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Is a Adventure game developed by ESC-APE by SEEC located at 〒150-0011 東京都渋谷区東3-9-19 ポーラ恵比寿ビル 10F. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Moderate Violence, Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game very much! If you want to recieve the true endings, it's quite simple to exit the story you are in at that moment to see what sort of progress you have made, and you can make any necessary corrections to answers. However, I would suggest (to players) to go through many different routes in order to gain all the artwork. The gameplay is very interesting, the puzzles are hard but not too difficult, the artwork is amazing (even the bad scenes), and overall is well thought-out.
Slow pace for f2p but enjoyable, not for people who want to binge escape room games tho, you will lose patience soon. For f2p who want early completion bonus, wait until you collect enough extra tickets (+5-10) to finish that chapter true end before you start a new one, otherwise you can`t finish on time. Spending coin for re-read is not necessary imo, use for artwork or song or bell instead (if you want to max room)
Another super great puzzles-mystery story game from SEEC!! I always love all your game and when I found about this Tasokare hotel, I immediately play it until the end! So cool! And the story is very touching, fascinating, beautiful! Like the previous games. Can't wait for new game after this~ I'll wait patiently ✨👍
It's a really fun game with a great storyline! I would highly recommend it. The only problem is the cost of the tickets are pretty high especially for how short a scene is. Edit: The wording on the price of the tickets is confusing. When the X(+Y free) ticket, they mean that you're getting X total tickets for the price of X-Y tickets. Hopefully they will make this more clear in the next addition.
VERY GREAT STORY. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! I have never reviewed a game before but this one is SOOO GREAT that I had to review it. I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME. I got really attached to the characters and the story is really unique. It's intense, shocking, funny, emotional, and more. It made me feel so many emotions. The art is very beautiful, the song, background music, and sfx are also amazing. THIS IS A MASTERPIECE. THANK YOU SEEC
I'm so happy I installed this game! So far, I find this really entertaining and I love the artstyle and the voice lines too! ^^
I enjoy the game and the story. As l played the game more, I started to get emotionally involved with the characters. I think this is the number one game on my list so far by this same company.
Honestly one of the best VNs i've seen, it has an interesting story, cute and cool in some parts, and no major glitches. But i think the ticket system could be a bit better, maybe not a full 12 hours but like 3 to 6? It's still good though!
The story, music and the art have been amazing overall. Edit: turns out there is a way to buy points. The story amazed me once more. There are ads in this game but you can choose to see absolutely no ads at all during your gameplay if you like. All ads give you prices and coins, mostly used to buy special graphics. Again you can choose not to buy graphics or watch ads
I'm going to love this game. I haven't finished a chapter yet but the storyline is great. Perhaps it's possible I could love it. 💖
EDIT: I really loveeeee the game while I saw it in Google and when I started playing it I began to say this... Good graphics, art style is beautiful, characters are 🤧🤧👌👌👌 and the smooth animation is just aaaa 100/100!! Just wish I won't uninstall this when school starts 🤧👌 I LOVE THE GAME!! . Additional, sooo it took me a month? To complete the game but it was still worth it! I love the puzzles and the illustration's 👉👈 I LOVE EVERYTHING! And the end made me think. . is there more?!>^<
Honestly the best mobile game I have ever played.Yes, it need patience for 5 free passes everyday but totally worth it. I got chilled everytime remember about the game.
I really love this game! The characters are relatable, both lovable and hatable. The gameplay, graphics, and quality has improved much since Prison Boys. I didn't expect the presence of voiceovers, and I'm pleasantly surprised. As expected, the story and gimmicks are interesting and engaging. Keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to another escape room visual novel!
Really enjoyed it the moment I started playing it!!!! This deserves a 5 star rate! Also, I do not have problems with the quality of the game. The glitches are not there so definitely give this a 5 star.
