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Table Tennis

Table Tennis for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Giraffe Games Limited located at 26 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, D02 X361. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game are very stupid. I'm also winning the game but cannot jump on to higher level. And then I have to play the match again. Wasted my time 😤
Waste of your precious time.. It I'll work for some time properly, after sometime you will lose your controls and player will not move at all.. This game sucks. I am uninstalling this game
I think d game is ok but the idea of extending the seasons to season 7 just to make the game long is really annoying And also the paying of cash to buy money or coins to buy bat and shoes makes me sick Lastly, the guy cant even move at the right time... I have missed many points because instead of the guy to move towards the ball he just stands there looking...
One day playing online matches all levels, Rookie,Pro, All-star, etc. Next day, can't play Rooks, lv too high, room is for lv under 15. You are lv 18. Don't know how, not explained.•Lv14 to 18 in 1 day, lv 18 for a week now.•Ability Pts in multiplayer??-not explained.•Matchmaking is a JOKE!•Player auto move lacking, should be user controlled.•Shot timing changes every match(test of programming, not skill).•Lots of cheaters!•Patterns in AI play.•Player sometimes wont swing. Still top 3 ping-pong!
Off the hook it's fricken bad I love it it's pretty close to the real thing I just wish they had MEXICO red white green player but other than that it's awesome!!!!!
It's really fun and you can feel the rhythm. But on the other hand it's really difficult to grow because all the items just so expensive, you need to wait 1 to 4 hours for one match, and that's not fun at all. I hope there's an improvement for this
This is a scripted game. At higher level they jam your movements and helps the opponent to score as much points to make the match difficult and it feels so frustrating that you keep your finger sliding on the screen and the player is standing at his place,doing nothing.
Devs probably don't care at all, since the online matchmaking is broken, 9/10 games have connection problems, ratings don't make sense, waiting time is ridiculous. The only reason i have this on my phone is to play custom matches with friends and even those games have frequent connection problems. Offline campaign has waiting time which can be skipped by paying in game currency, and u end up spending more to skip time then gaining from winning matches 😂
The game has good potential. But unfortunately it's too much money oriented. I have no problem with wanting to make money out of a good product. But in this case you can barely advance in this game without having to pay money continuously. Paying money once in a while I wouldn't mind, but not that often. Too bad.
Lovely game. I like how the difficulty increases after each stage. Good Graphics. Makes me reminisce my playing days.
I love this app... This app made me entertained because my sports is table tennis so I enjoyed it a lot... If you are reading this.. you must download it because you can still play with your family and friends and this app will make you super entertained and you can practice even you are quarantined right now... God bless yall...
It's a good game. I would give 5 stars but the thing is it's the player not moving. When I hit the ball the my opponent puts it the other side of the table my player just sits there and does nothing. FIX THAT
This game is awsome. The best ping pong game thats out in the market. Love it and recommend it to everyone...
Wow.I love this game in that it's offline and the graphics are real...I enjoy table tennis...thanks to the developers...Thumbs up guys.This game makes my day.
Not good game ..when you on the high level your smash is getting slow and easy for computer to smash it back . And also when try to put the ball on the right position and suddenly the ball out of the table ...this is really make you frustrating and waste your time to wait the next match
This game is a good multiplayer game. You play on two separate devices though. It's cool. Best multiplayer game out there!!!
Good one for playing table tennis. just improve the network connection portion. And other is well and good.🙂🙂🙂
Controls feel to artificial compared to another table tennis game I play. Hasn't been updated recently, I had a hard time entering my name, had to change keyboards.
One day playing online matches all levels, Rookie,Pro, All-star, etc. Next day, can't play Rooks, lv too high, room is for lv under 15. You are lv 18. Don't know how, not explained.•Lv14 to 18 in 1 day, lv 18 for FIVE weeks now!•Ability Pts in multiplayer??-not explained.•Matchmaking is a JOKE!•Player auto move lacking, should be user controlled.•Shot timing changes every match(test of programming, not skill).•Lots of cheats!•Patterns in AI play.•Player sometimes wont swing. Good game, Ø support
This game is pretty good 👌 but my only problem with it is that after a match u have to wait about 15 mins to an hour for the next match but overall good game
Overall, the app is very good.But the problem in playing is you can't move the player.The player is standing on the left, but the ball goes in right way of table.
Great experience. Feels just like playing real table tennis. Awesome graphics. Fun to play. I recommend it.
Good game but really frustrating to play as you don't return some shots you just stand there like an idiot. Certain shots seem to continually miss the table for no reason at all. The game needs development to eradicate theses annoying faults .if that happens if upgrade my review to 4 or even 5 stars
Awesome Game! Really Addictive! Not at all expected this much from this game. Totally Amazing. Must Play Game. I would 10 Stars for this game if there were ten! Lovely Graphics and Lot More - Rohith
We can experience real feeling of table tennis in this game.But if you add more tournaments in it ,it will be the best table tennis game. I really appreciate this game.
I am enjoying the game but the only thing which is quite anoying that if you loose, u have to start from the beginning.
