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Tactile Wars

Tactile Wars for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by ANKAMA GAMES located at 75 Bd d'armentieres 59100 Roubaix France. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You get to feel like a General, whichnis something lots of games fail to do so. Also it would be good to add already existing formations because drawing with your finger isn't always as effective and the positions of troops looks messy, so please add it, but judging by everything else the game is perfect
I used to like this game, for some reason I don't remember I stopped playing. Now I installed it again and I remembered: it takes toooo much time to login and to load. Very unfortunate. Would like to get an update if it is being fix or not. If this gets fixed I will change my review
The games great but i keep getting against enimies 10 levels higher than me making it completely not worth trying not only that but not being able to buy tra kers is annoying
I enjoy this game alot, but i have a issue that you need so much money it is hard to sustain your defence, you need keys at the end of a battle for stuff but if you have non you basically get nothing for it, also it is expensive to pay for your defence and you can't actually buy more infantry. Though it is fun to attack and you really have to be tacticle with defending your base and attacking, overall good but you need more reward.
It is very good but there is one very major bug which is affecting me. although I am level 20, I only have 3 territories instead of 4. for some reason I unlocked the 4th territory but have not received it in-game. Do you have a fix for this? Other than that the game is great! keep the work up.
It was fun a year or 2 ago, but it's so riddled with bugs. I can't collect my daily key anymore (the thing on the left that says "Collect"), I can't buy more of half of my different types of defenses, and I'm level 17, but I can't access the workshop. Maybe by writing this review, the developer will fix these bugs and the game will be fun once more.
Keys make it a pay to win as you can only get three from daily missions or you can sit for hours watching ads for a chance at getting one. Most of my favorite defenses you can no longer buy which forces everyone's defenses to literally be the same just different layout and not only that the daily boss is next to impossible to beat I get that bosses change patterns when they get beat down but for a boss to have a half circle attack go to 3 FULL CIRCLES all around it is ridiculous. One star period
The auto sign-in to your account(in my case) will not let you go to that account when you press the "do not ask again" button and the "no thanks" button. It will not let me choose that account to sign into. Please fix this issue because re-installing the game doesn't work and I am forced to use another account.
I have played and used almost all apps from these creators and when this came out I was easily able to make it my absolute favorite, then after a while of not playing, then I saw the latest update but was sad to find out that it actually came out bugged, at first the lost connection showed up and then when It finally loaded I found the bugged scouts and how some defences and traps were disappearing, I hope the devs have everything in control any info on what changed would rlly help.
The is the best game for controlling you own army of soldiers shooting paint and is made of paint themselves and you can work your own defence and test it. Awesome job!
this was a great game. I had it on another device for a while. however i remember it getting boring because it got difficult, not to pass missions but to do things, it took forever to be able to progress and get better. Also too many ads
I'm one of the guys that kinda likes strategy games, however most of them become boring after a while. I've been playing this game for ages and it's still as fun as when I first started. Highly Recommended
I used to love this game. I used to play it 24/7 all day, all night. i stopped playing for a few days and when I came back, I figured it had an update. So I updated the game and when I opened it up, there were keys. The keys were a great idea, but got used completely wrong. Not only that, but one time, my base got attacked and I lost some of my defenses. I tried to buy my defences back with my in-game currency, but it wouldn't load up. So whatever my defenses were, I couldn't get them anymore.
I liked this game, but I had to uninstall, today I wanted to play it again, but my progress was eliminated, and I logged my profile at first time I played, I have a lot of achievements saved but when I start the game it make me repeat the tutorial. I hope you can help me soon! thanks
What a shame. I used to play this game a lot and the developers apperantly just left it to die. This game was fun, if you dont mind grinding. No updates since 2018, I wanted to comeback but they didn't update Facebook login so my old account is literally dead, I was using 5S and I bought new phone and now I can't login. The UI doesn't even let me tap on settings or collect my daily pack. The developer waved white flag to the fate, just like their homecountries.
For some reason I cannot get past the victory screen with the chest on it, it is a great game but glitches like these ruin it, does anyone know why and how to get out of this screen? It is after you win a battle and the avatar kicks the other color out of their territory and raises their flag, then a chest appears and I get stuck there and I am clicking things but nothing works.
no problem in the game but the problem is in the keys it made the game extremely harder than before i want from you to find a different solution . if you want to take some profits make us watch the ads but don't force us to wait 7 hours for 1 key!!!
Fun game, cool game, but the only proplem is that i wish at the start when you get the minigun thingy, i wish you can choise if you want minigun thingy or onther thing.
