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Talk King

Talk King for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by DL MAX located at 1666 Ashwood Drive. The game is suitable for Teen (Sexual Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is the best game ever you get to collect new avatars and it’s just really fun definitely (5)Stars
I love texting story I love making Gacha vids with them it’s just so fun and easy to use I love it 5 star review!
An very absurd game with lots and lots of grammar mistakes. Basically just a waste of time. This game is nothing like the ads. DONT INSTALL.
There are ads between each level, and ads in the middle of the levels too. I don’t mind the ones between the levels because each level is several minutes long. I uninstalled immediately after level 3 was interrupted in the middle by a 20 second ad. The devs don’t care though cause ad $$$.
I downloaded and used it for some Gacha also and it’s awesome it’s like addicting and fun and you can delete and add chats so it’s like “wrong person or text no problem just switch it after deleting”
Overall the game was so fun, including the little tasks, but there’s a butt load of ads. I know this is a short review, but just a disclaimer for those who hate games with a million ads.Thanks for reading! - Sakura
This is a fun game but my issue is that after every game chat there’s a add. EVERY TIME AFTER it get stressful. Any way it’s a game game I recommend this game,just watch for adds.
I really love this app! I use it to practice stories for when I have to do a story for class. I enjoy doing this because I can create a video and that makes life so much more easier! Whoever created this if anyone did thank you so much!
Hello,I’m a user for this app for about 1 yr now. I’ve been using this to joke around with my friends and sent it to them. I will really recommend this app to ppl who have A yt channel and they post stories. The only comaplaint I have is when u save it for a video,it takes to long! Can u plz fix that!
People are mad and want to get this game copyright strikes. Little did they know, they only have one skin of piggy, the others you use ads to get, plus there a lot of other rip offs that you should have copyrighted. This game on the other hand, nothing like that, to be honest piggy got copyrighted a little bit from the original, peppa pig.
Really like the game but excessive ads makes it impossible to play. I can understand ads at the end of a level, but to keep interrupting play was too much! Also it freezes a lot. Great concept but unfortunately had to delete it.
Love it im a ytuber i figured that you could use this for gacha club and gacha Life stuff soo cool everyone should download this especially people who use gacha club or life!!
What a fun game only to be ruined by ads. I can understand before or after but to have them come up 4 times in a single game. You will not force me to pay to get rid of the ads by forcing me to watch them and be miserable. Great game but absolutely unplayable.
When I downloaded it I was addicted. It was fun chatting and making choices. I might have been playing during class as well, and I rate the game 5/5. If I could I would rate 100000000000/5. I liked the game. One thing I would recommend is add more chats, I know how programming works and python and java all that stuff. Because when I finished it got a little boring doing the texts and rounds again. Thx.?!.,?.??.!.?.!.?.!.?.!.?.?.!.?.!
I started playing like ten minutes ago the game is smooth and I have gotten the chest two times and the adds for it are not a scam I think it should be a 5 star because it’s so fun
I liked the game. I played it most of the night. I installed it and deleted it the same night. There were some lag issues, where it would lock up or not allow me to pick up a piece. I could’ve handled that annoyance and would have kept playing. What I couldn’t handle were the ads in the middle of the game. About every 3-5 minutes an ad would open up in the middle of my game. There are now two politicians that I will NOT be voting for in my area just for their advertising practices. As I said
This is honestly I very good game it’s very fun and time consuming and you can play when ever I really enjoy playing this game when I am bored!
I love this app I have used it in my Gacha videos, and even when I’m bored I’ll just talk to my self! It’s amazing! But, I know that if you make everything free there would be ads, but it’s a bit annoying how you have to pay for pictures. Sorry if this sounded a bit rude, but I was just letting my opinion out.
"Honestly it is amazing but I tried to go in today and it showed the part where u enter but it got me out I deleted it then tried again to get it but when I click down load it wont but it’s amazing I recommend it!
Hello! I just want to tell you that I absolutely love this game! It’s fun, addicting and a stress reliever! The only problem I have is the ads. Like I read some reviews and I heard no ads but when I went to the game all I saw was Ads about Trump and no disrespect but I’m a Joe Biden Supporter. So if you could like fix the ads to both than that would at least make it fair for people who do not like trump or if you could get rid of them that would be great! Thank you and may god bless you. Have a good rest of your day! ❤️?
