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Tap Color® Color by number

Tap Color® Color by number for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Puzzle Saga Studio located at Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Quality control needed. Your update is ridiculous. This is the second time I've tried! It is still going! This could make me quit the app. What is the obsession with purple??? You are ruining one of my favorite colors. Less is more guys. Not every single pic needs purple. Get over it. Third try second day here. Still no good. Done. I wont be coloring your pics till you fix it.
This game is good but some of ads come. I have a question that why it needs Internet connection to play. It needs a lot connection to work. When we tap on any pictures to colour their come slow connection. I don't like these types of games which need a lot of Internet.
Love the pics just wish it would stop freezing, force closing, and not responding when trying to color in pics or just even opening a pic to color on a constant basis.
I like the variety of puzzles. These are good for kids, too, because they are challenging but not frustratingly difficult. Lots of fun, and great for stress.
The last few updates & changes SUCK! You use to be able to earn buckets & skip video. Now no matter the task you get a mere hint daily, for coloring 5 picturesor color 1,500 spots! What a huge letdown! Most of us experienced color fans don't need a ton of hints! Looks like I'll be removing this app!!!
I'm addicted to this coloring app. I absolutely love the "Guess What" blend pictures. I wish that there were more added... either the "Guess What" or just more Blend pictures. Other than that... it's a great app!! 💗
This app would be great if not for two things. The first, it crashes after every few pictures consistently. The second you have to scroll through every single picture, even ones you have completed, on the gallery page. Completed pics should be removed and just kept in your library.
Had to uninstall then reinstall the app and now all my pictures are saying that I need to click on them to sync them even though I have logged back in through Facebook. It shows that I have only colored 1 picture when I know that it's a lot more. It also says that the last time I synced the app was in Oct but I just did it today
I really like this I love the animated part of the game and the unicorn part I had a bunch of pic done then my granddaughter got my phone and deleted the app now starting all over again
This app is great! A really fun way to pass time. Especially love the animated pictures. There are a great variety of pictures to colour in, quick ones and pictures that take more time.
Love all the different options for coloring pages beautiful brilliant colors make you have a Happy feeling enjoy the memo coloring pages the best besides the hearts keep up the great work and probably one of the best anime coloring pages around
This app., by far is the best coloring app., I have installed on my tablet. Colors are vibrant, like the category choices and the featured pictures. One suggestion would like to see a fantasy category? However only one major complaint ... there's just to many pictures to choose from but that's good because the developers care about their app., and pleasing the color enthusiasts. I highly recommend installing this app., you won't be disappointed.
Fun and great pics. I'm only giving 4 stars because you have to pay to remove watermark. I have a lot more just like this one that allows you to watch ads to remove watermark. This is the only complaint I have. If you aren't planning on using pics and don't mind the watermark than I highly recommend.
Love this app. Adore the animated pictures and the rest are very beautiful. But it keeps on shutting down. If this can be fixed, it will be 5 stars again.
Love this color by number the best. Great selections & don't need to watch ads for a hint. By far the best out of any other.
I enjoy painting all the pictures. I am not happy over the amount of ads that pop up. In the middle of painting ads pop up also before and after painting a picture
This coloring app has got to be one of the best out there and believe me I've tried a lot. This has animated pictures, jigsaw piece pictures, comic drawings and more serious adult pictures all in one app. The controls are nice, you only have to tap once and it fills the whole cell. There's no obscene pictures or bad language in this app. I would highly give it 5++.
I downloaded this because the ad was full of beautiful houses/architecture. The houses are nowhere to be found. Is it really that difficult to produce honest advertising?
Love the app! Love the variety of pictures but fantasy are my favorite and like the guess what pictures because u don't know what it is until ur half way through it.
I just love the way the colors just pop right in place, they are so brilliant, I don't know where to start first, all the pictures all beautiful! Thanks.
One of the best coloring apps that I have tried. Very enjoyable, relaxing, and fun if you like to color!
