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Tales Rush!

Tales Rush! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by YOULOFT GAMES located at 重庆市渝北区洪湖西路24号B幢8楼. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Interesting take on the genre.. Adds a few interesting twists to gameplay (notably the melee character*) and the passive ability are cool extra,too. Nice Game! *took me a while to get used to the sword.. worth it in the end ^^ *
Game has potential but needs work. Once you get to a certain level it gets ridiculously difficult. Damage happens even though you are not near the blasts. Power ups don't have that much of an impact. It's almost as if the game developers don't want people to keep playing the game which would be odd.
The actual game is fun. My complaints are in the fact that every round is a 50 level gauntlet. There is no middle ground. If you have time to burn it's great, but if you want a quick round, the best this offers is that you can pause and resume, even if you close the app. Progression is near nonexistent, but multiple characters with drastically different power ups and fighting styles can keep it engaging
This game had potential. Even with throwing some money into the game. It's no point to keep playing. With 3 maxed level characters with 15+ potential and several orange items lvl 10, I can't progress past world 5. This is due to some levels have near impossible check points for each character, red is level 38, sword lady is the last boss, and the ninja, is level 15. Some levels spawn with no way to win unless you get very specific rolls. After this late update, zero progression, zero point
Maaaan this is one of the great games I played. But if possible please grant the filling of energy available OFFLINE. This one isn't a nice idea to just open the net connection just for filling it up. Just give it some counter (1 energy per 4 minutes) or something. Casting that aside, I recommend this game. Thanks for this game developers!
LOVE THIS! Playing with Alice is very exciting, the looks of her backside, the boom with every jump up and down, inserting her exclusive buffs into her, everything about her is so lovely and exciting! The only things that need some training are; 1. Her max battle level; no max level needed yo, just make her exclusive toys bigger for every level up. 2. The heal is small for it to be comparable to the toys the mystery buffs could offer, heals from monsters are larger. 3. More Hard-core stages plz.
Love the game. But just bought the thor package for $6.99 and did not receive thor. Will change to 5 star if I receive what I paid for. EDIT Happy to say they fixed everything and gave me what I had paid for.
Thank you so much for the quick reply and help on the error on the purchase. Try to fix the bug as soon as you can so that other people won't stumble upon this error. 🙂
Easily the best looking archer clone but starting char sux so bad never even finished the tutorial controls are good 2
There are 3 things that you have to fix: 1. The dark mode which the skill called revive monster while death because it is the most OP than other skills so I think it should be removed permenently. 2. Challenge mode, I really dont like the fixed attribute without equipments because some charaters maybe impossible to pass by some bosses due to high damage, so I need you to improve the challenge mode. 3.Endless mode why not total F we climb instead of reaching 2000F in one game? Thats impossible.
I like the game but there's been no new characters for a very long time and no new chapters. It all says coming soon but come on hurry it up. I stopped playing because of this.
It is the Archero type game with a little, but fun twist to it. The first character lobs grenades over walls and the second uses a sword and is melee. The third character is your normal archero style. Has alot of character specific abilities for runs making them almost always different, unlocking more non character specific unlocks when leveling up. There were no real events while I played, but I could see that added in the future. Overall, pretty fun.
When I used to play it was completely OFFLINE, how's it that now I have to do most things online. It's no more as fun 😪.
This is a great game! I play almost every day. My only gripe about it is that the chance time wheels seem to only land on the lowest quantity of gold pieces 11 out of 12 times. After the 1st three times it landed on 200, I started tallying how may more I got before I received anything else. Unless my lucky with RNG is terrible, I don't think the wheels are balanced at all. Being that as it is, it is still a phenomenal game! Can't wait for the other characters to be released.
its a good game but i just hate you need to connect to internet for the energy overall the game is good i love grinding games the only problem here is the energy i wish u add offline energy restoration.
