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Is a Simulation game developed by oridio located at #408 23-17 Sakuragaoka-cho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Quite fun game, even with simple mechanics. Ads are non-intrusive and so far not needed for progress. I wish more games followed this example. Good job, devs!
This game Is really fun and satisfying. My mom has also gotten the game and enjoys it too. It's not too hard or tedious to get the coins or gems you need and not much requires purchasing with real money. I am currently as far as the game will allow me until the next update. And I'm looking forward to more! I saw another review about adding descriptions to the Dinosaurs as well as names which I would love to see as well, especially since there are a lot of dinosaurs that aren't very well known.
I am really enjoying this game for what it is. The graphics are fun and cute and the gameplay is a nice go-at-your-own-pace style. I had intially complained about the lack of optimization, but now that I play on Bluestacks I have no issues. I am enjoying re-playing, especially the fun graphical updates. Great improvement!
I like this game but please fix the constant crashes, almost every time I start a dig with 2 or more layers or collect multiple coins or change floors, the game will crash, but not before the dig money is taken, so I can't play it since I bought everything for the second floor, please fix then 5 stars. Ps: if you can't fix it then could you make a desktop version if you don't already have one? A desktop has more ram to process thing do it might not crash as easily.
This game is amazing. It doesn't push microtransactions in your face constantly, gameplay is fun, graphics are cute. It's a nice little collectathon. I've never spent money in a game before but I've actually purchased the "remove ads" upgrade and am so happy I did. This doesn't feel like a mindless money grab, it's actually a fun game. Good job devs 👍 I love it.
Very fun game. The dig up of fossils is executed well and the ads are done in a way that helps you improve your experience. Only downside is the syncing method. If it could have a quick auto backup it would be great. I want to play the game on 2 devices, but it makes it nearly impossible currently. I don't want to have to uninstall the gam migrate my data everytime i want to change devices. Please fix and it will be 5 stars.
This game, in my honest opinion, is phenomenal. The fossils aren't exclusively generic dinosaurs, and you earn museum/display customization as you level up. The 'special' currency, instead of being p2w or near-impossible to get, can be found while digging and isn't hard to stack up on as long as you have the patience. The gameplay itself is challenging but not exasperating, as a good game should be. I don't have enough room for a full review but I highly encourage you to try it out.
Infrequent 5 second forced ads. So 2 stares max The most irritating thing is the pause game effect. If you set it down so it can make money it will "award" you with $500 game coins thats about 2 seconds of profit. Its an ok game other than that.
I freaking love this game. It's beautiful pixel art and wonderfully paced. I don't write reviews or pay money into apps pretty much ever! I'm the type of person that has Adguard.apk installed on my phone and local YouTube disabled so no ads. This is the first app I've ever put money into just to say thanks. This pretty much blows any other money earning/industry sim out of the water with it's attention to detail and creativity (for it's setting). **You unlock more customizability as you go**
I love dinosaurs but what if you can add Dippy, the famous Diplodocus in the Natural History Museum and if you don't uninstall it, you won't lose progress.
This game is addictive! Deceptively simple but hard to put down. Lots of cool dinosaurs to dig up. You get more customization options for your museum as you progress. There is a bare minimum of tutorial, but it's not really necessary. The game is easy to just dive in and start playing. It's not exactly an idle game because you don't accumulate coins while not playing, but there's plenty of ways to boost earnings while you play. Hope to see the 4th floor soon!
I do really love this game I played it since it came out on iOS, but my issue is how much money we make and how many repeat bones we dig up. Can we please get an update where we are paid for repeat bones?? It doesn't have to be a lot but it would definitely be helpful. Why cant we sell the repeat bones or collect more than one complete fossil to sell? I feel like it would add more depth in the game and a better play time, whereas now play time consists of waiting and watching ads. Boring. :p
Really enjoy this game! The completionist in me is always loiking for time to play. I'm really hoping a future update will allow players to expand the museum outwards, not just upwards. ;-)
Simple, fun n addictIVE (NOT addictING people!,lol) I was able to learn much of the game within 15min n its so satisfying when u dig in just the right spot n find somthing cool. A great way of passing time.one problem is wen i changed devices I lost all progress cuz u have to "migrate" ur old game.which requires both devices.my old fone was stolen tho.so I cudnt do that.therefore had to start over from scratch.but still v enjoyable.i reinstalld despite having to start over.great game!
