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Tap Adventure Hero: Clicker 3D

Tap Adventure Hero: Clicker 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by T-Bull located at Szczesliwa 33/6.B.14, 53-445 Wroclaw, Poland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Do NOT like purchase popover ads in the middle of playing. Are you trying to catch people without purchase passwords in place, take their money by getting them to tap a purchase link without warning? Uninstalled.
This game is okay. What brings the rating down is the lack of spellchecks, and the fact that they ask you to rate the game after 5 minutes playing it. The incredible broken and unoptimized scaling of the fighters makes it so you just keep upgrading one until maxxed, and then move on to the next one. Other complaints include: buggy statistics, unresponsive clicks, ad-simulator mentality, and that it feels unfinished. Skip the whole 'RaTe 5 aNd GeT 200 dIaMoNdS', and up achi rewards instead.
I really enjoy they're game they make, because they are addicting and then you find yourself not beimg able to stop playing. good job on all your games another game i like.
Boring. Working well but after one week of playing I do not see any reason to continue. If you like to watch ads it is game for you.
How this can be at 4.8 stars right now is beyond me.... The most hilarious thing is that right at the beginning about 15 coins pop out of the defeated monster, but it only gives you one or 2 or maybe 3. Same as all other clicker games from what I can see, just poorly made. Get Almost a hero and you will see a polished clicker games with amazing graphics and story line.
I wish I could rate it higher because I enjoy the game, but the in game purchases are misleading... I spent 5 dollars on one that had collector coins, diamonds, and silver. In the background it had one if each type of card pack (unlike all the other purchases that just had diamonds as its background) So I assumed it came with one of each pack... I was wrong, for what it gave its a rip-off for 5 dollars, if it came with the packs it would of been a great deal, overall, seems shady to me.
Really good and fun to play also idea: add a secret boss on every level 3% chance to encounter make each one have 5X more health
Good game but a couple of glaring irritations hold it back: 1) No descriptions on the cards themselves and not explained well enough to understand the full functionality of the system.. I like the system but I figured it out on my own.. 2) The most obvious issue is the BLATANT handicap the developers have chosen to put on the DPS calculation. The DPS "bar", if you will, is capped at .75 seconds at best. Which means that no matter how high your DPS is relative to the enemie's HP.. SLOW
Surpising very addictive, there are a lot of tap games out there and this one tops off at the better half of them.
its a really cool game there is alot of heroes and enemies to defeat. The thing i like is that its 3D.
I like clicker games so I basically like this one but it seems to regular i would like it even more if it had upgradeable heros and armor also a level system or sword for the hero maybe a cape with special buffs it would see way better if it had those features!
I like it very good game I would really like to see the characters but I get the concept and understanding is pretty cool makes you feel like you're the hero
I rated it 1 star bevause everytime i get a collecter card it makes my phone make an unusal sound then it atuomacticly turns my phone off seriously not joking please fix this glitch.
like it but...ads claim I will get a reward for each five ads watched but that has not happened...where are my rewards
Giving an initial 5 star cause the UI seems clean and there are hints of some new take on idle rpg systems. Will update if anything glaringly bad is here but so far a nice idle rpg game with some polish
Seems different than most other idle clickers I've played, but at the same time feels familiar. Intuitive controls and menus
Good game so far would really love to see more ways to get blue prints like maybe once every 5 days in daily. Also would love to see a guild system and raid bosses for them. Being able to chat is definitely nice.
Update this game since it's so awesome and because it will be more awesome add equipment and artifacts because I would like it and make them sats that could help your heros sats be better with them.
Game needs to chill down, you are introduced to the game with a pointing tutorial than you get bombarded with watching videos for money. 5 minutes in the game and I got a pop up screen that I should rate it 5 starts. It's kind of a weird way to gain success. I recomand Tap Titans 2 for a taping game.
Performed the update and now I'm back to square one. Normally I wouldnt be too mad since I just started a couple days ago, but I just made a purchase so now that's gone too.
Very well done tapping game. It actually releaves stress, unlike some other tapping games that turn it into a pay-to-win competition amongst hackers/crackers.
So far so good. I don't like being asked to rate games despite having played the thing for less than 5 minutes though.
Hi, I give this game only one star because I checked the game and I can't play it cause it's unaccessible for the but. Can you make it accessible in a new update or in your new games can you make it accessible?
Progression is ridiculously slow. Tapping isn't even worth it past super early. Premium currency only has 2 functional uses. You have to watch 5 ads to get a blueprint. You need 40 blueprints to upgrade your weapon to get the only meaningful damage boost in the game. There are like 11 different weapons. The gameplay loop is just so bare bones.
If there is no other way to get Blueprints other than paying real money or watching 5 ADs for one single Blueprint, then its another complete pay-to-win garbage game. Really, its absolutely unbelievable how its so top rated...
I think the graphics on the monsters are ok but the game it's just amazing it may seem boring for the first 5 m but play it for 10 m and you will change your mind
Fun little game. Only just installed so will play a bit more before giving a proper review. It will probably get more stars after I get past the tutorial section as I always knock 2 stars off for assuming I'm stupid and can't work it out on my own. lol
its basic idle game. low end content, slow progression, premium currency have same value as dirt because there is only 2 option to use it. some people may earn more than what the ads have to offer in 30 sec which makes watching ads as a big penalty. the only positive is this game doesnt overheat my phone.
It's ok. The math is all messed up. The bonus silver percentages go down after leveling up, I hate ads but all of a sudden clicking treasure boxes just gives the reward instead of an ad which means I don't get credit towards swords. And the rewards aren't the same. A few other small issues too. Takes too long to pass levels when your damage is way, way above what is needed to kill the monster. It should be instant. Seems like the dev has it set to 1 second minimum. Doesn't seem like much, but takes about 35 mins to get to level 100 with plenty if damage to pass each level.
looked nothing like the ad i saw so that's a automatic 1 star for the misleading ad if your games good enough (which it isn't) it shouldn't need a fake ad
Its almost like clicker heroes just much much worst. I enjoyed clicker heroes for months. This is just lame.