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Tank Battle Heroes: World of Shooting

Tank Battle Heroes: World of Shooting for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by T-Bull located at Szczesliwa 33/6.B.14, 53-445 Wroclaw, Poland. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
really like this game keeps me coming back to play.hope the developers create more new tanks with special weapons
This game sucks, 20 seconds of game time and then a 30 second ad. Could not stay alive more than 30 seconds. Too many commercials not enough time to try and enjoy the game. A hole
Simple but interesting,good game for killing time and enjoyment in playing while driving in bus, waiting for someone or just have itchy fingers ,this game is the game you have to try.
Best game I have come across. I have yet to complete the process. This is what's I been looking around for. Thanks again
Gamewas cool. But if the developer cld explain why the tank power isn't enough even I've maxed all upgrades. Cant get pass mission 114 with Aurora tank...
Game play is good,good graphics and they can improve alot in the future. i have a problem. i cannot play the multiplayer. i dont know why, I tried to reinstall but i lost all the tanks and upgrades i did. I tried to contact but no reply. there is no customer support in the game. thats the main reason i am not giving a 5 Star. when you guys fix my problem i wil give 5 star.
Wow,the game was so amazing that an ad started even before the game started.Wish i could give minus stars to it.
What happen, I got 2 billion and didn't used. Suddenly, it goes to negative and can't upgrade any of my skills. Are you kidding.
problems with the game 1: can't sign in Google play games 2:is multiplayer out yet cause it's not working 3:make the shooting button manual not automatic p:s...i have a good internet connection and an Android 4.4 phone
Enemyself here. Great game, a lot of bugs. And self destroying tanks....so annoying. Shame cose it could be one of my favs. Ps. This event is mine anyway, I was second last one. Thats the other thing, Why We cant see eachother on the list? I dont now who was first...wanted say thanks for a battle, but didnt know to tell who....shame sahm sham.....
Awesome game, a good time waster, I'm addicted to this game. Developer needs to work on the multiplayer option, being trying to connect but couldn't. More so, options for change of skin needs to be included
Stupid fun game, easy controls, pay to win and ads are optional but not necessary.....just a review update..are you ever gonna fix the issue of daily missions never actually resetting? I have a timer that does count down but the missions havent been available since the first completion.
Really fun. Easy to control. Never had so much fun playing a tank game and trust me I've played all of the tank games in the Goggle Play Store at least once. Update: It would be better if this wasn't a pay to win game because you can't progress further in the game unless you get better tanks which takes forever if you have to watch video after video to get money.
Nice game! Your tanks here are at its topspeed. So you dont have to upgrade it for more challenging game strategy to make.. Looking forward that you guys can develop this game into open world, with bosses and golds to find games.. Thats just my humble recommendation.
HIGH RATING IS BOUGHT! This game is beyond boring with little to no substance. Multiplayer is terrible while you fire the same missile and shots don't register while the lagg warning appears constantly. The first 30 minutes are fun but the feeling goes away as soon as you find out it's setup as a quick money grab. Any game that requests good reviews for a little reward is running a scam. The game isn't fun so why not buy good reviews to increase profit. Scummy
Pretty cool game just wish you didnt have to have a certian amount of gas cans to play should just let us play
Great game! Unfortunatelly in Multiplayer mode there is a 50%chance that it wont work: either it takes your gas and nothing happens or one of the player autodestroys or game just wouldnt load. Also, sometimes I get defeated even if I made more damage to the enemy than he did to me. What are the rules if time is up and no tank completely destroyed? Thanks.
Good ol arcade fun. A challenging time cruncher. Just like anything it gets old if you spend too much time it, play it for what it is.