Really great game! With such an interesting group of characters too! Even the puzzles are amazing, they get progressively difficult but not something that is impossible solve as long as you try to find and understand the clues. Waiting for all of your other games to be translated so I can play more. Been coming back every now and then to see if they are already translated. Great game for this, I hope I have enough money to spare to buy the special episodes tho
I definitely loved the plot and it's concept is refreshing because its something different when i first downloaded i thought it was an otome but i have no regrets and its full packed when it comes to content it has humor&thrill, each characters has a great set of dynamics. Hopefully some of the contents will be free in the future or to have the game fully voiced for free but i do understand why it's paid.
osoto's really weird but he was an interesting character along with neko and the gang. i rlly love the mc and the story. good job 😊
This is the 1st time i've ever review a game bacause i really love the storyline and the characters are interesting. The games in a game are so good. I can't say anything besides AMAZING.
Probably my favourite game ever. The plot is beyond my expectation and i love it so much. Really love Neko and Osoto dynamic
I love this game! the story line is great, the characters are fun, and I am a huge sucker for these sorts of mystery point and click games. The only reason (and probably the BIGGEST flaw) is the ticket system. you need to use a ticket after every little interaction! for example, I was half way through chapter 4 with 17 tickets(that's with the daily 5) and I still didnt make it to the end of the chapter. you use so much for so little and it's simply infuriating...
My most favorite game ever. I already played TH way back 2017 something and it had not failed me even a single night that I have played it. Surely though, you always need to watch a lot of ads if you're playing f2p like me, but if anything, the ending part was probably the only one that made me frustrated because I didn't want it to end forever which is why I came here to play it over and over again. PS. This game made me love jazz music.
Amzing, perfection, would recommend. Maybe have patience with it if you don't have money and watch ads and also share it. The story telling is immaculate.
Its really a great game, a bit challenging for finding clues but you will eventually learn it. The coin thing can't buy a ticket for playing the game but its fine since you have to wait 5 am to have free tickets. I haven't finish the game but I kinda urge to rate this app. I love this game and hope the other game will be translated to English too so I can play them too.
Amazing, I love the plot twists, interactions, and the drama, I also love how we can go different routes and actually die in the game, I love this game and definitely recommend it!
The story really nice and quite unexpected. I really liked the idea of MC being quite the morally ambiguous character instead of the MC that's like a blank canvas. It is really a nice game with twist so definitely give it a try
I love almost everything, except the story for each part is too sort for a ticket...but well, i still give it 5 stars because the strory is just amazing with good mystery 👌👌 love it
As expected from you! I really love your games. I played both prison boys and Alice's judge (still playing yotsume god). But, This game really had a big impact on me especially that I'm similar to neko. Even though I've been playing this type of games from 2017, but this is the first game ever that got me so attached to the characters. Also, I love that it's not just a 'happy ending' game. Both osoto and neko was wrong and they paid for it. The story was very good so far. Lastly, Thank you.
Fantastic story telling! But as a f2p I can't really finish the chapter within alotted time limit so I miss almost every single exclusive gallery. Well, it can be unlocked with coins but it took a way much longer time for collecting the coins.
Just a few suggestions: Please add more parts with voice acting, more chances of earning tickets (just more tickets each day if it's alright), and maybe longer expiry date to finish the chapters! Other than that, I love the game so far and I have a crush on Osoto even though [SPOILER!!] he's supposedly the bad guy (I'm on chapt 6)
First of all I L.O.V.E this game! I really enjoyed playing it. The stories and the character's personality are just unexpected. Sometimes the plot twist came out of nowhere and hit you like a wrecking ball. Though, I kind of been hoping for the special story to be free (not like literally free). Like maybe the players could buy the special story with coins in the game. What can I say, this is one of the best games I've played so far >_<
Story is intriguing, but taking at least 30 days to complete this game? Nah. Only 5 tickets are given every 24hrs, and there are more than 200 parts! Each part, if it's not "search mode", can take less than 1 minute to complete! Why is this game rated so highly? Do you all enjoy playing a game that takes more than 30 days to complete as a free user? Sure company need to make money, but they already did it via ads. It's not like this app is ad-free. It's much better to watch youtube playthrough.
