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Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim

Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Iron Horse Games LLC located at 340 S LEMON AVE #4271 WALNUT, CA 91789 UNITED STATES. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Im enjoying it a lot. The only thing that irks me is the way your inventory is presented. Id much prefer a dedicated inventory button eith a seperate window. Its really annoying having to scroll from left to right. Especially when you get a bit more items. Accidebtly draging down the screen happens way to often.
Pretty good game to pass the time but there isn't really not much to do after playing for a few days. Plus the daily ads for curses never reset so I can't even prestige any time soon unless I spend some cash.
this game sucks but i still like it for no reson i forgot to not reset it but you no last time im soo good but there is soo much erors in this game i dont no idk lol idiea get silver to stop the eror who ever rates 1 star is an idiot dude and 200 grass you can craft 10 ropes in count by 2s in 100 by a time 1000 grass 100 ropes!!!!!
Loved it but-- I kinda wish the Quests weren't like 'Have In Hand's kinda quest. It just talked your hard-earned items away for something stupid. Please fix it.
An interesting take on idle clickers. My favourite was the soundtrack: it was really good medieval. Cons: it doesn't port well to android. Starts lagging lots further you get. Might be the rendering per building/income.
Too grindy so far with almost no automation. I know it is a tapping game but most by this point have a decent auto generator. Yet I am still manually collecting everything at a very slow pace.
After playing for about 5mins I found a bug, had built 2 iron mines and a lumber mill then my food value disappeared so it was impossible to feed my people, I was chopping trees and finding food but it was adding it then removing it straight away. Then they just stopped working when the food bar ran out and there was nothing I could do about it.
I just recently installed, and I've been having an amazing time. I really enjoy that I can play this game for a nice relaxing experience, without anything being too easy, and it's great that the ads don't pop up in front of you.
This is a great game for when your bored or have a few minutes of spare time. Enough progression to keep you interrested as well as prestige options to make the game a little harder over time. Also has excellent customer support which is continually looking into bugs and creating new and more efficient content. Thanks pixelkeep
It was fun until I started to automate everything and whenever I started to login it lag for like 10min to process everything I get from afk farm and sometimes it crash. I notice that in the factory when you stack in too much item it will start to lag, I suggest an automated button so we don't have to restock it as it was causing too much lag. I can access my game now, but I'm not sure how to prestige. Any tip?
I really love this game and an update is very welcome. It is very good as it is but can definitely have more into it. Like more tools, resource books so we know all resources as we discover them, more crafting recipes, nore automated crafting of basic materials, 2d character that can move around, more maps, more buildings and much more. Plus, plss add some kind of thing that auto taps for you or other methods, because its very tiring just tappinh and tapping.
A cool take on the idle clicker concept. Definitely engaged so far, hoping there is more of a late game since I can see it getting stale once you get everything built up. Can't give it 5 stars due to some annoying bugs. The "daily" ads havent reset for a week so I have no way to get the premium currency other than paying. Also the sound settings (turning off music/sfx) don't save so I have to change it every time. If those were fixed it'd be an easy 5* from me.
Was a fun game until I clicked out to read a text, came back and game had reset. lost all the work I'd done. Not sure I can be bothered to start again especially when it may happen again. I didn't even close the app. Theres no way to save your progress.
It was a lot of fun optimizing everything, though I wish there were ways to automate grass and clay collecting... However, I have to give it a lower score because once I had beaten all the quests and started working on filling out the map, my game inexplicably reset and I lost all my progress.
Definitely has potential, but the buildings are too vague. Could use some descriptions for them, and maybe more for other parts of the game.
Fantastic game very fun to play but currently being very buggy and won't let me into the game, i hope this will be looked at because it is a very fun game and you can get lost in
This game is a rip off!! I paid 10$ to have no ads, double tap, etc. After purchasing, the game all of the sudden was only producing iron. All my farms was only producing iron, I updated the game same issue. I then decided to reset the game hoping it would fix the issue. Not only did I start a new game, but my 10$ i spent to purchase the game did not carry over the new game. Now it is asking me to pay another 10$. Not recommended at all!!
Great game, well balanced. But do I really need 200 curses AND 800k coins for prestige? I want to believe it's a bug and meant to be either one. Please fix that.
