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Tastyland-merge&puzzle cooking

Tastyland-merge&puzzle cooking for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by MergeJoy located at HOI YUEN ROAD KWUN TONG KOWLOON, HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is fun but you can tell it's still in development. There are a few things it needs. There needs to be a way to earn FREE gems while your fairys are sleeping and other things to do once you run out of energy. As it stands right now your free game is pay to play, because right now the only way to get them is to buy them. Not fair to the people who can't afford to pay for gems and so uninstall your game. Hope this helps, I have more ideas and player insights just email me if I want them.
I love the game itself. However, I recently started playing, but there are no help for game play ( how too). It's very frustrating because there's alot going on in the game and I can't figure it out.
Update - level has been fixed. Thanks to the developers for fixing this issue so quickly. I would have given 5 * if we didn't have to use 4 lives per level. Level 152 error? I have been playing level 152 for hours as there is not a 3rd broken statue to merge with to win the game. Is this an error? If not then I give up and won't be continuing to play. Before this the game had been pretty good apart from 4 lives being needed for each level.
Please fix the bugs It won't let me get any free rewards (adds)it says there's something wrong with the internet connection which I know I'm connected ( it's been over a week). Still 🚫 not working.
I like the game, it's a bit slow moving though. Some cursed land requires too much Orb power to clear and it takes far too long to achieve elf power to clear additional land parcel. Lessen these requirements and your game will soar! It's the waiting that's flustering. Oh, and please have enough videos to watch to receive double rewards. It's annoying as heck when a good double is offered but a message pops up that no videos are available at that time...grrr. I've actually uninstalled game
Edit: The new events are great, especially I love the new merge event. The weekend ones are fun too. This game becomes better with every update, love it! Thank you ***This is a really great game, the fairies and food it's all so cute x The game play is fun, lots to discover, I love the making food items and helping special creatures parts. I actually find it quite fair in prices and generous with free ads and daily rewards, hope it stays this way!! I would love to see a merge counter, and maybe even special events at some point. Obviously it's still a new game, but one with very good potential. I play it daily and enjoy myself very much, the levels are fun too :D
Absolutely love this game! There are so many different elements from all the other types of merge games I have played. This one by far is my favorite!!!
I only have one thing that made me uninstall the cost of opening up new items and land was just too tediously high in value and the stupid fairies are always asleep so what the point in even having them.
Damn it, i will rate the game when i played it for more then just 5 minutes! The game would be playable without pop-up.
I was looking forward to enjoying this game. I love all the colors and the reviews had me excited. But none of the fairies look like me so Im uninstalling. Please think of being more inclusive with your designs. Thank you.
I love, love this game! The graphics are fantastic and the colors are brilliant. I find myself geting lost in it. Would highly recommend.
Title calls it so many things it isn't. False advertising. ~~~~~~~ Edit to respond to dev response: This is not a 2048 game nor a cooking game as the game's name would indicate. That makes it false advertising, saying your game is something it is not.
When you sell something it should be worth more then a penny. The cost of Crystal's are to high. The challenges need some work. Takes to many fairies to clear land and the amount of land you clear is ridiculously low.
Nice game, keeps crashing though, and I can't merge fairies, as soon as I open the tab to merge them the game kicks me out to my home screen, it also kicks me out to home screen randomly, I would love to continue playing this but there is no point.
This game has so much more potential. There is alot going on, on main screen but not alot you can actually do! Merges are difficult, screen fills up with random chests you end up selling because you don't have enough rubies. It takes FOREVER to collect coins! Unless you remember to close the wee bar at the bottom that shows you info on item you are on you will end up accidently selling it!! This is all good and well IF you where able to play more mini games. 8 hearts lasts 2 games!!
This is a good way to pass time if you like to merge things ..good for a pack rat to clean up space and make your house a home to be proud of.
Can't get anywhere in this game. Fairies are asleep within 5 minutes of beginning the game. I waited for the allotted time for them to wake up and within a minute they were back in their house asleep again. The first day I played the game I really liked this game, but after hours of not making any headway, because of the constantly sleeping fairies. I have given up and uninstalled the game.
Really enjoy the game,but having issues with the ads not loading which makes it difficult to finish some of the task
Cute game, but there are a few things I don't like. Only giving 8 hearts/lives when each level costs 3 means I can play 2 levels before having to quit. Also, making me pay diamonds for the chest I just watched a 30 second ad for is ridiculous. Quickly making this game not worth my time.
I just started to play this game. I am playing because i REALLY enjoy playing Merge Dragons. So far Tastyland is great fun to play.
