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TacticsAge : Turn based strategy

TacticsAge : Turn based strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Offline Strategy Games located at 1358/28E, Quang Trung Street, Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great for killing time... there's enough depth that mastering the game will take a lot of playing. My one complaint: it says that buying a diamond pack will make ads go away...but it doesn't; there are still ads.
skills are the same until level 20. and need 4 more level 20 monsters to evolve. after i evolved my beloved monster.... tadahhh!!!! its the same level 20 monster, with the same starter 2 skills.. worst than nightmare, i lost 4 other level 20 monsters.. now i lost appetite playing this game.. no back up..
I think it's a good start to something bigger and better. There isn't enough here for me to stick with it, though. It seems to be lacking the heaping spoonful of randomness inherent in so many games--anything from poker to D&D can serve for examples--which would go a long way to offset the straightforward cause and effect dictated by the player.
After hours and hours to build up monster levels, due to a bug that doesn't select but makes the click noise to suggest it had it deleted two of my level 75 monsters, not happy at all.
Good game and simple to play. Can get challenging in high level. Every different monster has their own unique skills. But it seems there's a bug on Rune. Rune with hp regeneration/turn won't activated at all, be it after player turn or enemy turn. Everything else works just fine.
This is close to being a good game,but you can't switch between monsters after checking their movement and ranges, so it's tough to learn the characters.
Simple fun turn based tactics rpg. Controls are simple. It starts you off easy and works it's way up. It's a good beginning tactics game if you've never played one before. Two bucks to remove ads is a reasonable price as well! All and all it's been a pretty good experience after a few hours of playing
Excellent little tactical battle game. Lots of monsters with different skills to experiment with tactics. One issue I found is the text on the tasks screen blocks the first task, minor irritation more than anything
This game is simple offline strategy. You should think your strategy every time to defeat the enemy. It can help you with your mind thinking and strategic planning. I recommend to play this game.
Good game. Only complaint is that the enemy's health is a percentage bar where attack power is an absolute value, so to find out if what an attack will actually do, you have to tap through and memorise each enemies' absolute health from their information bar. It'd be nice if the attack just showed how much of the percentage bar it effected instead.
Great, truly FREE TO PLAY!!!! no energy to run out of, easy to get gold. Best game I've seen in a while and because of that I might actually dump money into this game..... pay attention other developers!!!!
I love this game!!!..., and I already finished all the new maps and collect all the monsters. thats why I'm looking forward for the version 2.0 of this game kind a new and more monsters and maps. And I wish the graphics of this game will also be improved something like it will be 3d like the hexonia game, anyways this is just my suggestion. And one more thing, I thought that after the monsters get they maximum level or level 60 they will evolve on their final looks the 3rd evolution????.......
Highly recommended this game for you who llike TurnBased Game type, is so amazing since the art is fasinating, hope to see more future update, since i already play this game for age, thank Dev you're the BestπŸ˜†
No explanation on how to 3-star stages, no "help" section in general. In battle, cannot switch between characters so once you select a monster you are locked into action with that monster. Otherwise, animations are very satisfying and gameplay can be fast paced or slow and strategic. Edit: The "sometimes you will see it in the Tip in the loading screen" part concerns me because it is most satisfying to fully complete stages; I would hope that information about 74% HP could be clearly explained
first off- Amazing game! i love it. The mechanics are easy to learn hard to master. I love the idea of a really long game. The gold collector- good idea. lastly there a few minor bugs that need to come to attention like the text comes over clickables and mosters slection being wider the the screen. You can play around by scrolling down and clicking under the text. it does needs a few bug fixes and i'll be perfect. Keep working on it. tons of support! keep up the good work. 5/5 excited 4 updates.
I really enjoy the game. Theres a good selections of monsters for different strategies. Nice art work <3. The actual game is a good strategy game that makes you think. A lot of fun. The ads aren't bad either.
It's okay. Didn't take me too long to figure out how scarce free diamonds are and how many you would need to progress at a preferable rate.
This is far better than what I expected it to be. The graphics and sound both fit the genre well, the app is stable, the characters are easy to control and the user interface is straightforward. Best of all, gold and gems are generously obtainable and there are no pay-to-win aspects or intrusive ads. Areas lacking are translation accuracy, storyline depth, skill growth as characters evolve and there definitely needs to be Google cloud save with achievements in the near future. Overall excellent!
ok there is a runes bug that needs fix and its been like this for 6 month i stop playing this game 6 months ago because of this bug i thought it be fixed by now but guess not. apparently the devs care lass about their players if they did respect their players this run bug would of been fixed by now but its not fixed at all. ill be removing this. stupid updates mess this game.
Originally I gave this game 5 stars because it was fun and challenging, and even though there were lots of small problems it was very playable. Now I give it 2 stars because it is VERY pay to win, which is horrible, because it fakes you out and seems free at first, but YOU CANNOT ADVANCE BEYOND CHARACTER LEVEL 20 without buying ridiculous amounts of in-game crud.
Love the game alot pretty much everything is good about it, one thing though is that I think you should add is make more monsters available from the scroll that costs gold or maybe lower the chance of getting duplicates in the gem scroll, other than that its a great game
Give 5 stars for the game. Can be a great game if they have more heroes with more unique skills, and gacha for different rarity heroes. Looking forward for a better version of this game.
best turn based strategy game I have ever played. simple offline game by the outlook but much more inside. each troop have their own advantage that are easy to use but tough to master. a game for hard core gamers.
I just spent half a year moving from level 75 to 80 on NORMAL mode. Almost all my monsters are at level 50 and are facing level 90 monsters. What happened to easy mode?
