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Tap Tap Punch

Tap Tap Punch for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by DAERISOFT located at #1013,10F,Byucksan Digital Valley 5-cha Gasan-dong,Geumcheon-gu,Seoul 08513 . The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game is a blast to play, giving only 2 stars because they want to show the same 4 ADS EVERY TIME YOU DO ANYTHING. Jesus at least have some variety in your ads, at this point I just turn off the volume and do something else when an ad pops up
I love this game, it's a very fun game and I would suggest it to others, but the only part that I really hate is that when you try to upgrade, it works and sometimes it doesnt and that's really frustrating and kind of unplayable.
Well, the concept is quite good, test your reaction and speed. Enjoying it so far. For now, the only issue I have encountered is that the forth guy hides with his left shoulder and arm, the upcomings from the right and how many times you need to either dodge or punch. If I encounter more, I will update you. Maybe you might consider the idea of adding a customization clothing that benefits your upgrades/character for example, or just a customazible appearance and to unlock it you need to pass certain challenges or you can pay in-game currency to skip those challenges. The art style, what can I say, I love pixel art, or just 8bit art style, reminds me of the old times. On terms of gameplay I feel it intuitive, I get a little bit of fuzzed later on because I start to mix up or miss a dodge/punch, maybe you can add to customize in options to change that interface's colour. I hope you don't need to add microtransactions for progression, that would be plain stupid and would ruin the experience. Furthermore, hoping for new content and updates, keep it up devs!
Just 2 buttons: Left action, right action. Its pretty much a button masher, dodge all punches then unleash your combo. My only problems are the upgrades, yes it does follow the coin paying mechanics like normal booths, but it is absurd that you have to pay high ammounts of in game currency punched out of baddies, yes they bleed money, and aswell as a consecutive lower chance for upgrade success! Annoying late game when its 1% upgrade success.
tbh this game is actually pretty fun and all but the one thing i dont get is about the hp decreasing a lot?? Especially when the enemy's hp is about half or less Like I wasnt even getting hit or anything but my hp starts to drain for some reason??? Its kinda unfair imo
I was doing good and got through a couple of the levels. Than I got better and was clicking so fast it lagged the game making it unplayable. uninstalled
It's interesting but it's a little dumb that your health drops off after a little while even though your not getting hit at all.
really good game but the graphics are kinda doo doo and some of the fights are to hard but its still fun anyway and they also need to add kicking uppercuts submissions and stuff like that
my only dislikings for this game is how the soundtracks repetes the same melody over and over again and this game is lacking task and exploration. Hopefully if you ever develop Tap Tap Punch 2, you'd make a bit more story driven, more added melodys to the songs, different combo systems and exploration.
Its really an awesome game!Every time you defeat an opponent you have thrill of adrenaline!The controls are simple and easy to use.But the particle effects.It covers the screen,making it harder to see the next buttons.And it seems like the higher level you are,the more fails in upgrading!Forgot to mention.The frame rate drops alot.
My favorite game right now. It's a fun game, almost like a rythem push buttons to do things game. The only reason I didn't give this game five stars is because of the probability upgrade system. It seemed out of wack. One of the upgrades was at a "95%" but fail 9 times before succeeding. That doesn't make any sense. Other than that, I really enjoy this game!
Cool game i don't like the probability going lower when upgrading that's very backwards an upgrade is an upgrade your hard work shouldn't get failed That doesn't make sense other than that fun game
Will rate 5 stars if the opponents will not block the punch and evade. Like seriously, the body of the opponent is so big that I cabt see anymore the Punches and Evasions. Pls fix. And the game will bw much more better.
Very arcade style and I like how the game is simple, just punch people! Come in, it's not that complicated...
The game is fun and a nice time killer and I enjoy it but the only reason it's 4 stars is because I bought one of the skins for the buttons and I didn't receive it yet.
Short, simple, and to the point. You tap and punch. It's One Finger Death Punch meets Punch Out!!! It's nothing short of a blast if that sounds like it's your cup of tea. I've personally got to Level 6 in the Challenge Mode and haven't regretted this game yet. If you're looking for a good arcade game for your smartphone this is a very good choice.
Amazing but there is a bug, when you upgrade, game is lagging/freezing so you had to reboot it. Please fix this :(
this game is good but the one thing that pissed me off real hard is that the upgrades f*ucking fails and it happens sooooo many time like when the upgrade ia more than 5 thousand coins it keeps on failing and failing and it's pissing me off
Honestly, the Game is fun, at least for a few hours or days, after a while it becomes rinse and repeat, I do understand the game is being updated and such every now and then with more and more content, but where it is at the moment, it gets boring after a while.
This game is a very good one I like that you haft to update to get better and the amount of modes it has, I loves training mode because you can die easily and it puts up a challenge and challenge cause its just so fun. Sadly there's no customizable but that's perfectly fine, I just wish this game would get more updates, last update was in 2018 if I'm correct. And it's good with graphics and time wasting. 😀😀😀
loved it! wish they had more bosses, more prizes, maybe be able to choose a character or even change his appearance. Hope they make a second game and add those in.
