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Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Yakuto located at 44 Paul Street London EC2A 4LB. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
when i play this. i thought i will be boring butt its so addicting to play to the point that i love it! seeing is believing and it seems its make my confidence boosted in play in a real ping pong!! . dont get broken heart guys and sis. xD
Was fun at first until the side games got stupid impossible. Like common, 999 seconds to keep up with an opponent with 25% (possibly more like 20%) of the table and you lose gold from messing up just 5 times... bruh you lose bronze from messing up 15 times, it's 999 seconds you gotta keep up with an opponent that barely makes a mistake. No skill required at that point, it's all luck.
Best table tennis 🎾 game I've played on mobile, so interesting and so many tough challenges, I am yet to try the multiplayer . I would have given it a five star rating because it could have been better portrait than landscape. It's table tennis not long tennis
It's quite good. But in my opinion there should be an online play. If it was there I would give 5 stars . Overall good app.
I paid for this game and the game had no ads and used to give a lot of boosts before. But developer decided to make it free and go with ads and paid items in game. This is not fair to those who paid. I should either get a refund or give me ad free and premium items like before. This is the worst non ethical behaviour I have seen by any game developer.
Im a real table tennis player and i noticed about the ball that it change direction when being recieve and thats wrong tha ball does not change direction when you smash it or just return it to the enemy please fix it. The ball will only change direction when service is so much spin that means backspin it looks likes the ball is coming to you when you serve it because of the spin.
Such a useless game. I touch the racket the ball does not get hit and you lose a point. If I want to serve and try to hit the ball it does not get hit. Uninstalling this game. People are right this games controller is not good. If you touch the ball does not get hit.
well designed but bad balancing. once you get to international level it's quasi impossible to get gold at anything. I can barely get to a third of the hits that would get me copper for a challenge, forget gold. also there is no daily quest and gold return diminish as you finish the same challenge. huge potential, bad incentives to play.
Excellent game...the best table tennis game out there....it's fun and very realistic moves, turns and overall experience
Wonderful game....I think it is the best tennis game I have seen......very addictive... Download it you will enjoy the game....Nice work and nice graphics...weldone keep it up
Takes a bit to figure out the subtleties of power, spin, bat choice & serving, but rewarding. Once mastered you still have the challenge of figuring opponents individual strengths & weaknesses. I can't get enough really.
Its been very great so far. However, it should be more realistic( a ball played should be able to go outside the table) and also, would be great if tournament between players can be organized.
I love playing ping pong (table tennis) pretty good at it but playing the game with thia app helps to improve skills for online play purposes of course ...alot different physically if playing an actual real life game but the concept of the game play does help either way so it can be a good way to learn stuff about playing the game.
the worst game I have ever played. every time I try hitting the ball it goes straight through the ball without hitting it.when you talk about bug fixes you don't know how to fix them.please with all my heart do not make any more games you terrible company!!
starts off promising with a tutorial to teach you the basics followed by a couple of easy tasks and matches then the gameplay steps up unbelievably where it can't be matched? so don't really see the point? uninstalled....
Decent game, but it is very inconsistent when hitting the ball, as sometimes quite literally nothing would happen.
Amazing, but I hope you could male it learning platform form players but giving more suggestions during the game. As in my case I am a hard smasher but I lack too much swing, so improve it in that perspective. Overall I love it as it is fantasticπŸ‘Œ
Excellent game, much better than I expected. Controls are very good once I adjusted the paddle. Feels like a good simulation of real table tennis.
Great experience. I have been a player the experience is so good just like real. Maybe add ghost spins and other good things like that :) but that's nitpicking the game is fantabulous ❀
it was fun at first but then the controls were hard to use it gives the ai better hits and the ai knows where you are going to hit that kind of ruins the experience
Possibly one of the most competative table game apps ive ever played... Had to start from square one with a new device (which was a bit of a bummer) but enjoyed it enough to do so with little to no complaint. Visuals are great, gameplay is great (wish you could control spin as well as the computer at times) add ons are reasonably priced, and game doesnt require network connection.
good easy controls, best possible graphics but doing the same thing over and over again just playing matches can get boring, add your own aspect to the game
If you want to play stupid little games go for it. Barely any ping pong matches with this game. You are forced to play dumb little arcade games if you want to get better equipment. Very dumb, would be a lot more fun to just play ping pong.
