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Tank Stars

Tank Stars for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Playgendary located at Landshuter Allee 8-10, 80637 Munich, Germany. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Way to many adds, almost every time I press a button the game pulls up an add. I know you people need to make money, but that's no excuse. You people already make to much money through subscriptions, you people will never learn. you know the Tell us more (optional). well the first words that pop up are (is this an arcade game) no it is not, its an add watching game. And I know what you people are doing you're making us watch so many adds that we will want to subscribe. Not going to happen.
It's a good game but It's just unplayable with all the adds. I mean I get you need adds to make money but why do you need to put an add after ever move you make in a round. You get an add when you start and finish games. Then on top of that they want you to watch another add just to get a chest. If you don't have a lot of patience don't play this game.
Its a good game and I like to play it. I find that shooting your oponents with al these different and cool weapons is really fun. but there are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY to many ads. like after every turn you have to watch an ad! I understand they get paid to put these ads in the game but come on man thats just too much.
Wow, for once a good game. Adds honestly are as spammy as most games. Its really fun and simple and loot isn't that hard to get. Very Entertaining for sure. Diamond Membership really isn't worth it for the price though. Better off just buying No Adds and the Starter Bundle. Simple yet fun, reminds fe of an old Flash Game I used to play in School. So a little nostalgia there. Very good over all, highly recommended as a simple game to pass time. Is also still fun to play offline too.
I use to really like this game but a recent update made it unplayable. It use to have ads when you wanted some chests and after a match. Now, it has an ad when you start a match and after every turn. One match has a minimum of three ads now!! The game isn't worth it with these many ads and makes me even less willing to pay for add free. I will be uninstalling if this isn't fixed.
Ads have broken the game. After a recent update, the game went from watching an Ad after completing a match to an Ad after every single shot. I cannot understand the marketing thoughts behind this one unless they want to he done with it and this is a final money grab. Stay away from anything Playgendary.
Love this game but there are too many ads. There are ads after you shoot one missile towards opponents. Why would you keep ads when one is playing games? You can keep ads between 2 games but not when one is playing a game. You have to wait for 10 seconds for the ad to get over to continue playing. I can understand that the developers want to earn money and it's totally fine but this game includes way too many ads. Uninstalling it.
Dropped it 2 stars. Started putting ads in the middle of games. Great concept, I'm old, like Artillery Game on Atari. Problem is, I've been maxed our for months. New tanks, battlefields, something. I have every tank, spent real money on this, NEW STUFF PLEASE! Would give it 5 🌟,, but only 4 🌟 for now. I'll change it when you update it. STILL WAITING! 2 MONTHS LATER
Ads are pretty much everywhere you go,like there's so many of them.They legit pop up during gameplay in the vs computer mode. Whoever made the decision to put this many ads should be fired. Which is a shame because without the ads this is a fun game. Also you can get rid of ads with the diamond membership.but it's like multiple dollars a week which is not really worth it.
The game is good and all but it gives you adds that restart the game and prevent you from getting rewards. Edit: I came back to this game after about 2 years to see if there was any improvement, turns out I left some things out of my review. After every game it forces you to watch an ad, then in order to get the chest after the round you have to watch ANOTHER ad. If you like 90% of your gameplay being ads, then this is the game for you.
The game it's self is amazing. Super fun! But ADS!!!!!! I get it, you need ads but having one in the middle of game play is unnecessary and makes it not even enjoyable to play. I take 1 or 2 shots and BOOM! an ad pops up. MAKE GAMES ENJOYABLE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Good game that's fun -A lot of rage quitters, especially with frost tanks -Live mode could use a better net code -Needs new tanks or updates, once you collect all the tanks the game becomes much less compelling -If you play enough you run out of awards you can collect, even the ad rewards -I'm an animator by profession, if you need fun ideas hit me up
Plays an ad before each match, after each match, and twice in the middle of my match. Has an ad banner in the bottom middle of my screen. Gives me pop-ups for ad removal and starter packs. I tried using a video offer for the reward chest twice and received nothing both times. Then to top it all off you have the nerve to offer me a weekly paid subscription for your game.