I wish there were less pictures of people m more animals birds and scenary. I find people boring. I also think the reward for finishing the daily could be more than 1 hint its a lot of work for just one. I love coloring
I would rate this higher but I'm getting tired of your 30-second ads before I can even get to a game. In fact, I'm about ready to uninstall it. It's supposed to be relaxing. It's not when I have to sit thru a 30-second ad I know I don't want after 2 seconds. There are plenty other apps like this. Hopefully their ads aren't all 30-seconds long.
Love these pictures, takes me away to warm homey places. Instills feelings of comfort and relaxation. Also teaches me with use of color in my art...
Very Relaxing. Please put some excellent background music you can relax too. Love this app. Awesome job Well Done.
Keeps force closing and I do not want to Uninstall and reinstall because I'll lose everything. Again PLEASE FIX
I love this app and will use it every day once it is updated so that I can actually play it without it crashing. Very disappointed with the unhelpful customer service that just requested I send a video of my issue. It just closes at will guys - not hard to picture... I would love to see this fixed so I can play regularly, especially after having paid for no ads. *Edit: I have returned to this app after some months, and I am delighted that it seems to have all of its problems fixed! One of my go to colouring apps now as it combines no ads and automatically switches to the next colour!
Love these pictures, takes me away to warm homey places. Instills feelings of comfort and relaxation. Almost teaches me with use of color in my art...
Used to be my favorite color app until I had to switch phones. It claims there's a sync feature but only a few of my colored pics synced. It says it takes a while but it's been almost a week. It honestly shouldn't take that long. Disappointed I lost all my colored pictures and so much time I can't get back. I will be finding a different color app.
I really like doing your animated pic's but about 35% of the time they don't want to animate, very annoying to say the least #%>>/×, [>=÷^&;'sw & so on. Please do something about this. Thank You Mr. Dennis J. Dugan
Its actually pretty good app but by far way to many ads, ad before and a ad after is pretty annoying.I do wish you would have more coloring pages for seasons and holidays.but what I do rate a 5 is is the beautiful colors & blending and the way some of the pictures move but cut back on the ads and add more seasonal ( fall & winter )
Just great fun even though I had to start all over again and lost all my bonuses and ranking because someone uninstalled my game.
I like it but it's like the opposite of the ad the ad was showing me circles and you like fill the gray spots in that's the like opposite of it that's what I don't like the good part is that it unchesses me unless it's like fantasy fantasy ones I don't like them they give me slush I can't type the word and that I need like it makes me relaxed and you know I think you know the opposite of relaxed the fantasy ones are the opposite
The way the color numbers flash when chosen is not good for people that has seizures. It makes it hard for those of us that suffers from them. Can you stop the flashing? Also 98 percent of the pictures are stolen from other color sites. At least put new pictures on here instead of pictures from other sites. Very deceptive. Since you dont believe most of your pictures are on other sites, I'll delete your dubious site for one more trustworthy.
Love the brilliant colors and the animated ones are so cute and so much fun to color. The best coloring app by far. I'm addicted !
Great fun and very relaxing. Beautiful pictures and colors. Recommended!!!! BUT I don't like that I can't paint the special pictures if I don't pay, in painting applications me and everyone else can paint special pictures without paying...
The app is easy to use. The colors are bright and most times the pics are on point but way too many Big Eye girls, anime girls, theres a lot.
Its verry good.would like to see more. I really like the scenery stuff. It keeps me from being so sressed. It helps me relaxe.
So screwed up the stupid ads are so screwed up I needed a bucket and watched the ad and then got to a blank screen which basically kicked me off from receiving the bucket, only reason I'm giving it one last chance is you can get some units on mistplay.
It is great to color put more pictures to color on here love it very much 👌❤️ would you plz put some skulls on here I love all of the picture
This is the ultimate paint by number. There is no other app like this. Very professional, gradually color your number without difficulty. It just want you to go on and on nonstop. I have been searching for app like this for months. Well done guys 👍Why are you now changing the daily tasks and taking the coins after every picture away 😡😡😡
I like this app, but sometimes when i open a picture to color it, it opens and is all black and i have to keep restarting the picture several times for it not to be all black.
I do not like the new upgrade, I gave this game 4 out of 5 stars before...now I give it 2 out of 5, my coins are gone and my progress pictures are all mixed up with the complete pictures, some of the old stuff is on top and the new stuff is on the bottom, pictures that I didn't get around to coloring are gone...this is all messed up, please change it back.