This game is a very realistic and entertaining game that is also quite addicting. At first, this game seemed quite easy and boring, yet, the more I played this game the better it got. Some parts of the game are really easy and some parts are really hard and thats why I like it so much. This game isn't overloaded with ads and the ads aren't long.
Its a fun time waster. Not many ads. Lots of fun. My only issue is I can't figure out how to change paddles. Theres a button for skins, but not the paddle itself which sucks
Horrible game play. Computer constantly hits ball before the bounce, no penalty. I wait for the hit mark on table then hit and get penalized. AI leaves a lot to be desired.
Photorealistic graphics are amazing! The physics are good. The only thing that bothers me are the controls. Other than that, this is fun!
The game itself is enjoyable until you reach the international level of career. the matches are rather easy when you understand how easy it is to manipulate the AI. However, once there you begin to run into the training reputation problem. By this point in the game the matches should be rather easy, the difficulty comes in with the reputation gating of further events. The training "missions" take significantly more time and energy to gain gold/silver to do more matches.
Great game! I love that its free and very little ads. The graphics and gameplay are amazing, just an all around 5/5 game
Its really nice game..It deserves 5 stars..The grpahics and controls and just amazing! This is the best graphics game i have ever played so far but there is an issue is that whenever i click on multiplayer it shows connect to local wifi but actually my wifi and internet both are turned on still its showing other than that its the best game!
I would love to give 5 star but I couldn't. The reason is it doesn't have an option to play with friends, from facebook. So far it has a multi player option which allows to play with the person who connected to the same wifi. UI was fantastic and the way , the game was presented was superb. You can come up with more options which doesn't effect the application. As of now the speed of the application is good. I hope this application comes with an option mentioned above.
I've gotten a gold medal in every single event and i've gotten every single achievement (except 50x combo half table). To be fair, i really really love this game. And i hate this game. I understand why there are so many 1 star reviews, because this is an ACTUALLY good game, and it's difficult. I would like to recommend taking down the difficulty a little bit on the mini tables 2, and please get rid of the 50x combo on half table, im not putting 2+ hours into a single unnecessary achievement.
this game is awesome, as a table tennis player myself, the gameplay is very much true to life,however winning better bats isnt easy regardless of working my way through a majority of the game
I find it cool at first but then it will start being hard and hard and the most hardest one is the last 😟 you can't win it. And it takes time to download and for playing and it works with cnx πŸ˜πŸ˜’ but you will enjoyed it thnx for this game πŸ˜‰ Now the choice is yours but in my opinion (try it and see) πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡©πŸ‡Ώ
I love this game. If you could just add online multiplayer instead of local, then that would be great! This has nice graphics, the gameplay is smooth, it's got everything needed to make it feel like you're playing real table tennis. Good job!
it's nice to see just a regular table tennis game. with nothing to buy. no power ups. it would be real nice if you did not have to get so many points to unlock next event. otherwise very nice game.
whats been said about the controls is true, the paddle often misses perfectly hit perfectly timed shots. unfortunately i cannot find this entertaining when i am losing matches because your game is ruining the match.
loads of fun, would be 5β˜† but sometimes on serve it seems to be a little bit inconsistent and I haven't figured out what I'm doing different.
this is an amazing and fun game it makes me very happy :) the little mini games are so fun!!! and the ads are not annoying or intrusive at all. i love it.
Useless, tried to play after a few weeks off but all my progress has been lost. Haven't cleaned the cache or data for this app at all. To play Multiplayer you have to download a seperate app. Uninstalled.
I love the game, but after you beat the main base game, there's nothing to do whatsoever. You might as well just delete it at this point because the only thing you can do is play locally against someone on your wifi network. There really should be an online mode kinda like 8 Ball Pool or something like that. With that this game would be an immediate 5 stars.
I'm gonna reduce my ratings as my game is not opening after the last update. Plz fix this asap, I love this game.
This is a prime example of a game done right. The gameplay is super intuitive and feels natural. The game is challenging and the mini games are great fun.
The controls are done so well and are very smooth. Gameplay is made a bit easier for the players (you cant hit the ball off the table except for during serves). Not many ads.