The games gotten better, its stilla not the best though since to get rewards after the battle(besides getting coins from the territory itself) they put in a stupid system using "keys" to unlock the reward after attacking, annoying as hell since its a scam just to get you to pay money for the "keys" to unlock the loot after you win or lose the battle
Great fun game.. It's a easy fun game. Battles are easy to understand smooth gameplay and graphics are good. But having to get keys to unlock a chest after a fight just to get your rewards. Coins and Exp from that battle should be given to you. The chest would be better if it gave you double or just extra stuff. You can attack as much as you want but may not have any keys to get more Exp after the battle is over. So you're not leveling up the way you think you do. But I still play. It's a blast.
I love how someone five levels above me can come in an ruin my territory. But its fair because i can attack him, but i cant best him unless i spend real money. Every little aspect of this game is a money-grab, from the skill tree to attacking. 0/10 wouldnt recommend trying this "game" unless you hate having that $50 bill in your wallet and want to give it to a greedy mobile game company.
It's a great game, it is interesting to play and joyful. But sadly, you can't grow if you don't pay to get keys to open chests that give you coins and experience. The matchmaking is terrible. The defenses are a waste of coins because they are supposed to "make it harder" but they all are easy to destroy. Finally, the three times I had re-installed the game (since 4 years ago) and chosen a different color each time... my color is always the last one, "we" are always losing. It's frustrating.
I love the game it's really fun but the problem is not all of the defenses are in the shop. This means that if u lose them they are gone forever. This is a big problem especially for trackers (squads of troopers that hunt the enemy) because they die a lot. We need the trackers back in the shop. This problem also applies to sniper towers and some other defenses
I hate this game.The developers doesn't even sems to care about the game anymore by the fact that they didn't updated this game from 2018 summer.There is a wierd glitch that makes the game impossible to play.If u press the pause and the continue button many times Ur troops will just freeze and u will not be able to continue fighting.
I personally love this game, used to have it a while back in the earlier versions, but all I see are general improvements to loading times, achievements, and while many complain about the key mechanic, leveling as well. There is a big issue that bothers me though, and while it may seem like a complaint and I need to get good, but every color war since roughly 2017, has almost always had purple win. I personally play green and always sit with either third or fourth. Please do something about this.
I really like this game and it is fun but I have some issues. Mainly the fact you don't get xp unless you win a battle but since there aren't tons of new players on here everyday new players get stuck against high level players making it near on impossible to level up. Really fun game but could do with a little improvement to make it a bit more inviting for new players. Also research is difficult to get when you start as you need to win or lvl up to get money for research...
The game is very fun and has interesting mechanics, makes me come back and play it over and over. Only issues are that the game is very unfriendly to F2P players as it is very difficult to get gold and XP if you dont have keys. If you don't buy keys you're essentially stuck in a grind, and this turns me off greatly, hence the 3-star rating.
I would give this game 5 stars but when I buy a Mercenarie (Ufo - z) it wont give me the Mercenarie. I have 50 prisms and it cost me 45, but when I buy the element it wont give me it, instead it would just say "Would you want to buy this element". So I wish that you guys could fix those bugs/glitchs .Anyways I like your game!
It's a pretty fun game and I use to play it alot but when I would run out of keys I would watch an ad for them and it would say how unfortunate, here is gold for a consultation prize. I like that but I would never exit the ad or do anything and it wouldn't let me get a key
Meh. The gameplay is okay but the teams are horribly unbalanced, purple is the dominant color and no other team colors even have a chance against it. Rewards are also hard to get and can only be improved with "keys", which only arrive every eight hours. Fun game until you have to pay to get anything.
This game is pretty fun until you get down the the rewards. The keys make it impossible to get rewards and if you tap on the chest before realizing youre out of keys the game freezes on that screen and doesnt even let you leave without force quitting the game. Maybe if there were more ways to earn keys this game would be infinitely better
the gameplay is pretty grooving and the overall function is good to go. I haven't suffered through crazy load times like others though. I'm talking max 20 seconds. I do have one serious issue. I decided to purchase the starter pack and have yet to recieve it. the money was removed from my account sure enough but I did not get my purchase. 1 star until this issue is resolved.
Ignore all the bad reviews, this game is actually great! The characters are cute, the design is nice, and it's really unique. I would recommend you at least try it
*Update* I am still unable to even start attacking, though it is still in the tutorial, which means everything is locked until completed. So I can't even use the settings. *Update* Still nothing happens when trying to continue. The load times are terrible. I can't even send a support request because of the locked settings function. I am not the only person having this problem and support has yet to even acknowledge the problem. I would give less stars if I could.
