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Tankr.io - Tank Realtime Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Hot Games Team located at UNIT 5, 27/F RICHMOND COMM BLDG 109 ARGYLE ST MONGKOK KL, HongKong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was going to rate this game 5 stars,but there was 1 problem in the gamemode wilderness when u hide in a bush and u go out u cant see any tanks they turn all invisible
This game was great but the bots are cheating they automatic level up they can hit my while iam using shield and when you die you must push many buttons and long loading to play again and theres bugs Edit:the chest needs to adds to open it i hate it
Please add multiplayer mode and increase time limit and add new tanks.that wise game is very good but lan wifi multiplayer mod to increase your game
Full of hackers. Adds dont give you rewards after watching game is laggy af. 5.99 a WEEK for v.i.p. lmfao
Love the game could go very far but the ads. Theres better ways to incorporate ads that will not crush this game in its infancy.
not bad but repetitive, aome times you have a tank that is overpowered, then you also have those times where there are enemy tanks that are brokenly overpowered
Honestly this game is the best other comments say hacker and blah blah stuff While im just having fun ya' know its great if you add more skins cuz im out :( It would be really nice and for those haters they just dont know how to play. And one more they just dont have skill
This game is great,i will almost rate this a five star but i have an one problem on this game now i play this game im starting on this game and this is great but after a while this is now a bot teritory,the bots where following me and this stupid bots,this all bots was trying to target me and trying also to kill me so that's my problem but thanks for the developer who make this game but please fix my problem🙏🙏🙏
its a good game... BUT you need to get rid of the spawn protection because the only time I die is because of the peple with spawn protection hunting me down plese get rid of it or im unistalling
WARNING: This game is not actually online multiplayer. Many of the "players" have no skill, caution, or any upgrades to their tanks. Everytime you die, you miraculously start in a new lobby where there are no leveled up players. You can win ALL matches easily. Hell, you can even play the "online" offline. Do not fall for this developer's tricks. There are no players. Only bots. This is NOT an online game. Also, many people reported that the "remove ads" option does not work when purchased. Stay away from this game for your own sake.
It's a really great game in my opinion. I don't really care about the ads because i play it offline XD. Overall it's a really addicting game.
This is a good game. But it sucks. Only coz of the fact that ads are cooked into this game even in offline mode. Every round is followed by forcefully having to watch 30 sec long ads which tires me. Even the game mechanics for coin and gem collection forces you to watch ads after ads. And only coz of this reason am uninstalling this game. Thanks but no thanks.
Its getting lagging when I'm died and also i can't shoot a enemy to them, i will call you hater that you didn't tell us! 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
I keep coming up against invisible players and players that my gun wont lock onto no matter what...this completely ruins the game........apart from this it is a great game and I thank you for making it
I'm giving this game 1 star overall because I got the $20 package to unlock everything and get rid of the ads. . . . Well. . . I got the gems, but I'm still seeing a ton of ads. . . If you state something based off of real world purchases, you have to abide by them, and this company didn't. I'd either like the ads removed from my game, or I want my money back, and you can take the gems too.
I like the game but the Bots ignore other Bots and it's not fair look mills of tanks can be chasing you and the Bots don't kill each other until I die. if that didn't happen i will rate this game 5 stars
Fun game, acceptable ads when getting bonuses... But after first ~hour of playing started to get message that ad is not ready yet, and can not get bonuses or be revived. But still getting the random ads that gives nothing.
I have one complaint though and it's I wasted about 10 minutes trying to get the game to load and it still hasn't loaded.
best game ever,I Kill more than 1000 players!!!,I am so good at it,the kills mobile legends bang bang
Good game but... I bought the Ads free update and just stop wonking after a game update.. That mean, I have all lovely ads again. Contacted the Company on their e-mail and there are no answer. So, it is really an app to avoid, there is no customer support, no answer and therefore no reason to give them a try on their product.
this game is nice.i like how u can go online and defeat people.the controls are easy and simple and its a good time waster
Horrible absolutely horrible, game lags a bit (not my device), gameplay is the worst low level tanks should not do so much damage to high level tanks this needs to be fixed and balanced properly. This has to be one of the top worst .io games ever and needs to be completely re worked. even the sheild boost you can use does not work it is just a waste to upgrade when it sheilds nothing. again needs to be redone.
So good game. I dont care about ads or hacker. But i care of the fun of the game. If u guys hates this game why u guys played this game?
Few issues with the game! But finally a great game! I've been follow Tankr.io since the browsers version. Excited to play the App. The game play is outstanding. Fun, easy to learn! I imagine still early stage for the app. Spamy ads and they're still working out their pay features. Unique feature - "Battle offline feature". This could end up good or bad. I'd recommend going easy on the ads to build traction with users. Also, ensure that people are not just playing with bots. Future top 100 ap
The reason why i give 3 stars because sometimes i expirins log and no team please add team kumbat thank you
You liar! How strange, isn't it, that everyone always targets you first, then inexplicably freezes as soon as you are defeated?
