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Tap Tap Titan - Idle Evil Clicker

Tap Tap Titan - Idle Evil Clicker for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PIXIO located at Room D08, 6/F, Chung Hing Industrial Mansion, 25-27 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ridiculously slow progression. Played for several days and saw no real advancement in money generated even after leveling tap money beyond level 170. Having combat characters is worthless as the character defending your base os randomly picked to the point I had 4 of my 8 characters as combat types and they very seldom fought, which resulted in the same 4 fighting and losing constantly. The scrolling text at the top of the screen is funny, that is the only good point. Worst tapper I've played.
I personally love this game ❤! It has good pixelated characters, and it gives me many laughs that my parents think I'm talking to an horror game (but not really a horror game, but cute villains :D)! I like clicking games to the fact I'll never get bored! When around 7pm, i couldn't sleep until i played the game after an hour, and i "accidentally" fell asleep. Liking the evil-ness... ish, many Men In Black enemies, and lots more!
It's fun at the beginning but the tapping missions gets really difficult and tiring during the later stages. It's impossible to accomplish evil leader mission without a boost (watch ad) and so much tapping is required to do missions. Not much else to do also once you've reached a certain capital and have purchased all the items in the store. All that's left to do is collect characters.
Was really having fun with this, but now (about a week in) I've found pleasing the evil mastermind becomes a game you have to throw. Some quests unskippable quests require it and you have to lose to make it achievable after a point. Weirdly the main missions run out and stop, hopefully there'll be more soon but random quests could fill the gap.
The game itself is an upgrade from Tap Tap Millionaire, except for the enemy agent. My god, if this isn't most annoying part of the game, not only does he land a near constant amount of critical hits, but your agents are chosen to fight at random, why? What's the point of having agents specifically to fight him if you can't choose your champion? Other then that, the game is solid.
Awsome game,i have been playing it for a hella long time,love the story line with all the fights and the tapin,but the fights are abit stressful u only win if you lucky most of the time my employees are being beatin up even tho i upgraded them,plz fix it
I've conqured Asia, Europe, and Africa a long time ago. The map for North America is blank. Why can't i take over the world? The story quests are blank and only say: "More quests coming soon!" I've maxed out almost everything and it still won't let me finish the game. What gives?
Great time killer and good game all around. Only problem is that it doesnt work for Redmi Note 5 Pro (Android 8.1.0). It seems to just come up with the loading screen when you first launch the game and then... nothing. After the developers got in touch and suggested a solution I followed it and now the game works. Great job guys!
Fun at first, then just a grind which is fine. I got black lotus to try n get 6 star heros, I've spent almost 2k gems and still nothing (so much for 100% chance increase) Also the missions are bugged, I've finished 6 missions n it still says 18/20?! So I guess I can't progress at all in the game, I'm doing 2 more missions if I don't get a completion then I'm just deleting this game. UPDATE: just finished the missions successfully and it's still 18/20! Yeah 🤬 this game....
I did not expect much from this game. Still surprised it was dissatisfying. To tap my fingers until they bled in order to upgrade my fighters, only for them to NOT be able to fight first, or be manually picked, when an agent comes and wipes out my whole crew so no work can be done unless I pay jewels (can be bought w/ irl $) or wait 5+ min is worse than the advertisements shoved down your throat every 2 seconds. At least the ads give you something, tiny %, by scale, of your money. Tap Tap Turd.
Constant barrage of opportunity to spend premium currency and watch ads. While there are some methods for aquiring this currancy without paying, I've turned down about $300 worth in premium currancy transactions in the 8 hours I actively played. The art is nice and the game is unique enough to be somewhat interesting, but this doesn't make up for the constant panhandling.
GIVE ME FREE STUFF! was what i yelled a lot, idk why, i just did. but i think this game is one of the best clickers out there, its fun to customize your base, and watch the "epic battle scenes". Oh, and the suspence is so fun when you get a new henchmen, praying its a five star. 😃. big round of applause to the devs of this game. nice job my peeps.
