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Tasty Town - Cooking & Restaurant Game

Tasty Town - Cooking & Restaurant Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Socialpoint located at Llacuna 166, Planta 10 08018 Barcelona Spain. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game... it's so awesome, but the only thing is wrong about it. Why you have to spend your own money to purchase more gold coins & gem stones to build up your restaurant! That's know fun at all? It's makes the game boring, if you do that? It's a new year, give everybody unlimited free gold coins & gem stones and plus the tip jar too 4 free!!!!! Times are hard these days.👍🌟😎
Has become my favourite. Never played a game in my life except candy crush. This is my second game crush. But I am.facing a problem since yesterday. Despite a very strong wifi connection, I am unable to play videos to win extra tools, or to complete dishes. Why is that? I couldn't find an answer even in the support panel
Honestly this is my favorite game of all time, I just wish they gave us more of a chance to earn more gems. You can't really get gems unless you pay for them & we broke out here. But I still want the chefs!!! Please fix this.
This is very nice restaurant+farm building game to play with team! Tasty Dash is very hard. almost impossible after certain levels without full upgrade with diamonds! very difficult to get required tools to expand restaurant.
Up until today, I was very happy with Tasty Town. But I purchased a chef package that was $14.99 ($15.98 with tax). It came with 350 gems and the Bunny Chef. I received my gems but I didn't get the chef. I reached out to support about it, even attaching the receipt that showed that date, contents, and price of the package. They keep responding to me about a chef package that was purchased back in February. This needs to be fixed. Refund me or give me my chef.
Progress is kinda slow.. like i need more gems to upgrade more but rewards doesn't seem to give much... i can't even upgrade the food truck because the important things i want need lots of gems.. i wish we can also have the option to increase the cost of the food so that we will earn money faster..
Very upset with this game, I have played till level up to 11 or more but once I switch to new phone, I installed back this game. I have to restart again from tutorial after connecting back my Google account. Now I'm going to delete this game.
The app was mistakenly uninstalled on my phone and attempts to recover my progress has failed. Help please.
I have been enjoying it and it has no ads. Sometimes I don't know what to do because I don't have more coins. But overall its a very good game.
I used to play this game a lot when it came out.. it was fun. But with all the new upgrades to the game, it's not too fun. I really liked buying a chef during the events for 200 diamonds, but that feature is gone? Now you have to be VIP to get more chefs. And the farming of veggies and fruits time has changed. I do like the new feature of chefs who are ready to make certain foods with the ingredients ready icon.. but other than that, I don't play much. Maybe I just need to get used to it.
It was a fun game until the last update. They changed the whole game around so it wasn't as much fun any longer and lost interest in the game.
It was so amazing it is not bored i. When i was taking the order i was so happy this is that i collect more and more but at like cooking was so fast so i can't play that ever again
I don't like how the game is clearly a pay to win. the foodtruck game is impossible to win after some time the only way to even have a small chance winning is to upgrade the pans but that cost gems which are impossible to get unless you get lucky with the ads or can pay real money which like many I can't do. the other problem is i'm not getting much money for orders so saving coins is real hard. upgrades cost too much as well. being forced into tutorials when I'm not ready is also a big problem.
It's ok, having spent £10 on gems, I would need to spend a lot more to enjoy the game. A bit too gem hungry which is a shame as I don't expect to play the games for free but you could easily absorb £50 day into this game and youd still be looking to spend a lot more.
I love the game however make sure you set it up under your own gmail account not your spouse's. I had to get a new tablet and was unable to get any support from the creators on moving my game save. I wanted to leave my old tablet at work for work reasons and play on both tablets. I started a new game however I had purchased items in the other game and had been playing for a very long time. I don't want to purchase anything in the new game because I'm upset that I already have.
Chat function not working for several weeks, emails to developer go unanswered. Play store should remove for zero support.
The game is fun but it keep shutting down. Whenever I try to watch a video or I am attempting to place an order it closes and reopens the game causing me to lose coins.
