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Sweet Sins Superstars

Sweet Sins Superstars for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Platonic Games located at av Valladolid 27 Madrid , Madrid SPAIN 28008. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game feels like it's inspired by Muse Dash. The mechanics of the game is the same as MD except its free and the art style is different. And instead of the 2D platformer style of MD, this is the classic portrait theme of old rhythm games. It's fun so far
Fun and simple game. I love how androgyous the first character you play as is and the style, I just kinda wish you maybe got a third button as the game goes on to increase difficulty? Also, I've noticed that it doesn't register my taps sometimes, making me miss a monster.
I play a lot of games from Platonic Games and was so excited when they came out with this game! As a rhythm game lover this game is really cute and addicting! the music is also amazing, i wind up playing the game to listen to them lol. There is 1 problem with the game that i always have even after updates and messing with offset that i hope you will fix. On the normal and hard difficultys especially, when i tap multiple times because of multiple enemies i have to defeat, it doesnt read my taps.
This game is adorable and amazing! The characters have amazing and smooth animations, and when you get a perfect on the enemies, it perfectly goes with the beat! I love the character styles and the music is simple yet cute to match the theme! The storyline is amazing as well and it gives you a better reason to play! I recommend this to anyone looking for a cute, simple, and fun music game!
I hit the level cap really early, less than 5 hours of playtime. Wish there were more songs in the base game! Besides that I have no complaints, once you calibrate the offset correctly its smooth as silk
Great game, love it. I've always adored Rhythm Games, I wish Rhythm Heaven could be on the Switch. But the Weekly challenge you guys made to get Luca, I can't seem to play it at all lately. Like I start the challenge and nothing happens that was last week and this week too, I've tried closing the app and opening it but that doesn't fix it.
This game is honestly amazing, and deserves more than 5 stars. There are little ads, but they are only 5 seconds and not very annoying because there are decent time intervals between them. The music is amazing, and the game is very easy to understand. Not to mention that the overall vibe of the game will make you happy based on all of the cute characters and colors! I 100% would recommend this game. I have a question for the devs though. Is it possible to buy a no ads feature?
There is an issue with the weekly challenge I am encountering. When I press on play and it is loading the song, I end up being stuck on the loading screen. Other than that, pretty good and entertaining. Would recommend for people who like rhythm game. Characters are also pretty cute.
I really like this game! Even though it has a lot of ads, the ads are really short. The songs are good too! I don't think you need more changes to the game, but that's my opinion. The game is great overall! Keep up the work!
I love this game! it's so cute and the songs are great! but the problem is the game keeps crashing. I tried deleting a few things off my phone but it still keeps crashing! I hope you can fix it.
I've only had the app for a fee minutes, and I didn't get to play the tutorial because the game froze and forced me to restart it. Three stars because it was a glitch, and I'm going to see if the game itself plays decently
Needs improvements. Worse copy of muse dash imo. Hitting the objects doesn't sync up with the music and also cannot detect hits when they are fast. Gave 2 stars because the concept is good but trying too hard to be muse dash whilst also trying to be unique.
Easy for new rhythm gamers to pick up, challenging and fun for a seasoned rhythm game player to master. I can't get tired of the songs and I love the art!! The only problem I've found is that my daily deals say they won't refresh for another 360 days, which doesn't seem right lol. For a game in early development though, I'm already totally hooked.
I love this game!! Very fun and a good time spender! I like all the cute characters and their pets. The modes are honest when it comes to difficulty as well! Truly a five star game.
Very interesting rhythm game with cute characters and cute graphic. Amazing game and the music is good as well.
The game is really cool and cute too but my only problem is that whenever I tap the left side of the screen the character goes to the right side(the same thing happens when you tap the right side of the screen) I downloaded the game on another device but the same problem occurs. At first I thought it was just my phone glitching but it's not, it is indeed the game bugging. But overall the game has very fair offers when it comes to purchasing and the chatacters and music are cute too.
I love this game, the formatting, the style, the music but I do have one problem. It keeps lagging, over and over and it will not stop and it keeps messing up my gameplay. This has an easy solution: Allowing a lower FPS in the setting. So please, I beg of you, do something that allows your app to run on phones that aren't a over 100$ better.