This is a very simple game, just tap to make money, hire minions to fight for you, steal goods, complete missions, and also make money. The ads can be very distracting, but can be removed for a small fee, making the game much easier to play. Over all, a very user friendly game.
The game is cute and I like the premise and LOVE the style but it's very dull. There's very little incentive to play and grow and some things are just incredibly unbalanced (such as the "make it rain" ability being all but useless and the offline coin income capping so low there's really no point to letting it idle). The ads were pleasantly not-invasive and the incentives to watch them were decent. The game would benefit greatly from more interactivity and goals/rewards.
I wasted A lot of Gems because the game keep Putting up the Henchman Menu and because I'm spamming the screen, I press the hire Henchman button and press Hire henchman for Gems and I assure you, I didnt press the Henchman Menu
Intresting approach, but the 'combat' makes no sense. Your base is attacked, repeatedly, for almost half an hour. And while there isnt a way to prioritize you 'combat' henchmen to do the defending, it doesnt seem to matter, because other types of henchmen, with half the combat stats has the same success rate.
not a lot of progress is actually made without watch adds, upgrades are dull and boring, not exactly a lot to. nice art and very reactive, a reset system would have helped a lot to at least make progress faster. it plays as ir should but has nothing special about it and its most likely due to tge devs abandoning this game awhile ago.
it's fun to run an enormous evil click empire, but i hope you can easily restore your account now. i played it early on its release and i lost my account data (which i did pay some money into). I'm willing to give it another go to see the improvements.
I know experience from playing this before, a fairly good game, along with the tutorial its good. A gg
A decent game, and really fun + engaging. I've got a couple of issues, I recently just lost all my data when I connected to facebook ever since I started playing this game. Randomly it just cleared all my data. If the game had a multiplayer option, it would make the experience better.
I have been looking for a pixel graphic idle tap game that held my interest for a while. This game ticks all the boxes. It has a great story and the controls are straightforward. The henchmen are all unique and game play is smooth. No intrusive ads and so far seems free to play friendly.
Really nice game. Has a clear objective although the controls can be slightly confusing at times. Overall really enjoyable.
Good game but, I got my Intel chance by tapping to 50 percent, and it doesn't work, I would expect to see Intel technically every other tap, but I only see it maybe once every 50 or so. That's not how that should work, please fix
Why isn't there no auto Clicker to help you Im getting sick and tired of tapping multiple times there should be a auto Clicker please put it in the game Update: sent an email with a bunch of ideas for this next update but no replay saying "thanks for this bunch of ideas" or anything still waiting on the update though
It's a fun little game, gems are easy to come by so in app purchases aren't really necessary. However, I've run out of world domination quests, and why is the boss max level 200 (18k coins per tap)?? I like the snark though. This game is best played in short intervals then left alone. If it's updated with more world to dominate then I'll pick it up again.
A great game overall, Google Play Games save would come in real handy. It's a nice idle game and no interruptions sure to ads are a good thing.
Great Game! Love the game, graphics are great, the controls are great, and I personally love the stock simulator. Only thing I wish was added was an exact amount of money you have if you clicked the icon because once you get to the billions, the number moves pretty slow and watching the number skyrocket was pretty satisfying which encouraged me to tap more.
The idea is okey, but the fact that you get attacked so often that you spend more time without idle income than wíth it is a major put-off. Levelling my henchmen only makes the adversary stronger, and the fact that every mission seems to require my strongest henchman to leave means EVERYONE is recovering from their injuries basically all the time
Too much reliance on ads. It offered me an ad every 100 seconds it seems. I'm not willing to sell my soul for marketing.
Started so promising and then just fizzled to nothing. Premise is great, level characters to defend, and world domination. My good henchman are maxed. I've upgraded max money per tap. I paid the $2 to get rid of the ads, I can get all those bonuses. I'm doing stocks, upgrading furniture, and I seem entirely stuck. The next upgrades are so far off to attain, there is no clear way to get there without what looks like months of just stock market? Game slams on the brakes, feels like nothing to do.
Ads aren't to intrusive and mostly optional. Overall a good time killer. My only complaints so far are that some of the various rates aren't described very well, and the events take a while to earn a reward, then keep giving repeats.