Horrible game. The only thing that they have achieved is the aesthetics but that too can not carry this game given the horrible touch registration whilst playing. 90 percent of the time, the shot us missed simply because the touch sensor does not follow where you are touching. When taking the lead at a harder level, you automatically start lsing points because of the AI script as well. Utterly disgusted.
I like to play table tennis and I thought that this game would not rate as the same. SORRY goes to the team behind this game as I was very wrong as it is so realistic you emerse yourself into it and forget you are playing a game to the real thing. WELL DONE! Also I would like to thank you as you don't have continuous adverts and what adverts you provide do relate to my interests and this makes you one of the best App providers in the world. This is a genuine review from The T Boy
Well it's been a couple weeks & I'm still playing this game is fun if you like these type of games sports/tennis download this game it's very worthy & the mini games are probably the best part of the game they're real fun
Extraordinary graphics and UI, top spin mechanics very satisfying, and the format of Career Mode is also great, but pretty much everything else is lacking. Most notably, the game mechanics have one HUGE fundamental flaw: if you hit the ball softly, the ball will be returned by the AI softly as well, which will allow you to smash the ball with full power and win the point 100% of the time against any opponent: that's why all my games are 5-0/11-0. Finally, PLEASE add multiplayer and matchmaking!
Excellent game. Great graphics and physics, nice game to play. I like player progression scores, the bat enhancements and the practice games to achieve more points.
Ur bots are hitting the ball where its not going so plz fix it, other then the bots its a good game just really need to fix that!!!!
This game is awfully awesome and mind-blowing. The graphics are really good and the opponents' A. I. is great. The career is also very big. This is an tremendously recommended game to play.
This is as close to real table tennis u can come in a mobile phone. You can make plays here just as you would do in a real game and the game will respect it and award you. I would recommend this one.
haven't been playing for long but really enjoying what appears to be a very well sort out entertaining game. The reason why it drops a star is the overwhelming amount of adds adds and more adds.
Good app. Follows all the rules and techniques of Table tennis. Practice types are good. If you know how to play Table tennis then this is an interesting game. Very good.
For a simple game it is pretty adicting but when the level gets high it does not detect the hit.Most of the time I am on the exact position swiping the bat but the ball passes which is annoying.I hope the problem shoud be fixed quickly with an update
The games is so Awesome but, the problem is when me and my brother play multiplayer... the Guest won't see the ball... the ball goès invìsible after pitchinģ ... onlý the guest but the host are fine .. hope the developer reply how to fix this ... I pŕomise I update this review afterwards. God Bless
I love this game! Its almost like really playing ping pong. The way the paddle feels, putting spin on the ball feels almost real. I am already real good at it and enjoy it very much.
game is good, way to many 30 second ads to watch in between every single game is too much and it eats up our data plans. its also the same ads over and over cut back
Entertaining af but developers should please add a fully fledged online mode where players can play with random players around the world
You can't play this game if you will keep your internet on. They should rename their app to watch advertisements. Before the starting of the game, after opening the application, after the game finishes, evrytime they want to show advertisements. This is absolutely ridiculous.
Very addictive game. Opponents tend to "cheat" in the final with unplayable returns but this can be countered. Wish that it wasn't always the same computer players in the final. Fantastic game and very reasonable advertising.
the worst table tennis game i have ever played. this is a big con like the way the bat hits the ball its just messed up the serve. and too many glitches. i use a 6gb ram phone but its still glitches and stupid
It would be very good except the movements that illustrate the slide serve and slide strokes don't work, you can only hit flat. So as soon as you ate up against a computer character that can do thesevmives you have no hope if winning.
its good...at first. i uave been playing this for a while now. awesome game at first. however, the last levels which is international are just too hard. i understand the endgame is supposed to be difficult but we are talking impossible. the small table and half table points are just too hard. cant get passed them no matter what after a ton of tries
Ultimate time killer! you can try all your spins, smashes and everything over here! it's really super cool!!! The best TT game on play store TBHπŸ‘Œ
The game is cool but it doesnt have a restore purchase option, i lost the bottle of boost. but overall this game has some decent graphics!
I absolutely love this game. In my opinnion, this is the best table tennis app on mobile. It's addictive, which is something often said about mobile games, but in the case of this game the mechanics are fun and allow for a learning curve. There is substance to this game, and I recomend it people that are interested in table tennis apps, or who just wanna kill time
I really liked the game. It is super fun and addicting. Also, the online multiplayer game is amazing! One suggestion though. I would really like the player your going up against to have a body. It is just weird staring at a floating paddle. Other than that it is amazing!