I do love this game but it keep on saying unable to find library for this device architecture or something like that Plz tell me how to fix this
The game was fun at first, but the hunger is a little unbalanced and quickly becomes a chore rather than just another facet of the game. Having to keep up with that made everything feel overly repetitive and just sucked all enjoyment I had out of it. Also, inventory management is a bit of a headache since it's just a scrollbar at the top. Would have been better to have a bag or something you could open and sort.
The game is very good at first. it has update today and i have just update it today and all of my progress is gone it resets on its own i wish to have my game back
Can't figure out how to prestige with the 800k gold it costs but overall the game is fun. Needs way more stuff in it though
The workers are bottomless pits. When there is little food they eat slow, when there is a lot they eat fast. I really wish they didn't eat the raw food first, I needed those. The ads are worth it as there is a lot of resource grinding to do. Crafting shovels are so expensive, it took me a long time just to dig up map pieces to unlock clay.
Generated a fatal error and crashed every app on my phone. I had to restart my device and later found the script error among others in my hdd archive. You need to advertise as still being in BETA phase and work on this product. Uninstalling
It is an awesome game, love the graphics, gameplay and every little thing in it. But ...there is a but... i can't figure out what the endgame is. I open all islands i maximize farming and upgrade everyrhing but when i cap , what then? :) Awesome job on devloping this game i love it. Maybe add something like new worlds new materials , new items, would be great.
Needs more, it has so much potential. But as of now you can finish the game within days. I only have little complain, the clay does not have a factory/machine to automake.
This game does have some potential but its room for growth is minimal.. And the cost for upgrading anything is extreme given that the resources that you get to upgrade are close to nothing. Also definitely not an idle game you have to tap most the day away in order to get anywhere. The idle workers (also scarce) barely yield any results.
The new update mess up my game it turns everyone on my building into a iron furnace!!!! But you don't see it as a iron furnace until you click on it
I'm loving the game so far. But I was wondering, is there a way to collect apples automatically? I'm stuck on a quest for days right now because I need to collect apples for 25k, and the drop rate for apples is so low. Also, can you please add building to collect clays automatically? Like the ones for collecting silver ores, gold ores, coal etc. And lastly, please add a recipe book for reference on how to make certain items/things. Thank you.
Fun, but now I'm stuck. I can't prestige without curses. I can't watch the daily ads because they always say "watched" even though it's been weeks since i watched one. I already paid for the no ads and some extra curses. If their idea is to make you pay everytime you prestige, they can forget it. Not worth it.
I loved it but why can't I prestige without curses?? I feel like this should be available with gold only too
fun game keeps me coming back for more. the only thing ill nit pick about it the amount of tapping. i know its called tap craft. but maybe a press to hold on the basic resorces would be nice
Game is amazing can you add more uses to coins? like buying bricks, gears, grass etc.. and you can use coins to skip tasks!
Look, it's super cute. Love the concept, but the inventory system is flawed. There's no way to see everything I have and when I make a bunch of stuff, not all of it gets counted. It'll still take my resources though.
Nice game but absolutely no replayability. Once you do it once there's no bonus aside from increased productivity and then you do everything all over again. Nothing new is given, no new buildings, no bonuses.. Nothing. Simply a do over. There's no end game goals, no buildup of resources for some achievement, no upgrades.. Quite lacking. Not gonna put a 1 star as I briefly enjoyed playing but it won't get. 5 star for sure.
Loving the game so far~ I think my onlh iff as of right now is that my daily add count doesn't refresh. Wnat more curse XD As for as game play at first i was a bit confused by the lack of explanation as to what tool does what, but once figured they are easy to use ^^ So far i only noticed the lumberjack giv8ng u a warning when out of tools
This games good and all but sometimes the friggin hot bar we use freezes and we cant scroll making them starve to death making it unplayable. Edit: why doesnt daily ads that give curses no regenerate?????
Decent little tapper. Crafting is pretty simple- my only problem, you can't seem to mine mud. I'm probably late to end game and I've got an achievement where I need 250k mud. That is going to take absolutely forever if I can't automate it. I'm over 100m coins and basically unlimited resources as it sits, so the achievement isn't a big deal but I still want it.
The game is fine and actually good, but the quests at some point are ridiculous. You would need days to complete them. Also when the smith is working and producing tools, while outside of the app you do not get as many tools as you would if you were in the game. And that is one of the key factors to why quests are quite hard. I have unlocked all the islands and at this point I think I have completed the game. So I am looking forward to some new additions to the game. Take care.