My only 3 complaints are: 1. the chest time is too long...i feel like once its over 3 hours it gets impractical. I mean....no one wants to wait 12 or 5 hours for a chest. 2. The number of chest slots. I know the popular number is 3 but again, its quite impractical. Personally....id like to have at least another slot. 3. FROM THE OTHER DAY I NOTICED THAT IM NOT SCORING AS HIGH AS I WOULD. USUALLY I GET SCORES OF 500000+ AND NOW IT BARELY PASSES 250000. FIX IT.
I like it, but, this is a literal copy of Muse Dash. The "Music, ready, go!" Is ripped straight from Muse Dash, and the games mechanics of hitting the monsters that come left or right, is ripped straight fro Muse Dash too, but it's up and down. In conclusion, I'd say about 90% is copied from Muse Dash and 10% it's own game.
It's super cute and challenging, the first song asre easy but you can change the difficulty if you want to so I love to play in hard mode πŸ’– anyways this game is the best rythm game I have found besides arcaea so far!
Fun and cute game with a nice progression of difficulty. A bug I found for now is that the items you can get from the shop through watching ads does not work. Another is that sometimes, it doesn't register taps on screen especially for closely spaced notes. I also think it would be better if the achievements you completed are immediately pushed to the top of the list so you don't have to scroll down and find them when you complete one, small qol thing to consider.
This game is adorable, the graphics are good and it has good mechanics, but it's honestly just a kids-like version of Muse Dash - the "fever" mode, little creatures to help boost your score, the button mashing of enemies, and so much more. I would definitely recommend this game if Muse Dash isn't your cup of tea or you don't want to be blasted by edm music / revealing anime girls, but please don't forget this game is technically a clone and not original at all.
This game is really fun, but I had to change my review from 5* to 4*. Always that I don't want to watch an ad to double the rewards, I still have to watch an ad right after (and always a 30 seconds one!). I didn't see that as often, because I was getting the rewards, but when I refuse it seems like a crazy conversation like: "Do you want ad?", "No, thank you", "HERE IT GOES". The optional ads to get bonus seemed respectful and well placed, to be honest, but now I don't think so.
Good game, but i guess this game inspired Muse Dash A LOT, i mean- if you hit an enemy you'll hear SFX that's familiar with Muse Dash, the desings were different like cute and cool but "The Rhythm" style also familiar, they also copy the controls but I don't know why the developer inspired this game to Muse Dash a lot... Please developer, make this game more different!
I downloaded this game as I was bored one night and needed something to play... I am kind of addicted to it now! Super cute graphics and neat songs. Option to buy new characters but it's is optional and quite reasonable.
The concept is nice but the worst part about this game is that it doesn't register any taps from medium and above... For a rhythm game, that's an easy deal breaker.
The game is fun, but a few issues that i faced really hinder the actual experience. The sfx hardly ever match with the actual tap and the only way I have found it comfortable to play is having them off. The bigger issue of the two is that a lot of notes you have to tap don't really match up with the music thus making it not much of a rythm game and more so a "tap when you see that you need to with music in the background." I do like the animations and and the music though :)
This app is adorable and really well put together. There are ads but they aren't too bombarding from what I can tell. The music is adorable and fits the aestheticof the game, and the layout is easy for me to understand. Very aesthetically pleaseing πŸ’“ can't wait tk see more
The only problem of this game is character takes too long to hit again. The note spam part of the song is the hardest bc of this.
This game is really fun and addictive and also very cute. It is a little bit challenging at times, but it keeps the gameplay more interesting and involving. My only grievance is that the screen will sometimes not respond to touches when there are lots of closely-spaced notes, making it hard to get a "full combo" and avoid any misses. Still deserves five stars! : )
It's very fun, but there are a lot of ads. I've recently been playing fnf and I've gotten pretty decent at it. And this game seems very similar to muse dash. I mean, I get the ads. You need to make money somehow. But when this games is fully funtioning, there should be less ads to let the player experience more of the game without worrying about too many ads getting in the way of playing.