Installed it one day. Uninstalled it the same day. It's a great game I've got to be honest, but I SWEAR half the time I hit the ball and it just doesn't do anything. It drove me so insane I gave up.
The graphics are amazing but it's hard to play with the phone forced to be in landscape mode. Like when you're watching YouTube and you have the phone on its side. If it were able to be played where the screen is long ways it would be better
A lot of the time i found that the game wouldn't react to my input meaning i would lose to opponents because of the game itself. The career mode is fun but it forces you to play these boring and pointless mini games until you have enough points to unlock something else. Graphics r cool tho
Amazing game in the present world ,awesome graphics and everything . In my opinion no bugs and pings thank to devolopers for developing kind of game. Overall good but one prob that the player cannot swing the ball as compared to bot an plz exyend the career thnks
Cool game and why i need TO INSTALL the ping pong fury i cannot go in multipleplayer i want to play with MY brother...
Best table tennis game easily... Superb graphics and gameplay, controls are smooth, hardly any ads to annoy you.... If table tennis is your thing, then I don't know of a better game than this.... Only niggle I've found is a slight error sometimes when you are doing a power serve... You end up missing the ball altogether and forfeiting the point.... Other than this... Flawless.
Nice game i like it . I give a 3 stars because it still searching for a multiplaye and never found even my wi-fi is on and no airplane mode activated . If you can fix it to play with international players will be a great game. Thank you!
Good gameplay, great graphics. No annoying pay to unlock/wait times. Beat the game, got all the achievements. The game does get hard near the end, but it's not impossible. Great experience overall. We need more developers to build just good old games such as these with no paywalls.
The game quality is fine but the annoying part is if the game wants you to win, you will win, if they dont want you to win, the opponent will be using boost in game, u can clearly see that after a few shots and thats not fair. The worst part is after few tries, the opponent will start to play like a beginner and u know its time for you to win the game
This game is time consuming, I hate time wasting, but I can't help it. Beautiful game. Would be nicer if there were other shot like topspin and side chop. I can't get enough of it through.
Best game ever graphics are good and everything else r good too.And just 1 thing can u fix that floating paddle its just weird. Overall it deserves a 5-star
Best game which I have ever played. Good graphics, controls, gameplay a so on. The arcades were quite difficult. But, you people need ti make this app suitable for google play accounts for which we can sync our previously scored game.
the game doesn't registrate the touch when you are on a high level. It's too "fast" and just doesn't bounce back. I even go over the ball 4times and I hit it on the fourth time.. like wth.?
Great game & excellent graphics also. The only problem is with multiplier always it shows low connection. Overall 4.5
Probably one of the best table tennis games I've downloaded from the playstore. One cool feature that you might think about adding is like really being able to fully customize your paddles more than what you already have in the game and it would be more practical to have the multi-player game in the game already and not have to download another game but all in all its a really fun and decent game worth downloading.
Great game. I like the physics compared to the few listed before it and I love ping pong in real life and this is the coolest game other than the old rockstar game on 1st gen gaming consoles. EDIT* "Read other reviews and i dont know if its peer pressure but I think alot of people were right great graphics too! Add more to career please?!?!?!
it is an awesome game. very good user interface and design. i have never seen a game like this which so smooth and at high graphics. i play this game very often . i just loved this game.
Starts out good and fun, but the sensor is super off at high level game play and thus making it impossible to never make mistakes causing you to lose games. Like you serve and swipe perfectly, and the ball just falls to the ground.
Nice game...but need to fix the multiplayer option.. That is not working whenever i am hitting multiplayer button, its searching nothing.. Noone is online to play.. Can't possible.. Something wrong with that part..pls fix that
Graphics is good, but controls are terrible. This game would have been much better in a portrait mode.
Very good game, challenging but fun and rewarding when you win. I cannot recommend a table tennis game better than this one at the moment. It is the best on offer, for sure. Ball feel, control, spin, handling the paddle are all intuitive and reward skill with great play.
the controls don't work. it's literally a one control game and it doesn't work. if i swipe too fast the paddle just dissapears. if i don't hit it directly at the edge of the table it doesn't hit. i've tried moving my finger up, but nope. if they hit the ball at the net i can't hit it.