All i can say is its a good time killer, The microtransaction is fair enough for example 3 dollars for a new tank but the ultimate tanks cost about 20 dollars so its a fair one i think how ever there is still a a change to get new tank through gameplay progression, the gameplay is enjoyable, but could be repetitive overtime. Edit: But... i'm concerned with the gameplay balanced in here, i just reach mission 5 and it's already punishing, i have a 580 tank power while the mission 5 requires me to have 380 tank power, so technically this was not suppose to be a problem for me but owh boy, the multishooting tank destroy me all the time, even tho i try to do some strategies and multiple attempts i think it needed an ultimate tank that cost 20 dollar to go further to the nest mission.
okay now I got to a certain level, all the enemy tanks are killing me with one shot. For some reason the earlier missions are not paying out like I need them to, so they expect you to buy something, complete ripoff...do not download this game.
Daily tasks never refresh, it says completed (the first tasks in game) and then starts countdown again but they remain completed, for a week already. Other than that it's ok, I like the gameplay, simple, fun. If you dont want to spend money, there are many ads to watch. LE: looks like chest also have the same issue. 1h untill free chest but guess what, it randomly reset timer and of course, no free chest just a lot of gold. Still getting notifications about new daily tasks but nope, nothing...
This game start out fun at lvl 1 because I get to complete my first mission with the auto aim. Next, I went to try the multi-player mode. I run around and hitting my opponent with 10 direct hits and he won't die, my tank got hit once and it's game over. No offense but this game is a joke. Play a real tank game call War Machines where a lvl 1 tank can take down any opponent as long you know how to aim, have the skill to maneuver and know how to flank. Unstalling.
its an ok game however the tank moves way too fast and is prettymuch mostly random luck to hit anything, moving and shooting so fast that you can hardly miss. amd battles are way convoluted and short. the game play, and control of and understanding very confusing. but not bad for small kids?...?
so far - fun. skill trumps money, I don't know how it will be if I progress further. I see a lot of spenders with far superior tanks ( kill me with 1 shot, whereas I need 8-10), and I manage ok against them. maybe not spenders, just people playing for longer. Still nice to see a newcomer can easily join the battles and have a decent chance.
In multiplayer mode it takes my fuel for a battle then freezes up with no battle. Have to restart game and guess what? Yep..fuel fine and drop in rankings as if I lost! Not to mention that upgrades are very expensive! Could have been fun but seems developers are more interested in getting in your wallet than fixing issues in the game. If a game operates the way it should, I would be more inclined to spend money. But I deleted instead!
The geme is perfect but Can you widened the space and the view is not great to move around especially the anglesπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ§‘πŸ’š
This is a great online multiplayer game the developer put a lot of work into. The reason I'm giving the rating is because the cheating at the higher levels is pretty bad. This is the second of three popular multi player pvp games I've tried where this is a problem and gets worse as you progress to the higher levels/just messes up the game for everyone, uninstalled.
Fake and rigged multiplayer. No matter your division, level and game-time, tanks are always the same with the same power as you.
fun game, but needs some improvements. some walls aren't solid, some levels are impossible to three star, I shielded myself for an entire level and didn't receive 3 stars, didn't lose any armor, or life, and yet, somehow didn't receive the star for perfect health, yet on other levels, I use zero active shields, lose half my armor, and still get the star for no loss of health, there's no way in game to contact support, which isn't too awesome.
worst.... Full of ads... when I opened the game 1st time itself add for 10, 15 sec .... waste of time ... uninstalling in few mins ... worst
multiplayer almost more laggy than anything I've ever seen. game play boring and repetitive: tap the fire button and hope the auto-aim doesn't screw you over.
Not awesome game anymore, this game is now under hack. Most player in multiplayers are hackers, this game is dead. Lol...how on earth my silver money is negative ( - ) billion..
having fun with this rank game, easily maneuverable! love the graphics! download and try it out for yourself, I'm still playing it right now 😎
Simple and fun, lots of missions too. If you're looking for a quick time killer this will do just fine. Only complaint is that new tanks and most upgrades are very expensive, without which it gets nearly impossible fairly quickly. Also it can be hard to aim accurately however the auto aim is pretty good actually.
