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Tank Strike - battle online

Tank Strike - battle online for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by OASIS GAMES LIMITED located at UNIT 702 FOURSEAS BUILDING 208-201 NATHAN ROAD KOWLOON HONGKONG. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence, Implied Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
They are just greedy for money, there is no support for users. they just never reply your email and you can't save your game. bad experience...
the game sucks just because I don't invest any money I can't even keep my rank your matches are uneven this is the most frustrating game ever when was the last time you updated this thing Christmas time Russia sucks and so do you
Game is good but It seems like I'm playing bots bc no one is targeting me but over all it is a good game
Why doesn't your game load on my phone which is a galaxy s10 plus when it comes up it says check resource I was able to play it on my Samsung Galaxy 5 active but it will not work on my s10 plus
super nice game! Tried to install on my new tablet and it gives some darn error about resource files.
this game isn't very good guys if you want a real good game search up "World of tanks Blitz"! because its SO good but this game is just rubbish im a giant tank fan i have a whole hiant tank collection figures its just tanks not planes or people i have about 101 of the tank collection figures!
A month later- Folks at Oasis- Since the start of the new season, I have been placed in battles with tanks that are 3-4 levels above mine. Why do this - it makes the game uncompetitive and down right frustrating to the point of wanting to delete the game. The only thing keeping me from abolishing tank strike and all oasis associated games is the fact that I have an astronomical amount of time playing it. Please fix this by tomorrow. I am a loyal enthusiast but on my last ditch effort to fix this.
Facing Connection issues Fix It ASAP.. It Says check Your Internet Connection.. Even My Connection Works Fine.. And Other Thing Getting Unfair Opponents in matches Like T7 Vs T9..
Very good experience but can you make it so you can turn your turret by swiping and while zoomed in can you make it so you can elevate and lower your gun tanks alot ت︎
Loved the game as long as it worked. After 6 games, of which i was mvp with the scouter, it said login unsuccessful
Not happy with legion battles. Should be more evenly matched instead of level 6&7 going against 8&9's. Same goes for qualifiers. And then you have to deal with cheaters using game hacks. Developer continues to ignor me so they lost another star on my rating. Just about ready to uninstall game. Yep after 2+ years I had to unistall game. Too many cheats & developers that don't give a chit.
my games crash even on tank commander english n this game oasis games yall need to fix all the bugs n yall would be my most preferred mobile game sponsor if my accounts on both games got fixed to where i could login instead of bein in title screen sayin login successful but says constantly retry my connection n i uninstalled it a few times for both games n i cant login n i dnt want to stop playin this tank strike i just got on yesterday n im a level 8 so plz fix game bugs in all categories
Just upgraded my phone and now I can't load the game, it says login successful and then it says can't connect to resources. Love the game but if I can't login I loose all my progress in the game so 1 star for now
After playing tank strike for nearly 2 years, I am suddenly unable to login to the server with an error message coming up stating check resource connection?? I have tried absolutely everything I can think of to fix this with no joy? I have tried emailing your support team for help who seemed very uninterested when I told them it was tank strike I was having a problem with.
Very beutifull game but i was a problem i was a sirus tank and i was buy a dicator i was a 520 middle meterial and 125 gold and 11 advanced meterial amazing game i like this game You will create tank strike battle online 2 and who is very amazing new tank and other my id is 1679749 ad me
You guys are STILL IGNORING PEOPLE??!!!! WHY would you do that? And now there are twice as many people who cant log in with the [c]check resource failed. and this all happened after your update. YOU NEED TO FIX IT. You keep blowing everyone off by saying contact the developers, Oasis you ARE the developers... AND FOR WHAT??? You blatantly REFUSE to answer any of us. It's a damn shame I absolutely loved this game and put A TON of money into it.
The game was never fixed. Left a message on the site and still no respond. Game sucks and the people who made it!!