This is a fun game to pass the time. My only complaint is having to pay for the gems that I've earned while clearing tables. If I earned them, why do I need to pay for what's in the jar?
I really like and love this game. because every week there is a match ..interesting .. but sometimes the time given is not enough. you can adjust the time given ..
Really love the game,it keeps you busy moving/playing,but gaving me a headache for its hard to earn diamonds to expand that is why i reinstalled it. Unfortunately i dont have real money to spend for the diamonds...
Would have rated it higher but it won't put gems I have earned in my gems. I see them move up but my number does not increase. Also I don't remember spending the 10 I had. Moving on to another game.
Was great, now crashes everytime i watch a video, whatever bonus you got from video is then taken off you. Writers get revenue for 4 videos you get 2 as you are forced to watch two more videos for same bonus.
It's perfect , I would love if you can add more characters like kids coming in to the restaurant , less cost of items . 💖💖
Amazing game, I found it through mistplay. Now play it with my parents and my husband, it has a mix of everything, grow crops, decorate, serve food. I have never given any games five stars but this just has to have one. Tasty dash where you have to react quickly to serve food in a catering van is my favourite! Love this game!
i expect it was an offline game, but so far, its a great game, so relaxing and at the same time, I'm so pressured
Fabulous game just felt 2 mins a little long for each item also needs storehouse to see # ingredients grown/avail SHOULD PLAY OFFLINE to be #1 Iits not like many other cooking games where slow customers time out I can farm also uograde restaurant top view so great job theres room in google play for more games like this so if fix issue great job and good luck
I really like the game and all but 1 problem, every time I expand my restaurant I could not place anything and on tiles that are there is on a road tile so my reastaraunt has to stay very small for the rest of the game so ca you fix that please?
I love this game! I am giving this a four star because I haven't gone too far yet. I like baking also! I think this game will be perfect for beginners in baking. I am sure it will help beginners learn recipes!
I loved the game but now when i try to get in it demands an update. And im the high scorer on my team. We are bound to not reach out goal now🙄🙄🙄
I'd like to paint the buildings, tables, chairs, hang a shandelier disco ball. .pick up cans and bottles to earn money and 🔶.
I have been playing this game since April. It is quite addictive and unlike any farming/cooking game out there. It's not totally pay to win but having jewels/gold certainly does help. The mini games range from fun to almost impossible (the Diner Dash type serving game is ridiculously hard after awhile). It is always possible to get more jewels which help you get premium items or speed up the proceedings. Players can also join "clubs" which may help you. I would definitely recommend this game.
When you win events, sometimes you don't get the prizes. The last event I didn't get the expansion tools, the event before that I never got the chef even though I got to the 10,000 milestone.
The game is very fun but the only problem is the diamonds. You are earning diamonds but have to buy them to use them (Gem Jar). I believe that is unnecessary, especially since we have to almost $6 to get our diamonds. Makes no sense.
Very unhappy. Made a purchase and didn't not get what I paid for. No replies from support. A week after 3 emails and screenshot where I paid for. No response! Don't waist ur money. Will have the headache of doing a charge back and canceling my debit cards.becuase they me as a reoccurring charge!
Is very costly and difficult to find gems... Where do you think i should get gems to continue playing the game..high level of cost... Do something about it or else am installing it
Great fun 😊how do I connect my new phone to my old phone to carry on my progress at the same level I do not want to start again from beginning as I have money on the game on my old phone can anybody help thanks
It's a good game especially the competitions were we have to compete with others gamers for leadership and gift, it's an amazing game, it's really deserve a 5 🌟
I bought the Bee Chef but didn't get the beehive so can't make any honey?? Checked storage and outdoor and no beehive??? Also can't remove the Bee Chef now🙈🤷‍♀️
I like this game it's a good game I give it four stars the service is really hard each asking me for diamonds that I don't have but it's a good game besides that
I love tasty town but you make it hard to get the money and get the diamonds no one should have to buy diamonds with their real money that's not fun should be able to play this game without have to come out your pocket but y'all make it harder to get the all of the chef's to muck you have to do yall can make it a little bit easier but still keep it fun with all the delicious food then all the chef's have to make.
