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Table Top Racing Free

Table Top Racing Free for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Playrise Digital Ltd located at 4th Floor, Elevator Studios 29-31 Parliament Street Liverpool L8 5RN United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wish these guys would release another game. I have so much nostagia for this game. As a kid, i would play this on my kidle fire all day. Still gives me the same child like joy.
me Luv this Game, like the name,app picture,full game play,toy vehicles,4 races challenges😎(few things dont need arrows,need brakes pedels left & right for easy turning, also improve the playing more smooth fast & good altime thanks
Although this has a premium price, the P2W nature of this game his you at the second cup. Races suddenly require upgraded parts, with no way to grind early races to earn much needed cash. Even better cars are easily defeated by low level CPU cars, due to unfair rubber-banding. The solution? Why, IAPs for gold, of course! Definitely one game to avoid, even if it's cheap, as the whole game is geared towards players buying cash to progress. P2W filth, through and through.
Great game, decent graphics and very addictive. I have loaded it onto another firestick and lost all my progress. How do I log back on to another device without losing all my cars and tires and stats etc?
It's a decent game. Pretty fun. Good time killer. My problem is the ads. Every couple levels, there is a 20/30 second ad that can't be skipped. Just gets in the way of the experience, and the ads just make me want to play it less. It's a meh game. Try it if you want, but I say you should or shouldnt
Im sick and tired off these damn ads. Just let people play the game. I keep getting sent to apps to download. Im deleting this game as this is annoying and don't need this nonsense.
Super fun game. 5 star rating. Please make more games like this... Maybe a offline stunt game. Respond back please
I wish I had a game like this and I got this game. It's not as difficult as the rest of the games and somewhat more simple. This game is great for time spent and entertaining.
Just bought. Might refund. Playing on shield TV. Performance good but so obviously a port from some other format. Can't reconfigure controls. Has coloured buttons for gamepad menu controls that obviously don't match up with many controllers. No graphic options. Almost looks worse than the first table top racing game. The lack of reflections on the cars is particularly obvious and really detracts from the look. Might snag on Steam sometime, but it's not for Android.
Playrise digital ltd. Drift mode keeps saying go to garage select car but can click to start stage Sent to google😈
It is so f cking hard one race for me took hours and it is a time race and the game is rigged in the bots favor, always and I still didn't finish the time race so I uninstalled the game so whoever sees this don't download this game because it is a waste of time
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Firstly: great game - good graphics but even better playability. Secondly: for all those frustrated reviewers and players out there - believe me, with practice, it's possible to complete every championship and get 3 stars on every challenge without IAP. Thirdly: HELP! I have all the cars, all the mods, all the wheels, all the stars, 2.6m earned coins and the 300k drift challenge, yet I still cannot unlock the last "secret" achievement! What else is left?!
Great game am enjoying it. So far no money has been asked for. A few ads but nothing compared to some. The ONLY grumble is I don't like using the 'tilt' to steer so when playing the brake button turns into the action button, understandable because only so much can fit on a 7 inch screen, still it bugs me. And no i have no ideas how to make it better. Lol.
Game has been super fun! The game is quite challenging but gives you just enough room to get to the front of the group and win races. No complaints!
This game is really fun when I used to play it on my old tablet where I completed most of the championship/campaign. So when I got my phone about a year ago, I downloaded the game again and signed into Google play games and my progress was saved! I enjoy this game a lot. I have beaten the whole game and I have a lot of coins but nothing to spend them on. All in all. Awesome game.
Definitely a fun racing game! Graphics are pretty cool as well! Definitely recommend downloading this game!!!
Thanks for supporting the GamePad! Thanks for skipping the forced tutorial! Creative and fun game! Suggest auto hiding touch controls when using a gamepad. Suggest full gamepad support in the menu (maybe highlight your selection and allow d-pad input).
Bro, i'm very nostalgic with this game, please make 2.0 version of this game, adding a new vehicle,maps,and more mode. Unlimted star review for this game πŸ˜·πŸ€™
its good but the controls for me are a bit heart and basically I can't even play it it says that send feedback light 1000 times so I can play the game but I can play it on different devices thank you for the game and good Developers
I like this game and u can enjoy that...but its dont have online (pvp) players in game and chatroom and...but thanx for beauty game
I had this game like 3 years ago as well. I highly recommend. It's fun. Easy. And there are tournaments to unlock new cars. If its your first time play for at least a week
Great game but need to update and increase championships Thanks And please make this game online and double player
The game is original and no problem with graphics and gameplay. The reward system is hard. There is nowhere to grind for money. And the sounds of the machines are totally broken when on race. Fix the sounds of the machines and 5 stars will be rated.