**AD**CENTRAL** WAAAY TOO MANY ADS! Ads after every match and sometimes before the match even ends! Oh yeah, DO NOT BUY THE RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED "DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP" and AND you are supposed to receive 1 chest, 2k coins and 50 gems DAILY! EVERYDAY! for $6.99 wkly or $94 annually (yeah right 🤣) and you get NOTHING!! I did however try the weekly membership for 2 weeks in hopes of getting some Coins built up, but NO!! SCREW THIS GAME AND THE DEVELOPER ID GIVE 0 STARS IF IT WAS POSSIBLE!!
The game is your basic tank game with some interesting weapons but there are far too many ads to make it enjoyable. After the first match I started getting an ad after every shot. And they want a weekly subscription to completely remove ads. They are not doing something new here, there are better versions of this with less intrusive ads.
The game is really addictive and can be challenging to level up or max out your vehicle wich makes it fun. And in battle there are some challenges that also make it interesting. The only downside is that there are WAY and I mean WAY to many ads, like almost every time i shoot, I get an ad. Yes literally mid game I get like 4 ads if the games long enough. And you cant just put airplane mode on because then you can't go online. Other than that it is really fun though.
Why? Why? Why? Why do developer have to get so greedy? The game was slightly skewed toward too many ads, and then the developers though it would be good to add EVEN MORE. The game has gone from "Maybe give it a try" to "Avoid it." There are other similar options out there with a more reasonable game to ad ratio. (Side note... since my initial 1-star rating, I checked it out to see if it had improved, and the opposite happened. EVEN MORE ADS WERE ADDED.)
This is a very nice game,all the graphics are amazing but the ads are very irritating. They come in the middle of the game and sometimes bcoz of it the game has to restart and we exit that match. When I was playing tournament the ads were always coming in my turn and the game restarts and I cannot win. So please take care of that issue
This game used to be with maybe an ad at the end of a match now with every match you do theres an ad before it starts and in the middle of matches about every other shot that's taken. I used to like the game and was accepting of an ad after every match to unlock a chest to get something but ads every few seconds is stupid and annoying and charging more than a couple dollars to remove ads is always stupid. I have uninstalled for the account of way too many ads.
Honestly I think its quite good, I liked that your shooting indication's range is relatively short unlike other games which we predict where are shots land 100%, here you only get a rough idea if your going to hit the enemy which relies more skills. Another thing I liked is that going closer has a bit of a risk and reward system whereas you'll land your shots easier but your stuck there if you run out of fuel and increased the chances of being in the crossfire.Overall I liked this game.
The ads. More then anything else. If you want to put ads in the game ok, but make the pay for no ads an acceptable amount. Seven bucks a week, even with some gold and a chest, is crazy. Playstation is only ten a month. Fun game, but whoever decided on the pricing and ads is crazy. You win and earn a chest, then you have to watch an ad to open it. Every time!
The game itself is very fun and addicting. It used to have some adds, which I was okay with, but now there's an ad before, after, and even during the match. I know that the creators need money but please, slow down on the adds! This game would be a 5 star if it didn't have as much adds
I like the concept of this game and the would be fun except for the fact that there's an ad at the start of a level then one after every shot you take and then another at the end and the you need to watch an ad again just to get a reward for watching ads and playing a little bit of a game. I know the devs need money but this is not OK. I don't mind one ad per game at the start but you there are just too many.
First I would like to say this game has the potential of easily being 5 stars.. I've been playing tank games like this for close to 30 years and the graphics on this far surpass all others. With that being said, I've got alot of solutions to problems, along with other suggestions that need to be addressed a d fixed and are keeping this game at 2 stars or less. If you really want to take this game to true mainstream, please contact me or give me a way to contact you so we can discuss further
SO. MANY. ADS. Ads after every shot taken vs Computers. Game and internet issues happen so often during PvP matches that you hardly ever play a full game against another person. People can quit games mid match. As mediocre as the concept of the game is, the whole execution and spamming via incesant ads makes this one of the least enjoyable mobile games I've ever played. Major fixes required.
