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Tap Tap Monsters: Evolution

Tap Tap Monsters: Evolution for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES located at Dubai. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is not a good app it's a total lie the ads show a totally diffrent game the ads are a lie and should be removed wait not only the ads... THE ENTIRE APP it's so boring. Sometimes it forces you to follow them on face book. If you want a merge game just go to merge magic or something. Because this isn't a merge game that I would recommend. The only time I would recommend this game is when the garbage truck comes because this game has boring monsters and the background is terrible.
A pretty nice time killing game. Nothing more but I like the fact that it has a monster checklist that help you finish the game with a purpose. It's easy, fun and the monsters were cool. But that's it of course. I surprisingly kept it for a whole year because of the monster book.
the double tap to merge in a cluster of monsters is a little stranger to grt used to. I ve have bern playing noe got aboit 15 min and its a slow moving adaptability for me in regards to tge cobtrols and gsmeplay of an otherwise creative and fun twist of a classic item fall and you merge topic or genre game.
Same like all the other same type of games.. Fun but thousands of ads that you need to watch in order to progress otherwise its too hard.. Lastly the screen freezes every few minutes and need restart.. Overall the game is average rating and little less..
Decent concept. Too bad that every 30 seconds of gameplay you're forced to watch a 35 second ad. Why? It's the same 3 ads over and over again. I need my data turned on for work related purposes. I'll give it a month. If the ad problem disappears, I'll boost my rating to 5 stars. If not... down to 1 star. Greedy devs.
Uninstalled! Watched an add to double my offline income. To not only miss the extra income but to not earn ANY of my offline earnings. Waste of phone storage space.
So sloooooooooooooooooooooooow and wish there was more than 1 earth so we could se each path atleast its not an ad machine
I did a trick to get free diamonds. Stay in the app before you go back to tap tap monsters. Then boom. Free diamonds.
good but no good enough, after i got to second planet nothing else happened i just needed to evolve again, but this time you can pick the other biome, the first planet i got the death dragon and the second one is still evolving the monsters, i wish the monsters on the 2nd 3rd and 4th planet wasnt the same, and there are different biomes as well.
Ads. Oh so many ads. I understand the developers need to get paid, but in 5 minutes of "gameplay" I had 15 ads. Aside from that, it's just a simple carbon copy of every other evolution game out there, but this one just seems lazier than most. Hard pass.
I don't like the monsters but, it's fun. I recommend that you should update this game and about the monsters, please make it better.
Too many ads that interrupt gameplay. I get the ads for getting bonuses and the like, but gameplay interrupting ads are greedy and annoying. Game looks good, pacing seems fine, but the ads ruin it.
A very cool and good game. I would recommend to many people out there. There is, however, a couple of problems. 1) There aren't enough coin upgrades so you have to use gems. 2) The other planets cost too much. If you could sort these problems out I would have tested 5 stars!
Right i like this game but i just got a bigest monster only one i need to got a shiny monster thats my plan for a game
Its really boring all you do is sit there and evolve evolve EVOLVE! Its easy to get bored of,there is alot of better games then this. Plus only 2 things to do do not reccomend
look its a great game but it gets sooo sloow after a while and the only way to progress without selling your soul to satan is to watch a ton of ads so if you guys could maybe let us get more upgrades that would really fix the game's biggest problem.
I really like it for the first time I think it's cool discovering new monsters that's why I gave it 5 stars I can't wait new to discover more monsters.
It was an excellent game it took me about a little over a month to finish and get all 72 maybe more maybe less different creatures
I don't like this game. I am very sorry of playing this game.......Please tell everyone about time I installed or rated .
I wouldn't mind to purchase "no ads" for a game IF ONLY the ads itself is not as frequent and randomly popping for almost few seconds like this one.. Terribly monotone and slow game advancement.. Uninstalled less than 10min after playing..
bad i have a game here and its a great i am close to going to a next level but when i played a diferent game when i went back its gone im back with my old one
Very Fun! You Can Merge Very Unpredictable Creatures! I Am Enjoying! INSTALL RIGHT NOW! Edit: You Can Unlock Monsters. Planets. Such As Death Dragon And Eurydyce. Edit 2: Missions cost hours of your life But You Get VERY GOOD REWARDS!
Just had good in-game artworks... and poor at both gameplay and interaction (such as lacking in have subtly well done animation, ui and so), as well as some minor pet peeves including that the game itself won't let me tapping monsters with two fingers easily, which the game often move the monster while tapping and is pretty annoying. The gameplay itself is nothing special as a Cow Evolution clone.
If you like the merging style of game then it's alright. A little bit of ads but so every other game.
I love it it's so fun there are some ads but is playable so I love it but I would love it even more if you could use the monsters to fight with friends and go on quests with you monster if your dont want to change it I'm fine with that but I'd love the update
i like this game they have many evolusion you need to see it so fantastic gyus so come on play this game 😀😀😀😀😀
Like others have said, this app is both plagued with ridiculous amounts of ads, and it absolutely does not play like its own ads show. Tap until your fingers fall off, watch an ad to do just about anything else, and merge to follow what is essentially a hands-off, linear progression of loosely related monsters.
