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Swing Rider

Swing Rider for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Semeevs located at Russia, Moscow, Varshavskoe Highway, 152. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a good game, but the only thing I didn't like about this was the amount of characters (to little) and that there was only one mode. Could you please make and endless or a training level?
i had so much fun!! the graphics are amazing. the charrcters are realistic. it is so much fun to race everyone. it's extremely fun i defenitly reccamend it. and the different maps are all beutifull and fun! the helicopters are cool as well. its a great game. i love it!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„ i love how you can dodge things like the bridges, helicopters, boats, and cranes.
Boy this game is amazing no bugs zero, animayion are on point graphics are really top level for this kind of game only problem there are 6 tracks
Very fun addicting game! But maybe add a bit of choice, like a timed mode where you see how far you can get in the time limit or a unlimited run where you cant hit objects (:
Are you guys literally trying to force us to buy your game buy having ads plastered everywhere? And on top of that, you also have to watch a video every time you finish!
Used to be a good game. Too many ads! I used to play this game on my old phone and it was fun. I got it again on my new phone and there's an ad after every race. Back then you could choose to watch an ad between races for a speed boost in the next race. Now you get an ad after every race and no speed boost. They did add new things to courses since then like ramps and a few new maps, but not to make it interesting enough to want to stay, especially with all the ads. Deleting.
Thia game totally sucks it is so glitchy and the places were you swing never change inhat this it is not even worth one star.
Needs sound to b players personal playlists of music.or bunch of city SOUNDS& with helicΓ³pteros N kraP. It B ok. Game is fast and/very FUN.
Quite the stress reliever as you don't have to put much brain for playing this and is quite addictive.
Good game but there are 2 problemes 1. There is no sound in the game and my phones volume is also full. 2. When the characters are in hight there are only crouching not proning.So i want them proning like in the vidio Thanku
A MUST SEE REVIEW! This game is great but the ads after EVERY race are annoying and hold back 4 stars from my rating. And after this comment, I will delete it for sure. Also ALL VOODOO GAMES ARE LIKE THAT SO NEVER DOWNLOAD THEM!
AMAZING. I love it and have it on at least 3 devices. Nothing bad but sometimes it will glitch when tapping kinda rapidly
Okay, HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!! Last time i played it was an addicting and fun game, but lacking a lot. There were a lot of bugs too, so i uninstalled the app and couldn't reinstall it. I fixed the problem and downloaded it, and it came as a pleasant surprise when I found more obstacles and skins. Thank you developers!
This game is actually pretty fun the graphics and everythong by the way for everyone who doesn't want ads just turn off your wifi then when you want to play a game that doesn't have ads then you can turn it back on
If you like spending money to get rid of ads it might be a good game didnt make it far enough to find out. There are adds after every button you press.
Just too many ads :-/ it seems like it would be fun but there's a 30 second ad after EVERY single race. If it had no more the one after 3 or even 2 at the very least races then maybe I'd stick to it. If its every race then it shouldn't be anything more then 10 to 15 second ads. I played soft all of 3 minutes and lost interest because of this. It's a shame. Looked like a fun game. I would have even paid for things but again way to many 30 second ads. Shouldn't have a 30 second ad until maybe 5 run
So in ordee to play for "free" you harvest my data... And the on top of that you want me to sit through 30 second ads every round? This game is for the bin, it looks like something my 8 yo brother could make with a free platform anyway. πŸ‘Ž
the gameplay and animations feel great, controls are fluid and i like the animations for when you hit objects or when you go between the scaffolding on a bridge. they all really remind me of Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4. Could you guys add an infinite mode so we can experiment with these animations more? Currently, if you bump into an onstacle, you instantly drop to last and the races are relatively short. I want an infinite mode where i can use these and experiment with them carefree.
Great game! But if you could have skill like feature for example for every flip you do you get a point and for certain amount of points you could buy boosters.
good game. absolutely shocking when it comes to ads. every single track ends with an ad that you are forced to watch. there isnt a game with this many ads. and the amount of money the producers make is probably insane, but its incredibly selfish
Lots of fun. Feeling of weightlessness while swinging. I play with my data off to avoid ads. Needs better looking characters, more maps, options to upgrade your character, multiplayer option would be amazing and would take this game straight to the top. Also, being able to swing from Crane's, helicopters and drones would also be amazing.