Very difficult when driving the car and you must have a lot of coins to upgrade the car you driving it doesn't ask for small amounts of coins the games asks a lot of coins just to upgrade the one thing and you can't upgrade the things you want to upgrade
Not a bad game after all ive had this game for a while now and I must say pretty interesting 1)Perfect graphics 2)A well done to the gameplay 3)Challengeing tracks that's good 4)cute little tiny race cars thats a well done 5)very very easy to earn money This is a great game problem is that ...ok its not a big issue but plz add more tracks and more cars and make the GAME MORE HARDER
Decent game, way to expensive to upgrade cars, mildly frustrating trying to earn enough coins in the game to upgrade and be competitive. You almost have to pay real money to upgrade. Still a decent enough game. Not sure I would recommend
I hate this game. There is a terrible ai in this game. Also don't fix the issue,because I hate this game ssooo much. Pls fix this game to raiting 0 stars. Thank you. Goodbye.
This is a very amazing game I have played and I also wanted to rate 5 star to this game but the controls are little bit difficult so I having problem while driving the car if the game editors improve the control then I will give it five star
This game is a new version of an old SEGA game and its awwwsome period.Its remastered very good I gave it 3 because 1: its not multiplayer(its the main potential of this game) 2:forcing player to see 25 seconds money scam games AD... 25 sec? Non optional? Without reward? AND FOR WATCHING AD FROM PEOPLE WHO WANTS TO FOOL US WITH $20,000 FREE MONEY EARNING IN A STUPID GAME???
This game is one of the best mobile games that i have played. Five stars, but one thing i dislike is the long ads you are forced to watch over and over again without the option to skip. Havent got to far in it yet but so far this game is excellent, reminds me of twisted metal back in the day.
Love the game, wish there was a multiplayer version. Anyways it's a racing game that actually doesnt take a lot of space and has physics which I enjoy. Now I just want the reckless chaos of explosions or something. Good game
One of the best racing games for Android....so easy controls and very beautiful graphics but I think you can should add more cars and maps....πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘
The graphics and the idea is good. The controls are impossible. These touch screen games never figure this out. If you put the controls on the screen, they need to be big enough to hit. By making the steering buttons so small, you miss & drive off course. They are designed for tiny hands. The power ups in the game are terrible. When you're in last you get bombs to drop behind you when there isn't anyone behind you. When you're in the lead, you get missiles to shoot ahead of you, where no one is.
This is a pretty good game. It can be very difficult and kinda unfair but it's still a good and fun game. I like the tracks I think they are pretty cool. I also like the short cuts too. They are well placed and fun to figure out. This game has so many cool cars with awesome paint jobs too. I just wish there were more tracks. Also in the ad it says that there were 9 power ups when there were only 4.
I like this game very much but 1 year ago in tv(fire tv stick) That was good. still I have it in tv but because of storage I deleted it. But now also I like this game. Because of this reason I gave 3 stars.
games pretty okay, i still like it, even after the years, the same problem i still have is the difficulty and the price of the upgrades, pretty high, and also, pls do not listen to daniyal jalili, i understand the game is just a free version, and there are obviously ads on the game, because thats how you alternatively earn money, and you didnt include multiplayer of the same reason, overall, its alright.
It's great game I only kinda want to have a few more control buttons other than just side to side and if I could hook up my ext. Gamepad and play. And if there was more weapons variety to pick up, oh and my #1 complaint or idea is I wanna there to be a REPLAY option so I can watch the match I just won and see it in a movie style viewing, ya that would be something like if u win like first place in one the small races u can get to watch the match over in movie style,
This is a fun game to play. But the problem is that even after you spend money to buy coins to buy the best cars and wheels then even after that the races are still harder as you progress so it makes less sense spending money if the further championship events are still going to be hard to win, hence uninstalled.
After the game not wanting to download for so long (gave it 1 star), it finally did. I absolutely love this game, even though the weapons are not that explosive, it's still a fun. Love the graphics and variety of vehicles in it. Controls need to be more customizable tho. It's hard for me to boost around a corner turning right while steering.
Irrationally impossible after bronze championship. All the cars are SUCKY when fully upgraded. Bots are always better that your skill at it's height????? WHYY?? controls are evilly horrendous. Why at the bottom of the screen? This game stinks never playing again.
I can't describe my experience until I have one. This game closes once Playrise appears on the screen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app and nothing happens. The game still closes before the game even loads. Please help and give instructions to fix this problem. I would love to try this game.
This game could be great. My grudges are the tracks. From the 2nd season, you mostly have to guess where thd road leads to but worst of all are the placement of the controls. Who in their right mind would stick the buttons in bottom corners of the damned screen?!?!??? FIX IT or better, let us choose where they go then the game should be worth 4 or 5 stars. Thank you.
Great game so far, really enjoy the variety and simplicity of the racing. It is also a bonus that serves a generous portion of nostalgia. Fun, exciting, and thus far, not a necessity to spend actual money to be able to enjoy the racing
This game is super fun, super addictive. There are no drawbacks in this game. You play it once, you will play it forever. I wish this game was available in local/online multiplayer. The best part would be a level editor. That wour be so cool making your own levels and publishing it. But other than that this game still deserves 5/5