The game is a nicely designed idle clicker with a medieval/colonial crafting and building theme - the artstyle is very appealing as well a the soundtrack. The game play is fine, but I did experience some bugs: when digging for treasures, the dug holes sometimes don't disappear for days, or you can't dig up the ground at all even though you have a shovel and it's an empty spot. The daily ads can only be watched once. And why does the moneyer not work when AFK? Change that please
Very good game, like it so far.Just hating the fact that there's no automation for apples, and I have a task where you need 1000 of them. Realy unlucky that's the reason i haven't started this game in 3 months, hoping it will be added soon or I will have to uninstall it.Rather than that, the game is very addictive and fun to play.
Fun little tapping idle game. The inventory is not great and they changed the icon from a miner to a generic hammer, so now it looks the same as everything else.
Really its a good game. Its not hard and it doesn't include any impossible missions. Waiting for next game's upates. Hope that you will arange the resources in top bar properly Ex. Materials, Equipment, Food.
Hello is anybody listening a bug in the settings options: All things that can be turn off, are turned back on. when you open the app next time. You need to keep the settings we turn OFF TO STAY OFF!!!!!! I have version 1.0.51
Progression is way too slow. Way too much tapping to resources ratio. Everything is super expensive, and food gets consumed way too quickly. Sometimes it felt like I was only sustaining my workers instead of trying to get resources myself. By the time I finish fishing, I have to go make another fishing rod to keep my workers satiated. Game has good potential but critically needs to address this problem.
Progression system is completely broken. After an hour or two you'll have seen all content the game has to offer with no reason to visit other islands in the game. Visiting them requires you make a shovel and dig with it for maps, which is extremely tedious, and you gain nothing by doing so.
I like the simplicity of gameplay. However, the daily reward only worked for day 1, and today all buildings produce iron instead of what they are supposed to.
I love this game. I do. However there are bugs that are making it unplayable. When the prestiege update was added i got very close to prestiege before the app stopped opening. I attemped to trouble shoot and ended up losing everything and starting from scratch with an uninstall and reinstall. Ok. It sucked but I did it bevause i enjoy the game. Now it has done the same thing. Won't load at all and I refuse to start from scratch again. Might try later on but for now, its not worth it.
Everything was a-ok at first, a normal tapping idol game. Then, there is an update (tournament update) which ruined everything. Every single buildings of mine are now iron furances evertime i builded some new to replaced the old one, they still become iron furances the next time i launch the game... Devs, pls fix :) Edit: Problem solved but I lost all my progress so four stars. (make a cloud save or something maybe?) os: thankfully i didnt buy any curses
Sustainability sucks, either your villagers don't produce enough or they eat too much. The human limitation for base food production buildings makes it so you can't cover for this flaw by just having a bunch of them. The production of anything can not be automated, as you have to put the materials in manually. Inventory system is a hassle to deal with, especially with the constant rearranging and inability to sort things.
I'm loving this game so far, the fact that you can build things for over night and multiply them when you wake up is very useful but I was wondering. Is there a clear task bar for collecting silver? Also I was wondering, is there a building for automatically collecting weeds for rope? I'm still trying to get my grips and it would make it easier since some tools take around 400 rope or blankets to create.
The game is awesome on it simplicity but some bugs and etc. And not in snyc in time (no other info on how much resources do you get in a certain time) which ruins largely the gameplay [game based on relativity but I would not much say soo] fixes are in dire need on the game
I really like the game, but I feel like the crafting system is very unbalanced. There are limited uses for wheat/gold/silver and 1 farm/mine can power 5-6 same level buildings that convert the raw material into food/money/bars. And I have no clue what the water bucket does, but that was probably my mistake missing some explanation.
I will say its bad Just bcuz there is a low chance of getting apples from trees and a low chance of a fish spawning and when you have more people there is more hunger and when you need the dark thing you need to watch a 30 sec ad so i give a 1 star
It's a nice game. I enjoyed it for weeks. But there is a problem, the sycthe and the shovel breaks so quickly and when you start the game it's good and you have a lot of resources, then it starts depleting very fast. The hunger level goes down very fast. If you fix those I will five stars.
Best idle taping game I've ever played. And I've played hundreds. Amazing game guys you should feel very proud of this game. Would be awesome to see it on steam!!!! I would definitely buy it on steam for like 10 bucks!