This is garbage. You make us watch an ad every single time you play are you really kidding me. Also why everytime this didnt take that much money to make and theres hardly any thing on this game.
This app is ACTUALLY TRASH!! I was about to finish and all of the sudden it ELEMIANTED me. Not to mention when I tried to exit out of one of the MILLION ads it makes you watch my score froze. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME, IT IS TERRIBLE!!!! I HONESTLY WISH THAT I COULD GIVE THIS A -10 MILL ON STARS RATING😑
It's a great game you can have lots of fun with it. There are 2 negetive problems though when i try to have the rope sometimes i just fall and maybe cut down the ads a bit. But apart from that this game is amazing i reccomend it totally maybe you'll find your twim with the same skin and name or maybe you'll find me my name is DeathStar thank you for making this game it also keeps me occupied when i am on trips as it is an offline game it's ok if you don't agree but this my review.
I would give this game five stars I just wish there was less ads. At least after every two rounds. But after everyone. And they last only 30 secs way too many ads
Game is not bad but, ads are definitely a bothersome. Other than that, how do you actually win in the game? Passing by the opponents doesn't seem to do the trick and it seems it's already in hard mode after the tutorial. The opponents are much faster. This is really frustrating especially for a new player like myself who just started playing the game.
UPDATE: The app appears to have fixed some bugs, which allows for smoother playability. However, there are still some issues with touch sensors. Sometimes I'll hold the screen and the character won't swing at all. There is a delay issue with the game in terms of commands the further along you go. But, I'll still rate it fairly well. If they can fix the command issue, I would love to come back and give a higher rating.
Loved it very addictive but gets boring really fast try adding something to make the game more enjoyable
Super fun time waster. Sometimes a little glitch, but adding more outfits makes up for that. I'd like to see maybe a head to head with friends and also just a freestyle run. Overall, one of my favorite games!
Hole.io meets Spiderman one... Literally. I mean you could have at least changed the building, car and player skins, or even added your own physics or movement. It's just a simple game made up of different pre existing games, only one mode to play which gets boring quick and somehow lags and messes up everytime an ad pops up (Spoiler: they are constant). I used to rate voodoo but now its like you guys are just rushing to churn out as much ad riddled money grabbing shite as you can. Shame really.
After each round I got an ad. Your games are seriously getting worse and worse for ads. Would not recommend.
Good app but need improving. It can be very addictive but after a little while it becomes highly repetitive. I'd recommend adding more stages, option of online gameplay vs other online players, character development and career option. If you do these I'll then give a 5 star review and I feel it will make it a very successful app. Many thanks
I've played this game for a long time now, It's time for feedback. This game is a good game honestly but just so many adds and adds and adds! Thats really all.
I really like this game but what I absolutely hate is that when I am playing a game and stupid ad by Google shows up horizontally in the middle of my screen so then i can't see when I am going which sometimes causes me to lose. Also when j say stop seeing this ad and why Google then opens the fricking ad again so then I would have to do it over and over again. Swing rider producers I would recommend that if you are going to show an ad please can you shoe it at the bottom of the screen. Thanks.
Your games are getting worse and worse with ads. I mean i get it, its free, so ads are going to be in there, but after every single level? Really? No thanks. Maybe a 30 second ad after every 3 or 4 levels?
Very fun, I almost always get first place. It's a real good time waster so I have to congratulate you because not many games entertain me anymore so I usually find myself bored and can't think of anything to do and I play this. I just have two problems... can you please fix the thing with the adds? It's a bit ridiculous. Also add more skins. I just want like a few ridiculous and cute skins or just normal people. But other than that I like this game a lot! Sorry if this is long. It's my opinion.
I love this game and the animations at the end, also can you add coins to buy accessories and new costumes and i would love to see a spiderman character in this game.
Drowning in Ads. I understand that free apps need to make revenue from ads. However a 30 second ad every race (each race is about 10-15 seconds) meant that in one tournament I played for a total of one minute and watched 2 minutes of ads. I had this game installed for 10 minutes before I was fed up with the amount of ads.