It's was a good game until some glitches started to appear. These include: the daily card pack not opening (just turning black), shop images don't appear, and now my game is stuck at the ANKAMA loading screen. Please, if you are reading this Devs, fix these glitches and also, bring back trackers to the shop. Thank you for reading and listening. Best regards!
Still a fun game after coming back to it, but is there a way to log out of an old account? There are a lot of mistakes that I made during that account and its hard re-earning all of the currency back.
This seems like a very fun game, but I've never been get through the attack in the tutorial. I run through my defences and is then told to attack but can't select which colour to attack. I've tried reinstalling but doens't help. Please help me with this! and I'll change to 5 stars
I play it for 20 minutes close it and when I go to play again I am unable to attack even after multiple reboots and without attacking there is nothing that I can do.
It is an excellent game, fun, and a great time killer. The one problem is that for some reason for the past week or so it says I cannot connect to the server. I know wifi is not a problem since I have all the bars and other games and wifi requiring apps work. Please fix this.
it's a lot of fun and the gameplay is great with lots of upgrades and strategy that you have to learn, but the game won't function if i play it fullscreen on my phone. You guys should fix that.
Broken. I love this game its so much fun but i cant claim my key pack and the tracker defenses arent in the shop to buy. Id give it 5 stars if the game actually worked
This game is really great and I think this game might seem lame but honestly just give this game a chance it really is addictive. at first i was skeptical about this game and avoided it but then one day i decided to play it and i was really suprised. this game is amazing and the creator should keep up the good work.
The overall game is goos but the devs went on full pay to win mode you can only get 3 keys per day if dont buy them and you cant defend your base because you can only buy traps and some troops that cost a lot based on the amount of coins you get if that was fixed they would get way more players and even make more revenue
This game is amazing, fun, and challenging. In order to succeed you really have to think strategically. I really love how you can really draw your formation. This seams like something you would see that's fake on an add nowadays. However, it would be nice to have something like a preset formation feature. I find that in the heat of combat, I end up drawing this trash shapes that I can't even recognize. Maybe that's just me though.
Unfortunately, the developers decided to abandon Tactile Wars without fixing various gamechanging bugs, such as the inability to use gems or purchase certain defenses, lessening the games quality and enjoyability by a considerable amount. If these bugs were to be fixed (Which is highly unlikely) I would change my review to 5 stars
Really fun game howether there is a glitch that took away all my money and prevents me from earning any. Also the matchmaking is very unfair and makes you go up with a lot stronger players. For now 3⭐howether if those things will be fixed then I'll make it a 5⭐.
This game had the potential to be 5 stars without a doubt, however, ads are constantly shoved down your throat, and the only way to progress is to pay money or wait 6 hours to watch an ad (the key system is broken) purple team wins every single war no matter what (if the devs really cared they would cap how many people were on the teams or have them be mini clan versions of the colors) honeatly such a disappointment because the gameplay had such potential. Pay to play 1000x worse than supercell!
I love this game but the glitches are terrible. You need keys to progress but the primary way of getting them doesn't function properly, meaning you can't progress through the game naturally. Also there's a lot of odd things happening, I fought a lvl 6 as a lvl 7, and the lvl 6 had stuff you get at lvl 10.
Good game, only annoying part is trying to draw the shape you want can be difficult. Maybe an option to make pre made formations would be good?
Excellent: Gameplay, Style, and execution. If you like top-down strategy games then this a great option to try out, however one thing that holds this back is that i cant seem to retrieve my old accounts so you cant use the same username or get your stuff back which is annoying.
I love the game but there's a few bugs where when a defense is taken out I can't purchase replacements in the shop. Ankama please fix.
Its a great game dont get me wrong, good concept but there is some flaws. First is the matchmaking, you always have to go up againat people that are way above your skill level. Second the base points system, thing.... You defenses cant be effective if you cant put down a lot, and your defenses rarely do anything. Itsmainly just the units that do stuff. Third is the pay to win aspect you can play this game completly free and thats great, but there will always be that one guy. Try it, you may like
I really like the concept and gameplay when it works, but that's the problem. It worked for about an hour but now it wont load for me to attack anyone, and on the rare occasion it does it freezes at the results screen. Will keep an eye on this game if any of that is ever fixed.