I kept seeing the adds for this game and thought it was just one of those junk ad Field games but I was wrong. This game is so fun I completed it in about 1-2 days that’s how fun and entertaining it is! And if you turn off your WiFi there’s zero ads! I most definitely love this game there’s other thing to do besides texting ! I usually just stick to the same games but definitely playing this game was a good choice!! I most definitely recommend this game! -Kayden
I like this game but there are too many ads. The ads come up several times while playing a round. You have to pay to stop the ads. I understand why they need ads but I don’t want to wait through 3-4 ads while I’m in the middle of a game. Seems like they come up every 2 minutes.
OK so I don't mind this app although I have noticed a few things. The levels are exactly the same as another chat game I used to play out before this (I have forgotten the name) so they have copied! Another thing is the adds are too much you can even play!
Love the app it’s so fun to change names and my parents have actually thought I was texting so it was funny and the app again is amazing!!!!!
"I can not stop playing it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so so fun!!! I finished the game in one afternoon! I think this is a good game for anyone who can read!!! I think it is a perfect app if you want to make life decisions. I am totally glued to the game!!! And the adds... there not annoying! I think they should make soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many more games like this.
Just downloaded app. Passed several levels (continuously interrupted by ads) until I got to one where I ran out of time. The app forces you to either spend real life money to buy coins to add time so you can pass and move on to the next level OR watch videos to earn the coins. The time costs 100 coins. The videos are worth 10 coins/piece. So you need to watch 10 videos back to back to be given extra time to finish and move on to the next level. Don’t bother. If you really want to see this much a
This app is by far one of the best things I have ever used! Theres only one thing that bothers me.... its the prices! There pretty high for a texting game. Still love the app and wish you the best!
This game is an awesome game! I wish there was less ads tho, they really annoy me!!!!! The characters are real cute!!!! I wish You could play with more than one player because me and my friends can never really play together. Anyway, this game is still really awesome
Total garbage app, it feels like you’re a dog being fed a pill hidden in a low quality hot dog, except the pill is a bunch of ads and the hot dog is the “content”. But still....something about it just....draws you in. The grammar. The nonsensical “plots”. The ever increasing amount of followers, which don’t even do anything and are never explained, and are most likely actually a count of the spyware being installed on your phone. 10/10 would recommend
My one criticism is that I’m not a fan of the sound effects even with the effects pack I bought! I would love to be able to mute the app so I can listen to music while I write, it would really up my time using the app.
I think that by what other people are saying it is a good and fun game but I have only played it on my friends phone so I will get to see other levels I give it a 3 out of 5
The game is actually fun and can be relaxing. But way too many ads! Like ads in the middle of playing. I understand the purpose of ads (to make money) but geesh, I cant really get into the game because of the pausing for ads.
I love this game, I just downloaded it about 20 minutes ago. Overall it is a great game! But there are a couple things that could be fixed. The first one is that there is a lot of ads! Like for example, every time you have finished texting the person you will get a ad. Sometimes even after you do your task too. Also I wish that they would add more levels. Like I only have about 20 more to go! I have played like 24/7 ever since I’ve got it lol. But that’s all that I would like to be fixed, or added. Like I said I’m the beginning it is a great game. Thanks for reading my review!
This game is fun and there is nothing wrong with it however I have not finished the game, in fact I just started however it is a good game so far it kind of teaches me how to communicate with people.Anyway keep up the good work.
"I have no complaints. I’m almost to level 300 and I really enjoy this game. I paid the $3 to get rid of the ads but I still opt to watch them during tournaments to increase my points. It’s never glitchy and works as it’s supposed to. And it not one of those games that get so challenging that it stops being enjoyable. I wish there was some way to promote the team I started within the app. If you’d like to join, it’s called “falafel.”
I always try a game for free, see how I like it then, maybe buy. I know a free game needs ads. But I also review the game based on where ads are placed. I have played games where there is an ad every 15 seconds. Those games I gave bad reviews. What annoyed me the most with this game was I was in the groove/rhythm in the middle of a level and an ad interrupts cause me to try and refocus. Put your ads at the beginning and end of a level not in the middle of a timed game!!!!
Again it’s pretty minor, I still love the app and I can always use a different device for music, I’d just love the option to mute it!"
Love this game but I only gave it 4 stars because of the objects that get stuck on the sides. I’ve lost games because I can’t get the objects off the sides. Other than that it’s fun to play!