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Symmetry: Path to Perfection

Symmetry: Path to Perfection for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Platonic Games located at av Valladolid 27 Madrid , Madrid SPAIN 28008. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Relaxing, simple concept, nicely designed, not full of ads and no time-limit. Fun way to improve visuospatial awareness, give it a go.
Overall, it is a very cute and fun game to pass the time with. I enjoy moving from one star to the next, there isn't a lag or a long load and the game seems very welcoming and understandable but I do also have to agree with the issue on the ads like most others. The ads give a short freeze time and I end up clicking on the add on accident after a round. I don't mind the ads, just a better placement or transition would be nice in my opinion. 4 stars but its on the "path to perfection" haha.
It's so good. I had deleted my previous email and so I lost access to ad-free but it still remains too good to not play. Cheers.
Love it! Really builds up on difficulty and helps to maintain a quick reflex :) Great for brain exercises!
Awsome game! No doubt. It has been a delight to practice spatial ability with this game. I liked the infinity mode the best. You guys can improve your spatial capacity with this game. As, of course, you know it is immensely helpful for learning and overall brain fuctions. So, try the game. I have one suggestion to its team. If you could add another section related to abstract imagery. Like, for a few seconds an image would show up. Later would have to recall it from multiple image choices.
I have to say it's a great game! πŸ–€ Especially if it was made by just two people..idk if that's true or if that's just a marketing strategy but yeah.. One thing I think you need to upgrade is the in app purchases I would like to know what I'm paying for cause there are multiple prices. But idk what they are for.. what's their purpose?? Like okay, I want to remove ads, so there should be a price for removing adds (period of time). Not some food names which i have no idea what they mean.. :')
The more ads the least likely you will be to receive any reviews, regardless of how interesting the same may be. There's infinite different ways you can use the ads to accomplish the same goal you have now. Anything other than the 30s everytime one appears, added to the amount of times they pop up. Just saying.
Simple but very effective idea.. Actually kinda fun too?!! I would have given 5 stars but the ads are a bit much.. May be worth the $2.99 donation to do away with them.. Thanks for the experience.
I've dont play game s like this so I didnt quite now how it would be. I'm really liking it!! It's easy on the eyes first of all. The music is relaxing vs a Ticking Clock that annoys the heck out of me. I thought I try it out doing laundry and that hasn't happened yet. I've been at game for 30 mins and feels like 5.I'm into this game. Try it out I thinkk you also enjoy the simplicity that is harder than it looks.
Very cute! First level very nice. Uninstalling because I got it to calm down and the addition of "trollbombs" makes it more rushed and stressful. I wish the solved picture would hover for a few seconds so I could see it before moving on to the next puzzle, and that the menu/settings was easier to find at all times, but otherwise really liked it!
It's not a bad game, but it's also not as "zen" or relaxing as you'd hope. The default mode is timed and makes the objective of the game not you versus the puzzle but you versus the clock. For the game to have been rated higher, the default campaign needed to be without clock pressure (although, without the clock, the game is admittedly even more boring).
It's really nice and great for quick decision and really fun and is a great way to spend time after a long day of exhaustion. I would suggest everyone to download it.
too many ads that take away from the zen-like feeling this game could easily have. shady tactics like making you click the level # multiple times b4 it works so you can see the "no ads" sales pitch on the screen for just a few seconds longer. i like the gameplay and would very quickly have paid for the app had they not come across like beggars before you even finish the tutorial. i just hope that it doesn't get worse the more you play. a good game like this doesn't need annoying tactics to sell.
really fun game! I really enjoy it so far, no issues with the game. it's a good game for using your brain
It's extremely fun. But the puzzles are too ez. I always finish before the world time. Also, NOT ENOUGH PUZZLES!!! Good game tho
I just got the game and I love it but there's one thing. As you progress the levels get practically impossible (halfway through Sagittarius onward) to get all the stars. Even a 5 seconds added to the time would help. This game also says it is a relaxing game.. DON'T BELIEVE IT!! I am angry right now because there is no way these can be won by the average person.
A work of art. I highly recommend using this app to teach children spacial awareness in a fun, interactive way. Personally, it's one of my favorite apps on the Play Store. The 2 Player mode in particular is a fun time.
Cute, simple game. Great for relaxing while engaging your mind. Also, sort of replying to a previous review: The amount you pay doesn't change what you're getting: no ads. You pay what you think is fair. The foods are just comparing prices :)
These guys most surely deserve your money. Great concept, beautifully realized. I was really needing some spatial reasoning training and this game was godsend.
The game is amazing. I never rated an app on Play Store but I had to because it's so well made and professional.