Game does not start. Screen turn black after loading or i click to play it also decrease energy and bring me back to home screen. Fix it and i will give it 5 star. Its type of game i like to play but i can't so please help. And please notify me if it is fixed.
Fun game. Basically an Archero clone with a few changes. There are characters with different play styles, but the melee character so far doesn't seem to do enough damage to be worth it, what with all the moving around required to dodge enemy attacks which prevents you from attacking because odds are you have to move out of melee range to do so. The unique character cards are cool, but it would be better if they were always enabled, rather than being random.
Really fun game, a lot more fun than Archero. There's a lot of things you can grind for, but there's also a lot of microtransactions. Although it still feels like an Archero clone, I would like this game to be more than that, because this one has a lot more potential. One thing I would like different is the main menu and the map design. Maybe the map designs could have more variations and unique stuff. As for the characters, I love that each one has their own mechanics. Overall, a 9/10
Very great game. Simple controls and simple gameplay. The skills (cards you pick each time you level up) is actually complex since you have to use your brain to mix and match different skills and not messing it up. Definetely my favorite mobile game this far in 2021 and If given the chance for multiplayer, I'd definitely play it more. But uninstalled since it's it's full of ads and my files were suddenly corrupted. Also the heroes are so expensive.
I like the game. Its fun but Ive encountered a bug with Little Red in the hard mode and endless mode. I'm not given an initial ability even though I shoukd be getting one before entering stage 1 in hard or endless mode. It works fine with Alice though. Hope this geta fixed since I use Little Red more often than Alice. Will change my rating once this gets fixed. Thanks!
The latest update is really dissapointing for players that have spent months getting their gear together. They recently introduced a new rank system for gear and they want more than $300 to upgrade your current gear to the new system. Really stupid and is a slap in the face to loyal players.
The most recent update is a complete middle finger to any player who has spent time grinding this game. I've been playing for months now and I'm 100% never playing again, unless this update is reverted. Additionally, allowing players to spend ££ to upgrade their current equipment to be on par with the newer best in slot is just insulting.
Alice's Conquer sword is broken. The upgraded Fearless shield is way worse then the normal version, the duration is way shorter and you can not pick the card for the normal one any more. So I spend $4 for useless item. I like the game a lot and when you fix it I'll geve 5 stars.
Great game! Fun and light. A real competitor to other games of the same genre. If you like this style of games, this one is a perfect choice.
This game is so good overall. Game mechanic and character diversity are so much better than the other games in same genre. But there is a debuff status of the monster can reverse the control for a while, and it's just not hard, it's SO ANNOYING. That's the biggest problem in this game so far. Please consider to change that (or better remove it), and then the game will be greater.
Its a shame that this is a 'rip-off' of Archero because this feels like a proper sequel to that game. Instead of having to wait in place for your character to shoot at an enemy, you actually need to move around and try to plan your movement, even providing an ability that is great for mobility. I prefer this combat because there were times in Archero that i could just stand still and a level would be completed if I just waited a minute. In Tales Rush, you would at least need to move. This a gg.
I absolutely hate it when games promise a unique and lovable cast of characters or promise too make this a story written by you... ... and then only allow you to play as a human oh, the one creature that can never be interesting or likable, the one creature I never want to write a story about. Don't make claims like that and only have human playable characters.
This would be such a fun game if it wasnt such a cash grab. After about 4 levels it gets nearly impossible to continue unless you spend money, its like they designed it to be too difficult. This is a low skill game. You just move around an auto attacking hero. Which is fine but it just literally gets impossible way to fast. Also there are like 5 different currencies and way too many ways to upgrade your gems. It needs to simplified.
It's fun. It's absolutely an Archero clone but that's not a bad thing at all. It has different mechanics and a much better class system. The beginner melee hero needs a better fighting system. The jump feels very clunky and causing more damage to myself than to the monsters, I can barely get 30 levels into stage 1 but on the ranged hero I clear 50 stages in a life, the difference between the 2 is insane. Controls are a little bit clunky but it's headed in the right direction.