Fun, but with control issues. Namely, the camera angle moves to the side and it throws off your paddle direction. This does not really matter at lower levels but gets increasingly frustrating. Plus, watching my paddle go through the ball and having nothing happen on multiple occasions was not fun.
Phenomenal. Just wish you could play a backspin style game when it suits you...unless I'm missing something. And also true multi-player, though I know it might prove choppy. FAST, FUN, AND VERY REALISTIC. This game is superb!! Can you play a backspin shot?!
Super addictive game.... Smooth graphics. Fluid movements.. If you're a ping pong gamer...this it's for you.
Everything goes well till you reach the last 3 levels in Quick Game option. The shots and moves that worked well in the previous levels now don't seem to work at all. I swear the balls whiz past the paddle even when it touches the ball. Also, the opponent can make moves that I as a player do not have access to. This sucks, and I had so much hope from this game!
Gets boring quite quickly and it's rather easy. Once you finish the campaign the game is basically worthless, there's nothing left to do.
stupid game, bad movement and bad controls. I am a real table tennis player and I'm shocked to death that I noticed the one who designed the game doesn't really know how to play this sport
The game was fine for a while, I couldn't find any clear problems with the game until I reached the first Rally Challenge, that's when I realized that the game has one HUGE flaw. You have around a 20% chance of hitting the ball, no matter if you clearly hit it or not. I lost 10 seconds during the Rally Challenge because of that, even though I was clearly on-top of the ball. Why make a game about hitting a ball back and forth, when around a quarter of the time the player will always miss?
like come on... if you want to have a table tennis game actually make it work. when I hit it like 30% of the time it registers and the other 70% it just does nothing not to mention the paddle is no where near where my finger is... PLEASE FIX THIS! THEN I WILL PUT 5 STARS
Really excellent app, extremely entertaining. Also it is really realist, apart from how you put side spin on the ball
Kinda boring but it is decent definitely needs work make it so you have more challenging levels and stuff like that
Great game. Almost like the real thing. Spins and slices are awesome. I can't get enough if it. The only thing it's missing is you can't challenge facebook friends. That's a big minus and that's why it doesn't get 5 stars.
I purchased a free ad option than an update happen. The game can't be played afterwards so i reinstall it back again. Works fine and than it prompt me again to buy a free ad. I hope to get some answers for no reason i have to buy a free ad twice. Good game but it's getting suspicious.
My hand is painful during the play of their s game wonderful graphics with excellent animation i likebit too much😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ 😍😍😍😍😍😍
This is a seriously underrated game. I mean from the controls to graphics and sounds NAILED it. Also the complements you get after getting a point are cherry on top
I have played this game on another device and personally love it! But whenever i try to install it on my phone, it tells me that the app wasnt installed properly. That aside, the game is really fun, and I suggest all to give it a try! Its free after all.
Everything is good but controls are kinfa bad... sometimes u hit perfectly and it doesnt even touch the ball and makes no sence...
Half decent game until you get to the higher leagues and it is made near impossible to win. The final of the last championship is FIXED. Doesn't matter if you are in the right place, the ball just goes through the bat. Don't bother downloading!
Wonderful game 🀘the game wich is the touch of the game but if u can try to keep multi player it will be perfect to play keep that to update and reply it
Its really good but one thing i hate is that for multiplayer you have to play with someone on your wifi why can it be like add two options lan wifi and global hope they listen game isthe table tennis game on moblie πŸ˜ƒβ™₯οΈπŸ‘‹
short an simple, the game sucks really bad because theres no online against other people in the real word, all they have is multiplayer play with people who are IN YOUR HOUSE on the same wifi modem as you, no online play with real people. for this reason an this reason alone i deleted it, great graphics but no feautures. RUBBISH
The graphics are good. BUT, AI IS NUTS! It lets you win important points so you would feel like you showed an amazing play. Also, there are some opponents that have UNREAL spin where physics actually don't exist so you don't know where ball is going to end up! The game is practically making you to buy boosts for your spin because some of the opponents are made to return your every hit unless you buy a boost. And when you do, opponents pretend they can't even see the ball, so you can win...
its so bad... you try to hit the ball and your racket just goes thrue it/the hitbox is so broken in the game.... fix it and ill rate higher.