The overall gameplay is good but there are some things that hold it back. For example sometimes I will go right through the green speed ramps. And when you swing long enough your character will do a flip and if you flip near the ground you cant disrupt the flip to continue swinging and avoiding the obstacle ahead and I will find myself messing up Alot of the time if these can be fixed that would be great 😊
You all have done a very fantastic, awesome and wonderful job. I appreciate your work very much 😊😘 But I just wanted that if you could make an update of with which we can also invite our friends and play with them. If you will add this update, you will get 5 stars from me and most of the people.
The game is fun but there's still a few glitches in the game. One I keep running into is falling through the speed ramp or getting stuck on the speed ramp
Spectacular gameplay and animations!! However there is simply gameplay and that's it. No menus, you just open up the game, select a character and press start. Of course they should, and hopefully will, add more stuff in future!!
Another fun game ruined by ads after every click, and sneaky hidden skip/close ads, irritating as hell. Could be a cool little time waster game but instead after every round there is a 20+ second ad with skip buttons hidden so you have to risk clicking the ad to find it. Plus was round lasts about 20 seconds maybe less. So you watch more ad time than you actually play the game. There's just no need for so many. Played for about 5 minutes then couldn't stand it any more.
Soo many ads! Ads before a game, ads during the game and ads after a game. Turn off all Internet though and they vanish and its actually a good and slightly addicting game. The game definitely needs more content and you've got yourself a really great game! Different locations, unlockables, achievements, character customisation, score each run, sound effects, start on the floor sometimes, ability to upgrade the swinger rope(elasticity, colour, pattern, speed etc) 69p for no ads and it's a winner.
Its kinda nice but its also very bad at the same time. Ads of cause. More ads. And it gets really boring after the first 30 seconds.
This is definitely one of my all time favorite Android games! I you might love πŸ’˜ shooting webs as you swing adventurously on them toward a finish line, with four or five opponents (with one being eliminated each round), as I do, you may get hooked on this artful & skill requiring super~human racing game. I hardly tire of it now that I have reached the highly skilled level of game master. I really loved even the challenging period of developing timing, struggling, and learning.πŸ˜…
Fun game, I have the paid version but if you are going to hand over money bare in mind you have to enjoy it doe the core game it is. I have played through roughly 100 levels and the speed slides are the only change in that time I have seen. You do end up replaying the same levels over and over again so new content isn't something the devs are pumping out. Given the opportunity again I probably wouldn't buy the add free version as it's just less adverts rather than content
Not bad. It's satisfying to pull off several boosts in a row and it isn't too braindead easy but not so hard that you can't get a few rounds during break. But will they please reduce the number of ads in this game? Having an ad after every race, especially when said races are so short, is unacceptable. If you intend to play this, turn your internet off, use a firewall app to block this apps connection to the internet, or use an ad blocker if your rooted.
When I imagine myself as the character it makes it that much more fun. Because if it was me I would want the funnest route which is the fastest route, so yea.
This game is literally made by a retard greedy retard here is my evidence:1 firstly the game has too many ads. Secondly the game isn't even online so it makes you think you Internet but you don't so they're basically tricking you to watch ads and they are making money from it It could give a 0. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 star I would this game is a garbage and the creators deserve to burn in the firey pits of hell
So much potential, one of my favourite games ive played, just needs to be more progressive, maybe unlock nee characters, clothing, levels, maybe each player has levels with badges etc, also maybe live games not bots, ads dont bother me to much as all games have them now, would be 5 star otherwise
Way too many ads i literally get 2 ads after every race. But other than that its pretty good. You should make the races longer and have other things in the race other than boosted like items.
This is a wonderful game! I love it! The only thing i would change is the ability to either add more swingers to the roster by leveling up, or allowing us to level up the predetermined avatars.
Great gameplay, but it needs more content (maybe even a free swing mode where you avoid obstacles with no other racers?)
VOODOO, with the amount of money you make from your overuse of ads, could you actually make a game that has REAL online play? Your racing games tend to be fun but the fake players make it less rewarding. The amount of money you get from ads should give you enough money to buy a server. Not to mention you'd make freaking bank if it's really online unlike these faux computer players. (Also, adding flags to them?? If they're fake, just say so. Stop preteneding they aren't)
Its a lot of fun. Like playing a spider man race game. Adds are very short as well so thats a bonus for me.