Because it's like these animals or should I say like creatures and you can get like more stuff on the thing and more like creatures and that's pretty cool that's what I just have to say and I have to give it five stars because it is so cool that I think you always need to get five stars to achieve something and you guys seriously like a surprise or anything because this game is super cool
Extremely bad. It's unplayable due to the amount of adds that come up without prompting, during normal play. 10/10 would not recommend
Don't download, not worth it. Downloaded it after seeing an add where you have to make "the coolest monster" and had to choose between to options to make it cooler. After that I downloaded it and its just a boring merge game. Background is boring its pretty much a purple and blue swirl no effort in it at all, the games slow and the monsters don't look very good either. Ovet all boring game and ads are a complete lie so I wouldnt wast your time 👎
Automatic one star for having forced ads. Very boring and slow paced game. The game plays nothing like how the trailer shows it. Shame on you devs for being misleading!!! Avoid this lame game.
Ad bears no resemblance to the game whatsoever. Its just one of those dumb lowlevel creaters fly onto screen and you fuse them forever. Bulls^$# not worth the data even if your into those because lying and clickbaiting on a professional leval is scum.
Not what I thought this was. Ads arent a problem. I don't know why, but Im just not into it I guess. Uninstalled it, but not because of any actual problema.
At first this app seemed promising. Lots of ads, but only of you chose to tap the to gain a reward. After a while it has switched to gameplay interrupting ads, that cannot be avoided. Game itself is an alright merge/idle type of game
slow uneventful takes forever to advance if you guys added in a reborn system or something to speed up progress it'd be better it has potential but is lacking in key areas such as the max on the first world being the highest monster in the 1st area which isn't helpful when your 3 monsters in on the 3rd area also the ads every other second is a turn off in a game
every 30 seconds theres an ad. All the monsters like to group up when your trying to organize them to evolve them. when tapping on the specific monster all the monsters you move away keep coming back to interfere with my clicks. in order to stop ads guess what ... ... it costs money... NTY
Nothing but ads and glitches. Even aside from that, the game is unimaginative and boring; no trying out different combinations to create something new, just clicking the two blobs that look alike over and over. Better off wasting your time elsewhere.
I WISH I COULD RATE 0! it's nothing like the ad and it is boring... If you want good games check merge dragons or wildcraft!
Love the game, the app is very responsive to taps. If they would just get rid of the tabs it opened up when rappedly buying monsters to buy gems it would be close to a perfect evolution idle
Mission time need to be fix Piggy bank not working. Offline bonus and timing not working??? I thinking appstore need to check the app before you uploading it. Dont waste time in unfinished game.
Apparently to play a simple game you need to know my device name, model, OS, my browser, my network operator, country, internet provider, my geolocation, my IMEI and who knows what else
It's a good game until you get to the end. I unlocked all the world's and monsters and now there's not really anything else to do. Also, there are a lot of ads. However the art is good and I liked to play it.
Ok first of all these adds look way better than the real game. Second of all WHAT DO YOU DO ON THIS GAME??? IS THIS GAME JUST MERGING???Third of all if you want a real merging game go to merge magic its a really nice game with nice updates and its not a rip off. It also forced me too go to face book, which i dont have. Atleast try to be decent. I dont think amyone can give this a five star. Lastly If your easily board DONT DOWNLOAD ITS A WASTE OF SPACE.
Cute idle game... it's great way to relax your mind but it has great variety of monsters to keep it exciting.
Trap of a game. Adds are all over the place. The game might as well be named 'Ads Only' the game doesn't play how the ads show it to be
Ad's everywhere, you go to upgrade monsters and ad's right next to the upgrade button, if you don't have the gold to upgrade it takes you to the purchase gold screen. You can't even play the damn game lol. Just horrific!
Was fun at start, but lost interest after a day.. It's repetitve.. Only visualy stuff changes, everything else, stays the same Misses more upgrade possibilitys. Will come back after a while to check if anything changed
Its glitchy because when I joined I had everything last time I checked I had 3 things and I cant update it to
$240 for full game? That's how much VIP costs in this game, $20 per month. Don't pay up and you're riddled with ads and slow progression.
do not make a tapping game that has everything get in the way of my tapping its very much annoying when im trying to farm money and a low level garbage just goes in my way and not randomly i tap for about 5 seconds and it goes straight for my taping nomatter where it is and no matter where i move it just make it so they dont move ever unless the player moves them
Before I installed this game, I have played the game 'big Bang evolution ' I liked the game, I have bought all the worlds, opened all the bombs and upgraded. But I worried to uninstall the game. But when I installed this game, I was very happy. It is like the game 'big bang evolution '.i am enjoying this game too much. Thank you.
