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Tactics Frenzy – Chess Puzzles

Tactics Frenzy – Chess Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Play Magnus located at P.O.Box 143 Bogstadveien · 0323 Oslo. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hi Magnus Team, My puzzle rating in this app. is going down without solving any puzzles. it was about 1675 yesterday and now it become 1556. Hi Team, Thanks for your update. I was thinking that there is some server issue. It is the correct explanation for my reduced rating. I am enjoying this game a lot. Please add some difficult puzzles.
The puzzles are good but the app is slow and buggy. There is a long delay occasionally as the app freezes. Sometimes the board turns green or purple. Now it won't open. Pleased I didn't pay.
I loved it and I hope you can add more challenging puzzle in the future and maybe you can add an engine just in case if we got answer wrong because even you give the best continuation sometime I got doubt in another move so it could help me know why the other move is worse. BTW great app
Its a good app with great puzzles but some solutions are just clearly wrong.......for e.g. there was one position with W- Kh7, Bb1, g2, f2 B-Kf7, Nb4, a4, f5, h5 And it was white to play and the solution says Ba2+?? And there were a few other positions too with such solutions. This is the only problem I have faced where the solutions have been clearly wrong, but I liked the other positions otherwise and I think it is a great app if this problems can be fixed.
Why is it asking for an email, and to create an account with a password? We're in the Google play store-- my email is known, and I'm already logged in with Google credentials. Please update your code to grab the account information directly, like every other app. There's no good security reason to create another account for myself on some site that has clear ongoing bugs. Really looking forward to fixes, because Magnus is the greatest champion of all time, and I'd like to improve.
Nice tactics app! There should be one more feature, that is, we should be able to rewind back moves even when we solved the puzzle, so that we can explore alternate tactics which might have been less effective. Hopefully you'll add this feature soon! When you do it, I'll give 5 stars.
I am such a huge fan of Magnus Sir however the graphics of this application is very bad. And gets stuck while completing the puzzles, I am sorry to say this, this app is not user friendly/ interface. Developer- request you to please do something on it. I am giving 3 stars only because of Magnus sir. No offence to anyone.
Dope Experience!!! Really Loved the Game... There are two reasons why I like, well love this game... The first is pretty common, the gameplay, the brain speed and all are all excellent... The second reason is that this game is officially brought to us by the World Chess Champion, the legendary Magnus Carlsen...
The link that the app sends for resetting passwords doesn't work, it doesn't let me change my password and I can't use the app 👎. I think you should add the option to connect with gmail or facebook, it would be a lot easier.
Magnus carlsens's other apps are pretty good. This was very laggy and had very poor user interface, logging, overview and overall not very good execution. 3 star rating is if the app was free, witch it is not. Edit after dev response: Its hard to 'stay put' when its a 7 day trial. But i might check it out later. But for now the app and subscription is removed
Great app. But there are serious performance issues whenever I play it on my LG X Power. I don't know if my phone is not good enough to run the app smooth or whatever but sometimes the game becomes almost unplayable.
I like what I can see from the tactic section. But, unfortunately, it's almost unplayable. When it works it lags extremely bad. I can do one tactic, maybe two , then it just basically locks up. I wait until android system gives options to close app or wait on app. I have tried choosing 'wait'. But doesn't help. I need to close and restart app. Then maybe I can solve one tactic , but then it basically, locks up again. Even when it works, it lags 15-30 seconds trying to move pieces.
Today when I played Tactics Frency I solved 43 puzzles in my first attempt, I played again to better the score and solved 50 puzzles but unfortunately the score didn't reflect on the app esp on the page where you can see the scores of all users once your attempt is over. I thought it might be a bug and played again, this time I solved 53 puzzles even though it displays the score as my personal best. It is not yet updated on the scores of "All users" i.e when clicked on "Easy High Score".
Very bad apk. Money grabber apk. Crashes almost all day. Your team updated apk. Still crashes. On board chessmen are mixed
The app crashes a few seconds after I open it. The screen just goes black. I know it is a new app so I would still give it 2 stars, but I would change it to 5 stars if the problem has been solved.