You guys did great even though copying archero, but I love the feature and element you guys added. I would say in point even better than the original. Archero team is slow, ineffective, not even reply to my massage via their in game contact form for many times. I spent hundreds in theirs btw.
The game is fine, my only major complaint is that the game takes HEAVY inspiration from Archero. A lot of the enemies and buffs are basically ripped from the game and slightly altered. To be fair, it probably isn't easy to come up with new and interesting enemies/attacks. The only unique aspect of this game is the plunge attack but it still needs work, it doesn't target enemies that well.
Yeah the game is difficult at first, but when I left the game for many days, I got lots of items, and able to beat the first chapter, and finally beat Pumpkin Cemetery (brought genie). I've played the castle level, (most recent level) but what... no music for that level. I really love it when you have a starting melee female character, and the unlockable male one is ranged. Little red's gameplay is also satisfying to play, also please fix the typo on her electric apple upgrade discription "zon".
You introduced "watch ads" and "open chests" achievements now that ads never load and chests can't be opened for free anymore: great job! Also, many activities (most notably, "spend gems") are not retroactive and you didn't undo the "now crystals have ranks and the ones you collected and upgraded so far are all garbage, lol" abomination from the previous update: this game WAS the only worthy Archero-like game on the store (Archero itself included), now there is none...
I have another game like this, which I won't name. That one is ranged attack, instead. I thought it would be fun to have a different attack style, but I was wrong. The range of attack thing is awful. If an enemy is too close, they hurt you, and if they're too far, you knock them out of range. I could barely get my special ability to activate. Also, all applicable abilities have been lifted from the other game. Worse graphics, low damage, and several other issues make it even worse. Disappointed.
I USED to love this game. Until I swapped to a new device, lost all my purchases and progress. I tried emailing but no response. It's a shame as the game itself is excellent but the customer service is horrible. If I could give zero stars I would. my advice is play it but don't spend a cent on it. Btw tried your suggestion. It looks like the new game has overridden the original purchase data from here. I'll happily restore the 5 star review if you can fix the issue.
Subject to change but so far the game is one of the best and most unique that follows the archero genre. Presenting us with characters with their own unique weapons and such. It's a great fun game but the characters are expensive. It makes sense in a way since the quality of the game is pretty high compared to most.
Very bad contol only. Can you make an adjustment in your control? I will change my rating if you do fix this problem.
After 3 days of lost rewards and progress due the inability of everything video related I have uninstalled the game. I will take you at your word that you have repaired the bug and add 1star to my previous rating
Don't bother buying any of the other heroes the basic one is the best by a huge diff... there are way too many abilities to chose from to get a decent build an crafting armors takes months besides having 3 types for each slot without any diff between them, just to make the grind longer And i have been playing for over a year
It's a decent game, but when you get the long range attack it only wants to target monsters at long range with no way of switching targets.
I hope you guys continue to update this game on a more frequent basis, such as more heroes, however more leniency on the pricing or more ways to get gems. Add more rewards to completion of levels such as dark world or normal mode. I have already completed all but the rewards feel very minimal and should scale with the harder chapters. I also suggest creating a discord server or link for players to join optionally where players can send ideas
It's a real good game, addictive. Simple and good to handle. Only there are some issues. 1. I have seen there are not increments in Crystals. It's stuck on 295. 2. I think there should be synch with the hero and movement monsters. That's why giving 3 stars only. This game need some more improvements.
Pretty good so far. I just started, but I have 1 main issue. The controls should have the option to lock it in place. Trying to see around my fingers in a tough battle is a little tricky. Thanks for the great game
Gameplay is fun. But in later stages when you encounter the traps that rain fireballs you need to be extremely precise to avoid them. I have taken hits numerous times trying to stand between landing spots. There is no way to avoid them because of how large your hitbox is. Please fix this to make it more balanced.