This is a fun game. A really enjoyable way to pass the time. But I am a bit irked that some of the newer chefs for purchase make the same meals as older ones. If you're paying money for some of these they should all have entirely different meals.
I love playing the game but some how I'm having trouble collecting my gems ......which is so annoying 😒😒 please fix it. Thanks.
Your games are good but your server suck.same with world chef .disconnect every 20 seconds.u better make offline if u cant resolve ur server issue.also icons in game becomes loading circles permenantly
I used to play this a couple years ago left it & came back to it. Love the update & some of the changes which keeps it interesting&engaging. I appreciate that if u have issue the support crew does help & respons back 2 u. Been back now & playing&expanding has been fun&relaxing on my days off. Love that u guys have so many new unique chefs to obtain weekly which just adds to the fun game play. Can't wait to see whatelse u will do in the future for updates for the game.
Noo, im stuck in cooking book. Contacted the developer already, and hadn't got the answer after 3 days
Fun calming game. I play this for fun instead of money. The money making games I play are trash. I love this game.
love it...... you do it all restart it playing the game had deleted to download some other stuff re-downloaded it and all of my VIP specials are gone I no longer have this cheese shell clam place and my market and all of my VIPs are gone have proof but unfortunately that doesn't help if you get this game I advise you not to delete it or you will lose everything you put your money into
Nice one. can't get enough. Needs upgrade though especially in the club department. Needs better options like deputy leader and lock on members food items in the store.
Tasty town encompasses farming, restaurants, and a mini game which is fast paced. I've really enjoyed playing, one of the benefits is that you are able to watch adverts to get extra tools to upgrade your chefs and get food quicker among other things. You can pay to get other bits but you don't have to.
This game is so amazing and so good I love this game so much there's no problem for me in my opinion and my iPad I'm literally level 60 I think everybody will try this game
I like the game and I play it everyday, however deals are expensive if you wanted to spend any money in it. The dash game playability is very scarce and it looks like the developers are no longer adding new features to the game. It's such a shame as it is a good game, probably one of the best around.
seems to be having glitch problems. I have tried to fill my first tractor every time after pressing the last item to load my screen freezes then the entire game closes. I even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it the game still has the same problem.
Lately, the game has been cheating me out of "servings" made. And, in the last event, the timeline doubled in tokens required to achieve the next level, when the previous section had decreased. I wasn't able to complete the challenge and that was after purchasing the cooking pass! No more purchases, for me!
sometimes the video's won't play even when my connection is really strong and Ihve to restart the game but other than that. I love this game
Tasty Town-Cooking & Restaurant Game this is so amazing game ever I don't want to keep play this game forever
At first I didn't think I was going to like the game and was ready to uninstall it before I gave it a chance because it's like the many games they already have but different. For now I like it until...
Microsoft update lost my original. game is fun! Starting to be charged double when making purchases, no way to tell them always have to go through the bank. Microsoft charge then the game charges. If you don't purchase takes a long time to complete .
Day 01 on the game and I am so hooked! It's got everything I could possibly want in a simulation! Decorating your own restaurant and farm, time-bound serving mini games, and more! Love it!
would be a nice gane if it did not go to white screens had no choice but to uninstall it as could not play on white screen
I have a new phone and I lost all my process I have to start all over and I was at level 60 I am disappointed
I spend money on this game and therefore expect to have some level of service. We write to support and get replies saying "sorry about that we'll follow it up" but nobody ever follows it up. Right now a chef has been released which requires honey ingredient but the game has not given us any way to get bee hives for honey. It's a good game, but the lack of communication from support is absolutely appalling.