Two things: 1) Lag, 2) You need to be able to review every game in a session. Sometimes you move just to move on, but have no idea why it was correct. The app is designed to be motivational, but unless you're learning something, it's pointless. I'm giving 5 stars because it's Magnus, but otherwise it's a 3.
Amazing program as a free relentless addictive chess trainer. It's superb. But there are errors every so often in marking solutions when I propose equivalent or superior solutions to the ones marked correct. It should have a function to flag positions where the solution is incorrect.
Please solve screen lock issues. While thinking, my screen looked. Everytime i have to unlock my phone.
For app that's just give us puzzle (no hystory, no board analysis, no engine, etc) this one sure is humongous but the quality of the puzzle is really good and unique so.. 🤷‍♂️
FANTASTIC app. I love the settings- you can change the board and peices, and set it to pause after you solve (otherwise it advances to the next puzzle too quickly imo). The puzzles are excellent as well. One cool improvement would be for the computer to refute moves you try that aren't the best to clearly show why they aren't the best. Thank you to the developers!
Why the F you cant analysis your puzzle when click solution it only show the solution and if you wanna know why not the other move it is impossible you have to analysis the puzzle on a different website plz make analysis option
It is just a black screen! The ad for membership pops up, I close it, then it turns into a black screen! I have Android 6.0 and this will not work. Even on PC. If I try it on my computer the settings button won't close thus blocking a quarter of the board. Please fix this problem. I want to get good at chess :(
it's just a garbage app. freezes and crashes constantly. by the time it's loaded a 2 minute time trial, 40 seconds have already blown by. freezes in the middle, too.... except the clock of course. I was excited by it and subscribed as soon as I downloaded, but once I actually used the app and saw what a useless product I had just paid for I canceled immediately. this should not have been released until it was actually working.
Amazing application for practicing tactical chess puzzles, and possibly the best application of its kind for mobile devices. It's new but the bugs are being fixed rapidly. It has become my new favorite application for chess puzzles.
For God's sake please include an option for piece control/movement. I keep having my pieces moved because of smallest random flicks of finger on my screen. PlayMagnus plagues me in the same way. Just let us enable tap only option or swipe only option if you are that inclined. Also, really wish it didn't ask for Internet to play.
It constantly crashes and hangs the whole phone. Fully updated Pixel 4XL. Would give 5 stars but this is not acceptable. EDIT: this is still happening, 70% of the time it will hang on start. Really bad actually, unusable!
Love this game! It has a great design with a music to make you concentrate and comfortable with chess. And there is training and if you make mistake, there are solutions. But for me, this app should be added more features to make it more interesting. And also this app often crash. I hope Play Magnus will improve it and add more features :-)
The app was decent. It's just the FPS was not well. Sometimes, it was good but most of them was not much laggy but the puzzles were great. Just add reviews for some puzzles even if the puzzle was solved correctly, so that for example, you accidentally solved the puzzle and you need to review that moves. But overall, it was good.
Definitely unique but huge problem with language with the word "win." Ambiguous whether checkmate or wins a piece.
Hi magnus team, I'm having a serious problem. After opening this app, I can't play any video or see any photo in other apps like Youtube, Facebook. Then I've to restart my phone every time to make things normal. The problem is with the app for sure because after restarting, the problem starts as soon as I open this app and doesn't start if I don't open this app. Can you please fix this issue? Edit: After the last update, it doesn't seem to be happening anymore. Thanks a lot.
It's good app. I like the fact that the puzzles get harder as you progress unlike random puzzle apps out there. The calming background music is a plus. However, it would be awesome if you put sound effect when pices move. It would be satisfying to hear a capture sound during play. The other is it doesn't disable the lockscreen unlike other games. Screen locks during play if you take time to think.
It is a nice app but it lacks the engine to analyzeit after a failed attempt, if build in engine is to hard if it only gives PGN or something to import into other engines is still nice.
Can't retry missed puzzles. Would like an app with puzzles by different categories I can retry wether I win or lose.