ass, like every "merge" or "tap" or "idle clicker" or whatever floats your boat. Can't wait til this type of shovelware dies Of course everything i've said above doesn't provide the """experience""" i had around the game so imma sum it up: i waited and waited, that's it
I love it! Stupid mind suck game. No winning no losing just never ending instant gratification. Thank you for this its amazing
very good game so far update: fix the damn rewards. everytime i comeback and log into game i click reward video and finished playing video iam not getting 2x rewards. everytime. now i can't even get normal. i gave you 5 stars but now iam giving only 2 till you fix this bug. update : today i had over 200 gems and now when i logged in i lost 150 gems magically. i have never used in any boosters i was just savin em. please check my account fix it.
fun to play at first but after u reach 3rd age it bcome BORING by grid n grind. no learning curve at all.. my curiousity to new monster is gone too.. i mean u need like 100+basic monsters just to make 1monster at 3rd age/lvel.. n u need to make another pair.. plus the monster is getting more expensive evrytime u buy em..
This app is. A copy and boring all you do is tap tap tap. There's no cute mini games and fun. Stuff to do it's just a copy of a game I deleted. Dont play it also all the five stars are scams. Yeah you can not lisen but WHEN YOU PLAY AND YOUR BORED DONT SAY I DINDT WARN YOU!Because with the virus we are looking for something that's fun not boring.
this game is so much fun I would recommend it to anyone and everyone and it's so much fun holding your monsters to create new ones you have so much freedom can pick however you want two of your creatures and I'm talk next game I've ever had I've had it for 2 months
Was really enjoying the game until my mission timer and bank stopped collecting when I was in game? Wth.
Between the piggy bank not working and the missions literally only counting time the game is open AND the disproportionate amount of money required to purchase the creatures to evolve them, it takes an insane amount of time to get anywhere. If fixed it could be a fun time waste game. As it is, it is just a waste of time.
This game is awesome. Beacuse it has different paths that you can go. Also I rated a three beacuse you need to grind like crazy. And you need to unlock different worlds and I don't like it.
Bought the starter upgrade to get rid of ads. Still have ads and didn't get anything from the starter
Another timer spawn & merge game with habitat levels. Like all of them, it gets old after a while, long before endgame
to many ads right out of the shoot, within 3 minutes of playing I had to watch 4 30 second ads, also the game is pointless and and gets mundane quickly
I downloaded this because the ads looks great. Really different game with ads. Don't download & play this if you're here because of ads.
Biggest trap ever made, trying to lure kids with graphics and decent gameplay. But in the end it pop force ads when you open regular menus. Later in the game you can't unlock upgrade with gold anymore , for last levels you need to spend gems, game is decent but the devs are greedy and I'm being polite here, cause I would call them differently, big joke of a company here. I despite developers like that so much, welcome to mobile gaming I guess.
Not mind blowing gameplay, but mildly entertaining nonetheless. Kind of wish the spawn timer didn't take so long.
Well I beat it finally it's a cool game. Takes patience but when you finally get to the end the victory is... underwhelming
It's a pretty good game I dont know why people hate this game so much because of the ads but the ads clearly show clicking
great game love the graphics hours of fun game play keep up the good work so far i love playn just started but its awesome cant put it down !!
I like the aesthetic, but ads in idle games should be used for boosts. It gives the player a feeling of repayment for helping your revenue stream. Playing the game should not be cause for tossing ads in our faces.
Best game ever I like the thunder storm guy because he looks so cool and the dark ones are so creepy which I like I'm halfway through the game and I love it so much never delete it it's the best game ever.😜😜😜😜😜😜😜🤐🤯🤩😃🧐by the way I'm her son ITS THE BEST GAME EVER
Constant bombardment of ads ruin what could have been a decent time waster. Clickable upgrades that take up a large portion of the screen require payment or to watch ads. Most if not all ads are unskippable.
It's a different type of game. I like that. The monsters are neat and colorful. However, i.m not understanding the purpuse of all the coins being collected. The best part of the game is that the monsters evolve. I.m not understanding the purpose of the upgrades and the money collection? It's like the continual collecting of coins is just being busy for no reason. The concept is great, however the purpose of the coin collection may need to be thought out more; thas the only drawback.
Lied to, deceived, not like the in game ads from other apps. While the art is decent this just feels and acts like a forced follow/money grab attempt. Avoid this.
Too many adds, for this game that ruins the experience. But beside the ads its pretty fun, it lacks animation though.
It's ridiculous with how every time I try to claim my gold from being away for a long period of time it won't give it to me making it really hard to progress in the game. So even when I click claim on the money it will just not actually bother giving it to me. I was online the entire time. Sometimes even watched add to see if it would work that way and it didn't.
I thought It would be cool because of the paths but it's just okay it's just a tapping game that's it I mean they're also VIP stuff but this is just my opinion if you liked all that just go along and play but for I found It disappointing
was fine before the update. takes to long to buy on 3rd planet, takes long to load 1st and 2nd planets buy menu, and then long to buy 1 monster takes ages, so making more money for the 3rd planet takes 2x ages. then money randomly gets more, and gems just disappears. if its fixed, its a nice game