Finally updated. Beautiful pictures but is slow loading pictures. Still would love more animal photos. Takes too long to load pictures and videos are never ready
Love the jigsaw puzzles. Wish there were pictures of snow covered houses like in the ad. But the game is fun and I am enjoying it.
I thought there was a horse theme section with a lot of horses to paint so I added this app. I didn't find it. Is there a horse theme section coming later in 2021. I hope so. I like the programming that allows you to touch and hold a section to be painted and that color comes up automatically instead of scrolling the number bar if you paint by sections and not always in order. This app doesn't have this feature. Most pictures are modern, so if you are looking for masters not here, but good easy
Items still not fixed so they just like your money and now today I login and all paintings are gone like I never painted any. Don't waste your money on this. I paid to get rid of ads and that worked for awhile then they changed the paint pail and now you have to watch an ad to get the paint pail to work. Also the pictures of people are weird. They have large areas on their legs and arms that are darker than the rest of the legs. They look like they have vitilago. It sucks. Used to be a nice app.
I first downloaded this app about 8 years ago as i was riding public transit to and from work and i loved it. I still use it daily but have noticed now that after the first puzzle I need to get out of the program and reopen it to continue. I do not want to uninstall and reinstall as I purchased the unlimited hint thing years ago. If this doesnt get fixed I will have to stop playing.
I love the animated pics. They're really fun to color. What I hate about this app are all the ads. I hate having to wait 30 sec before I can color a pic. I haven't found any way to purchase this app but I don't even know if by purchasing it, it would take away the adds. Does anyone know? I've tried contacting the developer to ask if I could purchase it but they're so stupid they keep telling me the app is free. DUH. I have another coloring app, (Happy Color) I purchased & the adds are gone.
I enjoy coloring pictures for my family especially my grandchildren and my little great-granddaughter... This is quite a lovely app. Thank you so very much! to all that made this app possible for us. 🤗 Sincerely, 🌷 Trisha 🤗💗🌈 🤗 I'm still enjoying this app very much... Its now, February 9, 2021 👍
I purchased this app because you said it would unlock more pictures. After a week, no new pictures have been unlocked, although there are new pics daily which you do anyway. Only thing purchasing does is give you 2 buckets & 5 hints daily. I was hoping more pics would be unlocked, especially under the Featured category. Will not be continuing my subscription unless you say unlocking new pictures is not a feature of purchasing.
Finally updated. Beautiful pictures but is slow loading pictures. Still would love more animal photos. Thanks for a beautiful app
I absolutely loved this app and just mindlessly tapping and coloring pictures while watching videos/to pass the time. However, my view quickly changed when I recognized one of the artwork recently posted. It was a piece I recently came across on a website, posted by the artist as an homage to a beloved movie. It was stolen, cropped, and altered between the color palette to the character at the center being heavily altered. I was very disappointed by this app for stealing this piece. What's worse is an ad has to play before you can view it. I've contacted the artist of the original piece. There's no telling how many more pieces of artwork has been stolen, cropped, and altered on this app. Just because you find a drawing on the internet doesn't mean you have the right to do whatever you want to with it. For an app dedicated to art, it's very disappointing to find out there's little to no respect to artists.
This Tap Color App. Is so easy to color with and there is so many pictures to color and different type of pictures to challenge you . It also addictive. I recommend it it to anyone who loves coloring.
I love this app. It is something I use therapeutically and that I allow my much younger siblings to play as a reward for being good. However.... my siblings will no longer be allowed to be on this app. I don't mind the ads. There is one ad in particular that started showing up about a week ago. It is a Wish ad that involves a woman in her 20's in a tiny bandana top and an extremely high cut bikini bottom. Take off the ad. It's NOT family friendly!! I will check back in a cpl of days.
The game is all fine until something happens and you have to switch phones or factory reset your current phone. It shows in the app that there is a sync option, but there is nothing about that that syncs. It doesn't save any of your pictures that you've colored, it doesn't save any of your favorites and if you've paid for purchases consider those gone as well. When you contact them to restore your purchases, they tell you that you just have to repurchase it that there's nothing that they can do.