This game is one of the best table tennis games ever. It has less ads, very good graphics, and is perfect for people who is great at real life ping pong and table tennis. The only thing that would be better about this is if you added an online version or update the game for to do online or local. But other than that install this game
I enjoyed it at first, but I can tell from games like this it would be really difficult to get used to the mechanics, especially the spin one. Aside from that, the service as well is really bad even though I tried to accurately hit it, but the game didn't respond from the hits I make. I'm not suggesting to fix this or anything but try making a better mechanics, if better a different one.
Great game. Fixed download error by 1 unistalling 2 clearing cache and data for Google play, Google play services and download manager (show system files).
I would give this game 5 stars, if there weren't so many ads. There should be a paid version, to eliminate them. Everything about this game is excellent. It's challenging. It feels realistic. The graphics are great. But, just when you get really into the game, the ads start getting in the way, and they're way too long. you have to wait until they're completely finished to exit out of every single one of thema. It's extremely frustraiting.
The graphics is amazing. i love the garage/workshop look at the menu. There is even a game with mirrors in the back, and I was pretty amazed that I wasn't experiencing lags (Samsung J8). 5 stars for sure! Graphics - 10 Gameplay - 9
Exhilirating !! I'm in awe of such an app. Whew ! I am having so much fun I can't stop playing. Best app really....! Really people ! Stop trying to find faults. Just appreciate !!
has good grafics but it does not have where you can keep playing after every career and ads keep poping up so please fix it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unbelievably accurate! I was surprised. The look and feel is outstanding! My only complaint is that my arm hurts from playing it too much, lol.
Pretty decent game the mechanics are well thought out and have been executed well. I rate the game 4 out of 5 as it is impossible to play at later stages.
Such a dissapointment I got to the end of international looking forward to a final assessment game or something like that once I played my final league game I came across a service minigame?! I mean come on I am international an you are expecting for me to play a serving game when I just beat the best AI? World number one is also way to difficult and boring to play against I beat the semi final 11/3 on the last game and can't even get a point of number one he doesn't make a single mistake
This is a busted game where almost every shot you make is bugged and half the time it doesn't register the paddle and the ball just goes through. Not a good game don't waste your phone space on this game.
It's amazing game. The 4 start rate is only coz of the 30 seconds Ad. I am forced to see. 5 sec is enough for an ad.
Awesome game. Hits pretty much every box: Graphical quality, clean simple art style, smooth responsive controls. It only lacks an integrated multi-player (using the same app, not the other TT Fury one which is complete garbage) and more challenges and tournaments to keep you going. Overall it's probably the best table tennis mobile game out there, and I'd highly recommend it.
Looks nice, but it is buggy. Many times you win the point but it says you lost, or the point suddenly ends while playing. It does feel a bit like actually playing table tennis.
I used to play ping pong as a kid and enjoyed the game a lot. I was hesitant at first about downloading the game, thinking that the movements would be questionable to any realistic movements. Once I started playing and getting used to the paddle controls, I seriously had a hard time putting it down. It kept me alert as if I was playing in real life. My hat's off...awesome game.
Some players are op and spin doesn't work at all for some reason unless near centre of the table. Op cpu game. Above this now there's even more ads. No point playing when every end of game is an ad and ever other minute there's an ad. Just download another one. Ridiculous. They don't even look at these reviews to review the problems. They've ignroed more than thousands and have got back to almost none. Disgusting.
One of the best example of a game that have ads but don't interrupt you. I really like the gameplay and there a minimal amount of ads.
A very good, increasingly challenging game with good quality graphics. It is really easy to play whenever and is more realistic than a lot of the mobile table tennis games out there. Highly recommend especially if you like table tennis as a sport.
This is the BEST ping pong game on playstore. I have downloaded about 5 of them and this game is ten times better than every other one. Its realistic and there are very few ads.
This game is epic. It's so fun to play this epic game which is why I gave it 5 stars instead of 4. I entirely hit the ball and it hits. Like I said is epic. I'm happy I was excited.
Pretty good, but multiplayer pvp doesn't work. Even when it finds a game, when you click on it, it keeps waiting for the other player en never starts.
Best table tennis game you'll play on mobile, graphics are very good, gameplay is realistic, controls need some tweeking though.