Cute graphics and designs, fun songs, menus not as cluttered as other rhythm games. Only complaint is that sometimes it's not clear from the audio what part of the music you're supposed to be tapping along to, whether up beats, down beats, or vocals. So I end up relying on visual cues instead of rhythm, which makes it unsatisfying. The tap sfx is also not very satisfying or nice, it sounds like a hackey sack.
I love the game it's basically muse dash, but I can't seem to use a controller even though it says you can it would be good if there is an option to customize the controls, also there is an abundant amount of ads that make me want to stop playing the game entirely, sometimes when I tap it dosen't input me tapping so that's very frustrating
It's ok so far.One thing I dont really like is that it's too similar to MuseDash.It reminds me a lot of it and I was hoping to see some original content.Besides that, it is enjoyable with the cute songs and characters.
It's cute so far! Simple mechanics and easy to okay to it's fun as a little side game if I'm waiting on something. I think it'd be cool if we could have other themes for the track but I literally just started so there could be and I just haven't found/unlocked them yet.
I'm not sure how I feel about the changes in the new update. The way it handles chests now makes it a bit more difficult to set a clear goal when using this as one of my daily activities. Previously, I would just play until all the 3 chest slots were filled and I couldn't watch an ad to open a chest, come back the next day, open my chests, and repeat. That's not an option now. And changing the characters and Miimos from a flat gem increase to a chanced gem increase makes getting albums harder.
I'm still kind of new but so far there aren't any major bugs or glitches, no issues with the gameplay itself, awesome graphics, smooth gameplay and the whole game is cute! Definitely the best rhythm mobile game i've found!!
The game is simple and fun, I enjoy itπŸ˜πŸ‘ I like how I can play it without rotating the screen!! My only thing would be to move the little circles up because where they are, is where my thumbs usually rest + then I can't see incoming enemiesπŸ˜“
It's super adorable and very entertaining! at first i thought it was going to be boring but the songs included are very pleasing and great to play with. The character designs are also soooo cute! when i first loaded the game, it lagged bc i had sufficient space lol. So if you want to play smooth, delete some of the things that are useless on your phone!
Very very Muse Dash like in almost every way of gameplay(sound effects are nearly identical, the characters seem like weird Muse Dash OCs with practically the exact same abilities and look, ect) with poor feedback on wheather the player is doing well or not. Weird animation with a story that seems very similar to My Little Pony. Nonetheless still fairly fun with minimal adds and a generally decent game other than the mapping of songs which is not very well done.
cute rhythm game with fun songs! the difficulty range provides a challenge for players while still being accessible to a younger audience or players with motor struggles (only taps no sliding, you can tap anywhere on the screen not just the targets) a few of the songs already get stuck in my head :)
good game, but i think the timing for when you hit the "monsters" are not in time. Just a little bit tho, it might be just me since i play a lot of other rythm games
So far so good, nothing bad has happened ( i hope not ) it's a very cute game, it really gives the cute vibes, art style cute af and you get the idea, this is so cute i recommend this for people who like cute simple games, and tbh, this is one of the games that has survived πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… over all cute game πŸ’–
I love this game, super fun. The one problem I have with it is that sometimes randomly I'll start a song and the enemies will come down, and glitch forward causing me to miss them. It doesn't happen for every song, but can be a little frustrating. Otherwise perfect! great app
My experience on the game is amazing but, on that one level Tickled Love at the start, if I press the screen on the monsters it would miss every time. It was on hard mode too but it was the same thing happening again and again. I would try to spam the sides of my screen but it would miss the monsters in a specific order every time. Dat mayd me mad a litl bit. But the game is really fun tho.
Cute game with some good songs. I've been playing rhythm games for years and some of the songs on master and madness can be difficult! There are lots of different difficulty levels so anyone can play.
This game is really good. Anybody who loves rythm games will like Sweet Sins 2. But with the other albums I want to play ( Sailor Cats, Kawaii Kitchen, Happy Hop and Sweet Sins ) for some reason, although I have downloaded and played all of those games and still have them installed on my phone, I can't play any songs on the Platonic Games album. Is there something specific I need to do in order to use the album? Besides download and play the games? Other than that this game is awesome!