Game was very fun in the beginning. I love the pics & the variety they offered & the chance at getting coins to buy stars that allow you to skip adds on special pics. However, after the new update they have gotten rid of stars & coins, so there is no longer any reward for playing & you ALWAYS have to watch adds for special pics. I just feel like I'm playing for no reason now & find it very boring. Also a lot of the female pics are vulgar/sexual. I'm considering deleting it bc of this.
BEST COLORING APP! I especially love the "textured" pics where instead of an area coming out a splits color it insteadgets filled in with texture. THIS IS THE ONLY APP WITH THIS FEATURE that i can find. My only negative review is that after playing it for over a year it was taking up over 1.4 GB in my phones storage so i had to uninstall and reinstall it to make it take less room. (Now it only takes 45MB.)
I enjoy Tap Color very much. I like that the untapped pieces sparkle until you tap them making them easier to find. My only complaint is that there is no sound when a color is completed. So sometimes I'm still looking for a color unaware that I've finished it. But other than that its loads of coloring fun!
I love the game, but for some reason whenever I try to get the bonus pictures it says "Connection lost. Tap to retry". Please help and thank you.
If it didn't keep crashing all the time it would be totally awesome!! Especially the animated pics! 😞
On the achievements page, hints STILL aren't registering. I bought the app before you went to a subscription model. I reported this on at least the last 2 beta releases. There was no feedback from the developers. I even sent an email. I could careless about the achievements, but as a tester I did report it. It's a bug that needs to be addressed. 9/24 update Posting the same bug as before. I don't know if it's unique to Android or presubscription game purchases. Don't see it on free ios version.
This is an edit from my original post. I am seriously considering removing it from my device. This app is still fun but, not able to remove the watermark. All other color apps I use the watermark can be removed by watching an ad. Wish this app did as well. Great fun!!! A very nice PBN app.
It's relaxing ,helpful in reducing stress.I love the new pictures. Would like to see more pictures of a fox because they are beautiful. I love the pictures of people, they are so lifelike. I think everyone would enjoy this app.give it a try .
I love this game it is absolutely fantastic I love the pictures they are just awesome . Nothing wrong with this game at all 5stars from me brilliant and I love the unicorn pictures I adore them thank you for making a brilliant game 😀🦄.
I love this game but with the last two update its frozen and I can't color anything no matter what I do nothing is getting fixed freezes because of ads
Love it. I've been in arts & craft all my life. Drawing & coloring. But it would be nice if there was more guy stuff. Knights, cowboys, & maybe where we could paint a picture are own way. You know. Thanks. Hey would someone please tell me how is this a game? I'm sorry I just don't see a game in this coloring or I'm I missing something. Help it's driving me crazy.
I was enjoying this app until, after I started coloring more the game just closes by itself and when I reopen it I have to start the same drawing all over again. I really like the app because of the variety but this is ticking me off and it's gonna make me uninstall it.
Constant issues with this game. I thought I would try to give it another go and instantly locks up. I have to watch a video to color any of them now and that is super irritating. If I could give it 0 stars right now I would. Already irritating you took away the buckets and all my stars but to watch a video every time now to color something. Yuck!
This is my favorite coloring app, and having severe anxiety as well as a messed up wrist, I cant really color like I used to. So this app is probably the most used on my phone, I love it. However, for the last week, I have been having problems with it crashing whenever I try to do the daily picture. Any other picture is fine, but whenever I try to do the daily, it freezes then completely closes down and it's REALLY frustrating. I don't know what's going on but really hope it gets fixed soon.
I love this appp.,and use it almost every day. 💖10-26-20. I'm on the verge of uninstalling, the pictures aren't what I started out with. Not into cartoonish pictures, and small blocks. I already uninstalled paint by number for this,and it too was exceptional, now not so much. Maybe 3 stars now.
This app continues to be my favorite app., with animations and jigsaws. Thank you now for being able to remove the watermark on the beautiful pictures there were colored. Glad the Staff and Developer's have been continuing to keep color enthusiasts enjoying the app., staying true to the format. 🙂
Fun to play. The pictures are beautiful and easy to see for the most part. I like the sound when you find all of a color. I do wish there was some music or sounds when playing.