I love it but I want to say something could add like combos and when it was the first time I opened he'll get I should it should be like lava punch or fire barrage or something like that so if you could.add that that should be great
I love it! The controls are fun and easy, and it's so addicting! The main character looks almost exactly like Reigen Arataka from MP100, which I totally love. I definitely will and have recommended this game to my friends.
Fun game simple to pick up difficult to master, Ive made to the second to last boss in the challange mode. I've realised you lose health every millisecond when u arent pressing the buttons fast enough (like crack fast). I found this really annoying and a hinder to the joyment of this game. You guys should look into that and make it so you only lose health when actually mess something up, or a if you dont press the attack button in 0.85 seconds than you lose health. Other then that ive had fun.
You could of made equipment into the game you can buy with coins that buff statistics. Specialized equipment like rings and such can either reduce upgrade costs, increases probability of skills upgrading etc. Just to add more into the game... Also make the Hell Gate cost 500,000 instead of 1,000,000.
I love the game so much, I wish there was customization to the character we play. I know its suppose to be a simple game, but please consider it
Only really has about 15 minutes of content. Every fight is the same, just larger/smaller numbers (hp, damage, etc) Upgrade system is built to stretch out how much time you have to spend to get better. Overall it's okay.
I really like kinda this game that you need to tap not just taping practicing your reflex that can you addicted with it.
Good for killing time. But the problem is, I think the abilities from hell doesn't add up on character stats. Fever trigger upgrading, I dont have idea whats that for.
This game is not for everyone. But this game was for people like me. I loved grinding to beat the newest opponent but some of these reviews you should take into consideration.
love the game at first but afterwards it gets boring. I'm at level 5 now and i bought 10 abilities at hell gate and always getting SSS rating with 0 bitten at one run. please create a story bout this game which has a good potential and please just please counter the repetitive soundtrack and the stupid install google play everytime im trying to upgrade.which is annoying
Game is amazing! A pause button would be nice, wanna take a pause in the middle sometimes y'know? :) Also, getting to Level 20 and Hell Gate is the clutch win guys
It's a really good game and it's fun and addicting to play but I don't like how your health runs out when your fighting if your to slow and how when practicing if you miss one you'll have to start over. I also think they should add dodging to the practice part of the game so you won't be prepared to just punch in the actual fights.
Very challenging game. Some tips though, at least buy the $1 console textures.. removes ads and lag. Don't play while charging..that also reduces tactile response. And just focus on one side and get used to looking at blanks as "click the other finger" - that reduces confusion. I'm getting to 300+ combos when I'm in the zone and I've barely started this game. Those fever combos are awesome! Still training myself to reach 1k combos like one of the guys said. Great game and many thanks!
Short but really fun. It's just tapping left and right really fast but when you're in the zone you feel like a Dragon Ball Z fighter.
You know, I'm starting to think that the health is supposed to decrease even after pausing. I mean, Dark Souls does that too, so I guess it's fine. I'll change it to 5 stars. Bonus: Very friendly developers.
good game. except its sooo buggy. Sometimes the X and O buttons don't work so I can't get the buffs and sometimes the O button don't work for ressurection. please deploy a fix asap
Now THIS is what id call a combo-classic, love it, balanced gameplay, no instant-loss from 1 miss, so its possible to speed-run, reflex improving, neat pixelated graphics(64 bit!? Or just 36 bit.. maybe even 120 bit!?)
Absolutely love the game. Nice pixel graphics, simply contrtols and a progression system. My only problem so far is there is no pause feature within the fights. other than that, amazing.
gameplay gets a little old after awhile, and the music gets a little repetitive. The main issue i have is that the upgrade probibility is a bit broken. My recovery skill was lv 9 and at 90% 7 consecutive times it denyed. by probibility law that is almost impossiable. 7/8 isnt 9/10.
Very pleased and a great game. personally refreshing from the complex multi-button games. Level up system is good and seems balanced but the more you upgrade the more tedious it is to do. you have to collect even more money for it to fail by probability. Nothing to really complain about, other than on my phone, the ads make the game lag when it changes to another one.
There is just something so addicting about this boring game that makes you want to come back for more. I have played and replayed this onemany times and will always keep it a part of my collection.
When I first played the game the whole genre grabbed my attention and I love that,but the more I played it was better and better I really love this game also i don't k ow why but the character remindes me of one of my favorite characters so just an incredible game 👍👍👍👍 5 STARS AND I WILL RECOMMEND TO MANY
i cant stop playing, i like it, but it sucks when you buy upgrades, sometimes it fails, and it doesnt reimburse the lost money, please fix
Pretty fun game, it would be nice to have even more people to fight, as diversity in games is awards nice. This game could really numb your entire arm go too far, and speed is needed when you reach level 16.
This game is very addictive and challenging but sometimes too challenging, when the enemy is quite low and beaten up my hp regenerates much much slower or to the point where it is completely excluded which can be quite insane and intense. Ik it makes the game more awesome but at least put that kinda feature for the final battle only...so that at that time, since our skills are built up we should be able to handle it I guess.