Disappointing. Even if others describe the game as "addictive", an addictive game does not equal a good, nor fun, game. No heart was put into this game. It is just jam packed with ads. No matter if you win or lose, there is no break from it. Even if you decide to skip optimal powers between rounds, they ad you anyway.
Thebgame is by voodoo so you know its good and the endjng in slowmotion is super cool i like this game overall
Fun game. Just way too many ads. I can imagine itd be unplayable on low spec phones with the amount of ads on this game.
This game is a really good occupier when bored or when you want something to occupy your time. It's simplistic controls makes the game easy to use and the design of the landscapes, vehicles and backgrounds are ironically animated yet so realistic. The change in scenery for each level is very delightful and even though the fundamental objective of the game remains the same, it still seems very different. It is an really enjoyable game (listen to music for optimum enjoyment).
good game fun but the ads are after every lvl when it asks of you want to start with a 25% speed boost by watching an ad might as well because you gonna have to watch one anyway
This game is awful. Not only is the gameplay boring after around 10 minutes but theres an ad after every single game. The ads on youtube display a fun and easy game , but when I open the app i get bombarded with unwanted ads. They have taken a decent game and thrown it into the trash. I'm sorry but it's just a shame
Too many ads for the amount of gameplay. I understand that ads are necessary for the game to be free but this is unreasonable. There's no sound during gameplay. The lack of polish is forgivable considering it's free, however you also spend 50% of the time "playing" watching ads. The levels go for 15-30 seconds & there's an ad between each one. If there were less ads I might have played the game for more than 20 minutes & therefore watched more ads eventually.
Concept is fun, but each course takes about 25 seconds to complete and after every single course you watch a 30 second unskippable ad. Like. No
Really fun, I love the feeling of movement, I would love more levels and as for ideas you could do cities around the world and maybe like the rainforest with the helicopters being there like its a sport event.
Fantastic game.its smooth it's fun.but could you add more maps to go on and some game modes like infected and that's were the competeter who is last is the zombie but to not get infected you have to swing as far away as you can and the last person who's not infected wins. Please add
At first, the game was fine, tons of ads, but fine. THEN, after I got an ad, the bar ads started popping up in the middle of my screen DURING a race! I'd hit X, and it's would stay there for a bit saying, "ad closed by Google" It would after a few seconds... Leave! BUT A FEW SECONDS LATER IT CAME RIGHT BACK WITH AN AD AND THE CYCLE RESTARTED!!!
Much like other Voodoo games, this game has so much potential to be fun but they ruin the experience by putting an ad after every round or every other round. Half of the ads are also unskippable. I highly agree with the reviewer who said that they're just in this to make a quick buck instead of actually thinking of the consumer's enjoyment. Voodoo has become so greedy and disappointing.
Your cityscape level has a problem with black texture glitches showing up in the race path and makes it incredibly frustrating to plan your next move. Also I think online would be awesome for this and the ability to make custom characters, choosing your gender and then pick from a set amount of different shoes, jackets, hats, ECT and allowing the colours to be personalised. All in all I like the concept it's a neat way to kill time but it needs to move forward for this to remain interesting.
Honestly, this game had potential. The gameplay is alright and I just go airplane mode to get rid of ads. But there is so much missing that it just feels like another ad player. There is a lack of objectives or any purpose after winning the game. The lvl count is useless and there is nothing to unlock. Doing well offers no reward and going near obstacles only gifts 1 point to the 30 for winning. This game just feels underdeveloped. Also, why is this no intended for children?
Game needs more tricks pls replace idle mid air animation between swings with something more fluid add combo meter the faster you go the more tricks you do add more maps with lots of different locations like a forest, desert, mountains and add endless mode where you're being chased by a storm/helicopter/volcano and you have manouver through the hoops and ground boosts to stay ahead and each boost gives you points or an endless time attack mode also add more costumes and air trails for the player
The worst game ever. 1st ads after EVERY LEVEL. 2nd your by the finish and then every suddenly teleports infront of you! Would give less but cant..
Just want to add, this game is pretty fun. If you could add replay, and time it ... this game would be unreal.
There is too many ads. Every single round and every single part of the level, a ad appears. Also I watched a ad for the speed boost but if you watch it, the boost only activates for the only round that you are playing. Why not the entire round? Why one round? Do not download this game, it has a lot of problems no one likes. Ads and single boosts.
