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Sweet Road - Match 3 Puzzle

Sweet Road - Match 3 Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i love playing sweet roads sometimes it challenges me so much i cant t put it down!! have to make it to the next level!!
I'm sorry to have to take my 5 star rating of your game down to 1 star, and I'm starting think it's the end of the road for Sweet Road. I play daily and I love the game, but no new levels have been added since I finished level 1950 3 wks ago. It's very frustrating. I'm getting tired or replaying old levels. I starting to think it's time to move on ๐Ÿ˜•
Okay, I'm rather enjoying this game. The graphics aren't as good as some of your other games though but that's not really bothering me tbh. The game is like candy crush in a few ways but it has its own elements in that most other match 3s don't have, which is cool, it's unique. I love the hansel and gretal theme, fun and engaging, overall a nice game ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿซ
When it gives me the option to watch a video for a bonus, there is never a video available. It's frustrating.
Game very fun and addicting. As you get up into higher levels the game freezes and it's hard to get help when from developers. Took me 3 requests and almost a month to get help.
Since today's update, I am unable to log in via FB, and when I choose 'Just Play', I am informed I have lost internet connection despite having full signal. If you win 2 bonuses (bomb & stripe for 30 min ea), you only receive 1. If you spin a wheel or win another bonus, it REPLACES your prior 1, doesn't join it. Cust scv hasn't satisfactorily resolved this issue in the 2 YEARS I have been playing; likewise developers. I no longer spin/play bonus when I have a bonus. Not worth complaining.
the only issue i have experienced with this game is lives . Everytime i win extra lives on the wheel it doesn't give them to me and when i win the level it takes away my life. It always seems to land on the same thing for the daily spin because it's already giving me the bonus. I really think this game is rigged. I am also having another issue with the coins I am losing coins daily but I am not using any. One day I have 23 the next day I have 2
This would be my third review I used to love this game got me through some hard times however this is the second time they cheated me out my winnings once again I win top prize if you win three times they will not give you your winnings logged in today after 3 weeks and found out my winnings was deleted and I know the automatic messaging is going to hit me and tell me to email them well I did they never fix the other two issues so why would they fix this I'm onto cookie crisps
Thanks for the nice game it is such a needed distraction during this time as we going through dealing with covid-19 thank you guys for all you do please keep up the great work and send the wonderful games keeps out of mind occupied praying that you and your family are doing great and staying safe
I am on level 983. Every time I try to play this level. I stops and says I'm out of moves when I still have moves left. What is the problem?? Do I need to uninstall? Its working great now thanks. I love this game! Thanks!!
I love the game but here is my problem. I paid the 12.99 for the ad free version. I got a new phone and I have the ads again. I feel like I just got robbed.
I like this game except when it comes to spinning the wheel, it only stops on one thing and that is the girl face and it already know it's going to stop on that because the points goes up before it stops and the same with the money wheel, I've been playing this game for 5 years and it only stops on a dollar. Other than that I love the game
Iv'e sent another email asking for a refund i no longer want the coins i purchased. since i can't get my progress back i'm not starting over i haven't heard anything from you since sept 19 just give me my money back yall got the worst customer support
This game freezes up! Has nothing to do with my data. On level 1079, I delete the game Everytime because it freezes....and I lose all my rewards. Very frustrating!!!! It was a good game until then
It is simple so far but I am on a low level. I am sure it will be the perfect challenge later. I love this game :)
Loved this game until the update, the ads are annoying and the bar at the top of the screen is distracting. Think it may be uninstalled very soon.
kinda didnt like it...it showed ne too many tutorials on how to play even tho I already got the hang of it.it was practically playing the game for me.and it did it for the first 8 levels.i kinda didnt wanna play anymore after all that.i uninstall it.sorry
An enjoyable game but as you advanced it becomes costly to play. Not only do you need hearts to keep playing but also golden coins. Too expensive to play.
I Give this Game 4.3 Stars. ๐Ÿ‘ Sweet Road: Cookie Rescue Free Match 3 Game Pros: ๐Ÿ’–Cute ๐Ÿ’–Nice Game Control ๐Ÿ’–Good Game Smoothness ๐Ÿ’–Good Game Art Design ๐Ÿ’–Nice Game Music. ๐Ÿ‘ Thanks to CookApps โค๏ธ My Youtube Channel ๐Ÿ‘‰ bettypvp
Game is good but i see that the ads is very intrusive it used to not have ads in this manner you can't even closed them out and they are long ads every time i try to close the add out it try to opens up google play store i can't stand that I'm uninstalling i don't care how good the game is makes no sense why you have the ads where you can't close then out. by
I love the gameplay until level 141. It says in a pop up that im out of moves and takes the life now each and every single time it says shuffling. I cannot, under any circumstance, clear that level due to this error. Its a pity to uninstall it but no sense in cluttering memory with a game I cannot pass levels in. Let me know if you fix it.