The many stages and difficulties make the game wonderfully addictive again I enjoy the online more than anything. Thank you so much the developer. You are too much.
it's atractive game. you can play online and it's good. i don't know we can chat in that game but it's very good. please increase the number of tank and options. thank you so much...........................
1. I click to battle another player, it will take my gas but not let me battle. 2. When I do get to battle, sometimes when I fire my bullets. 3. Add more tanks, should not be forced to buy a tank with a gold just to finish a game. Ridiculous. 4. Javelin missiles don't work... yet to fire one.
Big bug. All of the hard work to get to Grand Master Division 5. Then get drop back to Steel Division without a single reward. No technical support button to open a ticket.
I love it, it is a great game with lots of levels and great graphic,but there is a problem that when you want to play a level that recommends you to upgrade the tank and when you go to upgrade there is nothing to upgrade and I would give it 5 stars if there was offline multiplayer via wifi room and hope you fix it.
ghatiya game hai...upgrades takes lots of rewards and without upgrades its hard to fyt enemies.. tank power is kept low so that you need to revive again n again by watching videos
you should try it. Its not bad. at first it might seem impossible a nd hard, as u go on it will become easier
This is very interesing game. And in this game the controls are very easy.As compared to other games this game is more better.
Its a really good straight to the action game,no silly story that brings you into a not so good game.it is what it says on the label a fun shoot everything tank game.πŸ˜€
I upgraded to X1 Tempest tank and my tank power suddenly dropped from 6150 to 4350. Now I can't win any mission with this low tank power. The developers are cheats.
Too bad, fuels used on PVP but cant connect games, still loose all, per 10 fuels can connect 5 which made me lost top 10 Pvp, although pvp only fight with bots. The 3.75k tank is only the fastest and has maximum passive but the damage maybe the same or lower the one you can buy using coin, Too weak in the few last round. What a shame!! I got 1B now and easily reach top 5 pvp but what for lol, not fun any more, wat to buy?
not good, it is so bad, when you reboot the phone, the acct. of this app it's lost,, you may not find it, it's hard, then you will go back to start the process again, that's the BAD thing...
Not a bad game but... -Seems to be a few no damage star that are not awarded even if no damage taken. -Seems the PVP is glitched OR there are people with hacked tanks. Die without taking a single shot, others tanks take zero damage, tanks disappear and reappear elsewhere, tanks with supper warp speed. That said, the game is juvenile easy. Even with the possible PVP cheaters it's a cakewalk to #1. You don't need money to win but just time spent collecting free gold.
The best, please make a Gundam version of this. With a sword encounter in case they clashes nearby. Promise I will delete all other games except this game and the gundam version
Not sure the point of games that auto aim for you. No point if the only thing you do is move and hold down auto fire.
why i cannot upgrade my aurora tank? i have more than 2 billion coins before, then suddenly it turns out to be negative 1.8 billion coins. now i cannot use the coins to upgrade my tank. it keeps saying that i dont have enough coin to upgrade any. act on this issues please. IS THIS A BIG JOKE?!!!
the best game but need improvement in multiplayer mode opponents were teleported and sometime opponent doesent get damage i have my all tank max include both premium tank but still opponent doesent get damage and need new updates like pvp mode, 10player pvp mode rank system in leader board .
update fixed many things, it's awesome. if you extend your multiplayer with 3vs3 mode, some clans, more maps, and more tanks this game win all the others
The game's problem is that there is not too many tanks in addition to the hardness of collecting score so either you upgrade your tank or pass too hard missions till you buy a new one
I spent 10.99 for 900 gold. Never got the gold but the transaction went true on my bank account. It's a bit disappointing 😞. I trully enjoy this game,pls fix it for me thank you.
