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Tap Temple: Monster Clicker Idle Game

Tap Temple: Monster Clicker Idle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Mad Head Games doo Novi Sad located at Ćirpanova 46 21000 Novi Sad Serbia. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Horror) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
kinda buggy, fairly short and apparently possible to delete your own progress. the cloud saves don't work properly. i attempted to save and reinstall after a pretty bad bug in dream 4 (basically the end of current content) when I resinstalled the save i made to the cloud didn't exist, instead was a save about 2 weeks old and didn't remember that i had purchased the no ads pack. still no response from the dev team, buyer beware
Personally, I do enjoy this game, but it could use a few improvements in my opinion. Firstly, I don't understand why you change the names for some creatures. Kthugha's real name is Cthugha for example. Another issue I have are constant bugs including wrong entries in the creature list, the lack of the ability to tap "contact game developers", and this specific glitch where I enter the creature list, exit, and go to the outer god section, I tap them and they fly off the screen.
Perfect time killer. I'm not sure if some of thrse reviews are for older versions, or if there is a device compatibility issue. I have no problem with the ad banner blocking buttons, and I am able to close ads. -1 star because I am no longer getting credit for merging monsters towards the treasure chest.
I remembered this to be called Taponimicon once. Ive reached Azathoth i was awaiting the new update but i got impatient so decided to uninstall it and here i found it again..hope that this time there will be more cmgame contents..... Well I am here at the end of the game again😮😮 I hope an update will be released soon. Can't wait😍😍 By the way i dont usually enjoy merging games But in this case I can make an exemption😄
Stupidly addicting; the descriptions are awesome, the creatures are somehow cute, and the gameplay itself has good enough speed for casual gameplay for the bus ride. The only reason I didn't give it all five stars is because the game lags at times and it usually takes a few seconds to load from the opening "produced by" screens and from backing out of ads. I still love it, though!
I'm a huge Lovecraft fan and this game is charming, I don't usually enjoy merge games but this one is a little different
Ads were annoying, so I bought the ad free version after playing it for a day. This game will definitely keep you interested! Until you get to the end of the second world, and can't go any further. Honestly, paying the $3 for the ad-free version would have been worth it if the game had more worlds, or overall lasted longer than a week, but it feels expensive at this price point for the amount of game you get.
Eldritchly cute yet i am lackig an exit button... otherthan that i recommend it to everyone who is or not a Lovecraft fan. you can learn about the Cthulhu mythos while playing.
New Update: I paid for no ads, but still have one pop up from time to time. I also liked the old name of the app WAY more than the new one. What happened? Older: I love this game! It's super cute and a decent time killer. Only downside is, occasionally, when you watch an ad for a reward (like to refill a random summoner), it doesn't go through, but it works the second time (so it's not a big deal).
Love it.. bought no ads within the first couple of minutes lol. Feel like there should be clarification that it won't get rid of the ads you watch to double rewards though. Seemingly lets you watch an ad for extra resources if you choose to though so you aren't forced to watch ads or deal with the ad banner below. I really love the graphics and the design to this game. Hope new content comes out! Great game!
New update made it so ads play for absolutely no reason. Too many ads. Loads better idle games than this too. There are ads on the bottom of the screen that block part of the game and now there are full screen ads that show up randomly on top of the option to watch ads for in game stuff. too many poorly placed ads.
started this game with a lot of glee. a straight up h.p. lovecraft game were you male his monsters. Started off great, was reluctant at first but I understood the pressure of creating modeling planning and executing the next idea, but what I didn't expect was the ridiculous high wait and then to see an update basically making you spend money with no added content. if that wasn't bad enough now whenever I click to buy a creature it happily takes the wisdom and gives you nothing... what the hell..
It's not a bad game, however there are some issues that kinda suck. Like the huge ad banner at tbe bottom of the screen. As well as the fact that when I want to watch an ad to reset my cooldowns it will not work when I try to select the option. Another issue is the fact that ads will show up when I change tabs or collect my achievement rewards. Either way I'll try to stick it out as long as I can.
At first I was like H*** yeah this game kicks a**!!! I played it for ten to fifteen minutes then it quickly became a grinding game so it got boring really really fast!!! It has potential to be a really awesome game but the developers seem to be greedy!!! So they are getting paid by the ads and player in house purchases!!! I think I will uninstall the game most likely!!!