I love this game when I'm not connected to the internet but when I am connected it crashes EVERY TIME. I can't get through a single round without a crash.
This is honestly the best game Ever. Personally, 'voodoo' is my favourite app company, and this is their best game Yet! It's easy but not too cheesy, yes, there is a bunch of adds, but you can skip the after 5 secound. Easy. And you don't have to pay for Characters! They let you chose I think around...ten different characters. BEST GAME EVER!!! Defiantly get it Now!
If you can get past an advertisement after every race, Swing Rider is an enjoyabe game. After ten minutes however, the challenge became repetative and I uninstalled the game. I liked the time I put in but could not see myself coming back. It's a fun 'one-time' game. The online aspect is obviously fake and it's slightly laggy but the graphics are interesting and everyone enjoys swinging games. 3/5 A good way to spend 10 minutes.
It's a great game at the start, if you're looking for something to pass the time (waiting for a train, through adverts on TV etc) then it's great to get stuck in. I became bored after a few months of playing because there's no end goal to the game. You could introduce something like prizes, outfit choices, storyline etc to make people want to continue playing. Unfortunately installed it now but hope you could perhaps take this and improve!
This game is one of the WORST games I have ever played, in terms of graphics and loading times. It is often very buggy and the graphics are very blotchy and not detailed. When you look for an ideal game, you want good imagery and design so the game is smooth, but this is just a gsuper glitch game with close-to-blob-looking characters and a very plain game objective. The amount of ads in this game is ridiculous, having a 30sec game and an ad in between each one. Absolute waste of time personally.
-Ads after each level. -Boring game progression. -Bad AI player. -Nothing interesting in the menu. -Nothing to hold players interest. -Not enough game modes. Overall a highly potential game wasted.
Fun i like it ...one thing can you add suits i mean you say "play like a superhero" at least throw in some characters that resemble spiderman at least.
This game is god awful! Don't get! There is an ad after every race, and the gameplay is mediocre. You spend more time watching a d*mn add instead of playing a game so If you wanna download an ad generator then go for it but it sucks. The gameplay makes up 10 percent of the game, and even if you can get past the 90 percent of ads, then the gameplay Is meh at best.
Pretty great, movement is cool, but no Spiderman skin what the frick. That would make this game a 5 star.
It's a good game, but after I play like two tracks it kicks me off of the game, so I can't really play the game!
This is the definition of "maximum results with minimum effort". You play, "spider Man swing physics the game", you get an ad. The, "optional" ad to get a boost of speed can be skipped via the back button, and the regular "next race" button leads to an ad anyway. You race again, you get an ad. Lather, rinse repeat. The actual game play runs smooth as butter, that earns a 2nd star.... But that is an extremely generous 2 stars...
While the animation is gorgeous and the one touch gameplay is well executed, there's nothing to DO once you're past that. There's only one mode (race vs bots) with three tracks recycled over and over again. You gain levels by doing well in the race, but the levels do literally nothing. There's character models to cycle through, but only a few and none to unlock. This is a finely crafted proof of concept, and I hope they develope it into more, but it's not really much of a game right now.
Garbage, I decided against sharing my data when logging in and all of a sudden the game is lagging, and there's a 25 second advert between rounds. Clearly playing against bots as the last time I played the next round was immediate. Don't waste your time !
If you love ads get this game! If you want to play an actual game, any other developer that's not Voodoo. 10 second levels for half a minute ads.
Super fun game. Feels like Spider-Man, but with racing. Lots of ads, but it's an easy IAP to get rid of them.
It's a good game, fun and cathartic. It'd be a great game if if it actually had a real multiplayer mode. Playing against bots isn't challenging in the slightest.
Just a fun game.. I haven't found anything else like this.. the 3D aspect alone makes it stand out tremendously.. I really feel like spiderman
Good game, would be better if the Spider-Man suit had more detail and the Miles Morales suit had more detail
One of the easiest, most boring games I've ever played. It is basically impossible to get anything but first place in every race, eliminating any and all challenge the game had to offer. Crashing into things should end your run entirely, but instead it just slows you down a bit which doesn't matter anyway. If you can find ANY enjoyment in this "game", you can enjoy absolutely anything. I mean it. Don't even bother wasting your time on this trash. Take it from someone who already did. 0/5! Awful!