I rated 3 stars. Because, for some reason, I can't get the watermark of the specials I color, when used to, I could by watch ads. Is there anyway to remove watermark on special coloring, like y'all do on regular ones? I don't want to delete the app. And no, I can't remove watermark with real money. Don't have any.
Absolutely love love this game bit addicted at the moment. Love the vibrant colours, also very relaxing. Xx
Been very relaxing game one of the best i found yet till you color a few then it wont color the spots continues to freeze
My favorite coloring app!!! Graphics & colors are awesome! If your phone comes with a pen, USE IT!!!...it is so responsive & enjoyable with the pen! And so relaxing...I crawl into bed and play every night to unwind! Download & enjoy! Only complaint...when tap pen multiple times quickly, pic doesn't stay put...it jumps around.
I have always enjoyed this app. However, just recently, its freezing up and is not showing the picture i choose to color.
Love this app. Its the best colour app I've found. BUT it disappeared off my screen (the icon that is) I didn't know how to get it back, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again and in doing so lost ALL my previous colouring (6,500 or so) I'm very dissapointed, although it will not stop me from starting over, If there is a way to fix this I would appreciate it.
I'm very disappointed in your Christmas pics. All other coloring apps have a lot of Christmas Pics but you have few to choose from. And the ones you do have all look like cartoons for kids to color not adults. It surprises me that all your pics have such quality about them and these are just terrible. You had alot of Halloween and Thanksgiving pics that were really nice but these are terrible and there is nothing to choose from. I guess it's too late now.
I used to love this app, but over the last few weeks I can't color anymore. Any time I open a picture to color it the game crashes out, and this happens just about every time I open something to color.
I latterly love this game its soooo relaxing and fun i really like this game and it has no ads unless you want to watch a vid for hints or for a special painting
Its superbbbb... You can paint many types of paintings.. animated, love images, quotes images and many catigories are available... Here paintings is really easy and its interesting😍💕
Giving 5 star only because of the Blended ones they are my favorite , but wish there were a lot more of them to color It's a Fun coloring app, but too many times i feel like the developer got lazy and made too much of the picture the same color. Work on that please thanks
I love these coloring things especially the animated ones gives me plenty of time to relax and chill out and I'd love to color so it's perfect
Absolutely the #1 Best of All Coloring Apps. So much so that there is no comparison. This app stands alone in a category above all other coloring apps. I wish I could list all the things that it does in coloring that other apps don't do. But there just isn't enough room.
Ok app. The ad on another game showed several fashion and bridal pics that I wanted to color, but they are no where to be found. Also, the buttons for the numbers of the colors don't always work. Sometimes I have to tap them 6 or 7 times before they change. And no, it's not my phone. It works perfectly on other apps.
I suffer from very debilitating anxiety & I get stressed out easily. My room is my refuge as winter comes on. This coloring app helps with that, keeping me occupied for hours at a time. Between this & reading or watching (listening to? LOL) TV, I'm able to ignore the goings on of living with 17 other people. Having just changed to a new phone, the app itself transferred, but I lost all my pics & achievements. But hey, it's free & I won't pay for an app I can little afford.
This is one of my favorite colouring apps ,pics are fantastic ,love the featured ones the colour is awesome ,would be great to have like disney theme or even vehicles .
Very disappointed in latest update. Took away coins & stars. Use to be able to use coins to buy stars and paint buckets with out having to watch ads. Now there are WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!! Not much fun anymore. There are many color apps. Might have to get rid of this one.
Love coloring this way. I don't have to worry about staying in the lines. Haha This is very relaxing.
first time use will paint a few pictures them give a review. As of January 2021, I have painted many pictures and I really enjoy this app.
Need more houses,tree house, flowers around house but love it like 2 color. Thank you why the black screen does that mean I cant color any more well duh!
I really liked this site but one thing you show some really nice houses for paint but have not found any
New review, where are my chances to win extra hints? I don't mind a short video of I can collect a few extra hints. Wasn't there a light bulb that used to Pop up with a chance to get hints? Or extra hints for finished picture? I don't remember, I play so many different ones, but I know there was something! Bring it back.