NOT A CLONE, idiot 1stars. A GREAT alternative to Archero, and similar games! You have really put your own spin on things, and I really appreciate it! The ability to build on your characters, and boost them as you see fit, creating new builds in your runs, is much different than the other games of this type. It makes for a different kind of game, with it's own appeal over the other choice(s). I will still be playing others, for what they offer, so please dont change this formula too much!
Stolen idea seeks payoff. It's a RIP off of archero, except the whole thing is focused totally on ads. Growth is very slow unless you pay to win. Additional heroes must be purchased with gems that are near impossible to obtain unless purchased. Honestly, this would be better if you could buy the game outright instead of making it about the devs squeezing money out of u.
Love the game. So far smooth clean game play. Only glitch I have found is when you kill a monster that breaks down into smaller monsters sometimes the smaller monsters glitch outside the level. Then you can't kill it and can't move on to the next level. Right now you can only choose two hero's and they only level up so far. The game only has 3 stages. You can tell more is on the way and I will stick around to see the updates
I like the game and have been playing for a few weeks.but for the past three days none of the videos work and I lose out on bonuses. Please help resolve this issue. Update I got a new phone and redownloaded the game. It was working great. But now again 3 days later No videos and no bonuses. Please help as i like the game alot and have made purcheses.
New update sh*ts all over old players. Such a shame to see greed take over you. Don't play this game now, it used to be good before but bot anymore.
Just revert the latest update, you are killing your own game by asking your users to pay money to be on par with the new items after spending months grinding the old gear.
The game is great but now you made the enemies even more op. And when are new levels to play coming out? It's been forever
There's not enough events, and the only way to earn gems is either complete a certain level in a chapter, buy them, or sign in which can only be once.
Archero is a better version just because there's one ad at the start, and another ad when you lose. Tales Rush is fun. But the amount of ads in this game is ridiculous! I'll finish a 50 stage dungeon in maybe 45 minutes with the amount of ads INSIDE the stage. Sure, I don't have to get them and be weak and not pass, but it costs energy to play in the first place. If I'm not trying to best it, then I'm wasting my energy.
At first I thought that this would be another Archero rip off. I ended up being pleasantly surprised. While there are similarities, I would say that the quality in sound, graphics, and controls are newer, crisper, and more dynamic in various ways. The most noticeable dynamic ways are the different characters. Starting out you have two characters to play with but both have different weapons which give you different playing style. This really sets Tales Rush! apart from Archero.
2nd world . i got 2000 dmg from critical. and apparently. the creature on this level after bunch of observations. maybe all.of them have health above 8000 . just . wow.
I love games with this play style, and there are very few like it for mobile devices, the most developed one that is very similar to this game is called Archero, and it rocks, so does this game, the only issue is that it is not very far in development. Please hurry the process if updating this app if possible. I will totally spend real money on this game if you add item drops, and more features. It's a little too basic right now. Spice it up!
Recent update has ruined the game. I drop 2 stars. Ive been playing since this game came out. Now i cant even play. My gear is now worthless. Unless you make possible to boost gear rank i may stop playing. I play everyday. Today i almost didnt. Im considering looking elsewhere. Plz fix this.
Lol. In game, dungeon. Accept curse lol or watch an advert. No choice really if you need the stats you are already struggling with. Naughty. Could be a decent game within the 'roguelike' genre. The world runs on adverts and these are the glory days. Greed and getting their slice of the cake before it slows down ruins the gameplay. Can't blame them.
Taking out the item & talent effects is already a challenge, but also taking out the heal per level up is too much. It's not a challenge mode anymore, its more like mega brutal mode. I feel like I'm wasting my time playing this mode. And also the roulette has a bug where it never lands(not even once) on a skill/card.
Has work to do. This is an auto fire game, which means you can't decide who to attack. It picks the closest target to you. If the closest target to you is behind a wall, you try to attack that target, leaving the targets within sight that are farther away, free to keep trying to kill you while you can't attack back. There is also no daily reward or incentive to keep you coming back or improve yourself. No armor or items to collect to put variations on your character.