I like the game a lot but it wasnt what I thought it was gon a be but it's still fun resly good game I reccomend it but the reason I rated it a 4 not a 5 is because in the color war I get like 10 or 15 every hour or 2 and I dont get any points or anything and I didnt even complete 1 hexagon and then for a day I had free I spent 6 hours playing the game each hour getting 15 to 20 wins and I still got NOTHING I couldnt even do the main objective of the game even with consistent wins
I loved this game but I can't buy trackers from the store or the defense of flying pigments with booms so now I'm restricted to mines and geysers edit: I disinstald the game to see if I could fix it but now its stuck on showing me where to put my mines but it didn't let me research them first so it's just repeating dragging the non insisting mine into place and it won't let me go research mines
Now this might be really simple. But I for one like simple. This game is so much fun and the graphics are actually incredible. I sometimes forget I'm on a phone. I am glad that I get to take this game around. The controls are frequent and fast and the battles are just downright action packed! We need more games like this! I love it! -Bored Boiii
This used to be my favourite game. But for whatever reason you can't buy scouts from the defense store, so why even give the option to unlock and upgrade the scouts? I was playing yesterday and today I can no longer play, all I see is a page that reads "Internet connection failed" and then I am redirected to the 16 pages of terms and conditions for the game...
This is a great game. I have played it before, so when I got a new phone (a Google Pixel 2), installed it, and started a new game, you can imagi e my utter dissapointment when i found out i cannot continue the tutorial, as i cannot select a color to attack. It says to select it, so when i press a color, nothing happens. the button doesnt go down. I am very dissapointed. Can you fix this? Thanks. other than this, great game guys.
The game used to be good before they implement the key system, before, it was just used as an enegry system and recharged after a certain amount of time, but now they got greedy and changed it so you can now only get keys from buying them and watching ads. So much wasted potential, I guess it was fun while it lasted.
It's a really fun game and a great idea but there are some bugs like you can't buy more heli squads or trackers for some reason. Also the system with the keys needs to be changed. But overall it's a really fun game.
very fun and inclusive game. but.... the controls are off to the right by 1 cm. makes it very hard to play the game. almost too hard to the point of maybe it might not be worth playing
Amazing gameplay with fair level ups and hard but not too hard levels, the only thing is, when you run out of keys... You have to watch an ad to 'have a chance of winning a key'. I WATCHED 25 ADS AND GOT NO KEY overall, it is a pretty good game!!
its a pay-to-win game wich make it unplayable if you dont want to spend 20bucks per month (world of warcraft is a lot cheaper)
I like playing the game but there's this glitch where when I tap it doesn't tap where it's supposed to it taps a little to the right so if you could fix that that this game would be an easily five stars
Great game and I have a lot of fun with it but yes the collect button on the left does not work. Please fix it as it would make the game better, although sure we can get keys from the daily challenges, the collect on the left would make it so we could get resources faster without paying for them.
I LOVE this game! But it needs more updates, since the last update was in 2018!! Please add more to the game and more updates and I GUARANTEE you that I will rate 5 stars!
The premise of the game is actually fairly good and so is the execution, unfortunately however the game suffers from heavy pay to win mechanics where you need to buy keys in order gain experience and coins, with out these two things you cant progress at all and it realy is a shame since it's a fun game to play.
I have always dreamed of when a game like this would come into my hands but today I found it and extremely pleased with this game it has changed my life for the better now when I see lamp I don't scream lamp so I suppose you could this app is a life saver
This game had potential, but its impossible to progress because I can't get keys and everybody is purple team. I'm on the red team and whenever I invade another color and win, it doesn't give red a hexagon.
This is by far my favorite mobile game because the develepler doesnt rush through making the game like some of the games Ive played so far. The controls are nice andnthe graphics are pretty amazing. ( for me ) and last of all, the colors l, unless I missed it I would like to know why the colors are war?
Great game but in your territory on the left hand side their is a pack with a key saying collect but when I click on it it does nothing the first time and when I click it again it takes me to the in-game store to buy packs. So what I am saying is is it meant to be a free pack which is buggy or a shortcut to the pack store?
This game is great. I have a giant problem though. The game refuses to let me buy the hero NoNo. I have enough gems and yet the option is greyed for me. Fix it.
A great game and a great concept. Everything about this game is fun and addictive. But there is always room for improvement. For example, for new players, like I was once, the user interface is a little difficult to get used to and everything happens at once. It would be better if there were more explanations about certain things.
A great game in the midst of a dying game community! Please ignore most of the bad reviews. They are based on the traditional thoughts about a game. There have been talks of bugs, but I personally haven't faced any.