This game really fun and addictive to play but there are a few problems. There is an ad every time you take shot and its really frustrating. Sure the devs need to make money but thats just way too much. The game also freezes at random times. Its annoying when I'm playing tournament and I have to close the game down and open it up again to fix it. Then, I lose all my match progress for that level difficulty. Great game and I would give it five stars if not for these glitches and bugs. Keep it up.
Great game and great concept. The issue is that every minute my game crashes. Also its really annoying to have my game freeze and then go to an add in the middle of my match. I will literally watch 3 adds throughout my entire match and then watch one afterwards. Good game but they ruined it with crashing and adds.
It truly is a simple and wonderful game when you are playing it, but most of your time will be spent watching ads. For nearly every button you can press there's an ad and I'm not over exaggerating. I love this game for its simplicity, ease of use and selection of weapons but the amount of ads in the game makes you feel that you are being extorted to purchase an ad free package that is offered every time you enter the home screen. It's a 5 star game ruined by greed and/or poor business practices.
Very laggy, too many Ads, and keeps disconnecting from PvP on a stable connection. The annoyances are not worth it so I recommend turning off your internet connection and just play it in snigle player mode to kill time every now and then. Or a better option in my opinion is to uninstall because it drains battery like it's a triple A, high quality graphics game, which it's not so it's very suspicious.
Tank stars is a great game. I was easily addicted to this game. Although there is one thing that annoys me a bit. Sometimes the game crashes. I understand why this game needs adds. And I'm fine with it. But like every 2-3 games the game crashes and say "Unfortunately, Tank Stars stopped working". Please try to fix this if you can.
Let me explain in a simple way. The match are short with more or less 3 to 5 turn for each player every 5 to 10 sec... so far so good. Now, every time that you finish you turn you have an add, in other words 1 add every 5 t 10 sec. It doesn't motivate me at all to buy the game.
The ads lie and the game gets boring after around 3 or 4 battles I feel like they could've done more with the game but instead they spent their money on advertising fake ads which makes me sad because I used to like this game because I discovered it through a real ad but now every ad is fake if your reading this and don't agree just look at every ad you see and I promise you it will be fake and when you see it is you will think of this comment and say this guy was right all along
I thought all the reviews about ads were like every other game with ads. But this game with ads is a while new level of bad. 2 stars because I love the game, but an ad after every shot during a match is excessive. Scale it back a little and maybe worth playing again. What happened?
Meh. Great game, good concept, but it sucks with the ads. It's fine to have a few but there's an ad after every round and sometimes during it.i recommend it if you like fun but I advise you to stay away if you hate ads interrupting your play.
I like the idea of the game but what have they done to the game?? Last time I played this game there was no ads. Only for chests and other things. To the creator, please get rid of the amount of ads. I suggest if you want more people playing your game, you need to get rid of the ads alright?
It's been a great game, even though progress is super slow after a while. Biggest joy killer though is the amount of ads you have to endure now. It used to be bearable, but now there are ads in between every shot even and right after the game and then to open chests too and often videos don't even load and game is stuck. Honestly it's way too much and made me stop enjoying the game. Will come back in a while and see if you fixed it. If not, well, I will leave it again.
It has an unnecessary amount if ads. After every turn you get a 30second add it makes the game unplayable
Where do I even start... This game was amazing when it first came out with an ad maybe every other match or if u wanted to unlock a chest. Then things got out of hand, sometimes when i open the game it just freezes and i have to open the game again to fix it, and the ads are just crazy. You get an ad before the match, for every shot, and after the match. Its just devolved into this mess of ads and bugs from what was a great game before. That's about it.
I would honestly give it 5 stars if the developers weren't so greedy. They give you ads during battles, right after the battle which you have to watch another ad just to get the reward chest. They expect you to pay $4 for no ads. Fix this ad problem or you'll keep losing players because you guys want to be greedy.