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Tasty Tycoon

Tasty Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I should not have to pay for no ads in the events since i already paid for no ads in the game. On top of, why the hell does it go from upgrading once for 1000 then the number jumps to basically half a million. Makes game play way to slow. Fix the issues or give a refund and im deleting the game.
Pretty much a clone of hotel empire tycoon in UI so it's a waste of time. That game took over 2 days to advance well enough to make more currency in-game but the problem is that you need to stay on the game. More time in-game means more playtime on their app means better position on the play store. The only other option is ads. Don't give into that. It's the same across the multiple clones this game comes from and it's wrong. Do not download.
It's a cute game for idle fans, but it's so expensive to upgrade anything to have the ads removed its $14.99. I don't know of anyone who would pay to play for that price. I love idle games and have purchased on most of them but they are usually around $1.99 - $2.99 not $15+. With that being said I give this game 1⭐ until the prices are lowered.
Really, really fun. However, be prepared to watch a LOT of ads. To go completely ad free, you have to pay $20! It's fun, but not $20 fun. Still, if you don't mind watching ads for bonuses then go ahead and download it.
Good concept. But I need a way to grow the business faster. Need more money. Need a way to speed up the residual income, lol
This game is fun,but one drawback is that your managers always go on break for like,10 minutes and I do not want to wait that long for my restaurant to get up and running again.
I personally love this developers games! I wish there buying options weren't as pricey :/ I bought them over on box office but can justify the same on this app.
So disappointed... Was playing the game, then I opened the third place and it froze. The game is no longer working. So, mad. This sucks!!! It keeps going between closing and freezing. And I have spent money on this event and the game. This is so wrong. Can this be fixed?
Every time I start the game it says I have no internet even though the internet is working fine so I went up to the internet thing and it still wasn't working I give this app one star because it is very bad and I had just downloaded it and yet I get no results I watched the ad while playing Theotown and It wasn't working I give it 1 star ⭐🀬🀬😠😠 so Disappointed 😞😞☹️☹️ !!!!!
I never thought i would get annoyed that I couldn't watch ads πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° this game is amazing! But can you lower the music room price? BTW when I downloaded games that would have got diamonds for they just disapeared!!! I don't know how it works but I never got my diamonds pls fix that. But other than that its amazing and I play it every day!
I gave it a 5-hour 5 because it's amazing it really takes your time away from like all the stuff that I have to do like homework and stuff it really really has a good game maybe I should share it with some others but maybe because I'm already on the second restaurant and there's two more restaurants to go maybe for like a next restaurant at like a Chinese place that could be good right well that's how I think of this game it's amazing.
Great game but have had small problems such as the line at the bathroom not moving or big gaps between people at counter causing angry customers and me to have to restart app. Not a huge ordeal but felt worth mentioning. Still love playing.
Only thing I don't like is when I go back online to play and it says I have a million dollars and I click on continue it only gives me $500,000. Total BS !
i love this game but have a update where when you are going to buy like the arcade show where it's going to be at
I like the game, but every time I try to play an ad to get the rewards and such, I get kicked out of the game entirely!
I honestly enjoy this game. But for the past few days I've tried to play and it just won't load. I restarted my tablet, still nothing. I don't want to uninstall because I don't know if I have to restart the whole game over and I really don't want to do that. Please get this bug fixed soon so that I can keep playing such a great game. Thanks!
I like other games similar to this better. Im on the second restaurant hotburger, and i could make alot of money and only upgrade 2 items, the progression is WAY TOO SLOW and i agree w other posts... to take away ads is too expensive, other idle games are cheaper.
I give this game a 4 star because the time to get in the game just takes to long but i love the game its just the time to get in please work on this.
Just downloaded this game & to be able to post a review I HAD TO give it a star (at this point it should be NEGATIVE STARS). Got total of 5 dining rooms now cuz I thought it had a glitch. It WILL NOT let me level ANYTHING past level 2 and parking spaces past level 4. Please fix a.s.a.p.
This game is dumb. After fully upgrading restaurants, and starting another, your money doesn't transfer. What a waste of time.
I accepted the ads cause free game but this game asks more from you. It says to upgrade with in-game money but it pops up that I don't have enough diamonds and I should buy some diamonds with real money. That basically limits how much you can play so it's only 1-2 days of play time until you fork out real money.
Thia game is SO bad dude i played for 5 minutes i hated it the ads make the game worse i suggest they put less ads and and its hard to get money and id rather watch vids then play this garbage game.
Very fun and entertaining game, usually alot of tycoon games you don't have to think of placement but on this one you really have to put the puzzle pieces together, I love it!
I have been trying to play for the last 2 days, but the game isn't working. Every time I click on the app all it is is a black screen. I don't want to uninstall it but it looks like I might have to.
Worst game ever, the videos will not load to help you along in this game. I have talked to other players as well this is a universal problem. So it takes forever to gain any equity to advance, unless your willing to pay $15 US dollars (which in ny opinion is a total rip off) especially when the game is getting paid for add offers that the player watches also. Make the game less add-y or fix the video issue for players across the board and I'll change my rating of this everyday same ol' gameπŸ™
Was working mostly okay for about half a day after installing. Now the entry loading screen keeps saying no network connection while using wifi, and ads don't load once working off mobile carrier web connection either....
