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Tank Heroes - Tank Games, Tank Battle Now for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by UP STUDIO located at 30/F, Two International Finance Centre 8 Finance Street Central, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is fun, however the screen of the game play is noisy and crowded and in so many occasions you cannot see enough to aim, also the auto focus camera that gets activated when you fire and it focuses on the target is annoying because you have to adjust the view (zoom out or in or move the screen to your tank) after every time you fire,,, wish fix those small issues.... Good luck Thanks for making a fun game
I appreciate the design efforts but the whole game is just a much more lame design of tank stars, even the music at every victory or defeat is just the same. Maybe try some other thing like let the players select their own shells before combat and maybe more tanks than tank stars, more weapons, more shells. Its outright the same as tank stars, only it being a lower tier version of it.
This Tank Hero is one of the best Tank free game's . It's gameplay, concept's are alll fun and so nice but you should add more gameplay moods and if ever I entered this game's to play, I'll be stuck, so any one who like challeniing ,addictives and fun games lovers should try this coz I've been playin since 1 years. Also don't ever go by it's review so just download it and you don't like it then delete it but if it go of your types then keep it rite🤗.it's a cute games. Thanks
its good and all but the only problem is almost all of the Tank Stars content are copied and the only thing that makes it different is the art style of the game, so might wanna rename some stuff and change the weapons mechanics a little i don't have a problem about the ads its ok and i understand hope you do it so no one will try to criticize this game.
This game HAD been fun for myself and my child to play together until I made 2 purchases and within an hour the game stopped opening. Only after I bought coins and gems did it stop..no problems before that. Very sad for my little boy because he doesn't understand about getting ripped off. What an absolute joke. First and last time I will ever make in-app purchases. Wouldn't be giving it 1 star if I didn't have to.
I like this game. This game is amazing game. And this game is very easy. Tankers in this game it,s gun was very powerfull.
Just horrible. Too many ads! You use up more time watching ads than playing the game. Also, when I reached level 50, I simply couldn't open the battle anymore. The game just froze! If you look at the response to the reviews, there is only one: we need ads to make money. Yeah! We understand, but that is not the only problem with the game! Does your response bot just freeze after reading the word ad in a review? UPDATE: just as expected a copy paste answer.
adds adds and more adds. match are short and sweet. but you have an add after each match. then to get to loot which seems to be a rigged random slot machine style you have an add. you cannot move to the next match with out watching both adds. in game currency seems to be a little on the pricy side as well. i would say steer clear of this gsme unless you really like watching the same adds over and over again. the game isnt anything new or special that i personally would spend money on.
the game is not fun because of all the ads. What makes it worse is the type of ads you use. They disable our navigation (back button) forcing the user to watch the ad. I wish I could give negative stars I would give a minus 5. Any programmer who does this type of programming should be ban from Google play. I understand ass create funds and there us nothing wrong with that. disabling navigation buttons forcing the ad is wrong. when websites do this they get shut down. Why should ads be differant
This game is great. But it needs more maps, guns, new legendary tanks, control customize options, new missions, more modes etc.
I PURCHASED remove ads, and yet, I still see ads. I bet you guys are going to respond to me with "to continue work on our free game we need revenue from ads, but you can buy no ads." I bought no ads, and I still get ads. The people in this "company" are probably just robots with the way they respond to reviews. I want whoever is sitting there right now to respond with this town thoughts, and not a copy/paste response, you f****ng bots. *Update* I knew that would be my response.
this is very much like tank stars but way beter thnx. the graphics us awesome although you can add more weapons to each tank and put in more tanks please . This game is by far the best game i ever had on mobile it is a small app and it is a real timesaver to download . I only have a few more requests can you maby make a 3d version of the game and also a WLAN multiplayer in . The controls is very easy to understand.
Very smooth gameplay compared to TANK STARS 👍 ads are at a good level. Very fun to get into... so far that is... many upgradable weapon options. Some patience is required leveling up but well worth it.
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Worst game experience so far in par with other clones of the once great tank game. One has to watch two ads after every match, even if one does watch them, there are no good rewards. That was fine, until the game stopped loading and all that could be seen was a black screen. After reinstalling the game all progress was lost, even though the game was linked to Facebook. What is the point of logging in with a Facebook account if the progress would not be saved? Please avoid this game at all costs.
[EDIT]: I bumped it up to 4*, but you seem to have how this all works backwards. If you make a great game, the 5*s will follow suit. You first. [email protected]: Game is nice, but I have all Tanks, so I have nothing driving me to play the game further. Please add something that increases our competetive need to play after getting all the Tanks/Weapons. Coins/Gems/Power-ups are useless after that. Most of all, please add a way to contact you ingame. Thanks. Will 5* once that is all completed.