Have been playing a good while now and enjoy the game. But there are frustrating moments such as currently the Valentine spin wheel is useless. Your suppose to get a spin every 5 requests, it simply doesn't acknowledge the requests, and each time I've gone through all the friends with no spins to show for it.
The board is constantly in motion, which makes the game more complex (and more interesting) than just a match three game. Tricky but fun!
I'm going to change my review. In your new summer spin game i have won 199 coins twice but they have not appeared in my total. Please can you put this right. Thank you.
the only issue i have experienced with this game is lives . Everytime i win extra lives on the wheel it doesn't give them to me and when i win the level it takes away my life.
I just changed my tablet and the game didn't come over with the change. I'm not on Facebook. When I downloaded the game its gone back to the beginning and not where I was in the high hundreds. Can you help me.
the top line on your game levels is covered up by ads. It makes it harder and less fun to play. This happens on my tablet and is not enjoyable.
It's ok...seems out dated and don't need all the tutorials other then that at least it passes the time I guess
Please fix the bugs and issues( glitches)! This is an ongoing problem. I like and enjoy the game, too many problems losing daily bonus boards, coins, freezing, and now can't get on the game! Wow!
not bad up to now just the free spins always land on the same gift & can be very frustrating waiting such a long time for new lifes why can you not watch adds like other games to gain a life i tend to download other new games that are quicker to give lifes and then they become my preferred choice.
This game sucks. Go look for another!! I have never seen a game "cheat" before... tiles change colors to avoid a match, game will stop and fail right as you're abt to complete the level. And I don't say this cuz I continually lose on this game :-) I actually have completed every level that they have made with three stars. Another problem? It takes months to get a new level. If people are paying for advertising on this game I would stop immediately
every time I start the game .it starts up then turns it self of.Would give it 5 stars if this problem was sorted out
HORRIBLE!!! i use to enjoy this game and would tell the nurses at the cancer clinic to play it, BUT, what have ya'll done to this game? freezes up DAILY, takes more coins away than 9, takes lives away right in the middle of a play and takes a level completed to it is not......sorry, but i won't be playing this anymore nor will i recommend it to anyone.....man, sad, cuz i really did like this game, especially when having Chemo......
Okay but every time you pass a hard level and are supposed to be able to claim a prize, you get a message saying 'connection lost' or the game freezes. Very irritating!
i think it could be better were you can take a move and while that move is moving yiu could take another like some of the game's but overall it's still a good game so your rating for the game is a big 5
An addictive game but I have now been waiting nearly 8 weeks fir new Levens. Come on. Get the kevejscuodsted quicker
this game has gone from brilliant to a total rip off. Win anything and it will invariably be the useless brown figurine, seldom anything useful like a hammer AND they've added so many adverts. Such a pity
I am still trying see how i feel about that game. I have the sweet road on my tablet and am not happy about watching a flim and it goes back to the beginning and I get no coin.
everything else is great but life rewards are not accumulative. so long is not 0 lives, whatever life Collected from spins or candy plans are not added to the life counter. Should look into improving this part of the game.
I I often look for new games to play and from the moment I downloaded this game I never stop playing it cool game!!!
Really enjoy this game , fun to play graphics are really good.Having Fun playing some levels harder than others but it keeps it interesting Still enjoying game but doesn't seem fair when you complete hard level without loosing a lifethen spend coins for additional prize and you get 3 extra lives but you still only have 5 should it not be 8 ?
this is an enjoyable game but as with all Cookapps games if you have the full 5 lives you won't be credited with any more lives whether bought or won and if you want to buy power ups don't because 9 in 10 take the money then it glitches and the power ups are nowhere to be found
I love this game and so excited when i received "HOME ALONE" mimutes only to have them taken away. Very dissappointed, i am disable physically and mentally and looking forward to be able to play during these trying times. Still a five star game, to me.
I really like the game play and wish I could rate it higher. But, I almost never recieve my life and booster rewards.
Fun game, cute theme and graphics. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I'm getting bored with the spread the jelly levels.
brilliant game apart now I can play one game and then closes the game down on my phone, then have to start the game up again. so unless it gets fixed guess I'll be going back to candy crush.
I enjoy this game, however all components don't function as they should. The Roulette wheel doesn't work, and other elements don't work. I have uninstalled it a few times and they still don't work on the reinstall. I have written support to no avail and am very disappointed with the service.
your ads cover the top row . It makes it less fun , so I play it less. When I changed tablets I lost all the hammers and other things I had. I do not know if you can fix that?