There was something special about this game for me. When it ended I was fairly upset tbh. The visuals, occasional voice acting, songs, and story is amazing! The worst part about it for me would be the bad grammar, likely from translations
Super awesome! The story is very interesting and engaging, and the characters are wildly complex! Art and music are both wonderful, and the puzzles are so much fun! (Sometimes, even when getting things "wrong" you get art~) Even if you don't speak Japanese, the puzzles can be figured out, so don't worry! A word of warning; this game can be pretty terrifying at times. If you're a little squeamish, I'd suggest playing this game when it's not late at night. And just don't get any choices wrong XD
Omgggggg i loveeeee this game it has a lot of twist and turns ,and i love how its a mind game its so easy and yet still hard ,its a ten out of ten for me ,my only problem is the first loading screen i had to delete it amd redownload before i noticed that, thats how the game is supposed to be a loading screen ,pls put a pls wait, or something apart from that,i love it
Game is okay, despite really bad translation. However, using minigame progress to lock the story IN ADDITION TO "tickets" is a very bad idea. Even if i have enough tickets to keep playing, I need to go get 2000 dustballs from the minigame? And the dustballs regenerate very slowly? No thanks. Uninstalled.
This game is really good. The story, the characters, everything is amazing! I found this game on on instagram as an ad but wasn't interested at the time. After playing another seec game (prison boys) I became more interested until I decided to play. The only problem I had was with the cleaning my room to level up mini game. I couldn't read the next chapter until I had leveled up to 400 xp.
The story was great! The puzzles were also pretty challenging. The only thing I don't like is the early bonus gimmick. Unkess you buy tickets or wait weeks to hoard extra tickets, you won't get the bonus (later on). Otherwise, amazing game! Much higher quality and budget in this than any of their previous games I've played.
ABSOLUTELY THE BEST GAME EVEEER XD!!! I just started playing but The puzzles are entertaining and the interactions with Atori and the manager at the start of the game are interesting and funny. Completing each puzzle is so exciting and I like how each of them connect somehow!! This couldn't possibly get any better!!! I will update this when I get farther into the game!!
The story is so good. I got attached to Osoto and wished he still had hope, but nah. He's already beyond help. :") I love the characters, the graphics, the story; basically, I love almost everything about this game! I still think using coins for re-reading is unnecessary tho, and it'd be nice if it's like in prison boys where you can replay past chapters without ticket. I hope I can someday play the special stories. Thank you for making this great game. :)
It's A Really Good Visual Novel! I Like That We Don't Always just choose and continue! And There's More Than Just The Storyline! it's Amazing Really!
This is one of the best!! The charas are awesome and there are ways to get the true ending/bonuses without spending pennies. Really love the stories and the "detective" role. Wish i had money to buy the special epilogue story:"))))))
This game have a Good story but also have a terrible stamina system. 5 ticket a day only cover less than 10 minutes of the gameplay
One of the best things about The Prison Boys (one of this SEEC's other games) is that it didn't cost anything to retry a part. Not the case for this game. The story is super interesting, and the puzzles aren't much of a problem if you know point-and-clicks, plus there's a hint system if you're stuck. But the fact that you have to waste precious tickets to retry if you go to a bad end, or spend 1000s of coins PER CHAPTER for unlimited tries is really disappointing.
The best free-game I ever had. This is really beyond my expectations with the storyline, the characters, graphics, the art, background music, sound effects, and the mini-games as well as the biodatas to keep the players from boredom while waiting the tickets to refill. For a person that enjoys details like I am, this game is VERY satisfying to play. I hate the developers for making me cry and felt so lost after finishing it. Good job game-devs, I will be here waiting for your next project!
I like mystery visual novel. But I don't like the puzzle when it involves Japanese alphabets. Remembering foreign symbols are so much harder than other puzzles. Also, the story you can unlock via one key is just too short. I don't mind the current refresh system, but sometimes you only get 5 very short parts of story from the keys. It distracts the player from the plot since there's nothing significant going on, but you need to wait for another day.
This game is really amazing. I really want to read the special stories but I can't pay for it I'm just a kid -_-' . But I'm sure they were amazing
The game is very fun and interesting! Every chapter had me intrigued and I am a bit sad that I finished it T^T but I wanted to ask if cross saving is possible? I am about to get a new phone and I am scared that I might lose my data after getting it T^T
The game is good. And the graphics is amazing however when I got a game over twice, I need to go back to the previous story again way farther from where I was supposed to be. It is kind of annoying. I hope someday players wont have to go back again. But this is a really good mystery game.