It was really good at first but then 75% of the time I COULDN'T SHOOT.That ruined my experience.It made it unplayable.
There some serious serious problem with leaderboards. I am never shown in it, even though my score are more than most of them.
Terrible. How moneygrubbing can you guys be to put an ad in order for a player to be revived? I get it that you guys need cash to improve your game but come on, I've played a tank game kind of similar to this and it does not put any irksome 30 minute ad as a method to revive you again, if you guys could find to remove that I'd most appreciative.. For now, I'll give this one a 3/5.
Very fun game, kind of like diep.io, but different in it's own enjoyable way. I would highly recommend this to anyone!
ATTACK OF WATCH ADDS! upgrades, gold, play again, whatever you want to do, you can do it by watching a video.. we have all seem it before.... but WAY TOO MUCH HERE! and of course,.. if you don't watch all the videos you won't be able to keep up. darn... looked like fun game
Okay the gameplay and all that is fine i love how you can upgrade your tank but the controls are so annoying your trying to aim at a tank thats across the map when their is a tank in front of you with a shield kinda annoying but gameplay is fun and easy to get into i just wish you can shoot at what target you want
The game got a lot of bots and hackers. Some will automatically heal themselves. Some will gain up on you. Some will have first place and didnt make a lot of kills but despite all of that, I still come in first place most of the times with skills alone. Now take that u hackers and dumb game developers.
I DISLIKE THIS GAME'S NON STOP ADDS! The animatics are great and all,and I love the designs, but I HATE the fact that there r adds used for everything,even if u don't wanna watch an add,u still watch one anyways.Its fine if u wanna download the game,I'm just warning u that there are ganna be non stop adds here and there,"HOT GAMES TEAM",PLZ fix this add invasion in the game,thx.
Too many ad's....they pop up Everytime you die. The A.I. is unbearable they kill you near instantly. The beginner shield when the match starts doesn't work for you only the other tanks. Also what's the point of leveling up if I can be level 9 with a bunch of upgrades and a level 3 can come shoot me twice and kill me. The mechanics of power and how things work is all messed up and that makes this game highly frustrating to play but the graphics and controls and simplified gamplay makes you want to keep trying you luck on a losing game.
Too many ads. Every death makes you watch a 30 seccond ad and they push ads every step of the way. The rest of the game was great!
Its good and the graphics is okay sometimes it stuck in the middle of the game but its good i recommend this game for kids and adult
Other than the hacker that can get 75 kills in timed matches it's a good game. Elaine is a hacker f--k great game just sucks people cant win with skill they gotta be cheaters cause they suck
Gameplay is good but uninstalling it due to ton of advertisements. Most of the time have ro watch the whole ads as there is no close button.
this game is really good. but one major disadvantage is that after u uninstall this game, all game progress lost from Google play and start from the beginning 😑plz. fix this
It's the worst and I hate it the bots become unstopbale and they all gang up on you and follow you untill your dead so untill this game gets a update I'm never playing again
Make its size smaller to prevent log to other gadgets but its really cool download it now and by the way make it purely offline with no wrecking ads its destroys the game:-(:-(
Game is good but please don't buy there ads free . Even if you buy it you still have tons of ads. everytime you die new battle ect. horrible ads video can be 1min long this is a scam if you say buy ads free it should be ads free not making people's watch 1 min videos everytime they die to revives ads free scam do not help the company don't waste your money.
Constantly aims at nothing. Running over items picks them up maybe 1/2 the time. Ads, ads, ads. Don't waste your time.
honestly I hate the game because it's just too easy, basically alls you have to do is rapidly click the shoot button and hide in a corner
It's a good game I gotta admit that it's just that there is alot of hackers that just kill me all the time and I hope you guys see this comment that is just wanting to say ban the hackers.
It is fun, no, it's amazing. The way you guys made the AI, its perfect a 5 star the game makes me rage with fun. You guys should add more tanks, more maps, more power ups and even more tasks and events cause that will make more fun with challenge 360 and that will make the game from 5 to 10 stars. Guys amazing job. Perfect.👍👍👍
The game overall is fun for me in my opinion, but the hackers are ruining this game from a 5 star to 3 star. You guys gotta solve this man.
pls make it so no one can cheat I watch players go from lvl 1 to level 6 and I only am on 1 I don't see beads collection just like camo tanks in green grounds and I don't see any kill count on the side it's not fair... I get double kills is most and then my game shut off and I'm dead after that and it's normal? o.o
This is worst I have ever played everyone are only killing me even if someone is hitting them and whenever I try to revenge the game over message appears. Fix it please