I am a fan of Strategy Rpg's, and I have to say... I enjoy this game so much. Offline means no hassle when wi-fi is down, ads aren't really bothersome in my opinion, difficulty is rsasonable, and resources are obtainable in-game, with an option to purchase them for less hassle. I am SO eagerly waiting for the 3rd evolutions. I hope the developer keeps up whatever keeps this game so good!
I had over 1300 diamonds. A few days ago, when I started the game, only 23 diamonds are left and about half a dozen new runes showed up in my invemtory. I did not buy the runes, and they would not cost so much diamonds regardless. What is going on? I want my diamonds back, please!
I'm currently about 75% through this game. This plays more like a resource management game than a strategy game. This game has everything I want in a relaxing laid back casual game including the option to let the level play itself! A a token of appreciation, I spent some real money on this game. After that, the advertisements after each level disappeared! Wish I had known sooner! Thanks for a fun little game! :)
Good time burner. The story is a little spotty but the game is still fun. The descriptions for the skills seems a little inaccurate here and there, but they are easy to figure out with trial and error.
Was going to give lower than 5 stars until I realised that my only issue with the game is that there isn't more of it. Simple and easy to pick up and figure out, I hope the game gets even bigger soon.
Straight forward tactics game with evolutions, quests, difficulties. Great rewards, things unlock as u beat bosses. Playable offline, which is always a plus to me! Quite enjoyable!
Awesome game. Kinda hard the further you get but the more you grind the easier it gets. Also a update is extremely needed I beat all 50 levels and I only need 3 starts on 2 more thin I'm outa things to do. Please add more levels or add the next tier 3 for monsters as you can see in pictures just not yet added xD
very good overall, random monster summons can advance you super fast or kill the experience depending on the drops. rune upgrads are random so a bad rune combos can happen so make it a choice between 2-4 abilities so we the player can set up the rune the way we need to compliment our playstyles best. magic users and ranged are basically the same but ranged shoot farther in basic shot so as you evolve or awaken i hope the ranged get a better range and MU's boost dmg. lack of unique units hurts to
(3 Star) just start playing today and got problem with my phone so i started again with another gadget, got the same starter monsters.. i think this would be good if you give us an option even n what types of elemental monster we'd like to start with.. having 3 water & 1 dark monster then followed by another water + forest monster again from scrolls 😯 (in short, Monsters are too Few)
Just beat the game (3-stars on all normal, hard and hell levels). Enjoyable game, good way to waste time. Very possible to beat the game without spending money; I didn't. Once you beat a level, you can autoplay it. Most useful function!!
This is a great well rounded game. The game play is simple but the levels offer a good challenge if going for 3 stars. The developers are great as well. I reported a bug and they corrected it within days.
Its good. Turn based on a grid. Its not very complex but has things in common with chess. Has terrain, movement differs for each type fighter, different attacks per fighter type, level up fighters, use runes to boost abilities, global upgrades cover all fighters, upgrade runes, get scrolls with new monsters/fighters, get chests with runes. 30 fighters to collect.. For max rewards get 3 star rating at each level. Not hard, but offers challenge. Needs better help. Awaken? Evolve?
Good game. Make more evolution of Galahad, he's the main character right? Also is it only me or the gold reward at T-Fast and T-Crazy is same ratio as Normal. Good work. Best regard
The update is pretty bad, they make the 1st stage,which you use to grind for daily mission quickly, way longer. There is also no improvement for stage reward.
This is my first time to rate a game with 5 star. My suggestions: 1. More monsters and unique skills. 2. Improve the shop like all the monsters can be buy but they must be slightly expensive to add more intense. 3. Runes, there must be no failures with upgrading, just the real price of it. 4. Awakening, some of the monsters are cute like the forest hound so I didn't awaken it. Just make the awaken design as a new design of a monster- I have more suggestions in mind but it is limited to comment.
I love the game but when I reach level 60 I can't level up anymore. Plus when I'm upgrading the runes it fails. I'm wasting a lot of golds. How can I reach the Maximum form of my monsters?
Real quick and easy, nice time killer , fun characters, yeah really enjoying it, nice offline play too.
I used ti live this game. I have now been completely frozen from doing most things in the game fir more than a month now. NOT happy!!!!!
For what it is a simple phone game its the best rpg I've found. No choppy lagging, no using 1-2 gigs of my space. Entertaining for what it is.
Gotta admit, it's amazing for an amateur try! It's comparable to that of Fire Emblem: Heroes. ...Well, there's some amateurish mistakes, such as icons that tells your Monsters has a nerf but doesn't tell what exactly mean, UI in-game requires a revision, etc., but it's playable and that's important! And yes, the levels requires to grind to continue, but you got daily moneys and extra levels to continue. Sad there's no lore, because those elemental healing characters (Lala, LuLu, etc) are my fav.
Awesome final fantasy tactics/wargroove type of game πŸ‘πŸ» especially because you dont feel pressured to make in game purchases
Good offline game, however, would have been nice to explain the evolve monster mechanic better. You loose the runes you have on monsters you choose to combine. The sentance that states that you loose material monsters does not specify or hint that you should choose throw away 1st level monsters. Lost 2 really good upgraded runes. Hint to new players: when monster hits level 20 and can evolve, choose cheap 1st level monster with no runes attached.
Really liked the game. Simple and enjoyable with enough features to keep you occupied for a good, fun experience. Recommend it for anybody who likes RPGs but doesn't necessarily want to go in too deep with the mechanics and just wants to have a good time.
Besides a few spelling and grammar issues This is an awesome game it's got a learning curve when you 1st startBut once you figure it out it's really simple Mechanics but in depth extremely challenging strategies.
Fairly simple to play, yet still has some complexity. Lots of interesting characters to abtain and level up as well. I would like to someday see other modes of play too, keep up the good work!