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Tap Tap Reborn 2: Pop Songs Rhythm Music Game

Tap Tap Reborn 2: Pop Songs Rhythm Music Game for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by AMANOTES located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD #05-12 BUGIS CUBE SINGAPORE (188735). The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it is a good game, it has two of my favourite songs in it, disturbed immortalized and arch enemy war eternal, there's just one thing I'd like to mention to the developer of this game, it has a feature where you can suggest songs of your own but it somehow doesn't go through, please can someone fix that?
I used to play this game a lot but because I had a break from games I deleted it. I just downloaded it again and none of the songs will load. It can't be internet connection since I have full bars, I also used data and the sane thing happens. It can't be that I need to update the all since I downloaded it five minutes ago so I am really not impressed. This used to be a good game. Back when it would actually work. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’
Used to love playing this game until I changed phones from the LGG6 to the Huawei P30, now the game buttons don't register when I click the screen so it keeps making me 'miss' when I'm not. If I'm on easy mode and the button commands are spaced enough, my phone has no problem registering my finger but in any fast paced song (even ones I've beat multiple times) it will keep missing. Pretty disappointed :(
ok best game i ever played but wen i glitches , it freezes so bad on every type of service ,sprint ,t mobile u name it and ive used almost every type of Android phone so it has to be the game ,please fix that bug cuz it made all my friends quit this game cuz we cant play if we cant see cuz the glitch is just as worse as a PlayStation disk read error
If I go by the beats I hear, it says I am early everytime. just a little frustrating. I have to wait until I hear the beat to press it, not when the beat starts. infuriating. the game locks away most songs until you level up or can purchase them with gems.... no thanks. I'd just rather not play.
good but too many ads. i'm quite happy to watch advertisements to play the games i enjoy. but not whem the game makes me play the songs i'm not fond of (pop/newgen and such) before i can even play my personal styles (edm, D&B, Rock, Metal and industry.).... also the game has several tempo glitches (speed issues)... i would think games like this would have a focus on non-vocal music and then have purchasable songs from actual artists instead of this... it's fun but... just not for me sadly :)
Scoring system is rubbish, not sure why 99% with 1 miss is a failing score, and the notes jump around a lot, especially when there are a lot of notes coming in. Wanted a game after finishing all my unlocked songs on smule but I don't think this will be it.
it's fun but annoying. I paid for no ads because it glitched out the game every time there was an ad and also dont even try to do the weekly event cause it glitches out and stops counting ur points. also today for the weekly event ending I won 400 gems for them to glitch out and disappear. otherwise the songs and when is working is fun!
I am baffled by the current 4.4 rating of this game. As an individual that has played a myriad of rhythm games on and off mobile this is easily one of the worst. For rhythm games desync and calibration are a huge issue and this game has serious issues with both. If you enjoy rhythm games find another.
I love this game, but I'm disappointed that my progress isnt saved via the playstore or by logging into an account. The kid I babysit deleted it from my phone while I was using the bathroom and all of my progress is now gone. I didnt bother downloadinf it again and working back up the ranks. I had gotten so far, gotten so many songs and saved up so many gems that starting all over again seemed like such a hassle.
Not too bad. Taps dont seem to register in a timely manner and there is nothing but pop songs. I could care less about pop. I want a bunch of Metallica, slayer, KoRn, Slipknot etc. now that would be fun.
The game was fun. I play hard-slow or hard medium in multiplayer but when i play the multiplayer on hard-fast mode. It is lagging. I have 6gb ram on my phone i dont why is this happening on my fone. On classic it was smooth even iplay it on hard-fast. Pls help
So Far, So Good. You guys also have Rock Music, which is a big plus for me. I feel like I should let you guys know that the Chart for This Is What You Came For by Calvin Harris ft. Rhianna is broken on the Normal Difficulty. It needs fixing, because it keeps glitching out missed notes even when you're playing accurately.
Popular songs. You can calibrate the buttons to your own personal liking. The game is fairly easy to understand. Multiplayer mode, worked great, it lagged a bit though.
Good idea, bad development... They are playing the songs off from Youtube, (a free video service ) and asking you to pay money to play the songs off that. Graphics are worse, i can do better graphics via sniffing with my eyes blindfolded. Rhythm is mostly accurate though,they did what every other came couldn't but had to ruin it with unnecessary transactions and bad graphic designing. 2.
This is the most fun of all the games I have played. When giving a score based on all aspects of what I enjoy in a game. It has also has been both physical and emotionally theraputic. Being a diabetic both my hands were fร st becoming disabling. Also music helps elevate the mood and decrease my blood pressure. This game covered those needs. I was actually surprised at how fun the game is. No money needed to progress in game. Good job developers.
Low effort moneygrab. The game is low resolution and not very sharp, the songs and the tap points aren't completely and consistently in sync. If you're looking for the TapTap Revenge games that you remember, then keep looking
Loved this game at first but it's steady getting more boring by the day. We need better songs and y'all need to fix the tournament. I bought VIP for 30 dollars which is kind of ridiculous considering a week later the tournament stopped working and we haven't gotten a new song since I started playing back in December. It's July now and still not 1 new song. Deadass would complain about a refund if I could even get one. Because VIP is not worth it at all. Just save up gems and get the songs youwant
Tap tap was great back in the day and its good to see it again. However i feel its a bit harsh i got 99% in a song and a 511 note streak and still didnt get 5 stars... like cmon 1 note missed... also takes ages before i can play the songs i want to play. Have to grind for them...
Glitchy. Game won't respond properly to tapping. Also won't allow you to press with two fingers at the same time which makes it more difficult since some notes are literally just milliseconds away from each other. Please develope this game further. For me, it doesn't deserve a rating higher than 2 stars for now.