I used to love this game. The latest update lists a "better gaming experience" as one of the new features, but I beg to differ. You used to have to watch the occasional ad, mostly when buying an upgrade. Occasional ads are understandable. I know the dev team has to make money. But now, after playing for about 10 minutes, I had to watch about six ads. Definitely thinking of uninstalling this game now.
I played many merge games before this and I can say this one has the best concept in terms of designs, sound, upgrades. The uniqueness that stand out in this game is the different ability you can use to spawn and collect your wealth. However, the huge downfall is the tons of ads that plays out of no where and it gets frustrating. Such a shame cause this had the potential, but I want to play the game not watch ads.
It seemed like a cool game until it started forcing ads to perform basic actions. Oh, your skill rest and you want to use it? AD. You want to navigate the UI? AD. You just watched an AD? Oh, here's a mandatory pop-up to sell you something. Don't forget the next AD.
This game is going crazy and I love this game and can you add a cat monsters please and thank you for the game
Great tap game! my only issue is with the newest update? or it may not have been an update but I finally got my first restart (in the ocean place now), and whenever I get the key skill to pop up, it just uses my money but doesn't give me my summoned monster.
first ad watched for rewards doesn't count most of the time... if you don't force stop the app, time offline doesn't count for chalice of wisdom or for cooldowns... ads play by themselves when interacting with anything in the menu... upsetting, to say the least.
You guys seriously need to cool it on the horde of ads. Some are straight up malicious and have no way to exit. Pick a single ad strategy and stick to it. Maybe just for bonuses, not for every action. The game is cute and fun, but your ad choices smother it to death.
Wow, I even got an ad for trying to open the shop! I was considering buying the ad remover, but the game isn't nearly fun enough to be worth it.
fun game but some pretty bad interface issues. if I'm playing with the game muted the ads still play at full volume. sometimes i get stuck at a black screen after an ad finishes. it doesn't always register that i watched an ad for the ad bonuses. if you aren't connected online your progress will not save and it doesn't warn you. i tried to say this on the give feedback button in game but that did nothing. then i tried to report that on the report a bug button but that also did nothing.
After beating everything and unlocking eveything, the game quickly dies. They think no one would notice them reskining the gameplay and calling it "new content". Also I can't belive how they practice a God aweful business model that pressures players into forking up money to have "fun"! Lastly, even putting all my differences aside and giving the delovper the benefits of the doubt. The game still doesn't hold up, you are met with ridiculous caps, unforgiving wait times and dead content. 2/5 🌟🌟
I paid for the no ad option just cause it was annoying beyond all belief. (seriously super annoying) But, with that being said it was a good time waster. I enjoyed it and kept playing it and thought it would go on for a bit. But made it to the end of the 2 (universe or world) now says coming soon. Kinda want my money back at this point.
Ads are nowhere near as bad anymore, but still annoying. I had an unskippable one come up with 8 seconds left on a discount boost. banner ads are all well and good, but these full page can't skip ones are awful, though I've had no ads overlapping the UI which was bugging people before. solid game, and I'd rather 4 or 5 if there were only banner ads.
Happy for and excited about the new update, but after choosing to awaken azathoth, it wants me to invest 50 dream shards in a tutorial but I only have 25. I'm unable to skip it or buy it so I'm stuck in that menu.
I played this before when it was called tapnomicon, absolkutely loved it. But i just downloaded it today and every time i want to play i have to start at the very begining when i had already made it to the second world. All i want to know is why do i have to start all over why cant my progress be saved without facebook? Not everyone has a fb page.
Interesting concept, a lot of fun, but it scales poorly. Theres no reason to soft reset really, and the more you do the more the game bugs out. Most of the purchase idols stop working after second reset. It takes your money, but doesnt do anything. In game bug report not working either.
ad appears above the button to make monsters appear, making it hard to play the game without closing it and being taken to another game. Seriously, Devs. Just add a double gold thing for a couple if we watch an ad instead of forcing us to constantly have to look at one. It hinders gameplay for people like me who have big fingers.
a fun idle type merging game that's a great way to kill a few minutes every so often- which is sometimes all I have time for. edit after updating: ads are intrusive and ruin gameplay! may uninstall. instead of being a fun way to waste some time, now it's just a waste of time.
Not your typical tap tap game. It started as Taponomicon. The idea is tap on creatures who give you energy. The more you tap the more you unlock. It is entirely possible to pay without paying a dime. There are ads but as a game of distraction they aren't in my opinion horrible. As the game is free to play i can't really complain. Developers gotta make money i get it. All in all its a fun little time waster. Give it a try. Worst case scenario your out a little time.