This would be a great strategy game if it weren't for the bugs. During almost every loading screen the game freezes or lags to the point of frustration. When trying to enter a battle, the pre battle color faction screen doesn't load properly and often have to return or restart the game completely.*still not fixing the issue. The same after battles the game freezes and I lose out on rewards and the game disregards the battle completely scoring no win or loss. I hope this can be fixed soon.
This is a good game really fun to play but. There is a BUG. I have 55 gems and a few cards for the mercenary gatling but I cannot buy him. It says to you want to spend 50 gems and I say yes and nothing happens. I can't buy him. This is quite annoying because the last mercenary I bought was the one that plugs some geysers and traps, which is fairly bad. I hope this bug will be fixed.
The game is great but there are some bugs, eg is the daily key "collect" buttin not working, so no way to get my daily key
It's obviously pay to win and everything that you can buy in the in game currency is overpriced and you barely will be able to get anything because you won't get anything after you lose all of your keys so you won't be able to buy anything which means you won't be able to buy defenses meaning your base is screwed its forcing you to pay with real money if they removed the keys it would actually be playable
ill give ut up, its pretty good. Edit: from 4 stars to 1. It would be fun if it worked. The game is broken, facebook sync (the only way to save your data online) doesnt work and, from time to time, your game will not get passed from the launch screen unless you delete the data from the app (which then, you cant recover because u werent able to connect your fb beforehand).
i used to play like 2 years ago and it was very fun now i am level 14 and i can't buy a bunch of troops like trackers i know that it hasn't been updated in like 2-3 years and i dont understand why if the developers came back and updated the game i would tell my friends
This is a good game but is heavy on the pay to win in higher levels and then when you do try and buy a pack they charge you the money and never give you the items!! Then when you email them to complain they email you back in a completely different language and it says they typically reply with in 1-2days! good game just avoid putting money in at all cost total scam!!
Fix the daily pack glitch. Somehow the daily pack does not give me the pack and doesn't respond after I tap it like I used to be. Also please fix the matchmaking process since I keep getting high level defenders.
When I originally downloaded this game I experienced an issue with not getting past the loading screen but after reinstalling the game, It's all been very smooth. if you are a fan of war style strategy games, or just strategy games in general, I would *HIGHLY* recommend that you play this game. its fun, stays fresh with tons of possible strategies, is light-hearted and is a great execution of a concept. for those of you who hate forced ads, don't worry, ads are entirely optional. Thx Devs!
Game is unplayable, can barely connect to the server without constant disconnections. Had to resort to using a VPN to connect because I read online that Ankama purposefully restricts their servers to "combat illegal farming"... Sure enough, the game works better when connected to a VPN, with wait times between screens lasting as long as 10 minutes, then disconnecting again.
im having problems while playing! the game is awesome... but sometimes the game stop recognizing when I tap the screen. I have won a battle and was about to claim reward when suddenly this happen and I wasn't able to tap on any option, so I had to close the app to keep playing... fix it and I'll give you 5 * cuz this game is really good!!
This game used to be so fun and a time killer, and I played since the start till the stupid keys update, it's practically impossible to get keys and you can't buy any defence once you run out cause you get so little coins, either the devs make it easier to get keys, or take them off, or I aint playing no more, so please fix this
I remember playing this game very faintly when I was younger, and now seeing it again is really nostalgic. I really enjoy the game too, and the little pigment guys are so cute!!! The only thing I don't really like is how the keys are kinda limited.
gameplay is awesome, but the loading times are unbearable! The loading screen to simply start the game takes at least 3 minutes to open, and you'd better be ready to wait another 3+ minutes for the game to load any time you try to launch an attack before another long loading time while the opponents base loads. The game also crashes nearly every time you try to open a chest after a battle. this game has potential, but it needs a lot of work.
Awesome game ruined by GREEDY GREEDY developers. I understand adding purchases for gems for skins and heroes etc, that's normal. But they make you purchase keys, and if you don't have keys then your battles are meaningless. Oh don't worry they give you a free key every 8 HOURS. Or you can watch 30 sec long vids for a SLIGHT CHANCE at a key. Way to ruin an incredible game. Guess I'll just log in every 8 hours to play a 60 second battle. Smh
This game is very fun and strategic based game. Although if you're about to play try to save as many coins as you can so you can get better upgrades for your troops
I love the game but, the trackers? Where are they, I cant replace lost ones so it kinda feels like a waste to spend my gold on tracker upgrades. Also, its kinda obvious you guys abandoned the game which sucks, its a really good game. Then there's the "collect" card pack on the bottom left of the screen and when you click it it just takes you right to the play store.