An addictive game but new levels do not come very quickly. I have my fix everyday and do enjoy the challenging levels
I love this game. On level 925 so I've been playing awhile. Best game, however, the other day I won 400 of the guy heads in the presents round and never got them! VERY disappointed Edit 2020: I'm now on level 1074 and just won 399 little guys twice....didnt get them. Not cool. I have 15.....fix it please!!! Took 2 stars away
I like this game but I'm having problems. I can spin the wheel once, but after playing for 10 minutes I am unable to spin again. Also, I am paying for the membership and when I hit claim the box just dissappear without giving me coins or points. Please help!!
it's a lot of fun. but when you get a "coin spin", you NEVER get more than 2 coins. or a prize from the garden. you NEVER get coins. I totally understand you want people to purchase coins. But perhaps a little incentive would make people a bit more agreeable to spend the $$. I would. Though I appreciate the answer to my last review, nothing has changed in regards to my concerns. I do really like playing this. It's been able to keep me entertained for years. It's fun! But......?!?
love this game just wish they werr quicker at putting new road on for the phones. no different rating just letting u know i love it. still loven it!!!!still awesomeness
What happen to my roulette wheel? It s not on my game anymore, it only pops up whenever..I love this game but may have to delete..
I have been playing this game for quite awhile now, I lost all my points for my challenges because you decided I had those up to long, this wasn't the first time. You could at least give us the points for the ones that were done
Its just a match game but I'm at level 530 so its past the just a match game its a challenge everytime
I've only given 4 stars, due to when you complete a level, you don't earn anything. But other then that, I'm liking it so far xo
Been playing this game daily for several years, it's my guilty pleasure. It's one of the better match 3 games and to me beats candy crush.
Up until latest update I enjoyed this game. Now though, ads cover the content whilst playing and there is an ad before you play a level and an ad when you lose a life. They have got greedy now forcing ads on you like this. Uninstalling.
Sweet Road took my money and refused to contact me back. I purchased multiple coins and when I logged back into the game all of my coins were gone. My flower refuses to gain raindrops all of my stars for my plant are gone. And I had 300+ coins that have disappeared that I put all of my money into. I used to love this game but it has really disappointed me and the fact that my money is gone really upsets me.
I've been playing this game forever! Gave it 5 stars. Then I updated on Thanksgiving and now the app is full of ads! Lots more than before! And now they want you to pay $13 to remove them! I uninstalled it. Too bad, I WAS enjoying it.
I Love this game...I only wish it did not take 30 min to get another life ...And I wish it gave more prizes cause the spin only lands on the same thing every time you spin till the 10th spin..
I love the game immensely. The only problem for me, is the difficulty in the later levels, particularly the "hard" levels. The general rule I give myself, is 5 levels. If I can't win a level the 1st time using all my lives, I usually uninstall the game. If I find the game truly enjoyable, I may rest from it for a time, then try another set of 5 lives, but that's my max for any game. If it's frustrating, it's no longer enjoyable. I said that to say this...this game is getting close to that point.
The game would get a higher rating but I can't give it because every time you spend the wheel it only stops on the girl face nothing else and that sucks, ever change that wheel or take it out of the game, don't get me wrong the game is a very fun game. I just don't like the wheel you spend so I just don't spend it. Please fix
The game was really fun, but has turned into a total crash-fest. First, I tried clearing the cache, which normally works but made the constant crashing worse. Then I tried a force stop, which had no effect at all. The game version is if that helps the developers. I have a Chromebook (which bites all on its own but that's another story). Before the constant crashing, I would have given the game 5*.
Very nice game, the only thing is you wait up to 5 weeks for new levels which can be very frustrating.
Have been playing this great game for ages...then adverts appear over the top of the screen totally runing this game ....so since this was not fixed in last update it's time to uninstall...avoid this game as adverts are runing it
1159 is the level I have reached. I used to LOVE this game now recently there is WAY too may ads!!!! Even btw games and every level. Please โ˜น๏ธ You guys need to give more rewards instead of impossible levels to pass and so many ads. This game that I loved so much seems to be irritating to me now. Please fix. I understand that you get paid for the commercials but geez it is way to much now. I will not pay to eliminate the commercials since you get paid every time I watch one. Take care, Christine
I play this game every morning I like the bonus game where you can get the points in the extra prizes and stuff
I've been playing this game, as well as other cook app games, for some time now, and I recently decided to sign in with my Facebook account, well I signed in, and lost my 1 st place with over 6000 , and I lost all my coins THAT I PAID FOR. So I've decided I will no longer play any cook app game, and you will no longer get another dime from me. Takecare, good bye. One more thing, I did get my level back, level 222, and that's all.
I have to uninstall and reinstall the game every day just to get it to load! I am NOT happy. I have contacted support and they keep telling me to send a snapshot of the problem. Snapshot?!?! I can't even get the game to open! Everything else works on my phone, so it's not a phone problem.