets 20 doubles in a row??👿👿 What an insult to our intelligence. Its bugs just wiped off 125000 of my coins. Check the reviews NO new real people are joining.
0 Stars impossible rolls. Was my favorite. Game is rigged. Several times played a middle eastern guy 10000 point games. When I'm winning game he rolls 7-10 doubles. Not possible in real life. Played a guy Moustafa about 10 games. End of each game he rolls 4-7 doubles. Some players definitely have hacked the game. Nobody rolls that many doubles in every game. Played a few people that have rolled 17-18 doubles in one game -IMPOSSIBLE !! I've been playing over 40 yrs never happens in real life. Uninstalled !!
Really nice, uncomplicated app with an unfussy interface. The lack of a doubling cube takes away some of the strategy but certainly doesn't detract from an otherwise good quality app. The ads aren't too intrusive and connections rarely drop out as they do with some others I've tried. I keep coming back to this app instead of the others, and it's rare I bother to rate Apps so read into that what you will :)
I am a good backgammon player and I've played many games. I win more than I lose, but there are some players who seem to have incredible luck with rolls. I can't beat a few of the players ever, even if I have a huge advantage suddenly I can't roll anything good and they get perfect roll after perfect roll. Uninstalled.
There are too many double rolls in one game, it never happened in real game.but overall it's a nice app and there are many good players and every time you want to play there is a player to play with.thanks for your nice app.
Good implementation, nice to play most of the time. Occasional crashes, aggressive adds, some bugs. Could use better statistics, reports and player ranking.
7-10-2018 لا يزال البحث عن خصم عشوائي في قاعة الأساتذة لا يعمل من بداية شهر سبتمبر برجاء إصلاح العطل غير ذلك العبة جيدة لكن عندى اقتراح لماذا لا يكون هناك شراء للعملات لمن خسر كل ما عنده من عملات بأسعار رمزية وذالك بعد الوصول إلى مستوى معين وليس من البداية وشكرا
Some minor bugs, otherwise quite nice. Would be nice to have another level between Pro and Masters, also if some players could be blacklisted
No double. That's NOT good!!! Computer picks winner from the get go....That's NOT good. No conversation just computer lines...That's NOT good... This game is totally computer ran one way.Whatever the computer wants for you that's what will happen. FIX IT!!!!! NO GOOD !!!!
Changing to remove stars for common incidence of non-random play and aggressive ads that acknowledge I backed out but then load anyway. Concerned this could be a security risk. This is the best app or site I've found for playing with friends on mobile. I agree the dice don't seem random, which can be frustrating. And the ad strategy is aggressive; after confirming you want to exit, ad appears again or sometimes before you choose it, tricking a click.