This game is soooo cute, It's free, fun, and you don't have to spend much if you want to buy things like gems or even characters. The music is adorable and overall this game is great
I love the game it's fun and cute. It's a rhythm through and through, nothing much more to say BUT, geez do they drive you to want to pay for ad-free version. I can understand the "you want a reward boost or something extra? Watch an ad and you'll get it free." Sure but in most cases their is no give and take. Finish a song? ad! before a song? ad! ect ect. I just now sat to play it for 6 mins and have watch 4 ads already.
This game is very adorable and stress relieving. Love the challenges and the design of the little characters! A little problem though is that the notes sometimes stutter at the begining or in the middle of the songs. Another thing was getting silver chests when getting s grade from a hard level. It would be a bit better to have the players get anything other than the silver chest when played hard and master level for the first time of song ❀️
Adorable rythm game,this weeks challenge however (mon,April 12) keeps freezing the game and will not play. This is the only issue I've had this far and I've played through to max level,and I do hope it gets fixed soon.
A cute aesthetic but it lags while you play making you lose your combos and it takes a few seconds reset. I think the little chibi to indicate your character but it's pretty distracting. I'm sure if the bugging out wasn't a thing the rest would be perfect.
Its a very fun rythem game and I've yet to even play it with sound it's very enjoyable and I am very glad I finally decided to download it I will most likely be playing this whenever I have a chance and probably won't be playing any other rhythm game for a little while now 10 out of 10 will continue to play
Amazing app, I just love it. I've had other games like this and this one is the best! It looks soooooo much like happy hop!! And I love it! I have found n I glitches or bugs in the game which is awesome, and its got really great graphics!
's cute, p responsive tho notes can be buffered if you tap too fast. The ads after song completion can be irritating but that's the only place ads really are and ad free is very cheap and not a separate purchase. Songs are catchy but not gnawing. Would be fun to get some hard rock sorts of songs if for cutest contrast. I'd be down to tap to Dahlia.
Amazing graphics honestly. I would recommend it. Thing is, it lags a bit when I hit the 8th notes and I feel like there should be more song options. I love this game. Please play it if anyone who has not played this game.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ITTTHBB β€οΈπŸ’žβ™₯οΈπŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’˜πŸ’• Alright while there are some moments where I tap on the note and it doesnt like, react? Though I'll let that slide. I'm inlove with the music and character designs!
Recently download this game, and it's enjoyable. The graphics are amazingly cute, earning characters through the surprise boxes is fun, and the story is very interesting. My main problem though is the touch sensitivity as it doesn't always register. It's really frustrating when you have a full combo only to lose it when the touch doesn't register for a second. I would give this a four, but I have yet to unlock, hear, and play each difficulty of all the songs. I'll updated this after I do this.
Amazing! The gameplay is straight-forward and simple, easy for those who are novices when it comes to rhythm games. If you're already well-versed in these type of games, you can adjust the difficulty of the songs. In addition to all that, the songs are cute as well! Since they're quite catchy, you won't really get tired of playing the same song again and again. The overall design is very adorable too. It's a very well made game! πŸ’žπŸ’–
wow, this game is good! the songs are great, the characters are super cute and the gameplay culd use a tiny bit of work, but its pretty great! 5 stars all around!
I don't write reviews but this game is an exception this is the best rhythm game I have ever played the art style is great and the controls are simple but hard to master and you progressively get better at the game(note the best way to play this game is with headphones) The game is offline with an addition you can have access to a few extra things via ads to ad boosts ext. Either way I love this game!
One of the best mobile games I've tried lol I rarely do reviews and I'm giving this a 5 star because it's really cute and fun and you can option between easy and hard modes. The ads are worth it
It's a really cute game with really fun songs! I love the characters and, surprisingly, there's lore too. I recommend you try it out for yourself!
Its a darling, little game with a whole lot of fun. The ads are annoying and you're kinda forcing to get it or be bombarded with ads. Other than that, it's an awesome game with great music and design!