Its definitely a fun and pretty chill game. Would be 5 stars for sure if it would still give me money while not playing though. If it's supposed to be like that then it's not working for me....
Very good game, i like the pixelated graphics, the digging of the fossils, not many ads, and that you can discover dinosaurs! I really love this game and its idea, the only thing i would reccomend is that the prices are a little lower and a little more customers come in. Otherwise, AWESOME GAME! 9/10!
Honestly I think this game is really good it keeps my interests peaked I love having to dig for the dino bones it's actually pretty fun making money and trying to improve the museum buisnes !!! I love this game !
The game play is fun at first but as you progress you will depend on ads for steady flow of people. The dinosaur exhibits are buggy as well lost 2 of them when trying to sell, I would see the animation but next time I would log in there would be a different dinosaur and would not receive the money.
Cute and fun game! It's fun discovering different dinosaur skeletons, and the sprites are cute, as well as the music! I love this game
Fun game. A major glitch occurs when you sell a completed fossil structure for a large amount of money. You don't get the money, and the structure is then replaced with another fossil structure, then it eventually disappears.
Love this game. The art is great, and assembling fossils is very satisfying. Plenty of content with minimal down-time and great pace of progression - super refreshing these days. The forced ads and push to buy gems is almost obsolete, making me happy to keep playing. A few quality of life changes might be nice, such as confirmation when spending gems, and a slightly larger cap to gold received when idle, as well as maybe a tip book.
A fun game! It has some ads but they don't shove them in your face whenever they can. It actually makes me more motivated to watch some for a reward, because I don't get spammed while playing the actual game. Sometimes the mechanics could be explained a bit better. Digging for fossils can become a bit repetitive, but getting a full set of fossils not that hard. They also have a great variety of interesting species to dig for. I also a fan of the pixelated style of graphics. 5/5, would recommend.
normally i would give a game 4 stars due to there being too much ads but there is basically almost no forced ads and the optional ones actually gives rewards (i know a few tycoon games like this one that lie about the rewards its often exaggerated or no reward at all)
This game is super fun, it is very addictong and I find myself playing it for hours each day! There are barely any ads and I feel bad for the developer thats that little amount. 10/10 would reccomend
Very fun little game! Simple controls and graphics, quite addictive. Has a lot of ads but they don't feel too heavy and are mostly optional. Unlocks new content and options rather unexpectedly as you progress, like custom display lighting. My only complaints are the digging tools other than the starting pick are mostly useless.
After the initial hour or so, you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Even with maxed out stats it's not enough to unearth the fossils if you're unlucky, meaning watching an ad for 10 more goes. Some dinos have a lot of elements to them, spending 5000 coins to potentially dig up a maximum of 2 bones just turns into a boring grind. Even with that, you can unearth duplicates which drags it out even longer.
A charming game where simplified paleontology goes a long way. Guess your way through mounds of dirt to find fossils to show off in your museum! Visitors will donate currency, providing you with the means for more excavations, upgrades and more. My only drawback is there's no way to get rid of ads. I'd gladly pay for a version free of ads.
Fun so far, but i do wish i had some idea of what some of the options presented do. I just spent all of my crystals (?) on something (?) and i have no idea what it does... Or how to get more crystals. HOWEVER, I love being an archaeologist, even if it is only from my chair :)
Absolutely incredible little game. Always end up tapping away when I have free time. Probably 50 or so hours into it already. Why no five stars? All those hours into it and still haven't seen my best boi Dunkleosteus. If he shows up, I'll update my review to 5 stars! XD
As much as I enjoy this game, after the previous update, the app no longer opens for me. It just cuts to a black screen and then it takes me back to my home screen. I don't want to risk losing all my progress if I delete the app and reinstall it.
This game is about digging your own dinosaurs slowly unveiling what the dinosaur is and not only is it just land dinosaurs but also shells. If you look closely at the people you can see they put time and effort to make them stand out. I haven't finished the game but I can't wait to! It's a fun game if you love dinosaurs and I hope they'll be more I'm the future, this game is amazing! And the details are astonishing for dinosaurs :))
Fun game with a variety of tasks to keep interest! I really enjoy the simplicity and the ads are fairly minimal and not required to proceed! Cute graphics and fun gameplay!