Great game but i wish there more than just one continue when you die..you revive once, how can u finish the game if you revive just once? Very difficult
Gameplay is superb as well as challenging, the only problem I have is when move around with the joystick often it moves me the opposite direction I want to go, I lost many times because of this. I hope it is something that's very easy to fix, this started to happening to me since I got to stage 6 before that it did t happen at all.
Game is awesome, way better than Archero if you ask me. Can't wait for more content to be released! Great job keep it up!
Graphics are nice, controls are barebones and simple, combat is just move and stop, not really a bad thing to be honest. Some people might call it a clone of archero, but what ever, everything is a clone of something nowadays. I'm not too far into the game so I'm not sure how difficult it gets but sofar it's a nice little time killer. My only issue with these types of games are the energy systems, but that's because I like to play games for a few hours at a time. Over all it's a decent game.
Gameplay is smooth and you can play with or without being connected online which is a big plus thank you so much!!!
After being a long time Archero player, I decided to give this a go. It's basically just a lesser version of the game; copied nearly everything, but put a different skin on it. If you're considering, just stick with the original best. Lots of people copying Archero, but nothing truly beats the original † (You also start with a melee character, which is literally impossible to play)
This game is very well made. I have been play Archero for a while and this is a big step up from Archero. The varying play styles, much more varying boosts, and more are very fun! There are two things I would like to mention that would improve this game nicely: projectile size, some other of the enemies fire clusters of tiny projectiles that I can't see (the cactus enemies in particular). Also, jumping enemies' hit boxes are off. I seem to get hit by jumping enemies before they land. GG <3
Pretty good. Even though this is a rip off of Archero, I do like the option of choosing a range attack or melee, and being able to see what each ability does before choosing each time you level up. But I'm not able to sign in with Facebook, it keeps saying "unable to connect". And would be nice if there were items that could be equipped and uograded.
Don't like the initial characters you get, they are both oddballs, the apple throwing one gets screwed by melee monsters alongside ranged( which is every stage pretty much), and the melee one is only usable in a few levels for the fact that you do damage in melee range and thus cannot dodge anything, you just have to outdps the boss which is impossible considering every boss and mob in this game is a bullet sponge.Not very fun.
I love the game but you gave up on the levels, I had to uninstall cause I can't go any further. Let me know when you get more levels and I will play again
The gameplay & graphics is good, The characters are unique, the achievement system is generous, and most of all.. its OFFLINE.. gj Youloft 👍
High chance to get addicted to. Awesome! Edited : The admin of the page and the developers of this game is giving absolutely awesome customer service! Thank you for your hard work!
5 if more choices of weapons also only 1 hero all others cost gems try giving more than 1 hero Offer better ones for sale
Nice game. Definitely fun and challenging. What this game does different from others like it is that they allow the player to use different types of heroes. So sword fighter, mage, ranged, etc. However, having to move a close range fighter and then release so they can auto hit is kinda stressful. The only real way for my character to be effective is to run around and hope I find an opening to plunge. This is kinda stress full.
Ok so I uninstalled this game and installed it again after a very long time since I heard there was a new character. But you know what? IT SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED ME. REALLY. You just made the time for generating energy ONLINE! FREAKING ONLINE!!! 💔 how could you??!!! Im really sorry for my outburst but it pained me so much! I am starting to love this game but you just destroyed that 😭😭 whyyyy???!! I am an offline game lover person and you just ruined it. Please put it back to offline 😭😭💔💔
I' m loving it. My only problem is the continous multiple skill choice(I.e. death bomb twice.) I do not two death bomb choices i want a selection. And if i am going to keep paying on this game. Give me and any who plays more choices.
why does it need wifi for its energy to be refilled?? last time i played this game its totally offline no need for wifi connection when it come for refilling the its energy.... 2star for this