I love this game! Keep up the great work. The only problem is that I have to turn off my wifi and back on again 2 to 3 times to double my login. If I dont do it I can calm it but where is thr fun in that. I only wifi at the moment.
(Edited) Don't know if this is a bug or what, but ads play every so many actions and clicks on your screen instead of the older and normal intervals you used to have. When I do want to play ads it displays an error that says ad not ready try again later but its later and still doesn't play.
The amount of ads they shove down your throat just to experience the basic game play is astounding. I don't know how they pass this shameless cash grab off as a real game. Impossible to play without putting my phone on airplane mode.
Enjoyable idle game. Only issue is the double ads are almost never availabler, but the forced pop up ads work every time. Edit: After the 5/21/19 update, the ads are interminable. Every time you change screens or activate an ability you have to watch another ad it seems like. Lowered rating by 1 star. Hopefully this was accidental.
Released an update with more bugs than fixes and the fix was a money grab. I do enjoy the game, but I am literally stuck (the worlds are full of creatures) on an incomplete half level and cannot play anymore. Will update stars when it works again.
Great game! Needs to add more worlds on. Game play is at a stand still for me and if there is no more progression from the level I'm on then there is no sense in me keeping playing the game. Again I LOVE this game please add more!
Love this game, but I've been waiting at least a few years for more worlds so I've basically beaten the game so only 4 stars.
Super fun time waster! Edit 4/26/19-- New patch for Dream 4 is unfortunately very buggy. Spells will only sometimes spawn after filling the gauge and "soul" currency monsters are not unlocking the final monsters correctly. Shame cause before this, it was a fun time waster.
I like the art in this game and the power ups, I just don't much care for the wait time that you have between the summoners and just getting enough in game currency to progress. If the wait times were shorter and perhaps if the creatures (later on) and the power ups later on didn't cost AS much it would be a far more enjoyable game. The endless grind to get somewhrre for days when you don't want to spend real money is kinda... ridiculous. Not to mention SO. MANY. ADS.
Played this awhile ago and stopped as they hadnt added new worlds and more content. Redownloaded to see if there was new stuff added. biggest thing i noticed was the ads, everytime you wanted to activate a power or switch worlds and ad pops up. And you have to pay $4 to get rid of ads? No thanks. game was better with out ads and no content.
Great game...but Everything was going great till part 3 the key is broken, I press it and it gives me nothing I can't get to the star spark area, now it's full and creatures are piling up PLEASE fix this, this is one of my favorite games.
I actually enjoy this game and want to give it a higher score, but I just can't. Not only do you have to watch ads for powerups and the like (which is par for the course), but they also make you watch ads when you are trying to collect rewards. Worst part is they do have a no ad pay option, but it only stops the random ad pop ups. You still have to watch ads for everything else. It was a waste of money. I still play because I enjoy it, but I will never spend money on this again. False advertising
After recent update the devs went crazy with ads. Ad at the bottom of the screen, ad when you use items, ad when you change screens, random ad, plus the normal watch ads to speed up. It's a fun time killer but most likely will Uninstal now.
I like the game but it needs some more work. There is a constant problem with the ads, when you want to double your wisdom, there is always a message "ad is not ready yet,try later", plus I very often need to watch 2 ads to get the bonus. Very annoying, hence the 2 stars drop. I would like to see some more features in the future, other than the totem and the summoners.
Seems like a lot of bugs since the update. I'm on world 4 with over 300 charges in my summoner and it's not functioning. The number isn't ticking down and no portals are being summoned.
Ads almost always say "not ready" for bonuses but always work for achievements. Pretty cheap and obvious attempt at squeezing money out of the playerbase. Edit- Last patch has totally broken the game. Also the 3rd universe uses the item descriptions from the 2nd, just lazy.
I remembered this to be called Taponimicon once. Ive reached Azathoth i was awaiting the new update but i got impatient so decided to uninstall it and here i found it again..hope that this time there will be more cmgame contents
Myeh. Great at the beginning, recent update that added the 3rd reset ability causes the key of umr to not give the monster you buy from gate, the 4th area where you feed the creatures to the eggs doesn't open up after creating the sparks no matter how many times I create them. The only thing I still like about this game is the cartoony/cutsie looks of the creatures that are otherwise supposed to be maddening.