I like the game but they have to fix the ai when a fight happens my 4 star fighter won't attack but a coin will this is very annoying because it will make them not work if they don't win the fight so I just want you to make it so its guaranteed that a attack type attacks over then that great game
Wow. Come back thinking my save is still safe, since I bound it to my FB. Nope. Good job guys, way to go, thanks for obliterating so much progress. Oh well, I'll just occupy my time with another game, hopefully one that's much better at NOT DESTROYING MY SAVE! Edit: a couple extra stars because I DID enjoy the game, before my progress was lost. It's a good game, that's why I was so disappointed to lose my progress. My anger shouldn't dissuade others from enjoying the game.
I honestly loved the game but as I kept playing, it got kinda boring and frustrated because it felt like I wasn't making much progress and the time when a guy comes to beat my employees seem unexciting(?) And unnecessary.
Very good game it is really good I love the tapping feature in that case it's very easy to make money so I suggest you make the game a little harder because last time I checked I already had billions of money
This game had definitely exceeded expectations. It was a bit slow/grindy at first, but once your 30% margins become bigger, it gets much more fun. My only complaint is the buying/selling system. Would we be able to implement a buy/sell x10, x50, x100 option? That would make things incredibly more smooth and efficient. Then we could go back to thinking the approval of our evil leader.
Ok the game is not bad. It is fun but there are 2 huge problems and one kind of smaller one I found. 1. I seem to only draw intel minions leaving me with very little gold gain and since getting more cost a lot more gold each time I can't make enough to do anything. A fix here would be more pin pont drawing. So I could do random any or for a bit more gold I can say only give me random gold maker's. 2. I like the idea of an agent attacking us but why is it all ways my worst non fighters first? Why am I sending my 1 gold maker to get their butt kicked when I have a fighter that can win making my gold problems even worse. A fix would be priority strongest fighter first. The minor problem goes with the gold problem. They get up so often to wait at my desk with an offer. A fix could be some automation. Like say if I only want stuff no lower then 50% then anything at that and up auto says yes but any lower auto says no.
Spent two hours tapping and tapping.what i liked was the nice art style and music., the newsline on top of the screen has some decent one liners. Thats why it deserves one more star regardless of the "gameplay" itself. Got confused about the gem digging upgrade because ive been spending almost all my gems into it whenever possible but didnt seem to get anything out of it, but im not alone here. Feels really stupid now since theyre hard to get except buying them. Many more negatives. No progress
I love the idea of this game, but don't like how much effort is needed to level up everything. It takes such a long time to get resources, even using an auto-click app. There's some really great content here, but it's going to take a long time before being able to use any of it. Otherwise it's a decently addictive game.
Ok then y'all want suggestions I give you some. One. Update to fighting "Weapons to fight with" and player being able to make his avater fight + more animations for all characters,Pets for avatar, cosmetics
Easy Flowing Game Play. I've been playing this game for years across my new and previous phones. I am wondering how you're supposed to make friends on this game though. Would be helpful.
This clicker games is good but it needs some bugs fixes and maybe a character editor other than that good game👑
For an idle game this is the ok one. Nothing too pathetic and nothing too extravagant either. The story is pretty cool with the world destruction and all. The characters models is pretty nice and interesting. But it just your daily normal idle game
I like this game because it is unique there is not much games where you are the bad game and your hench man can fight people which is cool but I do think there could be a little more henchmen to collect
Seems unfinished and unbalanced... Played the game, and maxed out my leader and minions (level 50), but still don't even have 1 blueprint finished. Most decorations have no bonuses or even do what they say. "Gems from clicking" upgrade broken. Screen intel wrong. Can only have 8 minions in use and no real differences. Raining money is pointless bc it gives so little money. Looks like a game, but pretty quickly, you realuze it just looks like one...
It was a good idle game that i never seen before. Update idea/people are able to customize there avatar and if there are no henchman you have to fight him. :)
This is a really good game like if your on a bus or if your just lying down its a pretty good stress reliever