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Tap Tap Gun

Tap Tap Gun for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by MotherGameStudio located at 4250, Sujin 2-dong, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Progression of the slog unless you either watch an ad every 5 seconds or spend a dumb amount of money. The games only saving Grace is that it doesn't technically force you to watch any ads
The game is simple but it still catches you off guard here and there, is there some kind of plot or something because the bosses seem a bit weird and advance a certain way
just go all out like youre playing piano rapidly *tapping intensifies* its so fun to see all the kids complaining so many things with bad grammar and stupid adults who complain about ads,just turn off the wifi if the game can be played offline to not get ads รจwรฉ
Yea it's fun and all at the start although by the end it's gets into a slow process with the exploration part I get up to killing 57 of them and then it's says all clear like did I finish it then it kicks me out and back in the exploration menu with the planets. If there were more of those dino-animal bosses that would be great also I recommend this came to everyone so I have enjoyed it I'm sure you will too.๐Ÿ™‚
It's a good time waster, just tap away and level up, pretty easy to play for a long time hahaha. Really wish that the guns actually hit the first target though. That was annoying
The only way to make meaningful progression is to watch ads. Even paying for later upgrades trigger an ad. Yes, you watch ads, so you can watch more ads
From start to finish, this game is fun to pass the time, but a few problems i found with the game is one a lack stuff to do once you get the parthenos gun MK3. Another problem is the mechanic of stealing is pretty much broken because all you need is the steampunk robot, get some ore and then steal over and over unt you're satisfied. The mechanic makes the game end REALLY fast and i say once you actually start unlocking relic guns the game just gets kinda boring. Still good though great job devs!
I have collected all weapons, cards all level up, all drones, pet and all enemies. I thought when I got them, the purple world would have option but nothing. Since the update came out, the purple world is now open where you can steal ores. New bosses and weapons to unlock. I feel like they saw my review. I can't wait for future updates. Changed my stars from 4 to 5
A decent little tapper with lots of upgrading set to a sort of synthwave style background. Not too much to write home about but all in all its good enough for what it is. My main problem is in the mtx. Not that I dislike mtx but rather the ridiculous price tag for what you get out of them. And to use the gold doubler lasts 3 minutes and costs an ad view. Thats ludicrous. That means you have to watch an ad every 3 minutes to keep the perk. Thats insane
I love the game but there's one problem when I try to watch adds to get things or be able to outo battle it wont let me watch ads other than that it's a really fun game.
Paying to remove ads should remove all ads not just the bs banner ads. Normally I dont mind spending a little money on games but this game highly disappointed me with the price of the in game transactions.
I compared the countdown time of the skills to an atomic stopwatch and the game is indeed about 15% slower than real time with skills up. This slowdown is increased even more with guns that have a higher rate of fire. Besides that this is probably the most mediocre clicker game out there. There isn't much to keep one playing besides the novelty of unlocking new guns and targets.
At first it's fun but when you get to the mining area the games system becomes very cheap. The option in which you can steal from monsters is very cheap because even though I had 80% chance of success I failed Everytime The rest of the game is good Please fix the cheap algorithm of the "steal" area and I'll rate 5 star
Not cool at all. No changes, nor relaxing theme. Or anything that make game appealing. I don't get the idea of the game
Unlike most mobile games, this actually is what it seems. Also unlike most mobile games, you are not forced to watch ads at all, and, there is few microtransactions.
This is an absolutely abysmal excuse for a game. In app purchases start at 20 USD, and it requires you to watch an ad every 2 minutes, to get any sort of progression. Avoid at all costs.
The game have cloud save and google play achivements, its a perfect clicker game. But the game needs you to watch ads for auto clicker especially in the beginning of the game and no way could you used in game currency to do that. Playing until completed dragon collection and unlocked exploration. The need to upgrade became harder and harder.
very fun game. I love how ads arnt forced and give a fair reward keep updating very fun I'm currently on the holy guns! now on arrow guns
Nothing to play. It's a chore to tap, and ads or money to auto tap. Very little difference in power between gun tiers. Everything is trash to use except smgs and rifles because they're automatic. Don't pay this developer a cent.