I love the pictures I love that you can tap the color button and get a vibration to find spots that you've missed I think that this is really one of the best paint by number games that there is and I've tried many👍
This like painting. Very relaxing and beautiful art work. Update i have a subscription, now I can't even get the bonus pic's anymore. Not going to resubscribe. I don't have Facebook
Really enjoying the pics & how easy it is to use. If i could suggest one thing, it qould be that we can sign in to leep the work weve already done. My phone woyldnt charge & i got another one thru the insurance but lost all the work i did & it was A LOT! That was a bit discouraging...
You're not going to have a great time, but a lot more than if you were on Fun Color. But as to tap color's defense NO ONE IS PERFECT.
This is the ultimate paint by number. There is no other app like this. Very professional, gradually color your number without difficulty. It just want you to go on and on nonstop. I have been searching for app like this for months. Well done guys 👍Why are you now changing the daily tasks and taking the coins after every picture away 😡😡😡 Bring back the coins please
I love this colouring app but I recently changed my phone and I lost all my progress all 3500 pics I had coloured over time I thought that my progress would have been saved to place on to my new device. Disappointed that I have to start over 🦄🦄
I really like this app and played it frequently. But the app keeps crashing and freezes. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it and the same thing happens. I've cleared the cache and data and the app keeps freezing up and crashes. I gave it 1 star because it's frustrating. Before I had trouble with the app I would've gave it 5 stars.
It's lovely. The pictures are all really nice. However, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remove the feature of swiping between genres. I've been really far down a list and accidentally touching my screen wrong causing me to have to go back and end up at the top of the list. Remove that feature or at least make it so the list doesn't go back up to the top every time you swipe. It's SO frustrating.
This app is an adult coloring book. Not because of language or nudity, but because some of the pics are hard enough to frustrate an adult. I think a child would simply scream and give up. So don't give up and don'tbe shy about useing the hints. Some of the areas are so small, I don't think anyone could see them without a magnifing glass. Alot of these pics are wothy to be screen savers and wallpaper. That's how I use the ones I love. Im sure there will be a few that you will love too. Thank you
Unable to use the app. I constantly received a message stating to check my internet connection. I had an internet connection and I attempted to use the app 3x. I uninstalled and re-installed the app, but that did not resolve the issue.
I love the app. I love everything about it. There's tons of pictures to choose from. However, as I was scrolling through the animal category, I realized there are no pictures of opossums. You have raccoons, sloths, hedgehogs and just about every other animal one could imagine but, sadly, no opossums. They're my favorite animal and I would really appreciate some pictures featuring these amazing creatures.
This was one of the best coloring apps. I have 2 that I have. For the last 4 days your app has been crashing before I get 1 color done. It's not my phone because everything else works fine. I love your app, but i haven't a clue what's going on with it.
I really used to love this game... I love the colors and the time it gives me to do something to calm my nerves. Now there is an ad to color anything and another ad once I'm done! I'm spending more time watching an ad about a thirsty horse that ends up drinking rocked up lava, than I am actually playing the game! Bring back the stars. Please! At least then I could watch a plethora of videos and skip all the nonsense that is the ads. It makes me a lot less likely to play this game.
This is use to be my favorite escape. I loved coloring the pictures and earning stars, I use to love to be able to purchase hints, and buckets to use while playing. Since you took that away and my 20,000 stars, can't make up your mind and continuously change the damn thing every single month I think I am now going to look for a new coloring app. Super disappointed as I worked hard to earn all those stars. You could have at least let us keep what we earned.
This would be a great coloring app if it didn't freeze or shut down every 5 minutes. Ppl have been complaining about this for months and nothing has been fixed. All they give you is a generic response about the problem.
Not as fun anymore. I've dropping my review from 4 stars to 3 because. Previously, we had the ability to earn coins and use those coins to buy hints and buckets. I had lots of coins built up, but lost those after the update and that is no longer an option. And WAY to many ads now. I could deal with the extra ads if you had left the ability to collect coins and use those for hints or buckets.