Good game, maybe you can add new maps bigger maps for playing on team and qualifications: forest, desert,swamp etc... Oh and about MVP you should double rewards that will make game more active. So far so good.
I gave it 30 day's made it to level 34 here is my assessment, the game is enjoyable experience until you reach level 25 then it's very clear to see if you don't spend money for a tank higher then the pioneer tank your a "sacrificial lamb" and become easy target's practice in "Qualifier" battle for paying players in tanks capable of 1 shot kill you can shoot 10 times and his health decrease a centimeter (centimeter = nothing ) they have very unfair team matching (reviews part 1 of 2)
if a developer is not responding to your questions you can flag the game to google play as inappropriate.google play will make them respond to you or remove the game from google play store.
Shame on you guy. U guy changing name from Iron Storm to Tank Strike without us or player know. We spend a lots of money and time play iron storm. Suddenly you guy take out iron storm off and made tank strike. Pretty sad yall dont let the players know that you changed name of the game. Now with the new name u have to start from scratch. Sad part i know many people spend time and money on iron storm which is the same game as a Tank Strike....shame on you!
Just got a new phone and can't get the game to load on the phone, game is starting me over, not good since I am at level 38 not the highest level but I'm not starting over, will revise and give more stars if tec support responds to this
Too bad! Can be a fun game but Developer doesn't seem to care, obviously! Hundreds of hackers/cheaters! My Pulse tank is fully maxed, strong paint, maxed crew and props! Some cheaters with exactly the same tank kill me with 1 shot! I need 2 to 3 shots to kill them, if I'm lucky! The cheaters have instant health recharge, instant super weapons, extra strength, and instant shade, obviously. Good developers would have a way to actually rectify this problem! You have lost a lot of players! Oh well
Wonder is developers ever check in here? Major game issues abound..1) heavy tanks, n those with long turrents, can shoot thru most smaller, thinner items, ie walls, containers, vehicles 2) poor matchups in quals, battle area is better...why not same algorithm? 3) no new fields, no expansion of player level...some been level 60 for years now 4) lack of response to player issues in general, none of these are new n none have been addressed warchild
what is going on after update, game got deleted from my app, and now I cant even download the the app.
Are you getting a load Resource error code? Find me on Facebook skymonkey gaming. I hope we can get you up and running again. If you've lost your account from hacking, don't even bother.
Game Guardians everywhere in this game and the developers don't care whats going on even when you contact them they never reply. Honestly Google should take this game from their network. 25 messages contacting the developers and not one reply and I'm one in thousands that have tried. Greedy Bastards
Tanks in qualifying under constant cloak plus shooting through walls. This game is the most unfair game out there dont bother uploading it as there are hundreds of people cheating in it plus it's expensive. Dont let your children play this game it's expensive. The game developers dont care on what is happening along as they get the €€€€€£££££. Your tank will never be strong enough this will frustrate your gaming experience....
Jacked up. The game is requesting that I update, but when I uninstall and reinstall I get the same message doh!
False advertising of sales and not honoring screenshots taken. Now you can't login due to there POS servers! Oasis false advertises, ignores customers, and has real bad servers.
They got a problem with android phones the game stopped after I had a software update on my phone ... they need to update there app and there not for what ever reason I lost allot of time and money in this game
Dropped rating big time, cost greatly increased for items but payouts very meager, match ups are mostly very uneven...seems to be by level not vehicle or its attributes; cheaters not dealt with, developers unresponsive to players..always we fix soon n nothing changes; takes too much time to actually get into a battle, definitely a pay to win game now---warchild---
I used to play this game in one of the strongest leads on it NOMADS but the game ripped off most of the members by loosing thier accounts. We are now on Massive Warfare Aftermath. Screw tank strike!
Tried yesterday was ok then today no one's playing waited 2 minutes forv a match uninstalled pity as I'd like to see more, But if no one on what's the point nothing to add maybe Bots to learn tactics and adjustable settings move fire button etc.