I love it. Thou graphics not too impresive for a guy who is spoiled by the graphics we have now day, I really like the game's difficalty levels, the options that helped me to get aquaited with the strategy of the game and warm ups to get ready for the game. Very impresed and realy enjoy playing this app.👍👍👍
This game is quite good to play but you can only play 1 game up to 11 points before you have to stop or pay. People will lose interest extremely quickly if you don't allow them to play longer, even if they are just practice games. Also the shot upgrade part is too hard because the player doesn't move fast enough.
Very bad graphics just like a 1970's game and hello programmer in country selecting Pakistan is not available for that going to uninstall pls as early as possible add Pakistan
This game is good to play in free time or to do timepass but it takes so much time to start main matches. It gives us time like 10minutes 45seconds and the final match gives us 55minutes 45seconds. The time system is so bad. We have to wait or give coins to start the match immediately.
Great Ping Pong Game I just played this one and it is a good ping pong game. Easy to control. Smooth graphic. But there are still a few area need to be improved. Nevertheless it is a great games!!!
This is very good game.It has excellent controls and graphics.I really enjoyed the game but please give all countries of whole world because I am Pakistani and there is no option of Pakistan.I have played your other games and I liked them.Kindly make a cricket game.
This game is So good no ads but the reason why I gave only three stars because u can't move the player the producer should update the status so that we can move the players on our own
A good game that requires a lot of working to improve your skills in attacking, defending... I mean the game is good. Despite playing it also motivates. Thanks for the game. But graphics improve a bit
It's true an almost real experience! Reason for only 4 stars is I hate the wait time in the finals tournaments. But you can use that time to challenge other players. That's a nice feature.
Its amazing. Am addicted to it to the extent my son asks me why am not playing table tennis any time he finds me doing something else. Some levels are too difficult taking you 3 months plus
Its a very very very bad app. Specially in the online mode it slows down my speed of playing, which is hell bad. The makers of the game should understand that in a highvoltage match if it slows down your speed of playing, how much does it effect. You people have no hell idea about that. This game should be removed from play store.!!!!!!!
Best gams ever but if it has the movement of player in our control that would have been very nice but nice game. The bestest of all. Well done!!
The game is good but something to improve i. e 1.player getting injury 2. we can improve room in which we are playing 3.people are watching our game
Great game. The sounds, the plays, the advitars, the look are very authentic. I would give it 10 stars if the players could communicate somehow.
One of my favourite games love it.would of given it 5stars but there is shots that you just can't get near which is unfair. You should at least bo able to get to the shot
I don't know why this game isn't playing on my device after downloading..I try opening it but screen turns black like it's about to open, then suddenly returns back to home screen...Need help please..... It finally worked but the countdown in every stage is really annoying...there isn't enough cash too to buy stuff...Games too long,each season look like the other..it shouldn't be
The app is good but the player doesn't use to move everytime 😒😕 only something for example now the opponent will play me on left and I will be on the right side without moving like as if I'm frozen and they be winning me unless I change strategy please 🙏 do something about that if you can make the player to be moving everytime I give you full 🌟. Thank you
when you reach higher level suddenly your timing get worse .you can't even serve great.most annoying part is you have to buy everything you can't even have money to buy by playing game also. this game has potential but they should improve their ,money,timing ,and bot system
Bluetooth multiplayer gme should be there and the difficulty level should be increased otherwise game is full of fun.
Super game. So real. No lie this is by far the best ping pong (table tennis) game out there. Really try it out, and you'll see.
This is one of the best app for sports and it will also help you as a beginner ⭐👍👍🎾🎾🎾
This is a great tennis game app. The app managers has done a great job. I really enjoy it. Please work on multi-media play.
Great game Can u make it so that we can earn coins for every win? Currently only win coins if you beat a player that you havent beaten before. This will help with being able to improve my speed and my power as i dont have coins to purchase the shoes or racket.
Nice...but could be a bit more specific options with nd control...sometimes cause im in the other end of the table nd although I can make it to return the smash or whatever, the auto pilot just decides you gonna miss this shot..more options on servers will be nice.bit more graphics
So realistic. I first had doubts but when I started playing it is good 🙌. The controls are very good.
Fine graphics but the game could be annoying atimes, especially when you can't control your player. We also need a visible spectators not just audio spectators. Take note.
Great game with realistic gane play. I would like to point out to designers that multi-player is no fun if you are always matched up against someone who is at 9999. Even someone 3x times your ability isn't much fun. I know players are from all around the qorld in different time zones but somehow lessening the gap between competitors would be great.
New review:This game is frustratingly addictive!..BUT,arcade style, programmed outcomes leave little to a player's skill.Most of the game is dictated by programming.To those who say it's like playing real T T, WRONG! When "I" hit from the corner, "I" reposition, not stand there and watch the x-court sail by.Shot timing,strength, accuracy changes every match, depending on opponent's game progress, NOT skill level. Even online! -Fun, but bad conx, Mods and Hacks hurt. Devs & support long gone. 2½★
A very good game. I think the ones giving bad comments are not understanding what is real game. If there was a 10 star option, I would have given it 10 stars.