Pretty good game kinda boring but it makes you pay $15 to remove adds I don't know who would pay that but overall a pretty good way to kill time
Not even playable. Other hothead games start crashing in the second location, but this one won't even let you start. It crashes before it's done loading. A complete waste of time and data downloading this.
The game was fun in the beginning. Now it takes to long to play and you don't get to play but a couple minutes, then your done. The amount that the investor gives you versus the amount it takes to upgrade the restaurant is pathetic. It takes over 20 million to uograde tables, the investors come in with a $200,000 loan. That does ABSOLUTLEY nothing to help you move along. I make more money and can do more upgrades by not playing and getting on it a couple minutes 3 or 4 times a day.
So far its pretty fun and simple controls. I wish I could play offline as well as online, but its not too bad of a downside.
It's a good Game don't get me wrong but could you add in a Speed button makes everything 2x Faster it last for 2 hour and you need to watch a add to get it or buy it with 5 gems and add a setting where you can transfer 1k dollars to 5 gems please and thank you
I expect more customized with my restaurant where I can place stuff where I want and make something unique but its just upgrade everything with the same template for each level. Just upgrade and wait, upgrade and wait... nothing special.
Out of the box, the gaming experience is utterly horrible. There is no way to access the sound settings. You are assaulted with tacky music and cheap sounds that persist through a heavy ham fisted tutorial that leaves you no freedom. It's a negative experience.
Started out great, I even broke down and paid for no ads, but now at the third restaurant it's running slow and jerky. Also glitches like people not using the washroom even with no line, and the investor showing up but just freezing by his car and not coming in or leaving. Very disappointing, as I was having fun with the first two restaurants and had just put real money into the game.
My game won't boot up anymore, just a black screen. I love this game but I literally can't play it anymore
It's okay. It's simple and a good way to kill time. However, the price to make the game ad free is ridiculous. Way overpriced. And the ad bonuses are really skimpy since you have to watch ads all the time. 3 stars
I've been enjoying the game so far, but a bug has made it unplayable. It boots up like it should, but the loading burger only spins for less than half a second, and then it completely freezes and won't go any further. Until this gets fixed, my review unfortunately stays at two stars. Edit: ...it started working properly again right after I posted this review. I'll bump it up to three stars, but I'm still wary of that bug.
It's so fun upgrading your service and just fun ot is its like your watching people eat play and so cool
I can't buy things that I have enough money for it and it says that I need to use gems because I don't have enough coins when I actually do and it's been like this since I got the app at first it just started with a one of the upgrades and now it's every time I try to upgrade something that's above like 10,000 coins
This is a good tycoon game to drain time. There is only one complaint I have avout the game. It is just like all the other tycoon games out there. If the devs could add something more fun like changeable restaurant name and logo would be great!
It's a good game. Very good, BUT the game kept closing me out after the first few minutes, and would not let me back in. I'll come back and reinstall it if the problem gets resolved. I give a 4-star for the game, but it keeps closing me out, so I'm giving the BUG a 2-star. Hope it gets resolved soon.
My issue has been fixed. Happy about that. It's working well now. It's a fun game. Very addictive. I enjoy the weekly events. Just wish there were new levels. I could give you all some ideas.
I just started playing this "game/app" a few days ago . . AND, just unistalled it two mins. ago . . in one day it totally blacked out my device and couldn't do anything, TWICE!! 😑. . I had to restart my device to go back to my home page . . I do not think I will be playing any more "Idle" theme games any time soon. I give itπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
This company has become way to greedy. All the new games have potential, but it takes so long to buy any upgrades with out watching ads. Kinda sad, honestly
I actually JUST downloaded this game and its going great so far! 😁The characters are cute and silly! This is a very well-made game! I have been looking for games that i can play when I get bored of my other games and this is the one! Thank you for making this game and keep making more like it!
It's alright. But it's tedious. You can watch ads for boosts but half the time when the ad finishes it will just be a black screen and if you close the app you don't get the reward for watching.
So far not so good i get kicked from the game after watching ad. All i can do is wait at the start unless you gone pay or just turn the game off an let it be.
I like this game. But I would love it more if you made it available offline. If you make it available offline, I'll change my post to 5 stars.
Good job Hothead. I have played many of your games like BIG WIN and others. But this is by far, one of the best games that you have made in a while. However I do see what you are doing with the latest trends like tycoons. A when I saw the game I just thought "Oh wow, another tycoon game...", but after a bit of playing, I realized that you stepped up your game for the tycoon trend. So good job. Keep it up.
The use of the word idle is an understatement. Played the game for 5 minutes and couldn't do anything unless I paid money. Instant uninstall. Pure trash
I have fell head overheels for this game Lol... Not great at reviews but i honestly cannot put my phone down. I searced 2 DAYS !! For the perfect game like this