Game is put together pretty well, I agree with some of the reviews saying something has to be done with loading times and Attack selections. it's taking a long time to load anything in the game, I am patient because it's a really good game and there is nothing else that I could find like it out there.
Twas fun at the start. But buggy eventually. My free cards stopped functioning, ad plays by itself after a match and my gems got drained even though the mercenaries were supposed to be 0 gem for whatever reason. In short, bugged. So goodbye TW.
There's one thing that makes it horrible. Keys. In game you attack an enemy player's base and once you defeat them, you get the chance to open a chest, which you can get gold and exp from. Of course that chest needs a key. You can get keys by compleating daylie challanges. The problem is, there are only 3 per day. You can get only three keys per day without having to pay. Achivments (can give gold) take longer than a day. You can't steal any from an enemy. After 3 attacks, you have to wait 24h.
It's quite good strategy, wonder why the Devs wants contacts, files access and such .. , it's quite p2w and unbalanced as most of these games are, but at least it's original and you can have some fun. Tutorial is really annoying and overall game is quite slow and buggy
I was playing a game and all of a sudden it has stopped me from attacking. it was like the button wasn't registering. I could click everything else but the attack button. I have uninstalled to game and reinstalled it but now I cant log into my old account and have to start all over again I'd love to give 5 stars but with this game breaking bug I cant.
Keys are an interesting concept but are used totally wrong. You cant make any progress without them and you dont even get that many to begin with. At least make it so that you get experience only from everytime you complete a raid. Keys should be for bonus loot, they should not be mandatory to make progress.
This is one of the best games are played in a while because I like that you can draw your ownforce like where you want to be and that's why I like cos most other again you just tap it but this has different and I like how it's cool with colours and that's me by
every time i attack an enemy base and win there is always a chest at the end. i assume that in order for the back to base button to appear i must open the chest but no buttons ever work and every time i have to exit the game and try to restart but i loose everything i just gained. i cant play the gqme if none of the buttons work and i cant exit back to base after an attack. now i remember why i got rid of this game. it has much to many bugs and has barely any updates. 1 star
I love this game it reminds me of Halo wars kind of sort of, it's a ton of fun and it doesn't hold your hand throughout the whole game, it can be difficult, but it's very entertaining
Rating this really low although it's a good game: to be able to play it you need to watch thousands and thousands of ads to get keys. Encounters used to be free and now they moved it to a very very limited key system. I don't recommend it as long as the ads take more time than the gameplay, a shame!
This game would be very good if this was offline, and AI based enemies. I don't like online multiplayer. IDK, but others get more reinforcement(28 soldiers in 2 calls), and what I get(~16). Also this game don't even give coins for winning a battle! Like seriously? Traps are misplaced and can be easily avoided.Also for coins it needs keys for reward for battle won. And the keys are obtained by daily missions that also only 3 per day. IKR, you can purchase some in-game. So, this is a pay to win.
Matchmaking is unbalanced; it keeps giving me opponents that are overleveled, and our units' stats are highly dependent on the player's level. Additionally, the keys system is BS. The only way to win defending battles are by using medals to buy and upgrade your defenses. You cannot get these medals without using a key, and keys are almost impossible to get. Also, Mercenaries are impossible to unlock without paying for prisms because cards are just too rare. It's just a really bad game.
I wish you could upgrade your units or have a selection of units to deploy. Instead you only have one kind of trooper you can deploy(with the exception of the heavy units you can buy). So fun game, but the only real thing you can do is attack someone, and upgrade your defenses to help stop people from raiding your base.
I love the progression in this game. It makes it fun the grind. Wish the developers would come back to it. I'm glad it works for me. It didn't before
I love this game, I think it has a very cool concept. However the colors are unfair with purple always dominating, and orange and blue always coming in the bottom. Also the key system is dumb, greatly slowing progress due to the low amount of ways to obtain them. If you could find a way to fix these two things, I will rate a very satisfied 5 stars. Thank you for your time :)
Freeze durring tutorial... the game itself is amazing. its fun, responsive and smooth. i really think this could be one of the best games out, but... i cant get to the actual game. the game freezes after the raid your own base mission, or after setting up mines, or at the choose who to attack screen. regardless, ive tried 4 times after deleting app data creating new user names, and i have had no luck. really promising extremely frustrating... plz update / repair
Experience was fun, very interactive. But there are a few problems. Some defenses cannot be bought again like trackers or helicopter pads, I do not know if thats a glitch or not. Then, if you uninstall without facebook, you lose data. Maybe a 4 or 5 star if fixed. Also other bugs like not getting daily booster packs or ads for keys not loading.
this is a pretty interesting game! 4 stars for the idea and gameplay. although i think it could use a better FAQ, i think keys are too few to come by too. also the coin system is broken both with stealing coin and also the video for extra coin and other then that good job.