Game is genuinely really fun and easy to play continually in one go, ads aren't in your face, and the aesthetics of the game are gorgeous. I wish there was a bit more to do tho :(
This game is beautiful and I recommend it. 1. It sets the mood of a real museum perfectly. 2. Simple yet stunning graphics. 3. Not to many ads. 4. Good progression, not to long, not to short. 5. Keeps you in touch and entertained. 6. Dinosaurs are simple yet accurate. This is a must play for all dinosaur lovers around the world.
good game its fun, addicting and easy to play if there's alot of ads, just play offline once you have a robot or second room and if you're out of money just keep digging at the raptor location its cheap and then just collect the money from those people also works well on 1gb ram the sad part is its for android 5.0 or higher and my brother's phone is like 4.4 so yeah overall awesome game
I'm really happy that this game has limited adds, they let you chose to watch ads and OCCASIONALLY they force you to. But it's WAY better on the ad side and the game is pretty fun, 5 stars, i love the devs, phenomenal job!
I very much enjoy this game. The little graphics are cute and it's cool to dig up bones. Athough it does get monotonous, it's good for mindless hands and my adhd. There are minimal ads and they are just for earning extra bus visits so you can have more visitors or for a spin the wheel for a prize thing. I am wondering why money earning is capped at 4 million. I wish they had dino descriptions along with the names. Beyond that I give the game thumbs up.
Was a ton of fun. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because I ran out of things to do. Hope this game gets expanded. If ya'll run out of dinosaur ideas, just add things from the miocene or pre-dino (trilobites would have been cool to dig up too). Thanks again for the game. Updated to 5 stars on 2/15/21. New additions to the game have been amazing. And added trilobites got me super jazzed. Keep up the good work developers!
New review, been waiting for an update for awhile, I can't do anything anymore 😫 Old review: OMG how did I spend 5 hours straight playing this? The ads don't even bother me because they aren't that frequent. What a great game! Living my childhood dream!
I love the gameplay loop. I love the fact that we can play non-stop, provided we have the coins to go excavating. I do not mind the occasional ads, not much at all. I really have no complaint for this game
Very fun and simple. Basic coin collecting can be automated. Although sometimes I still find the visitor walking above the exhibit, instead of around it, a small graphical problem, I think. I hope in the future you would implement things like visitor's favorite dinosaur, happiness meter, and personality so it can feel more alive. Thank you!
An actually pretty cool game, reasonable prices for fossil hunts (although I'd appreciate the other tools to not cost a lot of gems) Also its really hard to earn gems without paying money.
A great game! I love these kind of retro, pixelated games which hold the old school charm but still provide a modern user interface. Love it!
It's now 02:31. I've been playing this game for HOURS. I hope the gameplay continues at the same pace; other games begin to slow down after they get their hooks into your wallet. So far, I haven't spent anything that I haven't won in game. Which is super addictive. Like I said, it's now 02:34 and I'd rather continue playing - I'm on my 5th skeleton- than go to sleep. I'm glad its Saturday. 😳😊😁 Awesome job, devs!
Loved this game! However, I wish in future your team would consider adding a new feature related to dinosaur's fun facts. It could be a way to learn more about dinosaurs.
This is such a fun game! Its "old school" vibe is still rich enough for clear detail, the "mystery" dinos open new digs, & the upgrades on the museum, acheologist, & tools are just challenging enough to make them fun to get without making them impossible. My only dislike is that once the coin meter gets to 3 million, it stops, & I think this would be a good way for the creator of the game to improve. If the meter went up as you go up in levels, it would make it a bit easier to get that big dino!
As of now, I can say that I'm hooked on playing this game. At first, I hesitated because I thought that this was going to be boring but it wasn't. It's really dun to find fossils. Also, you can learn the different names of various dinosaurs. Try this out!
So this new Update has one mystery Fossil that I can't get. 75th fossil is the one I'm referring to. Still I await the next update. Update : Thank you for fixing that bug & I'd like Thank The Developer/Developers For All Their Efforts to get us ( The Players) this update. I look forward to Future Updates. It's a Great App by the way.