It's straight up pay to play. After a few hours of playing, there is noway to keep your hunger up without the upgrades. Right off the bat, needing a reduce hunger upgrade... Red Flag.
Yes this game is addictive and lovely sort of like the closest I can get to a free cottage core little island game
Will change when fixed but have not heard a response from the developer I bought the starter pack and another one have not received ether one. It's a good game just don't charge people if they aren't going to work
The game is good and could be even better if they added more resources/building/items etc another good thing about the game is its free to play friendly you get 16 free curses every day and you can participate in tournaments for 130 curses if you complete all 7 tournaments witch is 260 a week if you complete both. however I feel the curses to coins you need to prestige needs balancing badly. Also feel as the .3 multiplier when prestiging isn't that great because cost of most things increases.
A pretty nice idle game overall. My only problem is after I updated the game, all my structures just kept producing iron ingots and nothing else. Please help
Honestly, boring and lackluster. You can play this game 1 of 2 ways. Way 1: spend 2 hours getting basic resources, then not touching the game for a week for resources or Way 2: Use an auto tapper to farm resources. Either way, you need to make shovels to dig up your island to have around a 10% chance to get a chest which then has minimal odds to get 1 map to progress with the main questline. Garbage.
I really love the style, gameplay, the crafting, the islands you can go to, digging up treasure, this game has alot of potential!!! I think its an amazing simple game with alot of elemts to it. Most of all the crafting. It would be cool to see houses too! Thank you!
The game has been released since last year & yet there are still too many basic bugs/problems in the game. I could complete 1 quest out of 2 but then when i complete the other it will reset the first one so i have to do it again. You dont need to pay any money to play but its so slow if you dont. Sometimes after being away a few hours it will let you double what has been made but just now when i went to play again it didnt give me the option. It can be a good game but i'm gonna take a break.
I like this game... But having more money people... Does not seem to add more money.. Also just a heads up.. Make sure to remove all resources before destroying something... If u don't.. Kiss those resources and tools goodbye..also wish yall could put in a worker to harvest the grass... That would be awesome..
I done so many things, also delevered 1200 apples. But when i go to play it again i see all of the progress i done is erased, Please fix this bug.
This is the best game ever i deleted it a couple of years and redownloaded it a few weeks ago and its just like i rember Awesome
Teach a man to fish to feed themselves = false Fisherman don't catch enough to feed themselves making food creation imbalanced without upgrading with coins
Decent game but it has a lot to improve on. Examples - different buildings can have their own adjustable input amount, having to change it everytime sucks. -a zoom out option would be nice. - buildings could have descriptions of what they can do. - A guide book explain everything you can do and how things work.
Newest update just went in while I was still playing, files corrupt. So just reinstalled it and works, but I lost all my prog, 5 islands open, and just about to get 14k orbs for 5/7 tornie. But atleast I kept my purchases. Cloud saves or some sort of back up would be nice. While on purchases, with the no more vids, are we meant to get that amount of curses, everyday?
Decent game the ads were optional and helpful not forced or in the way, it was fun and addicting for about a week but I've completed it got all islands and buildings and lost interest
Games too slow and too tidious. You have to manually restock each building's resources individually. Aside from that, the restocking procedure is too slow since you are limited to putting only 100 at a time rather than putting the desired amount and the game lags if you do restock it. The more resource you acquire the slower the game opens and takes 10-12 minutes. It's very, VERY tiring to restore every single bakery and factory manually. Please add an automatic restocker or organizer. 2 stars
It's a good game but... Everytime I make or get food like bread or apples, I can never find them in my inventory, making my people starve.
Game is simple, but enjoyable. Dev team respond quickly to any issues that come up and are easy to chat to. Definitely worth the support!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING GAMES! I installed every one of your games!! The only thing you could change about this game is more tools. Maybe a setting that told you when your buildings run out of materials or tools? And last but not least make a setting that let's you walk around as a character of your choosing. Thanks for reading this!
Impossible to progress once you have multiple buildings producing at once. You can't produce enough food to keep up with the demands :/
Well first of all,I love this game! But,i think it should recieve more updates like more crafting recepes(the most inportant in my opinion) new types of islands thats why im giving it a 4 star . P.S sorry for bad grammar(if I have some errors)
Really loving this game the only reason I haven't put it to five stars is because I don't know how to mine mud automatically without just using the shovel and digging myself. Also don't know what the bucket does? But overall a great game!