If you don't want to see ads you can remove ads by in app purchase.. That's their response. What they don't tell you is it only removes the little ad on the bottom of the screen. You still have ads to open rewards for fighting, boxes, and everything else. So my advice is find another game. And even if you bind your account to Facebook, you lose everything if you have to u install and reinstall the game. I was on level 90 something, and had every tank between levels 3 and 6, all gone. No support
I played 116 levels so far. i do love the game but it doesn't feel very rewarding getting a victory. you can only upgrade using loot boxes. im sitting on 50,000 ish coins can you make it so we can buy upgrade points. watching adds after a victory to potentially get upgrade points isn't rewarding. also the range could be tweaked a little bit. i feel like I have no range and the enemy and cross map me
Only gets 2 stars because the permanent in game ad bar at the bottom of the screen blocks your view, and for the sheer amount of video ads, which could be worked on a bit too. 1 after every game. 1 for each spin of the wheel which makes 3. 1 for each level of free box which makes 5. 1 for opening a box after winning a game. So that's a total of 9 ads not including the post game ads, which to me is a little excessive for what the game actually is. Apart from that I find that it's very addictive
It's a pretty good game overall, but if you want to upgrade anything, you either need to spend money or watch ridiculous numbers of ads. reply to UP STUDIO: I did pay to remove ads. The issue is that to get the full rewards of winning battles requires you to watch ads, and without doing this, you don't get the cards needed to upgrade tanks, making your gold rewards essentially useless once you own all tanks. Eventually, you won't be able to advance through the game because you can't upgrade.
Plan on spending more time watching ads than playing the game. Then, even if you do shell out the $5 to go add free (this game is fun enough but definitely not worth $5), you're still going to be spending more time being *forced* to open chests and play slots rather than playing the actual game. I installed it for my husband and I to play together. They do NOT make playing this game with friends easy.
Great but everytimw I play spotify music wanna listen 2 music while I play ur app only the spotify app closes stops playing my music I gotta open spotify again and play it if i do it again it'll force close spotify completely cuz when I reopen the app it relaunches making me reselect the playlist etc & Ive got the sound & music disabled even in ur app but other apps work fine with music playing
Was working up until a week or so ago. Now, won't work - starts up game but stops at loading screen. Restarting game doesn't work. Tried uninstalling then reinstalling but that didn't fix it, either. This response from the developer is also disturbing. We all need money but my complaint has nothing to do with paid / free version
I enjoy this game. It has pretty good controls, great graphics and good gameplay. However I think you should add more tanks as pretty much everyone can buy the sniper in just one day. I also think you should add different tank skins for different tanks. Otherwise good game. If you accomplish this, not only will you get 5 star rating from me, but also probably a raised rating. One last thing is to lower the amount of ads. Lots of people complain about this.
Litterly just a rip off of tank stars which is already a bad game it copied every single gameplay aspect and even all of the cartoon tanks were copied the rathon m3 is copied from the mammoth from hills of steel 1 the bobcat, cobra and mole are the same as the abrams, frost and Mark 1 from tank stars. And most of the other tanks and the style are copied from this weird Russian animated tank series made by home animations.
Hello guys This game is so cool, but I find 3 problems in this game and I hope it will be solved: 01:This is the main problem of this game: You only have 1 round of competition if you are the first guy to start, you will 90% to be winner 02: If you and your friend install the game, there is no guarantee that you will play in the same server ,so you cant compete with each other for cup. 03: It's just a single player game, you can not play a game with each other like 2 vs 2.
Crazy number of very long ads. Cant really learn the game because I spend a majority of time trying to close ads. Dont give me that "we need revenue, you can buy our game ad free". I've played quite a few games where the ads kind of flow well and dont overwhelm you. Age of empires doesnt force ads but rather makes looking at ads an option and rewards you for doing so.
This game is great. But the problem is that at mission 34 even if the enemies are killed the level is stuck though no enemies are left. I think that is something that should be corrected. If not it won't go any further. Any way this game is great and I hope that there many more events and character in the game. I enjoy playing this game. Characters should be increased. At first it was boring but now it is the best. I recommend this game. It is a great game for time pass. It is the best of all.
I really like this game, I play a lot and therefore want to point out the worst bug currently. If the enemy's health is taken to 0 by fire or radiation or just by basic damage there is a chance that they will survive and take another shot at you. I played today and lost because I finshed the ememies health but they finished me on the shot they were supposed to be dead. Awesome game, way better than tank stars and keep up the good work!
Overall this game is very best . But the problem is there are too many ads I mean like if you win a game they start a advertisement . If you finish game again they start a advertisement . Plz if you reduce these advertisement .
Great game but I paid for no ads and I am still getting them everytime i have to open a box or spin the wheels. some of the ads are to repetitive or stuck. Also on the sniper tank when you go backwards the tank goes forward. (Contunuation after google response) If you pay attention to everyones responses, the consensus is that advertisements also include the game ads. There is no posting saying pay for "No Ads" means no banners (which are still getting through). Need to relook at your legal.
I enjoy this game five star for that. Love this game tnx.but can you fix it because sometimes it lags pls.tnx no.1 best game in the world💯
First when I am loading this app I am thinking it was bad game but when I am play this game I was thinking this game is…Exellent! This game is wonderful I will play this game with enjoy and fun
I'd give the game 6 stars except for the way the screen shifts during play. Example: after firing the screen shifts and the opponent goes off screen which keeps me from seeing if I had the right trajectory. in some cases the opponents retreat before firing and I can't reduce the size of the playing field enough to see both me and my opponent. A great game except for that.