This game is really high quality and unique. I seriously LOVE this game. The plot is good. The characters development is good. The gameplay is really great. I love how they make you a part in the story. It's like watching a mysterious yet funny and interesting anime but you are the main character. Overall this game is really my favourite and I personally would thank the creators for creating such a wonderful game ❤❤
It's a really cool concept! Once you finish helping a guest, you're just always so curious about the next one. Characters are good, great story, great puzzles, awesome art, and probably one of the best VNs i've played! Though, the player should get tickets after only like an hour or two and get like...2 exp per clean in the room, some of us are really impatient..
the game is pretty neat and fun to play. the graphics and art are nothing below amazing and the characters are likable and not stereotypical. the main story isn't too short or too long but just right. my only pet peeve is that you can't earn yourself extra tickets unless you pay for them(or get somehow lucky on gatcha, which is not a common occurrence). all in all, the game is enjoyable if you don't pay for anything. you might finish a tad slower though but it's still fun.
This is the best of your games, I love it and ready to replay and buy extras. Pls make more games like this! Maybe even game with this characters in usual life?
I love how the game is similar to 999, and the puzzles are really neat as well as the storyline. You can even complete it without paying a single penny! I love it! up
I loved it! The characters were entertaining, puzzles tough and satisfying. The plot and words of the characters is amazing! I got emotional immediately when i started playing. Although death is hard, the afterlife is relaxing, safe and fun in this game. Real life not so much.
I LOVE ITTT ...I rly love the story line and the characters are so amaazing everyone has a different characteristics and the plot twists in the story line made me shocked several times ..welp I'm still trying to get the other ending but the true ending is rly happy and cute and all ..I love everything in this game and I don't have anything against it to say..THAANK youu creators for making these amazing games!!
I bought 10 tickets today to reach the early completion bonus. I did not get the tickets even though I received a receipt of the transaction :(((( >>>So this issue is now resolved. I am keeping this in the review in case anyone else encounters the same problem. Onto the game itself, I really enjoy the story although I do not like the true ending. I really liked Osoto so I was really hoping he can atone for his crimes. Compared to Prison Boys, this requires more $$$, hence only a 4-star.
I rarely write a review so this will very short- it has very well written story. But I'm a little frustrated to the Early Bonus, therefore it's still good
This company produces great games! Everything in this game is also awesome! But the problem is, sometimes, if you click the show answers by watching ads, it shows you the ad, and then you don't get the answer. Please fix this.
I really love this game but if only I could play the special stories and get all the graphics but not everything is free. After knowing that the special stories is a continuation of the story in the hotel to the real-world, I really wanted it. But overall the game is good
I'd still don't like the early bonus type of thing. Sometimes, it doesn't work for me. This game really hooked me with the story. Well rounded. I thought i could give it 3 stars because i judged the statistics not the game. Gacha is like gambling. But instead of technique, you need to have luck so i don't blame that now. Sorry. This game is fun actually. I want to buy the special stories if i have money!!!
Honestly, went through the first 3 chapters and couldn't find the motivation to continue the story. The story so utterly boring and progressing through the game feels more like a chore than anything. It's also very predatory, the price to pay for enough tickets to unlock the full game is way higher than that of many high quality PC game out there.
I love the story, as always, SEEC never disappoint me. But in this game, i kinda hate that it's nearly impossible that you can have all the cool graphics without paying anything. I got distracted to get as many graphics as i can, thinking many strategies to get tickets/coins, but it's really hard. It's like the game was designed for player to eventually buy something and for me that really lessens the fun and enjoyment i suppose to have.
