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Sweet Mania

Sweet Mania for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Ezjoy located at No.23, Lane 1850 ChengShan Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China 201203. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game and i'm getting bored waiting for the new level..even scored 3 star for all levels and now at level 60 for the past few months. Please get the level 60 and above update or let us know how to get over it.
This game has gotten my attention twice. I downloaded it but uninstalled bcos I wasnt getting the gist of it. I just downloaded it again and it seems like it's gonna be quite fun and even better once the gameplay sinks in. This game is better than a lot of 'em out there.
This game is awesome. I have only been playing this game for 5 minutes cause I just installed it to check it out and man am I glad I did cause I can't stop playing it. The only thing is I'm not quite sure how the rules go yet but I'm sure I will figure it out. ezjoy games are my favorite game company cause the games aren't boring and the graphics are good also and the screen doesnt glitch out and go blurry and unreadable so i have to quit the game and reload it 100 times every 2 min. The name says it EZJOY!
I love this game So much that I when I completed the 60 levels i went back and got threestars for them all then uninstalled it to play all over again. Why the 3 stars then? Because now although I earn my daily bonuses the little circles still stay padlocked. Disappoint ing although I am quite proud of myself for having got as far as I have without their help
Face book connect doesn't work that for i will not pay it know use for it can't save game progress if you need a new phone you'll have to start all over again. bye
Match 3 with several twists, making for an interesting if somewhat confusing game. Play is fairly straightforward but scoring, and exactly how different power-ups are achieved isn't explained. Even so, I can't seem to stop playing.
This could be a fun game however whenever you get to a certain part of the game the game just shuts off and you have to restart your level and lose our lives. Please fix this this is the second game that I've played where this is a problem I love easy joy games there are just too many bugs
I enjoy playing this game, but I've completed level 60 several times already... are there more levels coming soon. I'd hate if there weren't.... sad that I can't play on anymore :-( would be a 5 star, but need more levels.....
I know you guys have to make your money too but come on an ad after every win, and loss is a bit much. Really enjoying the game tho.
I don't understand why I can't go on to the next level!!! I am on level 60. There is a key hole on top of it, have clicked on it but nothing happens, clicked on the locks too...still nothing...what's up????? I like this game a lot, challenging.
Badly want to play but it won't work on my phone. As soon as I open it, it freezes and eventually closes. Love yr other games so I'm hoping that a future update will allow me to join the fun.
Fun game. Thks. For free fun.addictive Dec.21. Rules not clear' @ level 45 for 4 days now cannot beat cat. Cupcakes disappear and do not shoot cat
Once u get to level 60, game is over. You get there fast. Needs more levels. It is fun and addicting.. I even went back, got 3 stars on all levels, then cleared data and doing it again. Disappointing when it ends. Please add more levels...a lot more.
Haven't quite figured out the purpose of the cat! Better how to play would be helpful. I passed level 60 months ago. But it won't let me proceed past it! Is this the last level?
Need more levels been waiting since December for the new updates. The only game I know that is taking four weeks plus. Thinking of uninstalling it because it is getting on my nerves now!!!!! Love the game, but waiting ages for the updates of new levels x
When do we get the update. Please. I am still waiting tor a update to this wonderful game. I re started from the beginning to see if it may happen. Pls. Pls.pls.
I've totally forgotten the rules that were explained in the first few rounds, so I have no idea how to beat the greedy cat, or how I'm getting the awesome power-ups...but I still can't stop playing. It's fun and addictive. Just wish all the rules were somewhere accessible.
The game is actually kinda addicting, what I hate is after every play I am bombarded with adds as well as a RATE ME, RATE ME ad too! I will rate a game after I know if I like it or not geez!! Would be 4 stars other than that..
Game is cute and has lots of potential. The gist of the game makes no sense and is not easy to figure out why things are happening. Also what's the point of watching out for the greedy cat if you gets points for what he eats?? Makes no sense. Plus it only goes to level 60. Moving on
After the new uodate (finally!!! But it's still 60 levels? How strange 😒) the graphic makes me sooo dizzy 😲😞😶
Just wish I could play more than just a couple rounds before being continually interrupted to rate it. When u push the button that says "remind me later"....I MEANT later. Not hassled every other level.
Had this game cpl year and gone to lvl 59 and still no power ups at the bottom of screen activated? Why is this iv deleted and downloaded it 3 times and still no power ups at the bottom of screen activated so why is this!?! Is there a fault in this game has anyone else had this(??
Although that cat confuses me at times lol it's too early in the game to really give it a 5 stars! Well continuation of my review too many beat the cat levels and not enough moves so it's becoming a bit annoying!
Great game, but it's very disappointing that it runs out of levels. Please add more levels!! I love playing this game and I don't want to stop, but it doesn't have enough levels.
2/29/16 STILL NOTHING! RIDICULOUS!! 9/18/15 EDIT STILL NO UPDATE AFTER 2 YEARS NOW! STILL LYING LIARS SAYING NEW LEVELS COMING SOON!8/28/14~EDIT Still nothing almost a year later! 2/4/14 I only lowered from 5 to 2 star because I still can't play! This game is great but there are only 60 levels!! I've played all of and even went back and got 3 stars. Are you adding more levels for us to play or is that the end? This is a unique awesome game there are no others like it for mobile!! PLEASE ADD LEVELS ASAP!!!!
A new game that is totally different from other games......it will make you stay up all night to see what will happen next if you go up another level.
The instructions are really poorly written and the developer obviously stopped working on the game as new levels have not been added in a very long time. Too bad because the game had potential!
Completed to the level 60...each of level seems to be so hard to accomplished..as if the developer never ever let us win,but after several times playing, it was so easy to score n complete.. But i juz cant stop playing..so colorful and cutes..plizZz added more level..