Great game. Virtually unplayable due to ads. 30 second ad after every battle or button push. Uninstalling
I enjoy the game but the excessive ads are terrible. I looked into doing VIP because I'd honestly pay to play, but $20 a month is stupid. Anyone who pays $20 a month to play a game they could probably have bought for pc in the early 2000s for $20 period is an idiot as well. What a disappointment. Remided me of the game worms which I love but I wouldn't pay $20 month for that either. I will give a 5 star rating to their price gouging because they really nailed that.
you need to do something about the ads on your game. half of them won't play and freeze the game. it's cost me lots of gold and upgrades. ridiculous. read my review again. you did not address my issue of the game constantly freezing due to the ads. the worst part is that all your pop up ads play fine. it's when I go to get the rewards that the game freezes. 14 times it happened in the two days I had the game. that's 14 times I did not receive spins, gold or upgrades. IN TWO DAYS!
Horrible. When you want to win in online multiplayer, just let your timer run out and wait for the enemy to quit the game. It makes you wonder, why did they put the timer anyways??? Edit..Definitely, I would not recommend downloading this game.
Enjoyed the game then I opted to pay for no ads, but guess what? I STILL have to watch videos to open boxes. In fact I still have to watch videos for just about everything. Feels like I got cheated
Very good game especially the online battle option is amazing I have two games which is Tom gold run and this Tank Heroes, From the day I installed it, i stopped playing Tom gold run. When ever I unlock my phone I feel play like to play this game continuously!!! Thank u for creating this game with less mb and fun!!
its just a straight up rip-off of tank stars. EVEN THE FRICKING U.I IN BATTLE IS THE SAME. The only thing going for it is that it has a story mode. If you want an enjoyable experience play tank stars instead of this utter rip-off. AND NOT TO MENTION FALSE ADVERTISING I DOWNLOADED FOR THE 3D TANK GAME I SAW BUT ITS OBVIOUS TO ME THAT THE DEVS ARE DESPERATE. phew, ok rant over
A complete rip off of tank stars same noises and weapons, but they change tank names to prevent totaly stealing. Don't bother with this game, if they leech from one game, that game must be better, which it is. I highly recommend tank stars, it does have a lot of ads, but compared to recent games they made, its really good! And i hear some of their other games are worst. In my opinion a good game at the cost of ads is mildly fair. It is a good tame with more tanks than this trash rip off.
It was fun at first but it seems like it's all the same. nothing seems different especially in online battles. I dont think I am even versing someone real. Also the amount of ads in this game is painful to bear. I rather play shell shock live on my desktop than this game.
When I try to spend real money,, I get this error message "No radio network connection" My wifi is strong and ads play fine. I'm on a brand new tablet so it's not on my end. Fun game but it won't allow in game purchases. Too bad because I spend lots of real money. Turn on airplane mode to disable ads.
THE DAILY RANKING IS NOT SHOWING UP! IT SAYS THERE IS A WEIRD PROBLEM, I did reinstalled the game for like 3 times and it still says that. this is really a fun game please do somethibg about this ASAP. I will put back my rate 5 if it will be fixed. thanks
Brilliant game, but it needs some improvement on the AI, they seem a bit lacking. A lot of times they damage themselves and suicide. Love the graphics but please do something about the AI. Also, on some levels, you can't aim or see the landscape because of the two huge control buttons in the middle of the screen. Please move them to one side or make them smaller.
omg ads. everytime 30 sec ads. I can close and open the app faster then watching all the ads. we get it you want to make money with your app. but come on. a 30sec ad between every screen. and $20 bucks a month for ad free? I pay for Netflix and hulu and have ad free for less then $20 and more original content. could be a great time waster game but full up of junk advertising. so sad.
It is a fun game we can play with friends and family it is an intresting game even my brother likes it
I enjoy this game. It brings me back to the days of Scorched Earth. However, I don't enjoy the Ad rate of this game. Having to watch an Ad to collect match rewards is a bit extreme. I can see having to watch one to collect double rewards. Additionally, it is a bit much to have yo watch an Ad at the end of each match as well. I think a play to watch ratio is reasonable, 1 Ad for every 5 matches played, just an idea.
this game has a very nice support system, it does kinda throw a ton of adds in your face but its worth spending a few dollars on. all in all if you dont like to spend money to support the game at least watch the adds if you like it 😉 only complaint is that i never seem to lose so the battle AI does need a little work and the small variety of tanks. maybe add some more tanks or add some in store purchases to change the skins. otherwise its a great game and i enjoy it 😃
This so fun to play I'm so happy to get my level to 50leveland I hope you stay safe wash your hands and where a face mask to not get covid and stay safe
this app is a nothing but a rip off of tank stars with enough difference for them to avoid legal issues. the tanks are built in the same basic style, weapons have the same names from tank stars and the tutorial is styled exactly the same with a different color scheme. they even have animals on the levels like tank stars. to answer back to the dev response what did you think i meant by first sentence of this review.