Addictive as long as you have time. Gets repetitive very quickly and can be boring, but I decided to play until I got to the dragon stage and the succubus target. Eventually got so bored I gave up on trying to unlock the adventure mode. The dragon stage takes way too long to get to and you unlock the adventures mode at its last level which is just ridiculous. The game is so repetitive you'd get bored by the time you reach gold so I really think adventure mode should be gained at some lower stage
This game is a great time killer and it's not too grindy, when you play for a long time it will get harder to buy stuff but that's basically every game. Overall it's a great game that deserves a chance.
Awesome game. Fun mechanics, enjoyable progress, great art style. Definitely better than other "gun clicker" games.
The game is great until you get to the exploration Era, (after all gun upgrades & monster upgrades), it gets extremely boring after that. It becomes such a grind that it's no longer enjoyable as it makes it hard to keep playing. Up until that point, the game is great, but, after you reach it, it's just boring.
its easy to get through the levels but the game recently seems to go in slow motion for me. usually after 3 hops the pet would shoot now it takes like 6 or 7. the timer for the drone goes by at 1 third the speed and its rate of fire is slower. the main guns rof is also strangely slow
Normally, I'd complain about an over-reliance on ads to progress, but the ad rewards in this game are so unbelievably overpowered that it's actually quite funny how broken the ads are. Other than that, it's a great time-killer game. The only problem is that the game is repetitive.
I played this 2 years ago and just recently remembered about this game and i looked all over the play store to find it. Really love this game still to this day.
Having an issue with IAP. If I leave it closed for too long it doesn't recognize that I've purchased everything.
Gets very repetitive towards the end, just get more coins, go on an exploration, upgrade, repeat. No variety.
It's a great game but it's kinda easy to complete and in the end game gem's are kind of useless I suggest implementing a shop or something where you use gem's to buy upgrades or special power ups that have to be bought with gem's also maybe a pristige system
I would rate this 5 stars but it gets boring after a few days everything is so expensive there's no afk farming and the weapons are boring and don't do much
One of the BEST clickers availble no ads are forced into your face but instant a small ad by google which doesn't intrude into the middle and make you accidently hit it. Pixel art was charming and there were some strange weapon upgrades that most would find absurd or funny. But 10/10 game would recomend.
It had promise but it was too boring. Same repetitive upgrades, from the same repetitive gameplay, with the same repetitive weapons. Upgrades are also few and far inbetwern, taking far too long to unlock.
The game is truly nice. No forced ads or ads required to progress. But if you do spend that one bit of time in an ad for this game, it gets ridiculously satisfying. Awesome idea and I would recommend.
Simple tap-tap game. Can take a while to upgrade guns etc. and you might find it repetitive, but good to pass a few hours away. ๐Ÿ™‚
Super fun for just passing time. And runs pretty smoothly. I haven't paid for the full version yet. But I assume it's even better!!! Good job on this one
I reset my phone, got wood to dragon in 5 days and as of now I am on the ball target, all cards, SS. Gold gun, ETC. also I have the ice tank on a high level. ps. this is the BEST game i`ve played in years!
This is such a good time waster. I've played this game several times years ago, and one day I just remembered it. I am currently on Fire, and I just can't stop playing. You could add the ability to use older guns, drones and targets, and you could also add a prestige button that could be used when you reach the dragon gun.
Very great game super fun and easy to progress except for one funny thing where they misspelled mining ๐Ÿ˜‚
This game is amazing . It doesn't force you to watch ads like all those other games and it doesn't throw options for you to buy things with real money in you're face. This game is exactly what it says it is. I would love for this game to be updated quite often to make it bigger but other wise it's a really good game. 5/5 stars. Keep up the good work.
Love the game. But once you get past the stage of needing gems and money they become useless pretty much. I have the increased firepower on constantly and use skills but I still have over 100k gems so itd be cool of there was something to use gems on to make you stronger(or coins for that matter but be really expensive)
Aboslutely adiquate except some parts are not or are poorly translated which needs to be fixed (for english)
A little slow paced and i wish there wasn't a cap on how fast you can fire the guns considering you have to get to 10,000 on only being able to tap every .5 seconds on a smg
Good game but the microtransactions are a little expensive. I have played this for 3-4 years and the. microtransactions are just a little too expensive