Honestly this game was really fun, but the key thing was soooo incredibly stupid. This would be an amazing game I would spend hours on every day but having to get get keys to progress? And getting like 3-4 per day?! You play for 15 minutes tops and then can't progress till tomorrow. Please please please please please take that out, I would do five stars
It looks like a fantastic game, but if anything interrupts the flow of the tutorial then the game totally breaks. Such as when you're trying to restock on your landmines, but the store is inaccessible. Another bug I've found is when trying to attack the other colors, you're unable to select them, there's no name associated with the color. Yet, when you touch the crown, it does its little bounce, so it's not frozen, just no way to move forward. I really hope that these problems are fixable!
After playing the tutorial, I thought this game is really good and im going to have fun, but i could not even play after. I kept trying to play but I was just stuck in the loading screen and i could not even press a button. I tried closing the app down and going back in but it did the same thing. so I am trying to do this review so you can fix this or reply and tell me what I should do to fix it, but im going to delete this game and give it one star. BYE!
The graphics are fantastic, they really are. the gameplay on the other hand, not so much. some of the options are hard to understand. Also, on that note, clicking on settings and new tabs is also a challenge. For example, selecting troops to guard your base, you must be very patient and ready to click multiple times for one thing.
I loved this game for the longest time...UNTIL now that the app keeps crashing and its extremly slow.. I HATE. it I cant even check my inventory or go on attack anymore...the app keeps crashing completely and i even tried it on my iPad and still it crashes.. I cant take it anymore.
The gameplay is good but I have to leave a one star review due to a bug that cost me £5. After buying the starter pack the game froze and I had to exit the application, restarting the app I had no reward. I wasnt paying attention and thought perhaps it was an issue with my payment so I went with it again, same problem with the freeze but now I've been charged for two packs and have nothing to show for it. There has been no response from support.
I love the game, if their were a few bug fixes Id totally rate 5 star, I cant collect my key pack, and I cant watch ads for coins.
Pretty imbalanced in the beginning. Rewards for attacking are minimal if you don't have any keys either. The gameplay is fun, but the fact that you need keys for better rewards when attacking makes me not want to attack anyone since 8 don't have any.
Its a good game but it has some problems like for some reason theres some defenses you cant buy and for some reason it doesnt let me log in to facebook so i feel like im going to lose my account which sucks because im currently lvl 26 and have been playing for a while
Great game. Concept, graphics, and also controls are really good (once you get the hang of it). However, a few careless flaws take away from an otherwise thought-out game. Scouts or Trackers and Vannons are two of the best defenses. Yet you cannot replace them by buying more at the store if they're destroyed. It's minor, but annoying, and takes away a lot from the defensive aspect of the game.
It's a very good concept very poorly delivered. You only get rewards from attacking if you have keys, and you only receive 3 of them if you achieve some missions, by attacking and not receiving anything but the key! I can't buy some defenses in the store so I don't know how I'm supposed to replace them. And the "challenge" boss just failed yesterday, I waited 20 minutes and no boss appeared. I really wish this game were better, because I enjoyed it.
This game is great but the problem is that i guess the finger tracking is of cuz i have to tap next to the thing i want to tap and its really hindering me in battle. So if you fix that then ill give it a five star
This game has clash of clans beat hands down and the upgrade mechanics are simple to, the only thing I'm a little annoyed with was the color war because it seemed no matter how many wins I had, my path to the crown wouldn't advanced. Also another thing that I have noticed is that it tells me I have 5 territories unlocked but it gave me 4 but when invading someone of the same level they have 5 with defenses as well. Can someone explain this to me please?
Its a pretty fun game, there is just a reoccurring set of things I always see in bad reviews, Number 1: You can't repurchase trackers OR Heli-pigments for some unknown reason and Number 2: The Ads. After each game you can watch an ad for extra coins or for a chance to earn keys. This kind of ruins of the gameplay considering to get rewards, you need to use keys. It's not a pay wall, its an ad wall which is very annoying. If both of these were fixed, I would give a 5-star rating.
I can't login to Facebook everytime I try to login it gives error that's my only problem. It might look unimportant but I don't want my progress to get deleted after I delete my game and get shocked when I redownload it. Please fix this ASAP. Except this the game is pretty good and fun.