Repetitive and bad support team. If you want to beat the campaign mode which is long and repetitive, you have to buy the most expensive gold bar tank. U can get about 62 gold bars for free a day. The tank is 2,200 gold bars. I tried to buy the cheaper gold bar tank and it ended up being weaker then the last two free to play tanks. I contacted support with an attempt to get my gold back and keep the tank. No response whatsoever. I am sure this will be followed up by a generic save face message
The multiplayer sucks my network is good but it keeps loading after a long time am defeated without even playing
Glad I waited to give this a review. I thought this game was great at first but once again you get higher up and it becomes a pay to win game. Uninstall!
This is a great game for 7 + the first time in the morning and afternoon tea and coffee. I have a look at the moment. The comments for your help
Oh my the game is awesome , it actually not about the game which is awesome , it is all about T-Bull which is awesome good job t-bull love all ur games keep it up....
Even the graphic are simple but the game is 100% fun to play.. Sometimes games developers forget what games was supposed to be not what it is..
okay at this point I have to say this game sucks. Stay away it's horrible. The game forces you to match up in multiplayer and then subtract points every time you win. It sucks. You spend money and get nothing. I had to change my rating and edit this review. Stay away they don't know math. STAY AWAY!!!! Wrote to developer and no response. Horrible service. The website listed has no working links they don't respond to emails, do not spend money game is a fraud.
i like playing the game but I would love it if you would stop messing with the controllers making it stick so I can't move then I get hit. stop Please.
Level doesnt go above level 26. When i tap on it nothing happens. Multiplayer is also very laggy. Missiles barely hit the other player and i lose even when i have more health which means due to lag health doesnt change. My internet connection is alright. I have 100Mbps connection. I just purchased x1tempest tank, the 2nd last one, and still the mission says tank power low. WTH aren't the tanks further to the right supposed to be more strong?
It is very good game. It is very easy to move one side to another side. So I like this game. But two problem is raised here. First problem is why will I purchase the gold through original cash when I am going to purchase the best tank. Another and last problem is that it is impossible to playing the online game. I don't see that it will not be completed to 120 mission by 7th tank. So it should increase more tank to finish all mission.
didnt think i liked tank games. turns out i had just never played a good tank game before this one. go figure. its exiting and more strategic than i thought it would be as well as addictive with its quick battles and survival of the fittest mentality. no holds barred petal to the metal action here love it love it and actually think i may be getting addicted. At least thats what my girlfreind keeps saying. smh. women! am i right?
New tank in update, new missile ,various controls for missile,improve grapics because it is poor, new things is 3D grapics are added, and whole map is not seen, main things is the enemy thank fore the bomb he miss my tank and another tank behind me it is also miss it please improve, but I like a game , it is one of the best game.
Starting it was fine but now what I click view ad for money or to reduce the crew member timing it don't even works I'm just wasting my time in watching ad without any benefit and the upgrade are costly and it's so dumb that u keep an objective in every mission that not to get any damage I really don't know how you people think that in every mission a person can escape from single shot of opponents...Try to change these stuffs for 5* it's really nice game and these problems are just affecting the game
I played this game 5 years and i know it's very good game add more missones Amd add more tank Add new Missiles :)
I think players are conned with this game. You can quickly level up to a point. But when you purchase the second last available tank its power is significantly lower than previous tanks . Meaning you now have to build up your gold again to get the most expensive tank to complete the game. As you can not hope to go past a certain level without the most powerful tank. Main gripe is that second from last available tank has such low power it's useless in the levels you will be at when you get this tank.
Good game!!! Love the atmosphere and gameplay. Just please make sure we get more coins after win so we can get better tanks.
Good game.. very smooth gameplay.. can u pls fix ads? They are not loading. Also when countdown goes to zero inshop for golden and normal chest, we dont recieve any rewards. Please fix those so i can give 5 stars
Fast pace. Need to be quick. Need to use the extra boosts in health, damage and firing rate offered just prior to combat.