Fell in love with this game very fast. Been playing it for years and its always a treat to come back to for binge gaming, especially after updates. Tons of things to collect, customization, tools, upgrades, and of course fossils. Art work is charming and gameplay is easy and streamline. Ads aren't as obtrusive as most games on the market too! I can play this game for hours at a time. It's free, comfy to play, great time killer and it's very addicting. I highly recommend this game!!! Truly!
The graphic is so cool, only need to watch ads to continue digging.. but awesome game because always have money as long as the visitors always come. But, the digging cost too high when higher lev and also need to dig many times to get the bone..very challenging too..hahaa.. thanks!
Really impressed actually. Only thing I didn't like was running out of content- wish there was something to work on between updates. But I like the way the game feels and don't expect the devs to rush out content right now. Stay safe and thanks for your game!
Great game if you like dinosaurs and collecting. I wish it was easier to switch platforms around the room instead of deleting all of them in the room and replace in the order I wanted.
This game is so fun. I love the dinosaurs, the way you play, the way you make money so quickly. It reminds me of pokemon on the Nintendo Ds. It's a time killer and fun. Takes away my boredom. There aren't really any ads. I only get an ad after around 6 digs, and there are ads if you want a reward like 50 people to come, and to spin the wheel. But I fully recommend the game. I wish to see some more content maybe? I hope you guys see this. I love this game. Can you guys respond. Thank you. 5 Stars
I really enjoy this game. I've been on a binge for three days now playing trying to max as much as I can so I'm ready for updates. Art work is beautiful! I do wish there was more upgrade paths maybe something like earring more gold after +100 or even better idle/offline gold since I have to keep the app open to get a full non capped amount. Maybe add an upgrade for another crate or two permanently with gold instead of a one time item also make it so we can buy items in the shop with gold/gems.
So the game definitely isn't bad per se, but there's not anything to do aside from get in, maybe fire up an ad to get more funds, do a few digs with the pickaxe (other tools are locked via premium currency, so you're likely to maybe have one or two realistically) and then quit. It's really just a game you grab and play off on the side when you have nothing to do or have no internet.
I get bad anxiety this game has helped me more times than i can count. When I'm feeling overwhelmed and am starting to go into a panicking spiral I need to distract myself, and a game as cute as this one keeps my attention and gives me a lot of joy to play. 10/10 would reccomend
Love this little game. Small bite sized goals means I can play awhile, then forget about the game until the next time I have a desire to be an archeologist. Worth a little money for no ads, but very easy to play free. Developer puts a lot of love into the game. Has had multiple updates with unique game features, including expanded dinos and more museum floors.
This game is legendary, its simple, fun and has a great art style and system. I've had it for 3 days and I'm on room 3 in the middle of building an allosaurus. Thank you for this national treasure of a game :3
Really great game and very educational also. Love the casual play feel of it. Have a question though, it recently said new fossils added and I updated mine however it still is the same? Any thoughts on how to fix it? Thanks! Really great stuff!
I am obsessed! This game is so addictive and fun. There are so many different dinosaur fossils to unlock and collect, heaps of tools and even secret fossils to unlock. There are so many incentives to keep playing and expanding your museum with simple but great ways to customise it too. I absolutely love the artwork for the fossils and can't imagine how many hours went into detailing every tiny little bone for every single fossil in the game. Absolutely obsessed and having a blast playing it.
A cute little game with an art style that reminds me of some of my favorite browser games of yore. It's not stingy with the coins, making it relatively easy to keep progressing. Gems are rare without paying, but nowhere near necessary for progression, just a nice luxury, so totally fine. Most of the tutorial and game is wordless, easily accessible for a wide audience. The gameplay gets a little repetitive, but not frustratingly so. I downloaded as an "eh, why not", and I'm glad I did!
So far it's really interesting. The game itself is a very nice distraction and could certainly go pretty well with more and more prehistoric animals added later on. Digging is fun and collecting coins feels very satisfying. Keep on working hard at it and keep the ads and monetization as it is for best results. Good work!