Plot? Amazing. Ticket system? Not ideal, but understandable, as without it this is just a full on free visual novel b/c the game is so big.
it seems that the only way to get more tickets is to wait for the daily log in and watch ads, or you buy them. this takes a reaaaally long time to accomplish and it kinda sucks. maybe letting us use coins to buy tickets but just make it really pricey? I do understand you guys need to cover costs too, but at this point it's almost impossible to progress with the story. but really nice concept and world you built around the game though.
great game! all the characters are interesting and have some sort of story behind them. the puzzles are challenging and really make you turn on your brain. the artwork is beautiful and the music really sets the mood! i love the original song(meitei inebriety) added in the game and i like how it isn't just squeezed in the story. the story is great and the plot twists don't just come out of nowhere. the developer notes were also really interesting to read! thank you for making this game!
some puzzles were hard because of translation from japanese to english, the tickets are annoying and kinda short, not long lasting. but story, graphics , jokes mini games are great
Great game to play. Graphics and voice is awesome. Stage is so challenging. It is a Love and Hate game😭😭😭😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤
I've already finished the game once before, and i accidentally uninstalled it. I installed it again and it said "this app cannot be installed" but like, it's already installed, but when I opened the game, it's stuck on the black screen. I've uninstalled and installed it many times already, i've restarted my phone, but it's still stuck on the black screen. What do I do?
I am so loving this game! Although I progress slowly in the game ('cause I can't purchase any tickets atm :'() I am just patiently waiting for the next day loading of tickets, I wouldn't normally be like this. I am hooked with the story and the characters are just great.
This game's rly amazing and the mysteries r very challenging. I also like the characters and the storyline is also AMAZING! I rly like Masaki Osoto and stuff. Also, can you please translate you other games like UUYURIIH's Prescription and stuff to English? Bc I rly want to play em and they seem rly fun! I've played Yotsume God, Prison Boys, Cock Robin and Tasokare Hotel! I'm looking forward for your translated games! :D
I love the game very much! The characters are hella likeable and I'm simping for Osoto and Atori, many stories which are really creative! My only problem is that we barely get any tickets every 24 hours which is unfair to me. It would be nice if you give us more or another way to gain tickets? Yep that's all teehee
I love the game. It's awesome! Really. But I have a problem with the tickets. This game uses lots of it (tickets) even though there's a little interaction or a short episode of the game. So it is somehow imposible to finish it on time since the tickets will be revived at 5am. Suggestion: hope there are minigames that releases tickets or coins to buy tickets.
I like this game 😊. I love the characters, the story , the graphics, I love almost everything about this game ! I hope someday l play a special stories 📒. Thank you for making this great game 😊😊.
I finished this game 1 year ago from another device. I wanted to play this again because I still like the plot. Just like Yotsume God and The Prison Boys. Highly recommended.
Highly recommended! It has a great plot and a satisfying end. I suggest you take the patience to wait for the tickets if you want to play it for free instead of getting a modded one to help support the creators! It was an interesting ride and the mystery of each chapter never failed to interest me everytime. Looking forward to more games like this~!
I just finished this game, and damn boi, it was great. The graphics, the story, the interface and all, everything. Thank you for bringing this game to life and letting us have this great experience. It was a nice journey! Too bad that good things will always come to an end.
I cant pass trough the loading screen like why?! its also the same from tsumugu logic like i love love love your apps but it doesnt work...
The story of this game is amazing. So many puzzle and mystery. The special graphic is very great as a gift when i complete the chapter early
Really fun! You don't have to spend ridiculous amounts for little snipets or anything! The art tops it off along with the story, if you told that this was free I'd be surprised.
This game is amazing. I'd like it if the early completion bonus is a bit extended, considering we only get 5 tickets daily. And i'd like it better if we don't have to start a new chapter just to claim the completion bonus. But overall i love Tasokare Hotel, 10/10 would play again in the future
I absolutely love it. I would say that the tickets can impede on the enjoyment of the stories and game but the stories, the plot twists and the Characters are all great! Investigation and Interrogation really remind me of the Ace Attorney series which I actually like because I reaalllly enjoy that series. I've always tried to look for a game that was similar yet different in story.