Ankama, what have you done with your game? I've played this game when it was kinda new, and it was a lot of fun. But now? It won't even let me pick a name and color and I'm on an LG Stylo 4. I've also seen from others' reviews that there's too many ads, the store is broken, keys take too long, the list. goes. on. you really need to fix your game, Ankama. It was great up until now.
Its fun simple and well as it said free But on a separate note the gameplay is ok but the solders I think will sometimes not go in the formation you say for ex a box when I tried it 2 of them just disappeared but it did not say they were dead I took a screen shot to count them and there where 2 more than i had just see if someone else had this problem but it only happened tobme 2 so not a big bug but if it happens its pretty annoying but if that does not happen a good game I do recommend it
I absolutely love this game, but so much has changed and its redundant for us to battle for coins, when you go to an enemies base and they have coins, you don't get them and you get no experience points from battling unless you have keys, which you have to earn from daily quests, but you only get three quests a day, which is pointless, or if you watch ads but then its a luck system so you might not even get a key, this game was good and I just want it to be good
Its a well polished game that has a few set backs -the play style is awsome the cancept is great i think it takes a too long to get back in cycle to another battle and its ad driven which is perfectly fine but you are co stantly veing forced to buy "keys" to get treasure ..that made what could have been a five star rating to 3 why ads if the only way to get keys is to buy it really
It's a nice concept but it definitely needs to be stolen from this company because this game has so much potential they've just ruined it by being too money hungry. It's literally pay to win. Your skills also don't make a difference to the colour war. It's makes no difference
This is a great game, and I've played it for a while but some defenses you can not buy, I don't know if this is a glitch or not but this is a fun game but with limited defenses to chose and to buy (with them all being expansive as well), dont know if this will be the meta for a while. Other then that this is a fun game, and I've bought the 2 packs, and I'm scared to uninstall and install and loose all my progress.
The game would be good but I can't even open the damn game. No matter how many times I try even with internet connection I still can't open this game. I can only do the tutorial and then it's the same as before. Redownloading doesn't work.
Great game. Despite everything against this. Yes it has microtransactions out the wazzo. It's still a fun game and the art style is the best its worth a try.
Honestly, not the best. Sure, the overall aesthetic is cute, and the concept is cool, but the execution is terrible. The matchmaking is horrible, putting noobs against enemies tens of levels above them, both in attack and defense. It feels like the only way to progress as a new player is to spend real money to buy upgrades and mercenaries. Not to mention you can't go 5 seconds being offline without getting attacked. Too bad this game stopped being updated, it had potential.
I love this game so much I like with snipers which you can buy if you run out but also I love the heli pigments I want those but they're not in the store I know you can get them if you get the upgrade but I really want them in store it's not very much fun because other traps are in there so I would give this to Stars it's not very much cool man you got to change that.
I love this it gives me the ability to do as I please when attacking such as the formation of my troops and many other features like this one
This is a really good game. It is great to just pass time, and it is very competitive, it is kinda like clash of clans and clash royale mixed together, but this game is still it's own game and I like it. The only hard part for me was picking a name, but I got past that though. Thanks for making this game!
Used to love this game. An easy favorite. But then all the defences started to vanish. Like c'mon! The keys are fine, if anything I find it that the game has made it easier to stop playing it and take breaks. But game devs. What's going over there? Is everything ok?
Great idea, bad excution, basically a pay 2 win, the progress is so slow that you are forced to buy prisms to advance And after a while, it gets to boring cause almost every match is the same
Whoever said that the loading screens take too long, you were either lying or your phone is really slow. The loading screens don't take that long. Honestly, this isn't like any other game I've played. I just don't like these types of games, but the way you devs made this, it's just so addictive and fun just to attack other people and either learn from your mistakes or learn from a tactic you just tried. Overall, this game is one the best I've seen in a while.
was really loving it but eatched about 200 damn adds and wasnt given keys just about 2-3 coins at a time was super annoying trying to progress it was slow gaining coins and was a huge waste of time keys are way to hard to get and the keys being the only way to get more xp means you end up playing pointlessly until you by pure luck stumble upon a key once every 4 days. dont download
This game was only made to get your personal info and for money right after you click the game it asks you to view your files contacts etc.. it also wants to access your google account or whatever you still can play this game even if u denied everything they wanted to gain access from you but as soon as i saw that they wanted access to all these things i uninstalled the game right away so i dont recommend downloading this personal info grabbing game.