Gets boring as levels go up, orders are hard to fill because ingedients take too long, storage constant issue, this game is a REAL money guzzler, cookie jar is £4.99 each time to open, the tables are niw over £3000.00 each to buy, you dont make enough gold to keep up, have to sell stuff cooked to make money, but then need to cook more to fill orders... you get tye picture hire helper fir duaminds have to wait 1 hr each time, etc etc... BORING.... UNINSTALLING as no longer fun to play
I like this game is fun but the problem is that it hacks your diamonds. When you get to 2,000 diamonds, part of it suddenly dissapears.
Well, i like the game. I really enjoy it. But, I cant upgrade diner truck because its too expensive. Purchasing diamonds is also pricy. Cant level up like that!! Can you change it somehow?? Seems like this game only for a business 😒😒😑
I could not open this game anymore!why what happen?i thought is in my network but i tried to play my other games and it all ok.pls.try to find away to repair this!ty!
I just started back playing the game and I'm loving it. It really helps pass the time and it's very easy to play.
From last 4-5 days my game is not opening using my mobile data When it opens from wifi it always shows Oops Something Went Wrong Restart The Game I have a proper internet connection
Good game.. Entertaining enough for me. I would have given this a full 5-star rating if it's not much a pay to win game. I like challenging games but if it involves real money to acquire some items like in the mini-games here that would be frustrating. I actually had to stop playing it because I was pissed off. Hope you could give the players an edge to acquire the items or gems in other ways than spending money. Be a more relaxing game not a frustrating one..
Tasty Town is a fast paced cooking game, with great graphics, rewards, upgrades and expansions with the ability to hire chefs from around the world and open up more specialty restaurants.
WE NEED MORE EGGS give us more chickens almost every dish has eggs sometimes 1 dish needs 3 eggs. We only have 12 eggs give us more chickens to unlock in the farm. Also many chefs share the same dishes please fix this get creative so many different food to cook!
lovely, game with lots of enjoyment,, keek up gid bless u but i have one problem that u want money for opening preimium returant 😟😟
Tasty Town is alot of fun, and rewarding too, with many challenges for advancing to higher levels, and expanding your restaurants, makets, and specialty chefs for great delicious dishes and new customers that love the food here!
It was fun for 3 or 4 days with reasonable wait times. Once you pass a certain point, the wait times start getting more and more aggressive (1 hour to 3 hours). I write this as I am uninstalling. Theres no reason to have ridiculous wait times like that. Shame on you.
This was a 5 star game until today. I paid for a bee chef for the weekly chef club event and now I cannot produce honey needed for the event. By getting the bee chef, I should have access to the bee hive for honey but it's not there. I know alot of others are having the same issue. Please fix before event starts in 2 days.
This is a very nice game .... really like it...but what I don't like about it is that it needs a data connection
Update: they got my game back. I downloaded this app last year and around level 30 something I lost my progress. And I created a new one and hooked it to my Facebook account. And I got a new phone and tried to put my progress in the new phone and Facebook wont connect it's says disabled. I was at level 60 and I have bought the $10 up grade.
I just installed the game bc I had lost everything with World Chef after changing phones. I was surprised to find that it contains a lot of the same characters. I guess this is World Chef Part 2. I'm hoping that I find as enjoyable. Perhaos this game will be better with letting you hold on to your gems, rather than buying a tip jar.
I give 1 star because can't go into the negative. This game use to be fun now all it does is repeat its self. I' m sure that alot of us don't need 3 and 4 of the same chefs, but you seem to do it every week. You have not come up with anything new in over a year. The only reason I still play is because of the money I spent in gems, because you sure as heck don't make them plentiful. Thank you for not listening.
I downloaded this app last year and around level 30 something I lost my progress. And I created a new one and hooked it to my Facebook account. And I got a new phone and tried to put my progress in the new phone and Facebook wont connect it's says disabled. I was at level 60 and I have bought the $10 up grade.