The story, music and the art have been amazing overall. Edit: just finished the game. Turns out there is a way to buy points. The story amazed me once more. The art and graphics were absolutely amazing. But the sudden cut in music were a little downer. Few musics were repetitive which was a little annoying. There are ads in this game but you can choose to see absolutely no ads at all during your gameplay if you like. Recommended to any visual novel lover
Great games like all the other SEEC games. At first I delayed playing this game because I felt that it was less serious/dark than other games like Yotsume God. However I find the story to be much deeper and serious than I expected. It really starts kicking off at the end of chapter 2. I just find that the ending chapters are less climatic than the starting chapters, and I prefer the ending plots for Yotsume God and Alice Spiritual Judgement. Nevertheless it is a cool game and worth playing still
Cute game, great story. I wish there was more story, with another character! Totally worth it. Kinda wish there wasn't a certain character that the main flirts with...
I'm glad the game is not that difficult compared to prison boys. I love the game. It became a routine for me to play it everyday. I feel like I will feel lost when it will be finished. Btw I really wonder if the korean drama called hotel del luna got the idea from this game? 🤔
This game is weird. I just finished chapter 3, and there's a lot of mechanics in this game. Mostly, it's a visual novel. But you need to get xp in an evolution style game to keep progressing. Still, the game provides you with plenty of free ways to get xp fast, mostly through the daily gacha thing. The story is cool, and there's lots of questions I have about it that might be answered soon. Also I think multiple endings are a thing here.
I'm glad the game is not that difficult compared to prison boys. I love the game. It became a routine for me to play it everyday. I feel like I will feel lost when it will be finished. Btw I really wonder if the korean drama called hotel del luna got the idea from this game? 🤔 Update: I bought the special stories and they are great as well! Keep up the good work! Can't wait for your next game 💕
I love the game! Everything about it is so interesting,cool and so mysterious the cutscene at first was so cool too and the voice acting im inlove!💖 The puzzles and the investigation mode too so cool and the fact that everything is free its just that the tickets refresh time is soo longg you have to wait till morning just for FIVE tickets aside from that i really love everything else the character's uniqueness the emotionless main character,the voices, plot just please fix the refresh time😊
Amazing game and narrative! The chapter lengths may be a bit shorter than I expected and the translation isn't perfect in a few ppaces, but the story itself is really nice! It ended up being nothing like what I was expecting, but in the best way possible!
Tasokare Hotel... Where do I even begin? This game holds a special place in my heart and I'm forever grateful to the team at SEEC for creating such a memorable game. It has made me laugh, cry and made my heart race so much from the intense moments of the game. The characters and particularly the main trio have such an interesting dynamic and every moment of the story grasped my full engagement. I've even bought the special stories! Overall, I've loved it and recommend it to everyone.
The music,plot,graphics, characters and game play are all *muah* top tier 👌 its a really fun game i really suggest it to anyone who likes mystery solving and story based games I heard it also has multiple endings. Hope that's not a spoiler to anybody tho
This is the first game I ever enjoyed playing and the first game I ever ended! It's a bit sad because I wanna read the special stories but I don't have coins to purchase... But still I love it! I'm gonna miss Neko and Atori 💕✊ and the hotel
I personally like this game the puzzles and mysteries are fun and require you to actually think rather than just giving the answer. The characters and premise are also interesting and unique. I highly recommend playing this game. My only complaint is that it can get annoying when you run out of tickets because you have to wait a day to play again.
I really like the game, the storyline and how the puzzles have been thought out. However, in the first search minigame of chapter 6 there is a bug where I try to press the buttons in the left side of the room in the correct order but nothing happens. I even watched ads for the answers to discover that I was pressing them in the right order. I'm just a little frustrated because I'm so far into the game and I may have to stop playing because of this one bug. Please fix this, thanks in advance!
Great story, puzzles and graphics. The game can be finished for free in about 6 weeks if you are patient, or you can pay through the nose for tickets to advance. There are frequent errors in the English translation, which is a shame because it's such a well-made game otherwise!
This is just the best mystery game ever except for the tickets it's just 5 a day. But seriously the plot and all is just amazing.
One of the best Japanese detective games ever. The art style is gorgeous and the characters all fit perfectly into the puzzle piece if the game!
Fun, well thought and illustrated. The con is that you have to wait til the other day to play when the 5 tickets are finished (and that's quickly..)
I love th game but their have been some bugs where the screen turn red and the loading screen buffers for awhile.