I'm having problems in the beginning it won't let me fuse my weapon or whatever it's trying to tell me to push on something that I go to push it won't work there's some way around that or I can't even play the game it won't let me do it thank you for your time can't get it to work this bad I really like this game I guess I'm going to have to uninstall it
This is a lot more fun than i thought it would be... I absolutely love this game... While i love the challenge of trying to not lose heath in the campaign mode, maybe add in some boss battles as well... After getting the S-2 hog and having it maxed out, things just got way too easy... Also, why not add the player's names to the leaderboard for the event? It is kinda hard to match the names on the board with those you meet in pvp.
Good privacy policy. Gameplay is okay, tank simulation is very arcade. Tanks on nitro maybe. Okay to play for a while.
Some problem....always daily tasks is done😳 In every multi player race...all person is same😳 And ... Why picture on site is diferent buy real math? Why stage in picture is not in game? Additional....i have many duplicate power but i cant combine them...the fusing is not work....🀦 What hapened? I was rank 9...suddenly drop me out...why???
stuck at mission 114, already max upgraded the Hog but still not strong enough to advance, then owned the Tempest which is a premium tank but what's the point if it's far weaker than the cheaper tanks so how can you finish the game? if that's about it then it's time to uninstall.
good game yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
It started out great. Then you realise the game isn't even there. As in isn't there I mean it isn't really a game. The multiplayer doesn't give any real rewards, the campaign can be beat in 10 minutes if you don't count all the stuff locked by a giant paywall, and there are like 6 tanks total. Boooooooo!
Whole idea of game is great but a lot of bugs and glitches. Multiplayer needs attention, every few times I try to play it takes gas but nothing happens. Also tank is shooting at it self which just makes you turn off game. Game lags also sometimes while playing( its not my internet lol) Fix those issues and will rate 5 star
Pretty fun game great time waster. i would do away with the fuel limit on how long you can play in one sitting. and it takes too long to upgrade
this game would be more exciting if it wasn't for being inside the compound going around and around in a circle over and over distroying it's other tanks and no were to go except for two powerfull tanks that can elimenate your tanks with no problems at all. Upgrating your tank to have more power is a waste of time. When i'm asked to upgrade several times and when i do it says i don't have enought money. Then this game became boring!!!!! 🀐
the rating is not actual really as you get a pop up giving you game currency if you rate 4 or 5 stars. now bugs ive found, the game keeps fuel to get you in the battle but the battle doesnt start,the auto aim doesnt work many times in the multiplayer and thats very bad seeing your opponent destoying you when you fire at the other direction.
Its good as a passer of time. It doesnt lag at all, and runs perfectly well on the worst of devices. The multiplayer is a bit of a let down. The screenshots suggest multiple players in a team fighting but its actually just a 1 vs 1 pvp first kill wins. I know 2 players does make it multiplayer... But it really isn't. Its a fun game overall, dont get me wrong, just not what it appears to be at first glance.
Game is good but there are so many bugs. 70% of time, playing video to get revive or to get coins do not work. Multiplayer do not work 80 % of time. I can write 5 pages of bugs but don't want to waste my time. It could be the best game, just need to quality check properly.
Warning: Even though game is linked to Google Play, wiping local cache and storage will reset you. Fun game, but experiencing lots issues: in battle mode, no "star" on Level 96, and "survival" level glitches where, hits to sheild seem to register against "deduction to health". Multiplayer mode issues include non-loading of game, frozen and/or invincible opposition (shots pass through opponent with no hit scored), malfunctioning gun (shots explode when fired and do damage to your own tank).
Wont play anymore on Note 8 works a few times then will no longer load. after removing and clearing cache on phone it plays again. spent 100 of hours to get to level 126 and second to last tank only to find out its weaker then lower tanks. it always says power is low even though all upgrades are maxed out. waste of a lot of time. I did email you as requested you didn't reply. uninstalled moved on.