It was pretty fun, but it got monotonous and difficult to unlock bones without buying their special items with real money. Having a quick dig would be VERY useful at this point. Plus, I have a whole lot of in game money and nothing to spend it on.
Honestly was not sure what to expect from this app, I thought it was going to be just a tap idle game.. but I love the aspect of going out and digging for the bones that go into your museum! I paid to remove ads, but the ads were not super annoying to begin with. All in all I am really enjoying this game! :)
Very fun game. The progression feels pretty good and not too slow. It's also quite informative, especially for those who want to know more about dinosaurs species. But unfortunately there's a bug that occur when I sell a fossil. It make me don't get the money, but I still lost the fossil. It's wasted my time and efforts of getting the full set of the fossil again.
Very nice gameplay. Fun and exciting. At first when I saw the game i thought it would be boring but when I played it is very fun. The developers are so good at making it simple, fun and informative in some way. For now this is my review. Will update if something new comes up.
Great Game Honestly!! This is a pretty great game, it progresses very smoothly! It's not at all add heavy, and when there is an add it has a cute little animation before. I would recommend this game for a casual tapping game. As a side note, there is more strategy when exovating than I was expecting. I honestly love it :)
Really, genuinely good fun. Really simple gameplay, cool & easy to obtain upgrades make it all very rewarding & it's informative on Dinosaurs too. But the BEST part is.. There are ZERO ads!! No ads at all unless you want to get something like a boost of ticket sales or some extra workers on a dig site or something, but it's all entirely optional. Very wholesome, lovely game. Would rate 6/5 if I could.
Great game to pass the time. Could probably be better to provide small information about the dinosaurs to make this app a bit educational. I have a small graphics glitch where the doors to my museum is closed and the people are phasing thru it. Not really a problem, but I hope it gets fixed.
Love this game, only problem is the updates are quite slow since there's not much you can do after you finished all the digging, maybe have another mini to keep us interested till the next update roll out? Otherwise, great stuff you made, very entertaining 👏👏👏
Addictive. When working on the mystery fossils, it would have been nice to have the current display location of fossils in the log book to help me locate them to grind for the mystery fossils.
Quite fun game to pass the time. The one mechanic that really bugs me is the fact that after reaching 30k coins in idle mode, the rate of which you receive them dips down drastically. For 30k I usually have to wait around 20-30 mins (estimate), after that I can wait for 2 hours and I only get 31k coins. I literally waited for a week just to see what happens and I got 35k. And that is bad, like really bad. I won't touch the game until this is changed.
Great game. It's very addictive and I love it, you aren't forced to buy or see adverts. The gameplay is very smooth and I kinda nice to relax. I really hope that the Dev's don't change anything in the game design. I find auch games rarely and having lot of fun. I character design and controls are very simple. Anyone can enjoy this game. Great job guys!
Has nice pixel graphics that also beholds the magnificence of the dinosaur fossils. The game's really casual and works on an own-time-own-target kinda thing. One downside, though, is the money. As you progress, excavations get more expensive until your usual pixel visitors just aren't enough to sustain your digging expenses (not to mention upgrades). So you have to turn to 30 sec ads to give you that temporary income boost from excursions, which gets boring after a while. I dig this game tho.
This app is fun, engaging, and does not force ads on you. When you do chose to watch an ad, the rewards are appropriate, and not too weak. Amazing game, really relaxing!
very centered around advertising. art is nice but unoriginal. if you don't take any of the suggested ads to gain money, it forces shorter ads with no reward. using ingame money feels like rationing.
The gameplay gets real slow if you don't plan on paying ingame. But this is understandable, it's a FREE mobile game. It has kinda pixel art, that's cute and nice to look at and it's fun collecting dino bones and displaying them.
Addictive. I can't stop playing it. After playing the free version for a few months, I updated to the paid one and I'm happy I did. This game is great! And as a completionist, I have a lot more hours to put in ;)
I do enjoy the artsyle and concept of the game. However, I'm finding that visitors will just avoid certain fossils, mainly the current late game ones such as Sarcosuchus and Smilodon. This also applies to pretty much every green rarity fossils like ammonites. This is more of a minor nitpick but I'd really like if you could update the looks of the some of the early creatures, cause compared to other later game creatures of their groups, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Pdon don't look as good at all