I like Tap Coloring. Thanks for fixing the problems. I love the Guess What pictures especially. If you could put them in their own category, that would be great. I look for them alot.
I like the pictures but why do the highlighted parts flash every time it switches to a new color?? I didn't see anywhere you can turn this off and I don't understand why its there. I've tried about 15 of these coloring apps and it's the 1st time I've ever seen that. It honestly hurts my eyes. For that alone, I have to uninstall...
Like the game. Would just like to suggest that Guess Whats should have their own Category. When they are inside a Category you don't have to guess very hard what they are going to be before you do them!
Excellent color, easy to do, would like less Ads but I guess that's the price of it being free. 5 star.
It's good & doesn't have art I've seen on every other coloring app, but I'm taking away one star for the misleading ad that got me to download it, promising Victorian era fashion pages.
I love to color. Coloring is a stress reliever for me. This app relieves a lot my stress by allowing me to focus on something else instead of things that stress me out. Therefore i tend to get extremely relaxed. It also passes the time when i'm out somewhere waiting like at doctors office. It is just great. Great selection of pictures to color although it could use some tattoo pics to color. I reccomend to anybody and everybody.
The game is great! It takes a long time to get online it says connection slow!! Then you finally just give up because you can't get online to play!! There are too many ads that are just too long!! I love the game and the animation and colors are beautiful!!
Pictures have gotten a lot better. It is one of my favorite daily coloring apps. Didn't give 5 stars because upon completing daily task I keep being rewarded with a free hint. I already paid for unlimited hints so it's useless. I would rather receive a fill bucket only. Also would like to know exactly how many buckets I have? Over 99 it just says 99+. Thank you for taking the time to make quality changes that are now good through all the constructive criticism. Change that & I'll give 5 stars.
Very nice pictures with great colors, vibrant. I didn't think that I would enjoy coloring online but I've come to like it very much. Totally relaxing and I can just enjoy what I'm doing. Thanks for your hard work in creating these lovely colorful pages!
This is so relaxing! Since I haven't an artistic gene anywhere this satisfies my need to create and rest. Edit: I wish I could give you 6 stars. I've tried 2 others similar type apps. One I uninstalled the other I've kept as a change of pace when needed. So glad I ran across this app first. Tried another app. Not only were the best pictures locked so you had to pay real $ the clarity didn't seem as good. I like the choice to watch a 30 second ad to open the picture. You guys keep getting better.
None of the pictures are what they display to get you to download. The old cabins, people are just a ploy to get you to install. It's a scam!! I find it -10 I love the ads you post of Christmas Dream Catchers why aren't they available to color??? Where are Granny Clampetts pictures to color. You're false advertising big time!!!
I love this coloring game! Love the pictures, there aren't crazy amounts of ads. My favorite are the animated pictures.
too many ads. return the coin feature !! I have collected a lot of coins to buy a paint bucket or others. Please !!!!
It's fine but had to buy a new phone after spending 49 for a year free of ads. Will not sync! Purchased in my iPhone. Had to buy a Droid , nothing syncs, this sucks, no one to contact...would love my money back
I really enjoy these coloring by numbers I just wish their was a searchbar so I can find things I was looking for like waterfalls dragons ect.
Horrible! Crashes constantly as in can't even finish a single picture. Some good pics to color but you can't complete them or if you do manage to complete it the app won't let you save or share it!
Great app. I have spent hours. Fast, fun with minimal ads. Assistance is wonderful. Just do not care for the really tiny areas as they are hard to find. Sync does not work properly. Support not helpful.
This is by far the best coloring app I have found. Lots of variety, I especially love the skeletons doing normal things! It does crash like others but only after you've colored 3-4 pictures and it saves your progress if you're in the middle of coloring. I just color 3 and restart. No lag while coloring either.
Finally, FINALLY a place where I am having a "hey day"... seriously this is the one where I can be challenged, easy days, so many COLORS, the places that I find Animals, People, Nature, etc. 😄💕 The "daily" I find "drirey" & the most difficult that hurts my eyes is to mark where the number is, it's black & white. I wish it was blue & gray! 😨😖