Can you guys decrease the wait time for everything in this game? It's ridiculous! And also try to add an option to sell things in the inventory. By the way the in game purchases are so costly. I cannot spend all my hard earned money just to play a game. I'm serious. Thank you.
Its a great game, very enjoyable the only thing is that its hard for me to get shovels to expand my land & every time I try playing a video for gems/supplies it says there was an error so im missing out! Also I finished tasty dash and would like more games please! Also provide a way to get more fields since I'm at the max level 😂 awesome game though!
Any new updates?? Any new decorations???or just constant repeats??? Would be nice to see HALLOWEEN and CHRISTMAS Decorations in the decorations sections. Ice cream van also needs to be made easier for people who play with keyboard mouse and not a tablet device due to being slower than a tablet touch screen. Not really a fair game in this respect as tablet players have more advantage to win. I use to pay quite a lot on this game, but due to lack of things to do and no new items, I wont anymore.
Game is very limiting once you reach lvl 13. It repeatedly asks you for money and to watch adverts. Everything takes hours to complete so you find urself doing nothing very quickly. Almost everything requires gems. So all in all this is basically a pay to play game. If you want to get far and have less restrictions then you have to watch loads of ads and buy over priced digital gems.
Seriously why there is no option for Yes or No when we click on something which cost us gems? One accidental click and gems are gone for stupid things like train. Do something regarding this.
I love this game very much wonderful game update this game we can enjoy this game please update this game new tablets and chairs wall decreases
Seems like a good flow but you have to buy gems just to get anything. Like extra space to make stuff or to upgrade.👎 Money, money, money.
This was a good game back in 2019 but since a new update it has become very laggy. Could you please fix this as I used to love your game but not any more. PLEASE FIX THIS SOCIALPOINT!
A mix of World Chef and Cooking Country. I've played them both and decided that it's too similar. Plus, the field plots aren't enough to do what's required. Since I've already played both games, I'm not interested in investing time in this game. If you haven't played either games, this may be the game for you. For me, I'm uninstalling.
Its the end of April n im still playing this game(3 months). I found it thru Mistplay n even tho i dont get as many units for it now i still play daily. I think i put 5-10$ of my own money into it but watch lots of ads. Theres so many ways to get coin n gems u dont really need to put your own $ in and i love that!! I dont typically leave reviews but i just really want to let u know this is a great game n thank you! Protip: unlock the chill spot as soon as u can :)
So I like this game , but it'd be better if the food and crops didn't take so long to complete ... Also the reason why I'm writing this review is because I was doing the April Fool's quest where with each table you serve you get shards. Well the quest ended and I never received the mime chef !!
Addicted. Only reason I don't do 5 stars is because it takes a while to level up without your own money spending. I've used my own money on certain things that help stretch it, however, to gain coins, it's not worth my real money value. Other than that. I really like this game. If you like food games and city building RPGs, I recommend this.
I love the game... Full of cooking... And animals... Its a perfect game for me... I allso love julia as my game freind. I like how you allso switch with 3D mode and upper-view... Good game.
Very fun, and extremely addicting lol, it helps to pass time if needed if you are interested in these types of games you would love this one.
It's a very interesting game, given that you can totally design your own restaurant and surrounding area. Since the update last year, it became much faster and easier to progress. I just think the game area it's a bit too small for having all of the chefs and still being able to make a good design.
The game is fun however reading other reviews I had to change my reviews, first of all you can't transfer the game to your new phone BUMMER second need more chickens and food shouldn't take so long. There is little collaboration in the game just to let u know
It's a relaxing game, I love it but it takes longer to get as much coins as you want when you are not buying some with your real money
This game is the best cooking game hands down, there is farming plus food delivery and different cookers with their own personalities. This just reminds you how real life cooking is.(I'm not a robot btw )
Loved this game before they updated a couole of months ago. I would play it everyday. Then they changed the length of time it takes for certain tasks and took all the fun out of it. The mini games are super fun! And a great bonus. Uninstalled because it became a cash grab and therefore frustrating to play