Fun app that keeps you thinking, No (few) ads and no cost so well done. I enjoy playing. Only 4⭐ cuz honestly it's just a game. There's no reward, your not sharing Facebook garbage, and also not being productive. Watch a documentary or something people, come on!! Do something worth a $h*t instead of jacking off your phone hahahaha
A lovely peaceful game of design and colour, good for calm and serenity of the mind, thanks for all of your efforts making this sort of game, well doesn't feel like a game. Great, love it! 😊
Fun puzzle game makes you keep thinking. The color switch threw me off at first was wondering how it would become more complex of a game then it smacked me in the face. 9/10
Good. I'm autistic and dyslexic. Gotta do zen mode with no time. The time bomb box that messes your work up if you're not fast enough reminds me of ABA and it actually triggers the hell outta me 😭😭 ABA... Not even once (if any parents of autistic kids see this.. plz research how ABA causes PTSD. Your behavioral technician won't tell you that. Even "positive behavioral supports" are designed to train us like dogs to pretend we are neurotypical and it is very traumatizing.)
Edit: I just paid pizza. The game is very good and if it means no ads and more Platonic Games then why not? Would have given 5 stars but the ads are long and take me out of the calming effect of the game. I've only played the tutorial and the following star but so far the game is extremely satisfying. I was feeling extremely irritated starting the game but I feel a little better now thanks to it. Would be more affected with silent, short ads.
The experience with this game is good so far. Symmetry and patterns are my thing. I like the minimalistic design, ambience of the music and of course, the intuitive game play. 4 stars out of 5 is leaving room for me to keep playing further to get a fully comprehensive feel of the game and its replay value after a while. And thus requires sitting with it over time.
Very addicting and calming game. They have ads every few rounds or so, but thats expected for such a good game.
Been playing for a couple weeks now. Really enjoying the game. It starts out simple, but grows in complexity and has not disappointed thus far.
So so far I like the game but I'm only played a couple rounds and I haven't bought the game so but there's a lot of ads but I haven't bought it so but so far I like it
This is a wonderfully put togeather, thoughtful, thinkful, awesome app!!! I think everyone should try this app, at least once in their life timeπŸ˜†πŸ˜†!!
I love the game, but I dislike that you have to go through all the other zodiac signs just to get to yours.
I've just began playing. Unique and pretty cool so far. While the gameplay is pretty simple so far, it could use some instructions/clues for those that have cognitive problems or are very young. (Everyone should be able to play, yes?) Also, I'm not sure I'd call this game exciting, although it does create feelings of satisfaction, Of course, I'm betting - at least in the timed mode - there will be tense moments as I move to higher levels.
It's a wonderful game, although it would be nice if we could change the background of it. And for me, the ads happen rarely. I would reccomend this game to all my friends :)
really enjoyable!! ads are not invasive and can be clicked out of quickly. you two have developed a great app here. i just finished aries and met the trollbombs. i love your witty little messages between levels (Yes, i do read them. as my wife puts it, i would read a paper plate. :) ) i find the game a little challenging which is good for me, and ive noticed patterns as to what types of levels are more so which will help. it is gentle and self paced and replayable. keep it up!!
I've always loved symmetry groups in group theory, they're just so elegant. So I wanted a symmetry puzzle game. Found this! Really awesome! Bit less ads would be nice though.
This is a nifty little game. Valeria and Alvaro, you should REALLY add a share button that's easy to find! I hate ads, but for as low as 99 cents I can remove them (which I did) using my Google Rewards app. It's relaxing yet challenging, one of those games that gets better as you go. Plus there are other modes if you simply swipe down on the main screen. Thanks you two!
I've only done the first few levels, but I'm loving the work it has made my brain do. One thing that would help is not indicating a move unless a hint was requested. I needed more time to process some of them. I'm loving it! Back I go!
Fun, challenging and beautiful. All the necessary qualities for a game where the concept of symmetry is central.
I like the simplicity and chalenge of the game but it felt like I spent almost as much time forced to watch ads in order to play... WAY TOO MANY ADS and comparatively not worth the $2.99 recommended donation to get rid of em.
I like this simple game, it fun and addictive. it's also great for spacial recognition and progressively gets more challenging as you play but not so much that you need to buy anything. It hasn't tried to get me to buy anything yet and played multiple times. 4.5 out of 5 stars
Cute and creative at times. I like how each "level group" forms a constellation instead of the traditional menu. Wish I had thought of it. I don't know if this game is MY cup of tea, however.
Haven't been playing all that long, but to date I'm finding the game challenging and rewarding. It requires mentally processing reversed patterns on a grid. Whether you figure out the pattern on the first try or after multiple attempts, you get that aha! feeling and are encouraged to move on to the next round. Kudos to the developers!
I really enjoy the simplicity of the game design, as well as the difficulty in which it progresses. The overall experience is smooth. 5 stars.
Beautiful. I love games with elegant design and simple controls like this. The symmetry and colors are enough of a brain teaser to keep it interesting. Just wish the ads were less intrusive.
Very well put together and exceptional thought put into this game!!! 5 stars although the ads but hey everyone has to get paid somehow so no subtractions of stars for that!!! Great job guys!!!!
Very, very nice game, made by just two people?? Incredible! I highly recommend this. It is not timed, at least so far, which is amazing for me, but it does compare you to the world's average time which I think would be better to include an option to omit that instead of having to show it every time, I don't want to be too competitive. Otherwise... very clean, very cute, very cool!