Edit: The new events are great, especially I love the new merge event (really wish we had it every single week!) The weekend ones are fun too. This game becomes better with every update, love it! Thank you ***This is a really great game, the fairies and food it's all so cute x The game play is fun, lots to discover, I love the making food items and helping special creatures parts. I actually find it quite fair in prices and generous with free ads and daily rewards, hope it stays this way!! I would love to see a merge counter, and maybe even special events at some point. Obviously it's still a new game, but one with very good potential. I play it daily and enjoy myself very much, the levels are fun too :D
Few things not working. You can't set your profile. No matter what I do it won't save. Tried to complete a quest and it won't complete. not a good start When I have only been playing a Few minutes
Silly but cut in a good way iove the decorations and fairies and the lil silly deocration this game is calm soothing and keep me wanting more rewards and challenges its silly cause im 51 yrs old and playing this precious game
I've been thoroughly enjoying this adorable game for 2 days now!! Even though you have to wait and muster up quite a bit of patience until your fairy babies are ready, there are plenty of FREE items given and lots of terrific rewards for playing that make all the waiting worth it! You don't have to spend any money on this game BUT I'm happy to support a game that gives back generously to its players! ♡ Thank you for making THE BEST Merge game! ♡^_^♡
BEST MERGE GAME EVER!! Especially for girls! You can play with beautiful fairies. You can design home - your own tastyland! What a happy and calm life out there.... I absolutely LOVE it as I enjoy it that much. When I can't sleep, this merge game is the best company, and it also keeps me calm during the epidemic and rainy boring days. Love this so much. Keep up the good work and I will keep on supporting your game! If someone is reading my review, please download the new merge game! You will get hooked!!!!!!
In the first level I merge 2 plants. After that theres nothing else I can do. Theres no tutorial on what to do and this game is pointless. Ive tried to merge the 2 sunflower plants together but nothing happens. Pls fix the game!
I like the graphics and different activities but no different than other merge games that you need to have FAR FAR to many hits to free land. I was hoping this was was going to be finally different. Disapointed!!!
I really like this game. It's got cute fairies and lots to do and lots to merge. The only thing I found that I don't like so far is having to have a lot of gems to open the chests. Gems are expensive and it's hard to earn gems.
You only get 8hearts to use .it cost 4 per level so you can only play 2 games. Then you can watch video s to get 2 hearts. You have to watch 2 of them. I'm not buying things to play.please give us more free hearts to play with. There's not a lot to do in the home place right now.
No way this is awesome i thought it was a stupid game app that has adds every two seconds ( by the way those adds are very stupid and time consuming)
Great game. but the reason I give it a 4 star it is because of the spin wheel. Every time I spin it always lands on a egg but the falls back on a coin. Please fix this
Game has a lot going for it. Slow to start, limited lives, increasing life cost per level detract from it a little, but, the chains for merging make sense, the icons used are charming, and game play seems smooth. I like a lot about it, although I've only done 12 levels or so thus far. I'll revisit this review after I have played it a few times. My main wish here is that the game would be more clear when you unlock something exactly where it is, because I find myself missing the red symbol.
The characters are downright cute, the gameplay is easy but not too easy, and all around fun! Great job for this game!
For anyone that loves merge games , its easy enough for the grandkids to play as well and helps them count without realising it
This is an odd twist on the regular fairy-assist merge games, other than the fairies are just as lazy... haha. But the mini-game was quite the challenge, and a nice little reward.
Ok i think I'm uninstalling this game. Level 25 it says clear all tiles before time runs out. Well I didn't so I paid diamonds to extend the time. So after that I cleared all the tiles then it didn't give me the credit that I won the level. So now I have to redo the level um no thanks. I'm done.
Fun except having to wait an hour to get 1 heart. When the levels are anywhere from 2 to 4 to play them. Plus the videos are not working to get rewards. Uninstalling for now, might try at a later date.
Definitely a great game, Amazing graphics, game play is amazing and it's super cute! Totally recommend it to anyone who loves merge games like me. Great job devs! No bugs or issues at all!
OMG! This game is just so cute! I just love the food fairies and the little animals that pop up asking for help. So far so good. Keep up the good work!
Love the game!!! lots of activities going on. Would have given a 5 star rating rxcept I don't think it is fair to have to use gems to open chests. Hard to get gems when you can't afford to buy them. so i'll just keep stockpiling the one i get and refuse the others. still a great game tho!!!!
Would love to give 5stars but the game keeps crashing please fix so I can continue playing I really love the game but it keeps crashing
So far since downloading im not disappointed in the game theres all ways something to do to keep you busy. And i must say how cute are these food fairy babies like im in love with it will keep updates.
Played it a while, it's just a remake of pretty much every other merge game, sadly. You hatch "pets" who then harvest nectur from flowers that clear land. It's not my cuppa tea, sorry.
UPDATE! Customer service help was very quick to fix the issue I had and even gave extra lives. Thank you for being great. Game is still amazing!! Love it so far but ran into a problem on level 22 I merge the clams and they disappear so I can't complete 22 till it's fixed. Then I will rate 5 stars bc the games so so cute And so much to do
I like this game, what I've played of it anyway. There's lots to do on it but it keeps kicking me off of the game. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it and cleared the cached data and it still keeps kicking me off. I don't know why. I wish it wouldn't keep kicking me off of it cuz I like the game.
L absolutely adorable. I can't stop playing it I play it at night when I'm in bed during the day when I'm working .lol I totally totally recommend this game great work. Thank you for the wonderful game
I just installed and started this cute- little- smooth -playing game . Seems do to other players comments the Devs respond well to in -game issues. I will comback at a later date to do a indepth well played review. Jan2021
The wait times are so long, the amoubt of lives is too low considering it takes so many per level, hard to get coins. Not a lot of freebies. Also, the fairies only come out for about 30 seconds.
Why do you not give more eggs or gift. Please can you make us feel better or happy please can you please Why are you not giving us gems but if we want gems than we have to buy with money and our family does not have any money so please try to give us some gems please please
Sometimes its a little rediculas in the levels like level one you have to choose top right insted of any other side
It's ok but it takes a lot of steps just to finish one project.its a lot to do just to finish one building, but it's ok it just take time,