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SweetHeart for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by CatCap Studio located at 1 Cyan Dragon Hutong. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I don't know what to say about this this is the most greatest and I have read choices and the most fun part about it is when you make your own choice and you see what happens so yeah good app download it experience it yourself have fun
I love this game! But there are a few bugs and one bug which really annoys me is how when I had a date with Yui the game would lag then crash. This has stopped me from progressing further in the game and I frustrated by this. Can you please try to fix this?
I've heard this one is good, and I tried, but the broken English and sentences running off the screen, just doesn't work for me.
I give 3 stars becuase of the fonts problem, which make me don't enjoy the story. and some background music would be nice.
This is really a good game ...but need to be updated... There is so little voice...pls add some more voice... Ad some button so that we can save and load at the same time.. ....nice game but need to be better ..pls.i am waiting it to be better so i will play again
Enjoying the game thus far, with the various characters and story. Something that needs to be dixed is a lot of the text for a lot of characters don't seem to fit the screen, meaning theres a lot of information that I simply can't read.
this game dating concept is interesting but guess what. this game had short stories and hard to get a endings. and completely wasting time. because you must repeat the event so many time and hours, until you trigger a point eh.. i mean the new event "The Routes".
I played back in 2015. Can't believe it has been 5 years passed. Anyway, this game is really addictive and the storyline are amaizing. I hope there would be another like this from the devs in the future. Amaizing game btw. Deserve the 5 star from me.
Wow!! Very good game its really hard maintaining balance of the game but i got used to it and had a happy ending With Chinatsu. I hope you make other games like these.
okay so I give this app three stars only because of the dialoge. When the characters speak the entire word isnt on one line and sometimes the characters diolage cant be seen which is triggering. But If you can get past this then the story is good and well constructed. All I wish would be for this problem to be fixed.
why 3 stars its because only 2 girls have complete dating spots why not all??Although the story and game are good still hope all of them have all complete dating spots ty.
The game is kind of monotonus if you ask me. This game should have some music if you ask me. Also, most of the dialogue is incomplete mostly due to the fact that it is too long. This should really be fixed. It actually ruined the experience for me.I give this a one star
I like this game but the story is still the same in the end. I want to be with the other girls but theres no other path to go for it. so i uninstall the app co'z i dont wanna waste my time in the same scenario over and over again. but i rate this app so I'm still hoping that you can fix it in the future
I remeber when i was a fresh men i didnt have wifi at my house my phone sucked and it was summer i played this game till the end now i have better everything and i wanna replay this game but one thing make more endings and lots more paths the game is amazing its great but still it needs more paths u can follow every girl has their own ending the story is fantastic tho
I think the storyline is kind of dull. And it's not really much when the text cuts off off screen and word wrap is horrible.
overall a great game, the story is great and the visuals are great too, but the ending of being with chinatsu is inevitable, i really wanted to go out with mina
the graphics are bad the spelling is to i wish the text had more detail but if you could at least fix the text i'll be happy
Maybe this game's good but I couldn't play this game because my old android screen was too small. The text was too big that the dialogue was cut. I couldn't even see anything below the dialogue window. Looking at how old the last update is, I'll just uninstall this game rather than waiting for a fix.
Needs new update I mean most features arent in the game yet but when i look into the game file it means there are 2 more girls more secret dialouges and ends up someone dead (death by car accident i think). But the question is why did the developer stop this development things were going smoothly, lots of things are not yet available, this could be a google's best game of the year.
I really love it,, I've been playing this for 4 years and didn't use the tonics that's why all ending is bad,, when I tried to use the tonics,, I finally finished the story in a good, loving, romantic ending,, thank u for this beautiful game,, I hope u can make other games like this
Hey,fellas have anyone tried to play this game in other methods i mean as our friend Kazuto says to get attention from girls you need to increase your ℅age in certain subjects i did that and i got Yuki Mina's route you can also do it if you get good percentage in certain subjects as you can see in the photos in the game download page,you know what i mean,try it well even through i wasnt was able to get a right ending but still first do chinatsu route
low quality and childish story, couldn't read the text because they were cut of from the frame. DON'T INSTALL, VERY BAD!
Actually i read there feedback in this game... And i found out my self that they're right about the text problem... Some of the grammar is under the screen so there's no way we could read that part... But even if it has bug... I still give it 5star because of the story... And the gameplay i love this game so much...
This is really a good game ...but need to be updated... There is so little voice...pls add some more voice... Ad some button so that we can save and load at the same time...pls add settings ...it will be helpful...nice game but need to be better ..pls
The story is good but filled with nonsense, how does pe lower english, science and art, and how does art make you stressed. I always get the bad ending cus of that
fun game play but needs a game update please where score for grades go up by 1.5 points to 2 after doing ssame sudject in achool for 2weeks would be nice! and an easier way to get alternate good endings (2 good endings) per girl! just saying.
I'd give zero stars if I could, the graphics, grammar, and spelling are terrible and the story is weird.
its not what ud call fantastic....has only one good route....the art isnt good as well. but if u dint gave anything better to do u can still pass the time.
will the I thought the options my effects in the story but it doesn't and It's hard to find the event's to complete the album
kinda annoying that you won't have the option to go out the person you want he's always going after Chinatsu, with his childhood friend that's annoying
I think your'e all right. I enjoyed it and this is fun and exciting. I really love it when i start playing . SO DOWNLOAD AND HAVE FUN.😊😊😊😊
only focused to chinatsu, the goddamn chilhood friend. i just wanted to be with ruri. and the choices in this game is pointless, bcs the ending will be the same. and last, theres only 2 routes in this game... so other girls except chinatsu and ruri is useless? -_-