Top notch game The creators really put a lot of effort into making this and the result is stunning. Attention to detail, steady learning curve and appropriate difficulty. Thanks guys
Controls are good, animation is good, gameplay is smooth but the game itself is very very boring. You will enjoy playing a few games in the beginning but after a while the games and the drills begin to get boring. It's a great effort. Despite all the good technical things about this game, it lacks the basic requirement of being entertaining. It feels more like a chore. It's a shame, because it could have been a really good game.
Best ping pong game out there hands down. Superb AI and breathtaking graphics. The UI is great as well. With limited ads, you can't help but have a great time. Well done.
Gameplay really good...bt u can improve on the sensor part...n more of new tournaments n side games...its really fun to play dis game...i just gt hooked playing dis game n loose touch of time lol...ul r doing a grt job the developers
its all about ball controll....... fun to slap mballs around a little, and this games easy set up and bitchen graphics ......look out before someone else controlls yours. good luck!
This game is great but sometimes the ball kind of goes through your paddle even when you which bothers me. Also you can't really find another person to play with you in multi-player mode which is disappointing.
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It's very bad game. Even it is not started. I installed it. When I installed it and then opens it is telling that it is not installed fully please revoot your phone and the re install it it not charges twice. I did that which they asked. When I uninstalled it and then install it first a fall it charges twice and then it comes again that it is not installed properly and said do same as before. Very bad game.I will give one star because there is no option to give zero star. Very bad gamr.
Good game good graphics good mechanics really realistic I am that addicted that I crossed my finger and had a little cut because my phone cracked anyway in the bottom of my heart it's a fantastic game.
Good game with nice graphics.. But it stopped working all of sudden. It strats, but then black screen.. I reinstalled the game, but progress is lost
Addictive but it's not easy to achieve to that miles stone of higher skill...u need time to master all the tricks and tactics of the game.
This is the best tennis game ever, period. I played through all the challenges and tournaments. I'm at the very last game at the world tournament in the international stage.. Not only is that guy (Kao.L) impossible to beat, he is also impossible to score a point against but I'll keep trying... Only thing missing is the online mode to make things more competitive and fun, maybe after then, I'll rate 10 stars πŸ˜‰
I tried a lot,but i am unable to play this game online i tried with my broadband also but still this game showing no internet connection. otherwise this is the best table tennis game avaliable on play store, and the graphics are also exteremely good. Please fix the multiplayer issue.
Great game... affraid to update because last time the game wouldn't open once updated and I had to start from scratch. Apart from that 5 stars
Really enjoyed this game until the latest update. Since then the game doesn't work at all. It just displays a black screen when I go to open it.
I am experiencing this issue with both your games, this and the darts game, where whenever you wanna play an ad, the game just restarts to the main screen. For this game I was stuck on arcade trying to quit/restart/continue, but even after closing the game, it would start on the same screen with no solution. Somehow I managed to eventually get out and go back to the career, but this is very annoying. I selected I don't want targeted ads, which seems to be causing this issue. One plus 6
This game is a really good. It has excellent controls. Really impressive graphics for a ping pong game. Its just fun to play. It's a great time killer. There are also many modes. Multiplayer is also great. There are different types of shots which was great to see. The game is also really satisfying when you hit the ball really hard and the opponent can't get it. I really recommend this to somebody who us looking for a fun and enjoyable game.
well made game for sure. very good. however, unable to return volley quite often due to an inability to tell the incoming balls exact location. to swing at a ball 5 or 6 times in rapid succession and still miss the ball can be very frustrating! and is totally NOT realistic! also, i have not been able to duplicate even once the amount of spinning hook that the hard level bots use on me at will and have yet to be shown any training for it. also very frustrating. great game tho!
Graphic wise, the challenges, the creativity ,the options are all so top notch on this game. I can't believe such a game is free to the public. Overall it's the best game I've come by in years. Seriously, Its hard think back to a game that had me this impressed. Thanks for the good work.
It's the best table tennis game ever! What I like so much is just how you get to feel as though you're really playing the game in reality.πŸ€— The experience is just awesome 😍 I recommend this game for anyone who is in search of a table tennis game πŸ’―
This is the best tebale tennis game but can u fix the multiplayer mode i cant play cause the new game and i tried the new one but i say this one is better😀😀