This game never gets old. Even after all these years, Tap Tap is one of my favorites by a long shot!! I totally recommend it. Though parents beware that the songs don't have filter, there are songs with adult content.
Really fun!!!!! But too many adds!!!!! Theres an add after every song!!!!! Also would really like a way to play the songs offline but i am really enjoying playing other than these issues๐Ÿ˜
Love the game. Really passes time. Unfortunatly the glitching during gameplay is starting to become a repetitive issue. Would be nice to have it fixed. You can only reinstall an app so much...๐Ÿ˜ Tapping on!
So I'm giving this a 2 star rating because although it says "You can play ANY song you want" it really doesn't mean it.The songs you're given at first are okay, but If you're gonna say you'll let whoever is getting this game to choose what specific song THEY want, they are going to be quite dissapointed to know that there isn't that song/songs they wanted to play. Also there is a bug that constantly returns me to my home screen for some reason so I couldn't really review the graphics or the game.
This game feels like a poorly done mockery of the original Tap Tap games. The geaphics are slightly worse with less flare when you get a good hit streak going. Instead of just listening to the song a pointless music video plays at the top of the screan via Youtube, this usually means you have to wait 10-30 seconds before the song and game actually starts. Some of the "Premium" songs that you can by are just a small part (1min 30s) of the actual song (including the wasted time of the music video).
hi dev, this is a really good game with catchy songs and many variant songs that i can play, but after i was using it about 7-8 hours, especially on multiplayer mode, there were glitch everywhere, please fix this glitch. i have stable internet connection, and using redmi note 7 to play this game. thank you,
Ive only played for 30 minutes or so. So far the gameplay is really good, graphics are good. I have a weak data connection. No lags or freezes at all
I downloaded this to play directly against other players. I had to play for 30 minutes to get to level 5 to unlock battle royale mode, just to find out that nobody plays this game. The 100 player battle royale had 1 player sitting in the 'easy' lobby, none in the other 2 difficulties. It seems like a solid game from what I played, so its a shame. I also wish there was an option to remove the videos while youre playing, you cant watch them anyway and its distracting and takes up space.
i wanna give 5 stars. really! but i have problems with my purchased songs. there are songs that cannot be loaded and some song will just jam at the end of the music. then when i end the song, the score is not recorded. tried afew times but at all times, the song will jam at the end and will not end nor return to the results page. please help!!!!
My issues are the same as other people's. The game rhythm is so off that it keeps telling me I'm in the red zone when I am synced up to the beat of the music perfectly. I remember playing this years ago on level medium and sometimes hard just fine but now it's like impossible to get past easy. Plus unlike other games I've played on and off, it doesn't save progress for a later reinstallment. Uninstalling maybe permanently... not that y'all care. You guys don't seem to respond to anyone's issues.
I suddenly can't play because it is telling me to download Youtube even though i already installed it on my device. I tried to install and uninstall Tap Tap and youtube for two times, restarted my device and still can't fix the error.
It's a good game, loved these games since revenge, however this is unplayable for me as the dots dont line up with the song. I have a musical ear so I tap to the beat of the song, however the dots are delayed by so much such that I'm always in the red zone. If this is fixed I'd love playing this game all the time!
This game has not been updated since December of last year. I want to give it 5 stars because I like the gameplay and the music, but, it will stay 1 star until its updated. amanotes has even created new games and updated their other games but not this one. It really sucks because I really like this game. :(
Why are there 3 slots to tap? I only have 2 thumbs so either make if 2 slots or 4. Ads pop up constantly and the game creators are practically begging you to make micro transactions the entire time. The visuals are generally unappealing and and the game gets boring quickly. 1/5 stars, don't waste your time.
just fun... only hang up isnthat the scoring systen is a bit unreasonable and harsh... theybneed to tier down the scoring a bit and also there should be an edit mode where you can create your own beat patterns to challenge others and submit them for possible use in future updates. also the three at one time is impossible to hit when holding the phone as normal people do, so either get rid of it or allow a thumb across both target points to initiate bith panels to allow it to be achieved. ty
I am an expert. Been playing these Tap Tap game for yrs. Always enjoyed. I'm highly aggrivated that the stupid game won't load the songs... any songs. Says loading data quickly then loading video. And then ALWAYS FAILS. Once in a blue moon it works and I do Not understand wht the problem is. It's not my Wi-Fi and my other games are just fine. I'd LIKE to play the game. Whts up that once I bought the (all the songs)$30 for all songs. And Now I Can't Play the game 99.9% of the time. Anyone else???
I used to love the original TapTap game and played it all the time. This version would be great if they gave the option to close the music video in the background during gameplay. Cuz with the video playing, the game lags all the time and it's impossible to get 100% on a song. So sadly, until they make that an option, I'm uninstalling and won't be playing again until then.
love the game...but you guys need to consistently add more songs. not 1 time in 6 months or so. last time there was new music added was in December & it's June now. please add new music at least once a month. it gets pretty annoying playing the same songs over & over again.
I used to enjoy this game so much. It's super easy to gain many rubies. But lately I lost my rubies. It said that I got 100 rubies, but I only got 10 rubies?! where's my 90 rubies? and when I got 5 rubies, it doesn't event count! 10 rubies for 1 ruby? Where all my rubies??
as someone who plays DDR, tiles and stepmania, this games rythom is wayyyyy off. you can keep up with the dots but if you listen to the beat of the music... your screwed. badly made game in that sense. game also freezes a lot... probably has something to do with live streaming the videos. Adds every end of round is annoying to but I get why they do it. wouldnt recomend.