I like the game, but now facing a problem. I have won twice the final in stage 6, but despite winning the final, it always forces me to replay quarter final. Abby suggestion?
i like the game but there are some things i hate: 1) The option for playing Left Handed doesn't work, its a fake button, and since im Lefty in real life its very frustrating playing with the Right in game. 2) When training, the stars bonus is fake, i tested it and i get the same amount of Exp for not hitting any ball and for doing perfect, even when it says i get a bonus of 10% for it on the interface. Also in case you fix it, make it so you get 1% for each hit, if you want add perfect bonus.
Super FUN game the Dudes that made this game made just hard enough to keep you entertained and competitive. Not like some games you play and is so hard to win and all they want is money. THANKS GAME MAKER DUDES
This game can become top ping pong on the google play. Some things to improve are as follows: 1) NO backhand, forehand or pendulum serve but only one simple serve. 2) during game only one technique. 3) NO player movement acc. to match Words for writing are very less here but if u want, I can give u list of suggestion for upgradation of this game. I tell u again if u focus in this game, this will the best ping pong games in google history. I will rate more than 5 stars if u upgrade this game.
The experience is nice is just that the timing is too long I have to wait for like 15 to 30 mins before playing the next game .
It's annoying that when you lose, not only can you not always restart the exact match that you lost, but you also have to wait to play or spend money. In app purchases are so annoying. I'd rather just buy the game and not have to wait several minutes to an hour to play again or make several small purchases.
This is the best table tennis game I have seen. Its controls are simple and straightforward. The graphics are quite good, especially considering the size of the game. However, the only demerit I can see is that there is no option for backup to save one's progress, which means one has to start all over again on a new device. Nevertheless, it's a good gaming experience...
The game is addictive, there really isn't a whole lot of a learning curve I suppose, pretty straight forward. The skills and items seem kind of difficult to upgrade but, doable. The only issue I really have I think is that it's really laggy a lot of times and the ball kind of disappears on you at the worst moment making it nearly impossible to time. Great game all in all.
It would have gotten a five star rating but then the game doesn't give room for players to upgrade. Rewards for events are too small for players to make an upgrade. This should be worked on.
Very interesting. The game provides space for practise for a real game. The game is not that cool with the online especially when searching for othets to play with.
Everytime I play multiplayer, it shows poor connection. But I have 25 Mbps internet connection. Please fix this.
Game started out being fun but as you progress to higher advanced levels against the computer, the timing all of a sudden changes!! What used to be a good solid hit now is a bad hit and the ball goes high and the computer smashes! I'm a regular table tennis player in real life and I can tell you the computer player just do things that are not at all realistic, such as returning my smashes with a smash to the corner!! Really frustrated that I can't win and stuck at same level!
The game is purely designed as such that u'll need to buy coins....Without paying you won't be able to go far in this game...Not even Second season... Money Hungry game 🤑... The stupid time system before playing another match is extremely irritating..People download games to play whenever they want not one game now n second game 4 hrs later..Stupid developers just trying to make money out of trash game... The "REAL TABLE TENNIS" from same developer was extremely gud..but they took it down
Wonderful game I love the gaming experience.I remember the first time I installed this game I stayed up all night playing this game I just couldn't stop. Nice job to the producers of this game
This table tennis game app is very interesting and addictive I love it, though this is my first time playing it on my p36 android phone and it's great!! It's easy to play, the graphics is great, the sound is good too, but I think to up grade the performance of the player should have be with the points coins you're able to make from the numbers of games you win. Upgrade like attack play yes that's cool, defense Play yes, but to upgrade the raket and speed and they are referring to payment no way
Gud game but shuld b improved . The first problem is that very low class controls . We cant muv d player from 1 place 2 another that is a problem . Second is in multiplayer mode d ball is moving so..... Slow . When I hit the ball I thought the other player missed it but when it went back... Dishh!! The ball came back in the form of 1 smash . The ball went back and I thought It was my point but then only the smash came . D ball takes a lot of time to reach from one place to another in multiplayer mode but is good in the normal mode . This is why I hate the game .I request u to fix these problems . If it will happen then it will becum the best table tennis game in the world..
You have to spend some time training to get your avatar to perform at your personal skill level if you have any real world experience but other than that overall gameplay is as advanced as a ping pong game should be I suppose?
The reason why I like this app store game called Table Tennis is because is very relaxing and what makes it fun is when you win every single game.
The developers did a great job creating this game. I love. I enjoy playing it. Although I think the time between successive plays is quite long. I suspect that they made it that way to ensure commitment. It's kinda cool though. Once again, this is a great table tennis game.
Nice game,, but the timing to play the next stage,, is not really needful It should be as you lose your strength reduce you need to wait,,, not waiting after your wins,,,so it's 4star for me
It's fun at first. But after level 2, it's nearly impossible to defeat the opponent without in app purchase. The special skills challenge is also nearly impossible to passed. I don't ask for super easy game, but at least we can go through stage by stage just by practice / patience