Super fun and wonderful to play. this game has good controls, graphics, gameplay and even a good storyline. I actually really like this game even though it isn't my first option. I would get this app just because it helped me out of some weird moments and not have to talk to people but its just really fun too. I rate this game a 5/5 because, again, Its super fun.
It's a pretty good tapping game, I just wish they would give the actual names of the songs that way I can listen to them. It would also be cool to have more things then just the main game, maybe having some side games or jnterwcations with other players. Other than that this game is really great and chill to play after school :)
It is fun but sometimes the beat doesnt match and it is a little too hard sometimes (it may be bc I suck). I still reccomend this game to play when you're bored and it is also an offline game.
The taps dont register fast enough or not at all when you start playing the higher levels you need faster tapping. I love this game and it's so charming, but the bugs make it not so enjoyable to play.
It's a really great game! Very fun and intuitive, this is one of the few rhythm games that i really enjoyed playing, songs are good (looking forward for more). The only thing i could think of that needs some work is the haptics. I kinda wanna turn down the sfx coz it messes the track so i want to increase the haptics a bit coz it's really light. It would be nice feel some feedback when you get the note in time. Aside from that this a cool game.
Not a bad little rhythm game. For me I don't have any issues with the game itself, it works just fine. It can be cute and fun to play here and there. I like that you can watch ads to get a bonus but having to watch ads after each song can be annoying. I skip the bonus sometimes because of that. I rather not pay for no ads though. It does remind of me games like Muse Dash and Taiko no Tatsujin. Besides that I like the game for what it is.
Its a fun rhythm game but has a few issues. The game will normally start out fine but after a while the notes start to stutter, taps don't seem to register and my phone overheats (hardware is not the issue, no other game causes my phone to overheat as fast as this, no matter the quality). Additionally, I paid $5 for the "Oni" character but she has completely stopped giving me her character benefit, so far this is the only character I have had this issue with.
Pretty good rythym game overall! Cute charecters, good songs, and fun game play. My only issue is the ads. One after every game? Really? If that got reduced to possibly one every 5 minutes or 10 rounds, I think this game would be a 5/5.
Yo, this game is insanely good!!! Just download it man! You won't regret! Ps: rn, the adds are still berable, but I'll be a problem if it starts to increase (like a very popular piano apps we used to love but, because of the adds, nobody dares to play it anymore...)
This is a really good rhythm game, though sometimes it does feel like the actual hit noise doesn't sync up to when I tap the screen, which can make it a bit disorienting. I'd also like to see a feature where we could listen to the music we've collected. Other than that, I'm definitely sticking around to see this game improve! (EDIT 12/24/2020): The chest issue has been fixed! However. the desynced hit noises and lag are still a bit of a problem for me.
Played this game and tbh this is like muse dash but vertical. I won't say this game is a copycat because this has storyline and unique stuff as well. The songs are really great. The graphics also great. Glad to play this game!
PLEASE add a confirmation or *something* when opening chests with gems! When you don't have space for a new chest it gives you the option to throw it away or open it, or you can open another chest you have to make space for it. The 'open for x amount' button is *way* too easy to click when you're just trying to skip through the animations after a game, and I keep wasting gems this way because there's no confirmation. It's very annoying. Otherwise, great game.
It's a very cute game, but I had to uninstall it because it became very frustrating - it just doesn't recognize your tapping sometimes for some reason. I'll tap my screen to hit a note, and it just misses it like I didn't do anything. I'd love to go back to playing if that issue is ever fixed. I play rhythm games all the time, so games with note recognizing issues ruin games for me. Also, the notes don't really go with the music? It feels like I'm hitting random buttons while a song plays.
To be honest, the animation is really good and game itself is really fun and good. I have downloaded a few platonic games and its all in good condition, there isnt that much ads, no lags, good animation, really addicting, and it just really awesome! This is officially my favorite company now. Keep up the good work!
Still playing this after months. I purchased all the extra songs after getting rid of the adds and really enjoy the whole game. However, I don't understand why there is an achievement for getting to level 50 when it won't allow me past level 30🀷