I just downloaded and started playing about a half hour ago but I'm having a really tough time turning this game off. It's so darn addictive coupled with the fact that every time you complete a puzzle you not only get your time it took to complete, but also the average world time. It pushes me to improve my time every game because I want to be better than "average"! Great job to the developers! Now do you think someone could write me an excuse for work tomorrow due to all of my lost sleep? :-)
the ads suck but I get it you need to make that skrilla. But we all know there's better ways to make money and have a good user experience. Honestly when I see ads like this, I tolerate them, then get sick of them and quit using the app. I will end up doing the same unless you come up with a plan to get me to buy the app before the ads turn me off. Best way for that is make it cheap. Im more likely to buy a .99 cent game than a $3.99 game. Ones a Starbucks coffee the other is a gas station soda
the more colour stages were insanely gratifying. Coming off the tailwind of a 3 day migraine headache that's now, finally no longer blinding, just a low constant rumble. this game was perfect for rebuilding the usually damaged areas of my brain, which last 1 to 2 days after the pain subsides. i am entering day 1 now. Already seem to have some sort of focus back. although taken 15 to 20 min to type this, at screen's lowest brightness. Great game at this point,,,: ))
Really nice little game, not platonics usual Kawaii style of game but I like it! Really simple, really good for passing the time easily! Would reccommend, good little waiting room kinda game ^-^
Ive only been playing ten minutes, so take this review as you will. Game is fun, love the constellation, still trying to determine the "why?" Also curious about how difficult further levels will become. Really cool game overall guys! Good job creators!
I really enjoy this game. It's very creative and well made. Its challenging and simple to understand. Well done
Cute game, but the timer makes me anxious. πŸ˜… Glad there is an option to get rid of that and just enjoy the game for what it is! ^^
This game is so cool! I really like the different colors you can change the squares and it seems super professional! The game is really relaxing and it hardly has any ads. I recommend this game to people who love relaxing puzzle games.
Fun and a thinking game combined. The ads after each game are a little tedious, but understandable since the developers do need to survive. I just wish the ads were for every two games though.πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ
Pretty mellow game until you hit the Troll bombs. Way too many ads which you can mute them as they play. However, they just seem too rude in context to the soundscape of the game itself. Not very easy to exit ads. Almost seems intentional that you have to endure a specific timed ad before exiting. The soundscape of the game itself is hypnotic and in such sharp contrast to the ads which seem rude and jarring at the same time. I am definitely done with this nonsense.
Really like the game, however, I don't mind ads or even watching a video, but even if it's a few seconds, being Forced to watch an ad really, really, really irks me. I have a feeling that most people feel the way I do. I know that you can have the ads to run in different formats of your choosing. I have a feeling that you will have the people who are choosing to uninstall, reconsider and others who ,like me, who will give you the 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟s that the game deserves. Revision...Ad are a little better and a lot less intrusive as a few others that I've recently installed.
Thank you for making this game so inclusive 😊, many games don't have options for left handed people so this is very kind in my eyes. It is also awesome you guys made a setting for colorblind people, I love that more people show support.
relaxing, challenging for the brain, no pressure for time unless you want to beat the world average. and so far the only "pressure" has been to rate and it's not even fully invasive. ads appear at decent intervals and aren't pushed down your throat just to play or proceed. Definitely a great game. if 2 people can make this actually fun, then why do the bigger companies have to ruin the fun?! keep up the great work! maybe one day you two can be the big company but more successful!
It's a good game, relaxing, except it hints were to touch next a little too soon and it kinda spoils it.
This game was awesome until you add the section to get rid of ads. I can't even play one set without the section to get rid of ads popping up
I'm enjoying the game. The reason I gave three stars is because I'm at a point where the game doesn't just ask for a rating, but seems to require one in order to continue. I prefer to push past the point in a game where a review is asked for and see how things progress before giving my opinion much later on.
Great game! Clean design, simple to understand yet challenging gameplay, ads aren't intrusive. Good job, devs!
I really enjoy the game play. Things I don't love: the ads are repetitive and fairly sudden. I think using multiple colors takes away from the goal. The hints on the next place to tap are very quick; you don't really get a chance to figure it out on your own. Things I do love: The whole color palette. The constellation theme. Switching between vertical and horizontal. Comparing to world average. Overall a very good game I plan to complete.
It's minimalistic but quite appealing and addicting. It does train my spatial cognitive skills so I suggest that anyone should give it a try. Keep up the good work :)
Nice puzzles so far with relaxing background music 😊 Not entirely a fan of the "trollbomb" opposition but at least they aren't too difficult and aren't in every level once encountered.
The gameplay idea is good, on the other hand, I quite despise the technical execution. Even on a new midrange phone(samsung a50), the simple 2D animations still struggle to run fluently. Might be a problem on my side, but other(even complex 3D games) run just fine. If you have any suggestions about what can be wrong, please let me know.